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Nama : Ni Putu Dea Anantarini

No/kls : 11/XII MIPA 2


The scenery is not beautiful looks across the road in the village of Lelateng
Banjar, Prakraman Peken, Negara. Where the trenches around the village are
dominated by plastic, they accumulate and almost fill the entire flow of water in
the trench.

Ironically, this pile of oaths was deliberately left unchecked. Even though
the distance is quite close to the people's house. In addition to causing unpleasant
odors, this garbage pile is also feared to have an impact on pollution and cause
illness for the surrounding residents.

However, the impact of piling up this garbage is like the looseness and
attention of the surrounding community. Because so far there have been no
cleaning efforts from local residents or lateng village heads.

Residents should be aware that throwing trash in the trench has a lot of
adverse effects, and the lurah as part of the government should give an appeal that
residents do not throw garbage in sunga and provide trash bins in the neighborhood
and provide socialization on the impact of making trash in river.