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Great chapel architecture must have balance and symmetry in its proportions to
portray its formality.
Balance in proportion shows the beauty of its forms and how everything is in place
and order.
Symmetry, on the other hand, maintains the solemnity of the chapel and keeps the
human eye visually and mentally focused.
In addition, great architecture must also be relative to its people and environment
to take pride of their culture, tradition, and way of life.


The overall design of the chapel is suitable for a community that are near the
waters and makes fishing as their livelihood.
Balangay, the oldest watercraft in the country, is represented by the shape of the
chapel. The facade of the chapel is designed
with a head of the fish and fish nets are portrayed as the sunshields on the side
and rear. The roof is imagined as water that
can be greatly recognized due to its shadows.