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2018 District Technolympics

Computer Systems Servicing

Rubrics for the Criteria for Assessment
5 4 3 2 1
Workmanship/ No error. No With 1 to 2 With 3 to 4
Functionality (30 %) troubleshooting errors and errors and
issues all minor major
throughout the troubleshooting troubleshooting
Methods/Procedures Followed the Skipped 1 to 2 Skipped 3 or The
(Use of tools, agreed set of procedures but more participant
materials, and procedure used the procedures did not
equipment) (30 %) including the proper tools, with improper follow the
use of proper materials, and use of tools, proper
tools, equipment. materials , and procedure
materials, and equipment as agreed.
Safety work habits Safety work Safety work Safety work
and housekeeping habits is highly habits is habits is not
(20 %) evident moderately evident
throughout the evident throughout the
Note: The judges and process. throughout the process.
contest administrator may Leaves the process. Leaves the
stop the participant should
the latter incur cuts/injuries workplace Leaves the workplace
during the process clean and workplace littered and
organized. clean and disorganized.
Wise use of Tasks Task Task
time/speed (10 %) accomplished accomplished accomplished
before of the within the beyond/after
allotted time of allotted time of the allotted
4 hours. 4 hours. time of 4 hours
Ability to Present The participant The participant The participant
the Process (10 %) answered all is unable to is unable to
the questions answer 1 answer 2 or
Note: Judges will prepare correctly and question more. Hesitant/
2 or more questions on the with correctly. confused with
process made by the
contestants confidence. his answers.