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CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES =a sacra See "eee oon January 30, 2019 ‘The Honorable Christopher Wray Director Fevleral Bureau of Investigation 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW ‘Washington, DC 20535-0001 Dear Director Wray: ‘am writing you today with a deep sense of disappointment, As you are aware, yesterday, in my hometown of Chicago, Ilinois, a young Affican-American man, Jussie Smollett, was — as reported by multiple media sources — attacked with racist and homophobic slurs before he was brutally beaten, doused in an unknown chemical, and had a rope wrapped around his neck. Jam certain that you would agree that this kind of evil behavior has no place in our society Therefore, I was heartened to hear that the Federal Burcau of Investigation is assisting with the investigation into this vicious atack and applaud you and your agents for your diligence and hard ‘work as you assist in bringing the perpetators of this heinous crime to justice. As you are aware, crimes of this nature strike fear atthe very core of a community and have a Jonj-lasting impact on its members, They ae, therefore rightfully characterized as hate crimes. ‘That the perpetrators in this attack are reported to have wrapped a rope around the vietim’s neck is jarring, to say the least, and a surprise to many people who believe that Iynching has been relegated tothe annals of our history. ‘As we have seen too often in reoent years, this is not the case, ‘That is why I have introduced legislation — H.R. 35, the Emmett Till Anilynching Act — that rightfully classifies Iynchings as hate crimes, ‘Therefore, let me once again thank you and the FBI for your expediency in secking answers to this crime, My staff and I stand ready to assist in any way we ean $0, should you requit it, please do not hesitate to contact me, Sincerely, 4 Bobby. Rush Member of Congress