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2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest

Better Newspaper Contest
Press Photographer’s
All Weeklies
First Place: The Parkers Prairie
Independent, Jakki Wehking
I appreciate the high-quality technique (fo-
cused, well composed, interesting angles,
etc..) across a wide range of subjects under
a variety of conditions. From community
to sporting events to breaking news and
landscapes this is a well-rounded news

Second Place: Morris - Stevens County
Times, Brooke Kern
I love the use of depth of field, blur and
perspective. This photographer has mastery
of the camera and uses it to bring images
to life.

Third Place: The Voyageur Press,
McGregor, John Grones
I love the variety of angles, the inclusion
of landscape and wildlife to show a wide
range of skill. These photos generated
emotional responses.

2017-2018 college Better Newspaper Contest

First Place: MSU Reporter, Minnesota State University, Mankato*

Second Place: The Bark, University of Minnesota, Duluth*

Third Place: TommieMedia, University of St. Thomas*

Local Breaking News Coverage
First Place: Minnesota Daily, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities,
Mike Hendrickson & Nick Wicker*
The 38-hour standoff: Flash bangs, smoke and SWAT teams at the Gradu-
ate Hotel captivate University of Minnesota campus

Second Place: TommieMedia, University of St. Thomas,
TommieMedia staff & Mary Brickner*
Michael Campbell charged in crash that killed Ria Pate

Third Place: The Bark, University of Minnesota, Duluth,
Samantha Church & Natalie Grant*
Water main pipe failure causes campus area closures

Hard News
First Place: University Chronicle, St. Cloud State University,
Kyle Fahrmann
Vaidya sets guidelines, says final goodbyes
The video element was a nice touch. It was done very professionally.
The writer conducted many interviews to include various perspectives of
students and staff. In doing so, it revealed deeper issues, concerns and chal-
lenges of the university as a community.

Second Place: TommieMedia, University of St. Thomas,
Solveig Rennan
Tweet spurs debate over Bethel covenant
The author covered both sides of the issue equally, fairly and unbiasedly
while touching on the hard issues of religion and discrimination.

Third Place: The Clarion, Bethel University, Abby Peterson
How Snoop Dogg came to Bethel
The article begins with a catchy, engaging lead. It gave relevance to the
nearby Super Bowl event, revealed the university’s philosophy on casting
judgement, or reading a book by its cover, and had a positive message to
wrap it up. Interesting throughout.

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2017-2018 College Better Newspaper Contest

Government/Public Affairs Reporting
First Place: TommieMedia, University of St. Thomas, Sophie Carson
St. Thomas community reacts to Franken’s resignation
Solid reporting on campus reaction to Sen. Franken’s resignation, including
comments from a professor who lost to Franken in the 2008 DFL primary.
Excellent example of how a national story is also local.

Second Place: The Bark, University of Minnesota, Duluth,
Zack Benz & Idun Rasmussen
Jury rules in Miller’s favor, requires UMD to pay $3.74 million
Strong story about women’s hockey coach sex discrimination lawsuit
against UMD and what it means for the school and students. Numerous
sources make for a well-rounded, balanced account.

Third Place: MSU Reporter, Minnesota State University, Mankato,
Katie Leibel
Maverick Alliance appeals flyers
Good reporting on a smear campaign against a student government candi-
date. Reporter Katie Leibel does a great job of handling offensive accusa-
tions in a responsible manner.

Investigative Reporting
First Place: Manitou Messenger, St. Olaf College, Cassidy Neuner,
Emma Whitford & Avery Ellfeldt
Former professors accused of sexual misconduct
This story and the details you provided are far beyond what is typically in
a professional newspaper let alone a college publication. Great story and
your attention to detail made this story a clear winner.

Second Place: Minnesota Daily, University of Minnesota,
Twin Cities, Cleo Krejci
At Prime Place, safety of residents falls into question as private inspection
exposes violations
The amount of work you put into the research and contacting people was
remarkable. The pictures added a lot of visual to help tell the story.

Third Place: University Chronicle, St. Cloud State University,
Mark Wasson
St. Cloud White Student Union: Who they are and what they want you to
know, Part 1
You shed a light on something that was otherwise not likely being reported
in your community. Well done you should be proud of this piece.

*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
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2017-2018 college Better Newspaper Contest

Human Interest Story
First Place: The Clarion, Bethel University, Jamie Hudalla
Beyond the bubble: There are no bogeymen
You had me from the lead and the rest of the story didn’t disappoint. Won-
derful story from start to finish.

Second Place: Minnesota Daily, University of Minnesota,
Twin Cities, Kelly Busche
Piecing the puzzle together: facing low-income life at UMN
Wow. An amazing story about overcoming the odds and attending college.

Third Place: The Bark, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Mika Colson
Bulldog of the Month: American Ninja Warrior contestant Dalton Knapp
Now this is a great feature story about not only overcoming cancer but
training for a reality TV show. Great job.

Business Story
First Place: Manitou Messenger, St. Olaf College, Sam Carlen
Bookstore begins new chapter
Story was thorough with several sources. Informative and clearly shows
impact to students and school.

Second Place: Echo, Rochester Community & Technical College,
Lydia Hansen
Students educate community at on-campus dental clinic
Great information and strong writing.

Third Place: University Chronicle, St. Cloud State University,
Tony Langfellow
Simply Stearns is set for students again
Great article on a relevant topic to students.

Social Issues Story
First Place: The Mac Weekly, Macalester College, Staff *
Mental Health at Mac: A Special Issue

Second Place: The Campus Eye, Anoka-Ramsey Community
College, Tracie Clyne*
Students Give an Outlook on DACA Recipients

Third Place: The Bark, University of Minnesota, Duluth,
Tyler Schendel*
UMD professor’s research helps solve Duluth’s food access problems

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2017-2018 College Better Newspaper Contest

Arts and Entertainment Story
First Place: Manitou Messenger, St. Olaf College, Avery Ellfeldt*
New ADC guidelines restrict use of N-word in Pause DJ sets

Second Place: University Chronicle, St. Cloud State University,
Bethanie Barrios*
The better of being a proud Indian: Aikytha Night 2017

Third Place: The Bark, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Cate Tanner*
QASU’s biannual drag show more than just a show, this is our culture

Sports Story

First Place: ThreeSixty Journalism, University of St. Thomas,
Zekriah Chaudhry
Ninjas in training: American Ninja Warrior-inspired gym creates local
youth program
Cool topic and well written.

Second Place: TommieMedia, University of St. Thomas,
Noah Brown
3 Tommies work out for Bears, Vikings scouts
A neat angle.

Third Place: The Clarion, Bethel University, Jared Martinson
& Maddie Christy
Royals shatter shooting record
A well-written article about a record-setting day.

Sports Feature
First Place: Minnesota Daily, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities,
Max Biegert
After autoimmune disease, Taylor Williamson battles back into NCAA
Well written and well composed, with good use of multiple sources.

Second Place: ThreeSixty Journalism, University of St. Thomas,
Loveisajoy Pha
More than a game: Off the field, Dana Nelson leads Super Bowl LII’s
charitable giving, investing in youth health and wellness
Nice, crisp lede, and good mastery of AP style.

Third Place: Echo, Rochester Community & Technical College,
Lydia Hansen
‘I didn’t want this to happen to anyone else’
Well written, with proper use of AP style.

*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
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2017-2018 college Better Newspaper Contest

Use of Information Graphics & Graphic Illustrations
First Place: The Bark, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Will Madison
Opinion: You shall not kneel
This looks simple on first glance, but upon reflection, it is complex in liter-
ally intertwining all the issues that surround this topic. Very nicely done! It
is also gratifying to see graphics accompanying an opinion piece, which are
often left with no visual enhancements.

Second Place: The Campus Eye, Anoka-Ramsey Community
College, Ben Harvey
Election 2018
A little busy, but the best use of graphics -- the artist saved thousands of
words by telling this story with a colorful graphic. That’s what an illustra-
tion should do, tell its own story and save us from a tedious recitation of

Third Place: The Northern Student, Bemidji, Michelle Holbeck
Don’t You worry ‘Bout a Thing
This is a fun graphic, and surely welcoming to new students. It provides in-
formation while offering some whimsical memories of school days gone by.

Best Use of Multimedia
First Place: TommieMedia, University of St. Thomas,
Deborah Honore
As Syrian refugees resettle in Minnesota, student parallels her journey from
This was an amazing entry, almost a mini-documentary. The final product
showed the amount of time and research that went into the project. It was a
beautiful mix of personal experience and national and international policy,
explaining the overall policy of the refugee situation, but also making it
real for the viewer. This should be widely viewed to understand where our
country is right now in regards to refugees.

Second Place: TommieMedia, University of St. Thomas,
Lauren Andrego
As social media usage grows, so does its criticism
A very intelligent introspective look, along with the psychological basis,
for how social media is changing our world and personal thought processes.
This report can be used as a tool to allow people to take a moment and think
about where we are as a society and as people, and where we want to be.

Third Place: University Chronicle, St. Cloud State University,
Kyle Fahrmann
Vaidya sets guidelines, says final goodbyes
Very few college students actually know who the president of the university
is, what that person sees as the future of the institution, and why students
should even care. This was a very good introduction to university leader-
ship, and the way in which that leadership affects students.
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2017-2018 College Better Newspaper Contest

News Photo
First Place: Minnesota Daily, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities,
Ellen Schmidt
Multiple arrests made at Somali Night event at Northrop
Nice breaking news photo. I like the lighting and the fact that the one of-
ficer’s face is lit. Tough lighting conditions but it made a great photo that
tells the story.

Second Place: University Chronicle, St. Cloud State University,
Jessie Wade
SCSU College Republicans build a wall in Atwood, stirring a protest
among students
I really like this photo. I like the way a person was put in the photo rather
than just take a photo of the display. Even the lighting on his face adds to
the photo by making it kind of mysterious and yet keeping the focus on
the display. The only thing that kept me from giving this a first, was that it
looks (and probably was) posed. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good news
photo, though. Great way to show the issue and tell the story.

Third Place: The Bark, University of Minnesota, Duluth, Zack Benz
Twin Ports Woman’s March 2018
Nice photo. Good job getting up high to show the crowd. I also like the way
the buildings frame the people.

Feature Photo Story

First Place: The Northern Student, Bemidji, Sara Titera
Fishing Kayak Cover Photo
Nice photo with kayak close enough and just enough space.

Second Place: Manitou Messenger, St. Olaf College, Avery Ellfeldt
Cornel West delivers speech on self-examination
Getting a good photo of a speaker can be tough, but this one caught just the
right moment.

Third Place: MSU Reporter, Minnesota State University, Mankato,
Alissa Thiegles
Free henna at World’s Got Talent
Shooting from higher up really made this photo by allowing us to see the
henna on the hands.

Sports Photo
First Place: TommieMedia, University of St. Thomas,
Carolyn Meyer
Tommies rally, earn Caruso his 100th school win
An awesome photo. Tack sharp, great light and incredibly eye-catching. A
clear winner.

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2017-2018 college Better Newspaper Contest

Sports Photo
Second Place: The Bark, University of Minnesota, Duluth,
Krista Mathes*
Victory Great emotion. A thrilling moment captured forever.

Second Place: University Chronicle, St. Cloud State University,
Maddie MacFarlane
Weekend Recap: Home cooking continues
A cool image captured in almost studio-quality light.

Photo Story First Place: University Chronicle, St. Cloud St. University, Jessie Wade
SCSU College Republicans build a wall in Atwood, stirring a protest
among students
Powerful photos! These photos capture the raw emotions of this situation.
The mixture of b & w and color photography gave the story even more

Second Place: University Chronicle, St. Cloud State University,
Jessie Wade
Anti-Porn Protest is Anticlimactic
These photos show the anticlimactic nature of the protest. No need for

Third Place: TommieMedia, University of St. Thomas, Esmee Verschoor
St. Thomas celebrates color-filled Holi
A beautiful celebration shared in colorful photos.

First Place: ThreeSixty Journalism, University of St. Thomas,
Anne Omer
Telling my story, without a costume
Anne Omer describes a life few of us can begin to understand. The daugh-
ter of Ethiopian immigrants, her perspectives on adversity, heroism and fit-
ting in at school has given her unique cultural insights. Masterfully written.

Second Place: Echo, Rochester Community & Technical College,
Angelina Labonne
‘Just being’ isn’t so crazy after all
Angeline Labonne doesn’t take any day for granted. Foregoing self-pity,
she describes how she spent six months caring for her terminally ill mom,
a relatively young woman who accepted the cards she was dealt. It taught
Labonne invaluable life lessons.

Third Place: Echo, Rochester Community & Technical College,
Lydia Hansen
Community college still my best decision
Lydia Hansen loves her community college, and she loves where it’s taking
her. This practical, talented writer has a great communications career wait-
ing for her.
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2017-2018 College Better Newspaper Contest

First Place: The Clarion, Bethel University, Abby Peterson
Diversity of thought is Bethel’s strength
Few college editorials can be more compelling than those that examine a
fierce debate by students, faculty and staff over the school’s mission and
values. Diversity of thought is Bethel’s strength. It is an excellent argu-
ment for how Bethel University’s potency and influence comes from its
ability to straddle the line between multiple theologies, political ideologies
and world views. Along with their companion editorial, Making a case for
Snoop Dogg, this piece by members of the The Clarion’s editorial board
sets the standard for editorial writing.

Second Place: Minnesota Daily, University of Minnesota,
Twin Cities, Editorial Board
Stop vandalizing the Washington Avenue Bridge
The Daily’s editorial board makes an excellent argument for how campus
groups must work together to generate a culture of discussion and dialogue
with respectful disagreement. While the editorial’s writers note that defac-
ing political messages is wrong, they also strongly defend the vandals’ First
Amendment rights. Well done.

Third Place: The Campus Eye, Anoka-Ramsey Community
College, Max Brown
Letter from the Editor Spring 2018
Copy editor Max Brown tackles a sensitive subject: a dysfunctional student
senate. He explains why this should matter to students, then calls for trans-
parency and fairness. He tops it off with an explanation of how the college
newspaper acts as a check on the senate’s power. Good work!

General Excellence
First Place: Echo, Rochester Community & Technical College
931 reasons to celebrate
Outstanding newspaper. Local news coverage and the editorial page is
what raised the Echo to the top. The publication was filled with ads, had
good use of color and photos. Loved the Echo eavesdrops. Nice work!

Second Place: The Clarion, Bethel University
Clarion special issue
The Clarion was filled with stories. Nice layout and use of photos.

Third Place: Minnesota Daily, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Minnesota Daily
Great local coverage and editorial page. Easy to read layout and design.

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2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest

Typography & Design
Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: New York Mills Dispatch
Wow. These front pages really make me want to pick up this paper and
read it! You really understand design and have made it easy and fun for
your readers to get their news. Some things I really liked: big/bold head-
lines, large photos (especially on the front page), Chatter Box graphic
and sports schedules.

Second Place: St. Peter Herald
I love how crisp, clean and organized your newspaper is. I really like the
large photos, sidebars, jump headlines and front page features. Good job.

Third Place: Star Herald, Dodge Center
You nailed the infographic category. Great job adding maps and other
interesting graphics that draw the reader in. You have a good, consistent
layout throughout your paper.

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Cottonwood County Citizen, Windom
Great design and use of different fonts. And plenty of elements to keep
readers interested and draw them in. Would suggest a third teaser at the
top of the page instead of the white space to the top right.

Second Place: Steele County Times, Blooming Prairie
Excellent front pages and use of fonts. Would like to see more teasers.
Very solid design.

Third Place: Stillwater Gazette
Good design and layout. Would like to see a little less space in the rail.

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Hutchinson Leader
Very clean look. Lots of elements and great use of fonts to draw readers
in. Excellent work.

Second Place: Savage Pacer
Really like the playfulness of the cover design. Always makes for an
interesting cover.

Third Place: Anoka County Union Herald
Love the number of teasers. Would like some different fonts. Solid de-

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2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest
Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Southwest Journal, Minneapolis
Strong photos and use of typography. Refers on top of front unique and
different. Nice use of cutouts. Body copy light and easy to read. Mugs on
columns in Focus section look good. Color in headlines and pull-out text
effective. Nice, clean and consistent design.

Second Place: The Journal, Minneapolis
Clear, minimalist design. Easy to read and follow. Use of color in design
is a good balance. Strong photography.

Third Place: Prior Lake American
Cover features are unique and creative. SW Soundoff is a cool graphic
element. Large photos are helpful in sports. Some pages are a little text
heavy for reader.

Dailies under 10,000
First Place: The Bemidji Pioneer
Nice feature artwork. Strong photos on covers. Good use of color in
headlines. Strong photos in sports.

Second Place: Marshall Independent
Good use of white space. Good body font. Headlines are a good weight.
Our Region layout clean, strong photos. Simple but clean. Prep sports
graphics are creative.

Third Place: Albert Lea Tribune
Cool tree infographic. Strong main photos in features. Nice use of color
in photo/headline in arts feature. Strong photos with sports feature. Body
copy is a little heavy. Headline fonts are a little heavy in places.

Dailies 10,000 and over
First Place: Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
Good use of white space. Bold graphics. Clean, minimalist design.
Strong photos in big features. Variety of headline fonts add vibe to differ-
ent features.

Second Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead
Very strong photography. Strong graphics. Different mastheads are
unique and work for publication. Very strong sports sections. Body copy
is a little heavy and slow to read.

Third Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester
Strong cover art. Headlines help stories stand out. Clean, consistent de-
sign. Could use more graphics.

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2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest

Editorial Page as a Whole
Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: St. Peter Herald
Opinion thursday, Octob
er 5, 2017

Clean layout. Nice headers. Great use of color and screens. Nice variety

shocked the baseball
St. PEtEr HErAl

30 years ago, Twins of columns and information.
watch the game in a bit
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St. Peter Herald letters of sup-
The 1987 Twins back then living room and make
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there would be no He simply American League West to him.
85-77 record, while
© St. Peter Herald ign. have an
Volume 131, No.
loving sports. Ev- Catching port, no campa
for his years of with only an Detroit Tigers This year’s Twins that ’87
I grew up deserved to be in heavily favored 85-77 record as
MATION matter if it was Up raising mon- the The Twins identical a couple
GENERAL INFOR ery sport. It didn’t or wiffle ball playing, coaching, of baseball. won the East at 98-64.winning all version. And there are front
-favored teams in
is an
the St. Peter Herald football in the park, biking out to ey, serving the game committee won in seven games,
per or dana games in the of heavilyThe New York Yankees
in the back yard, And the Hall of Fame

Second Place: Jackson County Pilot
independent newspa ay and we’d four of the home them.
published each
the golf course early before It Melius
agreed. demoli shed Metrodome. It of d at 91-70, the Cleveland
the members. now
time in Minne- finishe even better at 102-60. By
APG Media of
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ota. growin g up in then It was a good thing, ever was an amazing . Indians
was what a kid did ll, words hit the news-
rn Minnes baseba if Puddy history
legiate days. Tried University. cause I don’t know not taking sota baseball
Southe is a
the St. Peter Herald ota
‘60s and ‘70s. State me for ly missed a the time these all be over for the
the Cloud I narrow stands, it could
member of the
ota, one golf, at St. forgave
the joy of quite the 1987 World Series. Ben and
Dan Gladden? Gary Twins.

Great use of fonts and screens. Love the way you highlight your edito-
tion. In small-town Minnes to play But it never matched to
Newspaper Associa , Tom, and him around Twins homer. Can’t even
— USPS ISSN 307-18 of
0— was also lucky enough. For me, sports with my brother Or those Back then, newspapers mentary Gaetti? Don Baylor? I do re- But, then again..,
many sports in school appreci- cousin, Gary Saxton
. compli but measure
Published by APG ota
Media the state received can League remember anymore, and smiles. Nothing will quite
those opportunities fall (foot- high school days. to the Ameri r Ben’s cheers ionship, the
Southern Minnes
the sport that tickets and World membe up to that ’87 champprofessional
ated; two sports in ), basketball Baseball’s the only It’s been Championship Series it. In ’87, with us. And ota
Pud wasn’t there first for a Minnes modern era.

rial. Excellent content and variety.
Postmaster: Send country now. made of times
Peter Herald, ball and cross truly interests me Series, if the Twins plenty
he mentioned it Thankfully, sports team in
changes to St.
ota, St. Peter, MN in the winter, and at one time or part of the Melius family. they did. the years. Minnea polis Lakers fared
in the spring a big h old
1991, be- The well in their day. But when
311 S.
cals Postage Paid Melius, publisher throug
another, three sports father, Louis “Pud” Veteran newspaper two of the Twins won again in
56082. Periodi
track). Twenty- My d into the Minnes
ota with pretty , that was
(baseball, golf and
ota 56082.
at St. Peter, Minnes
meant sports was inducte Warner offered my the first team (along Metrodome rocked
one varsity letters ll Hall of Fame Chuck one game in each the ALCS coming a Braves) to go from the . For me. For Ben. Even for
CONTACT US Amateur Baseba day at the his for And the Atlant t. special
dominated one’s days. 2004. It was a grand dad and and World Series. Just two. for last to first and win a pennan Puddy.
Phone: 507-93
rebellious in for ted the problem World Series cham-
Classifieds: 507-93
1-4520 But I was also a bit that let- ceremony in St. Cloud joined that presen Benja- The Twins’ year is still consid-
often. No to family, which first-bo rn son Melius at 507-
Fax: 507-931-4522 early and the entire me, for my years old pionsh
ip that Reach Dana
long hair, deep him. had just turned 8 ll nut. ered by some baseball histori d 931-8567.
E-mail addres
s: ter jacket, yes to age. While inductees, min allowe

Third Place: Ely Timberjay
thoughts at a young of those Unlike most other for dad. and was already a basebagames. as the best ever. And it
four ign those
I was recruited in thought seri- there was no campa and said And he and I went to
South Minnesota never really nomination
Address: 311 sports, I I wrote his
MN 56082 into my col-
Ave., St. Peter, ously about playing

5K scares up
Office Hours:

Nice layout. Good header. Good variety of content. Loved your on-line
8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
h Friday

some win-wins
Monday throug
Phone: 507-93 ed ad
Display and Classifi

dating piece.
deadline: Another
y. View
• 3 p.m. Monda
copy; $70.20 Ed
$1.25 per single
d. lee
for 52 weeks delivere retains
the St. Peter Herald
rights to all
the publication 3.1 miles
contents produc
ed or supplied For 13 years, ambling Largest
by the St. Peter
Herald. Use in Southern Minnes
t the of Costumes has
of said materia
ls withou and Fastest Parade rness and
t of the St. Peter generated laughs, togethe

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
written consen
ted. Contents
Herald is prohibi
rights reserved.
memories. add a free
copyrighted: all For the 14th year,
makes and a free
the St. Peter Herald
ensure accurac y commemorative medal mix.
every effort to Mini-Blizzard to that Chamber of
in display and The St. Peter Area
will not be Fitness are

First Place: Cottonwood County Citizen, Windom
advertising, but
beyond the Commerce and Pulse l St. Peter

liable for errors

d productive harve
cost of actual space s the hosting the 14th Annua Walk and
the publisher
reserve Halloween Fun Run
on Saturday,

Here’s to a safe an
or cancel any Lil’ Monster Dash
right to reject have to wear a
at any time. Oct. 28. You don’t encouraged.

Strong, clean layout packs a punch. Great writing.
L MANAGER h September 30. costume, but it’s surely 15 is $25,
help the farmer ’s April 1 throug ngs that the pe- Race entry until Oct.
Chad Hjellming
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AL MANAG grain market islature
REGION success as they rep. Clark diesel supply in-the-haystack
507-931-8567 state’s economic effort. B R Uneedle-
W E D N E S D A Y,
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ASSOCIATEstarted flying1-8568
with a team of at least er involved

Second Place: Steele County Times, Blooming Prairie
pation. I try to make sold in Minnesota traditions and a
Nancy Madsen
Marjory n@stpe
... 507-93 out of
AR-15 weapon last the week,year and
I am always struck
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Clean, great use of space and visually appealing.
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507-931-8564 the gunman knew musttolearn the quality challen ges as support results requests harves t, I Service s, partner eachways
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CUSTOMER SERVIC g to reports, stu-
One of the most sota, our nation ties. Water who put in long hours its prizes to support wellness, pro-
dents who were ... 507-93 1-8561
farmers is Minne I was proud to
encourages health and from being
Aslesonshot were mostly chal-challeng ive women Qual- can
e in the 2014 legislat ity Standar
Becky biggest gest
those who were out traits of Minnesota’s working to world. Two of the the effort ds so Minne sota
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RS TO THE EDITO theare among people who consumers
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Lockdow LETTEns were the modus es buying find a time betterforway I ap- but can’t control access
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Third Place: Stillwater Gazette
ies tal
is scheduled to moveyear from
Peter , Mt. Lake, health
get to local business-
to ar-
the Windom
es and the weathe
rive, or and treatmen
done others evacuate t.” quiremevest. nts. town who support
Jackson and othereditor.
letters to the schools until a
recentefforts of farmers to. make control the weather, but el blend next It’s pretty hard toto
fathom make St. Peter cool.

few years In plaud years, local ALICEis safe we can’t Rick
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ago. That be 400 words Freder
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learned letters
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ous s for there Johnson a year
Presenting Partner Mankato
up programoccu- n WINDO M SCHOOL BOARD
less and include options can make.

There were a lot of ol
than toorsimply
lockdownaddress and and nesses.
in what
area be a danger
canschools and busi- n COUNTY AUDITOR/ Last year, the Windom Clinic,
the writer’s Edge Hospital and
hide. Itname.was before Many of “I want to see TREASURER
r must also there are better us learned that
our districts Country Club opened and
learned about ALICE
telephone numbe options than lock- the Republicans “I’ll watch what
19. The and
for the Orthopaedic

Clean, great use of space and visually appealing.
training. players on Feb. Clinic
There isbe noprovide d for verification ing doors, waiting
and hoping. and Democrats they do with
telling for sure
whether ALICEes, but that informa
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snow-fre and was remark-
St. Peter brims with fun things
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This was during a at a meal,
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they must be express
, there’s
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govern, instead
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Life is a sweet thought one was for make changesonly A’s. I was
Traditional lockdow office fingers and This
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A high school class
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and what other for issues for scratching. teacher s and the an letters lakes
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Marjory Stone- face the state.” activities. There
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any. Everyon ewill be Some 5 this
Girls Night Out (Oct. (Nov.
. However,letters not
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their peculiarities. bragging at reunion
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Anonym old both of those.”
under ALICE,
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weSooner or later,
Snowflake Celebra hioned
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Alert, Lock- to onesaved fine arrives. rs who knew better, snow year),
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Writers areEvacuat limited the
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aw- and coaches jinks

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
Obviously, schoolon the back. That was
Hitting the books
In ALICE training letter every 30 days.
written shootings are capable of carrying taught us to write right “It’s my job I reveled in hearing
then, I thinkthe stories
back to anFourth of July. So, all who
and it made my pearedgroceries in one trip.
, to counter .
may not mean to to: srook@complex, societal
of himthat unbelievable
their spouses en Fun Run
who said things like, nce in you of my classmason tes and the St. Peter Hallowe those pro-
E-mail niceissues year where
to distract and but oftenmail them
om, bigger than fully are my brain of the about and I had a Februar . formy
confuse herald.c
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That I became a motivat
St. beyondday. and of- little
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golf outing
we ed math ” a 62 on the final We spread our tired wings to ta.grams, along with the St. Peter Area
throw everythito 311as S. Minnes
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ng they can or fax them to the ancien
on vacation
MN 56082 at the As shoot- rule in shop and after day on of aher brother lost, but ev-
the slide up my class during
gunman — books, Peter, ings change, we told course
coffee mugs, I madechange
class. must returning home.
withfigure ap- made A classmatefor known
fly home. We looked car in the Food Shelf.
507-931-4522. his hair long and
computers, staplers. There’s somethi to infinite knowl- its lightning-quick
them. We must
beused it to as many
found his or her

First Place: Red Wing Republican Eagle
(a lie) and Would you believe hand for
for our worst class ready
aboutshared journeyng
the sun shining, a healthy lot as who had
grown greens.
Amidst the confusio nightmare. r lie). birds t partici-anderyone on
n, maybe propriate tips (anothesurprise right edge, but we’ d been was told thatSchlossm couldn’
heWhile Lazarus lot. 300 volunteers are
that parking n Trevor is in danger as
YOUR chirping
green grass allthe most retentive minds ancut slide, needle-
CONTACTING I got that pleasant he
— Rahn Larson
not even around pate in athletic s unless discuss
No in my class
onePublisher Slette,
registration, the big intersections
LEGISL ATORS reunion . makes readingber our school nurse. the round in detail,
but wore a Buf-
before my high school during Warren
LOCAL that hair, is
ok. hair. He cutjustto
hisbook ng the next game,
remem a that in-the-haystack
Frentz a beard book an incould the shade of the yearbo the
far from
gradua tion of becomitrevors@ windomnto
going hot choco-
America’s solution State Sen. Nick I’d grown consult wig but
Gates,Larson, free coffee,
didn’t red the tournam ent. fet or Bill
a was
al stay. Itinviting much more cheating. It longhainies.It’s also about the n Rahn
ent. and serving apples and

This one was a tight competition. Your content is what made you win.
: Infighting sittinghave been investmEditor
district 19 extended hospit , white, tan and thatwould
That and nwe ceremo er dozen players who - reunion rahnl@w was a wise late, smoothies, bagels,
Email: sen.nick.frentz gray, black, brown notTVseen
no reflecti
waswatchin g on on her Anoth all classm ate remem I was a boy, I had an aged
When me bananas?
Minutes after last had a very
g opportu-
n Joel
other colors
diminishedDAVE powers were driv-
realis- Alvstad, Sports keptEditor
week’s school shoot- Phone: 651-29 some d our
Reporter bered thatthe 14 of
tic shot us kids beat up, but The people-watchin to be at
andline in the quilt. It was indomne
The. same regrette at winning joela@w
unt box of crayons ’t have imagined
in can’t
ing, America went
Draheim the
120-coour said about winter
tion. davef@windomnew tournam
arten eachent dayon couldn is enough reason
to Rich in
party leaders, a cul- of recollec en to kinderg . warm. n DaveI nity alone
unity Center on
the Fjeld,
t the beard gave me
work on its solution State Sen. in
Minnesota. Neverth health was because final day, Miller wagon Reporter We had
to making
I thoughexcuses, Our good eless, the bug school’ woodie
s (six station without indomne
lifedavef@w that the St. Peter Comm
the pit- my n Brent
everything. district 20 shots

Great pages.
back) least
blaming the other for reading on
miles to school among
butter breaths and
those golfers.
My classma tes are my event.
.draheim@ five the morning of the
look. vacation
Email: turedor over whenwe’ d walked carries
Peanutand class.Anderso
is a a smallAdvertisin they may be a bit
party, Lazarus
whoever didn’t. agree. a couple ofeach
I get
both ways, without
home, so I finished Schlossm feet. Aanwoodie
n more about
To register or learn
Yes, the anti-gun WeMy wife veryday, uphill a brief but interesti
books this d their ter-patt er of tinyng tell . Like me, g Manager
pro-gun folks ham- and winter.of bodywork friends
play good
might have been because
the role
Some kids wrappe from
rearstory brenta@windomn hip keeps and
651-296-5558 body thosewith players, whichork beat up, but their friends it, go to stpeterchambe
of theItenabler. about each of style
each Phone: thatlike to keep makescar
mered away at me
people walking by
I read and hear If you golf and golfwire
cted of wood framew t imagine my itsyourr
follow the link to
the book a great
other on Twitter,
Johnson all the cry out their spare change
then make . surefeet in barbed history, course,constru read. Of
our me warm.
n Sue Frederic I couldn’ kson
exist from past
Face- people
book and everywh State Rep. Clark had offered me of “Chasing Greatne
you pick up a copy
on the ice.
there’s many a
wood panels. We learned
book about
Advertising Consulta
withou t them. nt of picture s
ere in frustrati on: the
before Arnold falling sur- with
the great triumvir life may Plenty illustrate
else. Critics pounded
district 19A “When The willbeard was goneMiller, We wereand
ss: Johnny
boys who hadNicklau s and yPlayer
ate — Palmer,
colors.—I think. and conditions en Fun Runs. They
the FBI, politicia
ns, Email: rep.clark.johns
on it
a bit. As
Miracle much Palmer, the cars primar but notus well. I n Jen Terms Hallowe
n end?”
. I slicked up at Oakmon all and driving nearly as much about oardssuch taught Walinga
staff, even students
. RAHN LARSON reunion Lazarus and Steve vived dodgeb
t” by Adam
aswho Trevino,Blackb t’s and cross apply.
players Advertising Consulta the enjoyment.
an.and girls
It ends
Many politicians
as a
when we
guy can slick up. While the book Schlossm
spare tires, Tom Weiskop
how to dot my
f, John
© Al Batt 2017 nt
6-8634 become tes lacking Schlee, learned
Jerry jenw@wi
sur- that we weren’t the n Dawn Luitjens
651-29 classma director of
a country
were either slow
to re- number ofU.S. Open at Oakmon on d the who had Heard, Julius Boros
A good boys1973 joke those Ed Lee is executive
act, or quick to that works togeth-
stompi ng had survive t Country
andcars my i’s. I yes,
Miller. And,
six —te from
jump on one side
Vogelthan oneer for returne ds,to their old
Club in Pennsyl
it is all and driving you can add Gene to gradua
is a writer, speaker, Chamber of

Second Place: Hutchinson Leader
st classLittler and our Composi the St. Peter Area
or the other. What solution vania, dodgeb
do you State Rep. Bob rather
that digs in and gotten older. Not
more than that.vived
much Bob Charles smarte because Al Batt tion Manager
the Democrats suppose casts blame. We s. We’ d spare tires. to the mix,d too
hallowe halls dawnl@windomne
and humori st
had to say about
and Republic district
ans 20A all need
back — for the kids. to take a
ground In June
o. Wesixth 1973,lacking
didn’t I had just com- very
the food
taste Open
muchthose in the hunt for
— were
a C- aver- n Terri storyteller
ota. Commerce.
the worst-case scenari hadU.S.
asidealmost Hartland, Minnes
year. torian
.vogel pleted
one another? Email: rep.bob grade
, We could
and that valedic
title class
rural Wall
our parents Inlocal She was and is Circulatio
You are correct from extinct
all look and sound was pretty
— a golf commercial, the
other party’s fault.” “It’s the
muchwe’ d eaten atthe game ’s. age. That’ not true.
fact, Schlee, a sgolfer n Manager
Everyone was
I had
 n foreign to me. s and Minske never heard terriw@windomne
No one 0-5887 ews & nOtes but most of us did.Oh, I knew
Where are our
leaders? Phone: 651-29 n6-7065 like Vivian’
of prior to reading
in the House, Senate on. Most ap-
the big cafes
names this book, wound
up finishing sec-
still in high definiti
— Jack

This was almost the top entry. Excellent work.
Nicklau n Rick Frederic
House seems willing or White or 800-92
n Windom
s, Arnold
Palmer, Lee ond in the
tournament. (Hey, kson
’s telecommunica- Trevino and Gary not spoiling anything I’m iCitizen Technica
and lead. to step up Player, and I l Support
tions board is still even knew that look up the results here. You can rickf@windomnew
I’m waiting for fine-tuning Johnny Miller is online anytime
a a plan for a major this flashy young you like.)
“This is my fault. leader to say, to the city’s cable
overhaul grade, you like
hot shot (in sixth n General Office
promised. I haven’t haven’t com- guys like that) on Likewise, I knew citizen@windomn can Eagle
Look for an update system. the links — but
beyond that, I knew Johnny Miller until reading
little about Red Wing Republi
enough. I haven’t worked hard in
edition of the Citizen. a future little about the n Composition
first. I will not rest kids lives game or the players. book. I probably knew more this composition@win
As for watching him as a color analyst about
this. It starts right until we solve n Plans are attention span
a U.S. Open, my for NBC and
The Golf Channel
now! Who is with here — right for2017
already in motion at that age maybe
me?”day, October 4, lasted one hole than I did about
A4must “Ein Bier Bitte III” before I had to go him personally.
A leader (beer Schlossman and

not only say it, tasting at outside and start Lazarus gave me CITIZEN STAFF:
but also prove it. the Commu nity myself — even
playing the game a much better per- Ronald Alm,
Joel Alvstad, Brent
Center) to return though I had no sonal picture of Anderson,
Instead, our leaders Sept. 8. clubs (tree limbs not only the golfer, Ericka Audette, Dave
but the man as

Third Place: Mille Lacs Messenger, Isle
House, Senate, blame the and an old tennis well. Fjeld, Rick
Trump, Demo- n Red Rock ball worked just Additionally, the Frederickson, Sue
crats, Republic Central school fine). authors revisit Frederickson,
ans. It’s right out officials are trying But this was the each of these golfers Rahn Larson, Dawn
to I grew up, which era in which Malakowsky, Lucas Luitjens, Cory
termine what to do de-
of the political
playbook. Blame. drew me to this this historic tournam20 years after
Blame. Blame. Never with an book — that and up ent and even Regnier, Michelle Marsh, Cory
admit aging the fact thatRIAL to the

er, that is
facility, parts of printing of the
Miller posted one EDITO
And the America fault. Riihl, Trevor
date back to 1915. which
ns? We fall 2011. book in Slette, Jen Walinga,
of the most
 Terri Wall.

nice … the rivYOUR
incredible final If you enjoy golf
rounds in the his-
sure you add this history, make

Clean, neat layout. Great job.
tory of the U.S.

not that
Open. Indeed, he one to your read-
ing list.

State law nn otaanisarra
ess face
VOICE COUNTS the river.

soil before it reacheshave

loose es
pose health We welcome industri
cities andletters
Nitrogen and bacteria Plus, to the editornt,

y of challen biggest of up to 300 wordster treatme
improving the d wastewa on any topic.

ges again in ’18
improve rus they
better start with risks. Letters must be
reducing the typed phospho
Last year, the Republic love to talk about problems. Not a nice picture. and may be60,000

innesotans consume
an-led contributor to its Big for this sorry state
edited for clarity basin — from
legislative session
Nice” and being River begins at One key reason discharg e to the and length and
in 2016. That’s
The Minnesota
rs, auto must include
be one of the most turned out “Minneto sotadealers,
Lakes.” more that too much water
in 2007 to your
25,000name, kgaddress
producti of 10,000 and deputy winds through affairs is kg and daytime decade.
recent memory. ve in Landregistra
“The rs alike — with Stone
Lake, land re of
If the llegislatu This is due to: phone
reductio n in aThe
of rich, beautifu
doesn’t act, Minnesointo that river today.
our commun 60 percent
a deadline noon oncan review
for letters is people
From $650 million Both arerelief good things. no accountability than 325 miles t and ities.
ngly heavy rain
. details,
for farmers, studentsin tax to paraphrase the Minnesota or
solution collecting pollutan
ts, sedimen
tans will miss out on ► Increasi Other issues For more
ness owners and ,But
small busi- Agency,
from state’s
inants, and finally many dumps
of the benefits (climate change) e the report at www.pc must put
seniors n Control state agencies contam l drainag MAIL TO: Citizen . Then they
multi-billion dollar Pollutio
There mn-river-study Publishi
not so nice. A new
to the respon- into theof Mighty
federal tax reform ► Growth in areartificia
issible. tainted waters
plenty of other — and not
ng Co.
roads and bridges namesa investment ke river
in water FortandSnelling . The
our state tant issues that
(farming and willhousing
that knowled
P.O. ge 309 action
statewid about the river’sI am poorconfident the Mississippi below they
will or tiling
the legislatu come before Windom, MN 56101 ota River.
priority was to report e, our hing questions down continue
whento lag behinddevelopment) re this year. just along the Miinnes
mixed waters slow s.
advance the inter- raises far-reac re will act t, and
our more tax-frien • The cost of  health i this water EMAIL: citizen@w magic solution
ests of all Minneso quality quickly
the region’s rivers ppi’s widespo dly space to store
Lack ofunafford nsurance  “There are no
I expect this session about issues facing
to address reach the Mississi in, neighbo
dyingrs. a high- ►remains
asWith s). able. We will con- the ONLINE: ent alone cannot solve
the short- and of wetland Governm
Lake Pepin is filling er-than-expected state (loss informs us to focus
tinue s,
last year’s progress and to build
all thoseon lakes, long-term is one
the work of stabilizi
some signs of progres
ng This study
River story aspects insuran are the this.
lature convenes . As the legis-
The Minnesota result. revenue and a healthy, There ce market and awaitMore
found. and people must work
to work right away week,
of the software
hy, the PCA .noted ta Pollutio n Control on the ta PCA study action our actions, and Glenn
of unique
we getgeograp It
. The Minneso
n growing
River’s, we Minneso
federal level.
are using conserv
ation solutions,” said
together to find
is also a priority Monday
challenges facing addressi ng the y report issued to BILL WEBERstudied the Minneso are well-pos more• In Marc
farmers h, the le m tillage, of the MPCA watersh
our in a summar make things right quality
Agency recent wateritioned such as
get thesreport gislature
minimu  will  Skuta, director
Here’s a rundown challengfor to water
es the Guest
entire length
Columnis using to seriousl y consider practice from the health.
of Add
what you deputyand
use reg-
t ing decades
compar group crops and ditch
building soil division.
can expect:
from surrounding istrarsland — smallto monitoring and ive, innova-
unlike. the
cover mowing
adding buffer
. This be nice.
see tive changes will be used to
ners slowly are Wouldn’t that
you start research. The results, t clouds
and owners Landow create policy to catch
ys later
MNLARS development, mountin
Pepin Legacy Alliance are of
es — whose costs
Bondin Sedimen the this session.
and grass waterwa (USPS 134 140)
what the Lake We for g due to MNLAR
If you S. water, are clear:g algae growth. strips• While a  compre Citizen
If you purchased ing have set years: One of rus fuels hensive  agricul- Publishin g Company
a new been advocat up a website for water. Phospho the ture budget was 260 Tenth St., Windom,
renewed your license has vehicle, nesotans Pepin, then you
to share Min- issues this other overarching housing and daycare
passed last year, MN 56101
attempted to transfer plate want tabs,to save
or Lake their experien session will be the po- 507-831- 3455 or 800-658-
with MNLARS ces tential bonding are two issues gettingavailability
last summer, you a title since
apply pressure
and to continue
to Roughly $3.5 billion
bill. a lot of at- FAX 507-831-3740 2510
are to the administra- tention across the
iar with the state’s likely famil- tion to get this requests have been in bonding district. We will email: citizen@windomn
address these needs
and vehicle registranew licensing story at www.MN
LETTELARSme RSShare your entities across submitted by this session.
Finally, I encoura
known as MNLAR tion system Minnesota, but m
After nearly $100
S. Tax conformity  final bill will be
and will include both
significantly less
the me on Facebook
ge you to follow
The Cottonwood
published every
County Citizen is
million and stifling
a decade of planning With federalable to be gained by state and lo- r) for updates on Wednesday with
, MNLARS voicethe tax reform voice. cal funding. the latest from subscription rates
was released this
summer Keep and has
public recently passed by the public
Congres I expect
EDA to the bonding bill to a short session,
the Capitol. With
in Cottonwo od and
of $49 per year
proved to be the ty their individu
must update
proper Lake City needs aits
s, states strong emphasi place things will move
counties and $65 surrounding
failed governm in public
latest example
ent bureaucracy
of codes to reflect al
on,tax not override
ture. Last, the s on infrastruc- quickly. Stay tuned.
per year else-
those champi month,
With hundreds
of discus. sion process calledthe
changes — a
public aims
and Capital ns I joined the
Senator Bill Weber
in the U.S. This publicatio
is entered at the n
titles in backlog thousands of concern ed about “tax conform ity.” Investm
. ent Committee post
and I’m While last session site brought in our City WindomCharter as city officials in second term represen is in his Windom, MN 56101 office in
rendered virtually a software future of the nentConoco
tax cuts and
set forth perma- theirvigilanc e outlined ting Dis- as periodical
LARS has been useless, MN- donated to economi Public voice and
c growth
bonding request for trict 22, which
includes commu-
postage. Send address
to many treatment improve waste- changes
e for Kwik opportu contig-
a headachthat Minneso water
because nities in Cottonw to Citizen Publishin
public, youtans, are order
weinhave g Company,
Lake City. The nity to do even an seeing own- d the
e firsthan ments – Lincoln, Lyon, ood, Jackson, P.O. Box 309, Windom,
in that uous more. public shorelin importance of Murray, Nobles, MN 56101.
and I, has an interest is on investin
our (Lake
g in the infrastru Pipestone, Redwoo All subscriptions
y that ership is forever cture of counties. d, and Rock transferable but
to the Citizen are
donated propert embez- City’s) most valuable civic non-refundable.
the verge of being shoreline! eEdition alone is
asset. Protect our
available for $32.
zled. right Sam Poppleton
At risk is the public’sum if Lake City
to decide by referend the
property lying action
on area Walters’
lakefront protecti Charter
outlined in the
City demonstrates the
partisa nship
can or cannot
be sold. judiciary’s year ago,
City Char- Less than one
To date Lake
public land Judge Terrence Walters
ter’s law that
without an was aggressively seekingr
can’t be sold referen- re-election for a six-yea
approving public
respected. term in Wabasha County.
dum has been this
trated in A candidate filing for
This was demons gton a commit-
last fall’s South
Washin office is making for six
Street closure
referendum. ment to the voters er, the
has arisen years. Last Novemb
Now, a claim to
the Conoco voters elected Walters
that although narrow
the Char- another term by a THE CHIEF
site lies within
t protecti on margin. VIEWPOINT: ASK
ter’s lakefron
sold by the So why would
Walters, 
zone, it can be into his
Develop ment less than 10 months ce his

Leave a tip with pers
Econom ic a refer- six-year term announ
Authority without is Wal-
t speaking retirement? Here
endum. Withou theo- ter’s motivation.
ions, that
to motivat State Con-
upon two Article VI of the

ry appears based that the

RWPD, Crime St
the Gov-
notions: 1. A claim stitution allows
a succes-
property and ernor to appoint
EDA owns the seat when
; 2. A claim sor to Walters’s
the city doesn’t 8. VACANCY.
is a private he retires: Sec.
that the EDA is a vacancy in
Whenever there gover- 1. Crime Stopper
owner. is titled the office of judge the allows ,
In fact, the site
in the man- ROGER password that of Minnesota on-line
of the Lake nor shall appoint for
in the name by law a quali- us access to tips retrieved from:
How can I make
ago provided Wing,
City EDA. Three
years ner the city of Red crimestoppersm
the logical fied person to fill
the vacancy an anonymous Red Wing g us to ID=674&
the EDA seemed elected and ga thereby allowin sitemenu.aspx?
the land until a successor is online tip regardin Police
receive the anonym
2. Minnesota
steward to hold r shall
Council as qualified. The successo term crime? Department Revisor
gifted to our City year for tip.  Office of the
a six you
This is evi- be elected for Thank
Crime Stopper
of Statutes, Chapter
public property. meeting at the next general
election your question, for
dent in past public than one year ts of Minnesota is 13, Government
occurring more many of our residen “Crime Stopper
s of
submitting crime
minutes. if they Practices. https://
nal. It after the appointment. plan fear retaliation Minnesota provide
only; do not use
Lake City is exceptio ed
file a report or
provide www.revisor.m
city allowed Walter’s calculat safe place for citizens site to report a
is a home-rule March ensures witness informa
tion ous ing statutes/?id=13 allows
own organi- to retire in appointed to provide anonym Also, when submitt “Ask The Chief”
to decide its to our his Democrat regarding a crime
tion about to a police
We answer a full have informa tip directly readers access to useful
zation. serve witnessed or s.
City Char- successor will crime and fugitive officer or submitt
information about
locally drafted before having information about.
differ from six-year term We’ll deliver your a police report,
enforcement issues
in Red
ter that may for election. When The Red Wing
Police the
laws of other to stand information to can request to
Wing. This commun d
the rules and appointee does Department offers
a ies to
Therefore, Dayton’s proper authorit anonymous or
tool has been develope
Minnesota cities. for election, couple options
to help ned
d from finally stand investigate without listed as a “concer ity
legal rulings borrowecharter he/she will be a six-yea
protect the identity
of identity. 13, to enhance commun
y or Incumbents fear revealing your citizen.” Chapter policing efforts by
other statutor individuals that you
ota Government
are likely to be mis- incumbent. proba- If the information Minnes providin g resident s
cities hold a much greater Lastly, retaliation. provided leads
to an
Data Practices
guides the
guiding. ion. To address your and visitors with
how it is done bility of re-elect this arrest, you may be law enforce ment and ity to ask
No matter needs to get g of opportun
EDA gets Walter’s question regardin eligible for a reward Government Agencie
s local
elsewhere, our before a Republican online tip reporting, ” can questions about
our City done up to $1,000. on what they s and the
its authority from Coun- governor is elected. the Red Wing Police Crime Stopper
s what laws, program
Council. Our
City thinking a keep private and department in general.
y from If you are Department is of Minnesota can information must
cil gets its authorit Lake that judicial elections
or Submit your question
. Our member of “Crime ota.” be located at http:// kept private. Whethe
r ef@
our City Charter ments are not
Stoppers of Minnes n. to askthe.policechi
Commission appoint ing s of crimestoppersm or not we are required
City Charter district tisan, consider research Crime Stopper org/site menu. to release the answer

 Page 12
the All by law y one
accounts to topic a bit deeper. not Minnesota offer
The Generall
city attorney. this judges are that information depends a week is posted
court, not the online tip option program also has
a n and
and/or its too often their on the situatio social media sites
What the EDA ed based on randomly assigns the
a can be d on an
members appoint the Rule of mobile app that must be reviewe in the Red Wing
individual board ce to number to a tip so
e Red basis.
do, not do, or adheren l ent individual Republican Eagle.
are allowed to but rather politica original informa
Wing Police Departm
participat- Law, . References:
prohibited from n from affiliation. name is not revealed has a log-in and
ing in needs definitio Deb Roschen The web site states:
our City Council Copyright 2017
honor- Zumbro
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870 Fax: 651-388-3404 Eagle’s editorials
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do not necessarily
ews Director Email: news@rep newspaper. Other spaper.
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Opinions AGRI NEWS • www.agri

First Place: Agri News, Rochester* THURSDAY, FEBRUAR
Y 22, 2018 A9

Minn., Iowa lead
the way on blen
ded fuel
Iowa and Minneso

Second Place: Alexandria Echo Press*
national leaders ta have been
in promoting pumps. The situation
and producing E-85 The most recent is improving.
fuels, which is statistics show that motor fuel sales
understandable Minnesota had on a companywide
because both states 314 stations that or a site-by-site share grants are
have been trailblaz offered E-85 in 2017. basis. available for up
ers in regards to In Iowa, 210 sta- Biofuel infrastru 70 percent of the to tax credit expires
renewable fuels. tions had pumps cture grants con- total project, up on Dec. 31, 2020.
offering the prod- tinue to provide $50,000. to The incentives that
Farmers have made uct. Nationwide, Iowa fuel retailers
big invest- 2,800 pumps offered with an incentiv Iowa-based retailers to Iowa retailers are available
ments in cooperat E-85 blends in 2017 e to install addition that sell more should help boost
ive ethanol pro- in al pumps. - than 200,000 gallons pump availability
cessing plants and
have The Iowa governm 40 states. The Renewable annually can qualifyof motor fuel state.
throughout the
ed financially. Econom been reward- to increase ent is working
Fuels Infra- for a 6 cents a
ic gains have that number through a e Program offers financial gallon tax credit if 21 Meanwhile, Minneso
been shared by
rural communities variety of means. assistance to qualified sales involve biofuels. percent of the stop anywhere from ta drivers can
through good-pay The Ethanol E-15 E-85 or dual Biofuel retail- Ada to Wood-
ing jobs. Promotion Tax and biodiesel retailers ers who sell less than bury to purchas
Owners of flex-fuel Credit cost-sha e E-85.
is available to any re grants to upgradewith annual can qualify 200,000 gallons

Third Place: Morrison County Record, Little Falls*
benefit. In the past, vehicles also to 8 cents
fuel retailer for
up install or for the credit if
The opportunity
to save money,
per gallon new E-85 or dual biofuels make up
wanted to use E-85 consumers who blended into gasolineof pure ethanol infrastructure. E15 biodiesel 17 percent of the help the environm
ent and reduce
have had limited Three-year cost- sales. dependence on
choices because
of a shortage of retailer sells a certain as long as the share grants are The Iowa governo
foreign oil is too
E-85 renewab percentage of available for up a deal to pass up.
le fuels as part of 50 percent of the to
total cost for each percentage if flexibler can adjust the The shortage
their total of pumps selling
project, up to $30,000. registration targets fuel vehicle blended fuel is a
Five-year cost-
there is a shortage aren’t met or if national problem

of biofuels. The and thus must be
addressed by Con-

More talks Dailies under 10,000
First Place: The Journal, New Ulm*

Second Place: Albert Lea Tribune*

4A Friday, November 17, 2017

Our View
will not cut the need
The Minnesota Supreme
Court ruled Thurs-
day on the issue of whether
the governor of
line-item veto power
Third Place: Owatonna People’s Press *
It’s difficult
the state to can use the Canadian Foreign
Affairs Minister Chrystia
improve on Mark on to wipe
Shields’ given to him by the state constituti passed a short-ter
re. m
right, and Mexico’s
Secretary of Economy Freeland talks with U.S. Trade Represe Associated
apt descrip-
operating funds for the Legislatuspending plan that
month in Montrea
l. Ildefonso Guajardo ntative Robert Lighthize Press
tion of today’s
out the Trump the federal Villarreal during trade r,
White House: “It’scan’t believe that this is what boosts outlays pact negotiations
late last

7th round of NAFTA
We like
East Berlin,” observed had inand by $300 billion this
of the state constitution next.

Dailies 10,000 and over
Shields, aframers

negotiations set
the line-item veto. ButThe that
political operativ included Trump
when they e ALACourt N has said, that House thebelieves,White
for Feb. 26-March
and pundit, during Supreme and
is what the many in Congres
a recent interview GUEBERfor Legisla-
T the agree, that much sof this
can cut off funding
6 in Mexico City
“there’s moregovernor
people do what he wants. new debt can be
wanting out thanwhen they don’t
ture paid for
wanting in.” balances by statecuts to federal
in deep
So much for checks and program BY VERONIQUE DE

First Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester*
That was true Feb. 12ent. pally
in abystate
the poor,where thes used princi- RUGY
House released governm afterWe thenowWhitelive elderly and sick. ican business. As
its 2019
“An American Budget: budget
such, it proposes
hand over theto Leg- cut $17
As Last year’s massive Dan Griswold explainscolleague and fiber demand,
governorEfficient holds titled
the upperyear in USDA’s Supplem billion next overhaul lowered tax code
NAFTA, Mexico , “before
and agricultural
U.S. farmers
tive, Accountable.” , Effec- Assistance Program ental Nutrition corporate imposed tariffs firms
ever, few America
Within hours, how- (SNAP)
to and seeks income tax rates
to an internation- on U.S. agricultu
ral and manufac ily on export markets rely heav-
a $213.5 Thursday
ns and striking
few Capitol Hill The—governor hadly the brass billion
SNAP over the nextsaying
cut, or 30 percent,
ally competitive
level for the first tured goods that
were significantly
- prices and revenues to sustain
Republicans — time in decades. higher than U.S. .” Ultimately,
the deficit-riddled
a statemen sawt following the ruling, 10 years.
Similarl U.S.-based busi- tariffs on Mexican the whole economy would
issue plan as efficient y, the White House nesses can now goods. NAFTA A study publishe suffer.
effective or accounta , tocut thatd,this dispute wants compete reduced all duties
tration rightly“... it is ble.The for us all
time adminis -
agree the poor’s principa to their foreign counterp against in all directions d by
Roundtable estimate the Business
anticipated the to health care, working to- l path arts without to zero.” s
antipathy. Shortlyhasafter beenitsconclude budgetd and resume
by $250 billion in the starting from an immedia
te disad-
The main culprit behind fallout from termina that the
president began release, theinterests ofdecade. Minnesota.” vantage, thanks
to Uncle Sam. declining manufac would be a loss
ting NAFTA
a White for best
the meet- If enacted, both ideas turing jobs is of 1.8 million U.S.
ing to promote gether House
his equally dead-on- found that the
and lasting Legis- will have pro- The change should
result in fast-
progress. Even as
manufacturing jobs in the first
together” implies impacts on rural er growth, higher employment has year.

Second Place: Duluth News Tribune*
rival, $1.5 trillion “Working ar- America in wages and declined No friends

infrastructure plan . Current
equal partners jobs. Unfortunately more — nota- to free trade them-

Patriotism, taxes and Tru
that, remarkably areAmerica ly, 16 percent of bly, there was no
, failed and the governor
lature rural
so any-more all
ns, 3 percent , those gains accelera
the trend after NAFTA tion of
selves, Democra
just-released budget’s to note his citythat just, isn’t may be undone
this ts would be all
Department of the affairs 18 percent state,
of cut but dwellers rely on some level than wrong step on trade.year with a mented — real manufacwas imple-
too eager to redirect
Transportation in SNAP for their
monthly food needs.
Take the Trump put has steadily turing out- an economic slowdow blame for
ing. more. spend- That figure tops instead administra- increased. Thanks n resulting
Legislatu re,20 percent in of tion’s recent decision largely to improve from NAFTA withdraw
That’s Washing We suspect that the quarter of rural counties nearly a to impose ments in auto- reform. They will al onto tax
ton, D. C. in the be look-
. tariffs on washing mation, America
truth era; alternat post- take any

ive facts to worky,together,
will ,instead
Likewise 22.5 percent of all solar panels from
machines and
can produce more
n manufacturers they can ” airing
get to re-raise
next week
alternative realitylooking America shift inrural Chinese and and the
today Koch “Saving Capitalism, taxes and
today. counterac t ns —sudden
this and 47 percent South work. with less would be much
The Republicaning for ways to rural children — of
n all By Robertcost B. Reich
Korean manufac
turers. The That’s a goodbthing. r o t h e r s ’ onthemselv Netflix.) likelier to find
bosses to passrely legislatio for the American
and Senate Ag Commit ofperhaps the House by refusing
health care. on Medicai d for to consumers could And thanks to tax r o u p s , All of this esiswith
the political
power, tees quickly That number level where buying rise to a ican manufacturers
g reform, Amer- power to do so with a weakeni
rejected the presiden states that is higher in
tion. Trump/Rep a washer ubli-
businesses are now and other
A m e r i c a n s economy.
plan adminstra adopted Medicai jobs dependng
t’s spendingthe state the Donald isn’t economy on in-
for the USDA. “This funding under Obamac d expansionSellingworth
play the price. News for an More and duringbetterthe next
noted in a joint budget,” they item a power
veto was are. Also, rural hospital cans tax plan mention be
shouldsimilar awkward reports tive internationally
for Prosperity
competi- Theredemand forin goods and election.

Third Place: The Free Press, Mankato *
news Dayton’s line receive, on average, has made measure
patriotism s being . There’s
and Freedom creasing are areas which
not prevent us from release “…will bend income
the Legislatu re to20his
percentwill. of all administrat ion thaton
imposed aluminu m and steel
less incentive to
much NAFTA
This must could
come be from
the middle class
doing (our)to from Medicaid, theme. That’s because patriot- economic richd.spend a far
to write “a Farm intended job” tors ruling leaves25the
receive nearly
Legis-rural doc- its centralimports. activity offshore Partners.
solely T htax
Griswold because dthe
poor, identifie
Bill for the benefit Court’s percent of theirism isn’t mostly Yet noabout saluting the flag reasons. But ramping for
e y ’ r e and comment to the
several inincome.
after-tax a
of farmers, ranchers The Supreme payments from thumb. matter how costly
the national anthem. up doing thisc smaller share of their
Office of thepoor
other stakeholders.” , consume rs, and tely, undercuts his Medicaid. and standing protectioduring nist movesshare
these protectionism would not economi TradeYet Represen class and U.S. have
lature, unfortuna Budget or no fair are, their of the undermi
out of love ne of
the middle tative, such as Partly as
In short, “Thanks
, Mr. President, Americans — who budget cuts, rural It’s about effectstaking pale ina compari
son with
these gains and
harm the e r i c a . “protect steadily ing lostdatapurchasing power.
transfers, barring
we’re playing through but and sicker are older, poorer, burden what of keeping the impactAmerica going. Many U.S. manufac A meconomy . the forced low share of the na-
.” than urban America giveswould
American be ifcor- we Robert turers T h e havey ’ r e adding localization
a result, a relatively of servers,is em-

The brief — did ns — But withdrew
the tax plan global supply

it will continue to from thebreak
North chains, meaning additional disciplin e population
— life of the adminislast even a day? doing it out of tion’s working-ag

Town alk
need food assistan at Ameri-

cana Free a time Reich es
tration’s and healthcare. ce porations Tradetax
$2 trillion Agreeme they import materials and other of against the abuse
today, and the wages of the
however, showcas plan did, ment If the federal govern- negotiat record nt.
profits and
With inputs, even if thePOST BULLETIN •  love ployed of antidum ping in the
e how eyeball-d cuts its current when they’re ions dragging
on and final product duties, and further
worker have been stuck
in budget hypocris eep responsibilities, theunpreceden amounts of cash might then be exportedmoney. typical m  Thurs liberaliz
day, May 24,
who will step up threat of ated U.S. services ing2018  A7
y Congress and to meet the still-pres stashing withdraw al
it gives .they
Raisinggot so time mud. trade, including U.S. mari-
White House now the ent need? - in offshore from the shelters.ld And
tax24-year-o the prices think tax plan will make
lessly about tomorro Both talk end- Presiden pact looming
trillions, How do ofyou these goods with tar- shipping
The Republican and Mexican oil the middle
Before Congres t Trumpcitizens
wealthiest iffs makes it harder
first place? by burdening and
and coming despair w’s deficits, debt
America’s will soon have in the for U.S.-based has gasalldrilling.

What is the utility’s
s cuts one cent to decide whether 1 percent now wealthy businesses to of this worse

and both nod, wink one program to fund corporat from more, when the richest placatin the nation’s wealth
and spend like there’s e or populist the g his
nation’s As more of compete . The
and the gpoor even more.
seventh round
EDITOR: JAY FURST, tax cuts and, yes, even per- a record base
38.6 percent of
is worth the cost a shifted to the Likewise , Canada over
top and Mexico the past three
the NAFTA of Con-
no tomorrow. farm pro- hold undermining of analyses,
A slewrenegoti
For example, if grams, everyFURST@PO STBULLETI 33.7 percentof are our top tradingbeneficiarie
major partners. Ifs have26 togress’ ations, Feb.

Energy Acquisition
adopted, Trump’s rural America N.COM wealth, up from
totalplishmen his signatur e accom- decades, March 6, Joint Committee on Taxation,
2019 budget would simple, straightf n needs a they were to of own the last
deliver a $984-billi
federal deficit (2017’s OUR on simple, straightf orward answer to that decade
ago. t to date, tax reform, asen- poured
well as his Republican s give for some increaseit into politics
iffs on U.S.-man cuts, special
— buyingschedule
foreign tar- showd,that could GOPcurrentl
the still plan willy raise taxes
was $666VIEW orward question reason record on the tax ufactured goods subsidies,if they’re be producti
s families. ve
while adding $7 billion) TheAmong economy focused

on my bill?
Boxes of governm . e” trickle- . themselves
absent a free — t, on many middle-clas
on expandin
trillion to the national the planthe is working
ent-mandated “supply-sid class, trade pact or enforcemen
antitrust the gains will cutsg in govern-
debt in the coming acting lenient as retal- in- also require
extended removinIt of
NAFTA and free reason is iation bailouts, liberaliz
decade. (The Obama “shelf stable” food from a less-than trade
The real for new tariffs rules, ation by lower-
cy: ‘The importance
administration, down nonsense. in gener- bankruptcy imposed by that middle and
handed a financia svelte USDA boss al often take the mega-donors.
blame for the
Trump — that would and other mentg even
programs more barriers to on, such as
meltdown and a l and a Diet Coke to the GOP’s property significantly
protection, tradeincome
and preventi depend
ing president — gulp- payback decadesl s are harm tellectual Americans
of working togeth
global recession, who both, incident ongleading
decline Republican
in manufac- U.S. exporter s. wealth. ng governments
$7.9 trillion to the added enjoy governm ally, Even some
turing Gary laws that add to their
Agricult from Medicare
picking winners and Medicaid.
nation’s debt.)hen Trump ure
ent-sponsored fuel supply starting admit Last week,
this. successf ully is one
have sector
given them more But if theAnd andalmost
losers.certainly ex-
As noted here last it comes care
toCity of
— power and health rode this would All which
ofhit that the plan
presiden will
equally drunk on week, Editor’s
Congres Note:
s is
The isn’t geted
any camera-shy
answer to anybutques-
the deeply or Cohn,
monthinfluen- public
Trump’s lead angst
over glo- adviser, be especiall
get additional y hard
legal bychanges that
on fulfilling
t were to insist
debt, eventually caus-
t, what sets costs
tion. either balizatio clout toting
most termina hisnational
its GOP-led majority Last
NewDecembeUlm presents
Rochester a weekly forleader
tial of that effort ndIGITaL
into office,
an interview OPINIONs
but he“the
that : Pro NAFTA.
wealthAeven reportmore. plode the threat to withdraw
s and poor families
passedofa the
r, apart It from
g activi- the
however year. If
decades. the actual rate foris three reconcile
conceded in
must and
by Daren
enlarge their
Bakst of ago,
from NAFTA ing many middle-clas
lion tax cut on nothing column highlightin
$1.4-tril- cheap political
, a cynical He’s wayratebeen
to scorea key player
included in
economi groupcon out columns rhetoric
there are big
and with
cartoons on The the estate tax was
Heritage significa
, it would do auto loans,
on their
moreOK, Mayo Clinic,department
different s higher justthan
points about the
every economic excited c reality if he hopes Foundat ion years
Forty consider the to nt
according totarnish
higher interest
payeconomi c harm and
discredited economi ties than but what else?
intereste if you’re more
rates thereinitiative
maintain our tax President
plan.” Trump’s to s Canada
estates, credit cards.
week before Presidenc dogma.
answer: Organizatio
governmen Once
t. ns d in winning
in theduring that time,
published from about a strong economy withdrawa
admitted and Mexico
l paid by 139,000
criticalPolicy his signatur
mortgages ande accompl
in theThen,
Rochester city a solving such as
Minnesota than the launch
adjustment of Chris
Rep. from Collins (R-N.Y.)worth
aboutthe Iran cultural Tax for U.S. agri- By 2000,
Center. ment. I don’t care whetherish- the top execu-
t Trump Area Economic
city will answer
offered the nation’s
a positive Biobusiness
beproblem Center onare nuclearsaying,
Twitter. deal. Departm trade and
nonpartisan quotes the year it will
his now-zombie
budget,ment a monthInc., and and bill. If s.the
the business actual en-
incubators thatFar “myfrom donors basically paid by 52,000. ThisU.S. s, Wall Street
questions s fromGuebert
such readers.
Gary on revolving
in Delavan, to creating harming ever ncall menomic
America it wasent of Agriculture’s the tives of big corporation
Ulm city ergy
Ill. is investment
rate lower than thefunds
loan manufac
‘Get andit turingON saTurda
done or don’t
and othery:indus- Las Vegas be Research paid by just 5,500 estates. de Rugyand is a heirs
to vast fortunes salute
RAEDI on New
has been winning voter approval of thetries, producti
it will“Withbe eliminated al- moguls
the fellow at the Mercatus senior research
stand for the national an-
ic developmen
the city’s econom- rate included
be sent to com- in the
sales tax that has paid
published city NAFTA
again.’” casino hasmogul
benefitedandAmer-key GOPgrowing
(R-S.C.) House vitytaxofplan,
U.S. agriculture the flag andCenter
issues cant promoter for 33 years,rates willthebe a negativefor countless Lindsey
Sen. financial Graham
faster Mason University at George
and Smith has been .us. thereover
projects backer is doing s
s fail to pass together. than domestic food more for them. , and a columnist the advantages of
29 of ments@ci.n the top dog
them, since 1989. If you for adjustment His workon the years.
bill. warned that if Republican Why do Americans pay Creators Syndicate But .they enjoy all for
on the city sales thetax everything
he can to block
“the financial contribution than the citizens of couldn’t have
imagine Rochester in extension
With theinEAA
thatdyear, when then-Roches 2011, factor,
along with tax
reform, pharmaceuticals being American. Most
By Kris Manderfel
the Centerplace collect enough will stop.” online gambling and sports advanced economy? Be- gotten to where they are in any other
Galleria had just Utility can ter Area Chamber of view the every other
Assistant Finance Director
and downtown Commerce
was taking on revenue pay the supplier
to President John Wade, Republican betting.mega-donors invest- cause Big Pharma has altered the laws
Utilities other for in- country.
its current
New Ulm Public
look, it puts Smith’s lon-
was an exercise and
ofthattheledenergy fuel re-genius
in backroom tax payback as they do any Trump and in its favor. Why do we pay more They have a patriotic duty
to take on
gevity and the impact
of RAEDI in to 17 area cities PUC ment.
Currently, the receiving $5 When
they bankrolled
and Smith than most other nations? a fair share of the burden of keeping
There is a lot of informa- isIt
million for economic
“helpeda usgood return.the ternet service
all realize can pay- and his en-
As of June bill that calculating
was a win-win
the EAA developmen
annu- the t. GOP, they expected
importance of working togethers are Big cable’s political clout. Why rob- America going. And Trumppatriotic re-
tion on 4,theSmithutility
will turn for the city and the Theachieve
is ap- biggestour likely beneficiarie to get away with payday a
the page and turn over inthethe mail. region,
ally andand adjustment
thethat’s the formula goals.”
anisadditional $43 mil- day lenders heft of big banks. ablers in Congress have
Ryan you receive
Nolander, who has
reins to has aimed
plied to thefor monthly
with RAEDI.
utilitySmith Rochester
busily investing in the midst of bery? The political to make them.
of a strik- across the sponsibility
directed members U.S. Secre-
Robert Reich, a former
AlbertSome of it is pretty
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Got a comment? Send it
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(651)-296-8138, e-mail: West timesBank, and and retired leadership
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EDITOR MN (651) 201-3400, Rather par- with renewed vigor.
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Charen is a Senior Fellow
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In reality, Parks of sexual
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The time is always now except for one outlet
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interview: “Just pretendingbest in a 2007
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Next check-up, I’ll take again. It is a necessary controls all movement Trudy Rubin is a columnist
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Next Inquirer.
and let the children play time, I’ll say less without the artificial
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go to, but on this earth,
art, we change the design with time. Like right here. The time
always now. is
even the brand and it and routine and
breaks up the system Laura Rice

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2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest

General Reporting

A tough competition. Lots of great local journalism!”

Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: Jordan Independent
The reporting of this organization is constantly complete and answers all
questions while remaining interesting and engaging. A true example of
what good local journalism is!

Second Place: Monticello Times
Great coverage, great variety. A job well done to this staff that covers its
community so thoroughly.

Third Place: St. Peter Herald
A job well done! I can tell the reporting staff of this newspaper has a lot
of questions and takes pride in answering them for their coverage area.
The content is engaging.

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Wadena Pioneer Journal
Well-rounded coverage from the Wadena Pioneer. It’s clear the publica-
tion has an eye on its community. Content is thorough and cuts to the
point. Keep on fighting the good fight!

Second Place: Cottonwood County Citizen, Windom
The attention to detail in this news coverage is obvious. The staff goes
above and beyond to make sure the reader is informed.

Third Place: Steele County Times, Blooming Prairie
The coverage with the Blooming Prairie Steele County Times is impres-
sive and thorough. The staff covers a wide variety of topics and clearly
works to go above and beyond.

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Shakopee Valley News
Captivating leads for enterprising articles on difficult topics. Most impor-
tantly, reporting portrays the human side of complex and controversial

Second Place: Savage Pacer
Difficult subjects explained in easy-to-understand manner. Solid focus on
topics that impact readers. Also, strong human-interest reporting.

Third Place: Waconia Patriot
Interesting looks at topics quite relevant to community. Strong political
coverage as well. All around, articles offer high level of service to readers.

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2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest
Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Alexandria Echo Press*

Second Place: Agri News, Rochester*

Third Place: The Journal, Minneapolis*

Dailies under 10,000
First Place: Albert Lea Tribune
Great all-local front pages with solid news coverage of your area.

Second Place: Hibbing Daily Tribune
I loved the Daily Tribune’s ability to take hum-drum topics and making
them interesting with creative ledes.

Third Place: Owatonna People’s Press
Good combination of hard news and features.

Dailies 10,000 and over
First Place: Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
Excellent and compelling use of covers, alternative story-telling and

Second Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester
Great features, especially taking national issues and giving them a local

Third Place: The Free Press, Mankato
Solid, meaty local news coverage in every edition.

*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
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2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest

Sports Reporting

Overall, it is very impressive to see the amount of content that these community papers are
getting into print. Sports departments that entered submissions to this contest work incred-
ibly hard! The volume and variety of sports content in these sections is commendable.”

Weeklies up to 1,500
Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Pride Sports Page 6
First Place: Minneota Mascot
On The
Byron Higgins’ writing both in his column and game coverage is imbued
Byron Higgin with personality and an eye towards the drama of sports. Quotes and
‘We’ve got a lot
of work to do’
storytelling are strong throughout, and the photos help tell the story.
—Austin Buysse
It wasn’t supposed to happen that
The Minneota Mudhens built a nice
and a
all pointing to the Section 9C Playoffs

Second Place: Jackson County Pilot
potential spot in the state tournament.
with a lot
Saturday arrived as a beautiful day
of optimism.
But hopes and dreams are easily
And when they needed that stout
that’s served them well all year, disaster

A wealth of stories paired with strong photos helped elevate this entry.
and the dreams were shattered once
has thrown
The Mudhens’ 3-2 loss to Clinton
and they
the local nine into the loser’s bracket
in Rosen.
will play Rosen at 4 p.m. Saturday
it’s a long climb. They have to win four
to climb into a Hennen walked and
games in the next two weekends singled, went to second when Danny
to state. in the second inning when Henry Pesch who homered in the first
It was a heartbreak for the Mudhens sacker Keane Turner. It was Turner
can earn their way

Reporters captured moments big and small that helped enrich many of
spot where they
it, but was tagged out by Clinton third

Heartbreak, again, for Hens
After the loss to Clinton, Austin Buysse tried to steal third. He nearly made Photo by Byron Higgin.
“We’ve got a lot of work to do.” ninth to shut down the Mudhens. Staff
It was said with “depression” in his
voice, inning and he came to the hill in the
yet, it meant, we still have a chance.
in the loser’s
got to get back up and take a run
be easy.
He and his teammates know it won’t

the stories.
of Mudhens
But there is “no quit” in this bunch
and they will be getting their emotions
check and back up for the long drive.
By Byron Higgin
Certainly, the Mudhens have the
pitching to Mascot Sports Editor
the power, if
get the job done — and they have
only it surfaces. For the third straight year, the Minneota
Mudhens suffered a one-run heartbreaking
put too much
This bunch of Mudhens have
and I know 9C Play-
time, effort and care into this season loss in the first round of the Section
they won’t give it up without a struggle. it’s not offs.
It’s been a great season so far — But Danny Hennen did just about
thing in his power to help his Minneota
over yet.
only to
Sometimes shattered dreams occur
hens win their opening game.

Third Place: St. Peter Herald
lead to greater things.
We’ll just have to wait and see if
that’s the Despite pitching over seven solid innings,
to left field, Hen-
case. and a fifth inning home run
First round scores were: nen couldn’t keep his teammates from
Cards on
Ortonville 2, Madison 1 ping a 3-2 nail-biter to the Clinton
Chokio 6, Dumont 1 Saturday.
He and Adam Durfee provided the only

A good variety of sports represented, with engaging story coverage. The
Clinton 3, Minneota 2
Morris 10, Rosen 2 runs — both solo home runs.
Second round scores were: And Hennen struck out three and gave Mudhens
Chokio 12, Ortonville 2
just five hits on the mound — one a solo
hom- hitting a home run was Danny Hennen.
Getting congratulations at home after Beau Busse and Tyson Sonnenburg.
him were: (left to right) Noah Scott,
Morris 10, Clinton 3
er to Keane Turner.
them congratulatingByron Higgin.
Here’s Saturday’s lineup: "Mostly I threw fastballs, moving Photo by
them off Staff

writers clearly have a good grasp on the local sports scene. Could have
around, in and out, trying to keep
balance," Hennen said.
get- there because he helps the team,” Sonnenburg mont 1.
But in the seventh he sensed, "I was Sunday, Chokio defeated Ortonville,
Winner’s Bracket at Rosen ting tired," and his pitches began to
rise. He said. On
Drag- 12-2 and Morris topped Clinton,
walked two batters before giving way
to Jake Although Sonnenburg was watching The Mudhens will now be off until they
Chokio Leighton on the mound. er closely for signs of weakness, he never at 4 p.m. next Saturday in the
years any — and the test was the bone-crushing Rosen at Rosen

done with more athlete quotes.
11 a.m. Saturday As for his home run, "It's been two loser's bracket. Madison will play Dumont
added, play at home plate.
since I hit a home run," he smiled. He an earlier game at 1:30 p.m.
Morris "Durfee had a great hit (the home run),
too." But also in that inning, an error allowed If Minneota beats Rosen, they will play
be- the winning run to score. Clinton scored the
"The guys were playing good defense error, tonville at 2:30 p.m. Sunday in Rosen.
Loser’s Bracket at Rosen hind me," Hennen added. go-ahead run without a hit, using the on the year.
— sacrifice, a walk and two stolen bases to get Minneota is now 13-11Beau
Clinton They had spectacular plays in the field Buysse, 2b 4-0-0-0;
right the job done. (AB-R-H-RBI)
like the pick-off at second by Leighton
MINNEOTA lf 4-0-0-0;
Sonnenburg, cf 4-0-0-0; Jake Leighton,
Friday, Jan. 19, 2018 any- Tyson
Sunday, after he got on the mound. They
got Sam In the ninth, Minneota couldn't get Adam Durfee, ss 4-1-2-1; Austin
Buysse, dh 4-0-0-0; Jesse
Austin Drager, c 0-0-0-0; Preston Nuy, 3b 3-0-0-0; Henry Pesch,
Aug. 5, Noon Adelman in a hot box and tagged him
out. thing going, despite the "limpy" Jordan Beck, 1b
Madison rf-lf 3-0-1-0; Danny Hennen, p-1b2-1-1-1;
And in the ninth Clinton was threatening Buysse's efforts.
Brock Buysse, rf 0-0-0-0. Totals

to 2-0-1-0;
1:30 p.m. Saturday a shot to With a bad leg, he dove into first trying
c 3-1-1-0; Josh
to score again but Beau Buysse threw
CLINTON (AB-R-H-RBI) Zack Adelman,
3b-p 4-1-1-1; Lukas Adel-

Delano takes do on drought ends;
as keep the game alive. Haag, c 0-0-0-0; Keane Tuerner,
Dumont catcher Jesse Drager, who stood his ground as I man, ss 5-0-1-0; Chris Karsky, 1b 5-0-0-0; Mike Adelman,
Zak Adelman rammed him over. Drager
held "I just wanted to help the team as much Sam Adelman, lf-3b 1-0-

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
dh 4-0-1-0; Nate Bauer, rf 0-0-0-0; 4-0-0-0;
Adelman can," he said, rubbing his leg. Ryan Toelle, p-lf
onto the ball and Adelman was out.
0-0; Ryan Stotesbery, 2b 2-0-1-0;
added, Matt Taffe, cf 3-1-1-0. Totals: 31-3-5-1.
had to leave the game and Drager,
though He called the loss, "Frustrating," and

wn Waconia on
Ortonville "Three years we've lost by one run in
the first Score by Innings
100 000 101 — 3 5 0
shaken up, remained in the game. Clinton
And we had it Minneota 010 010 000 — 2 5 3
"He came at me very hard and barreled game. It's getting sickening. play nine solid

the mat
LOB-Minneota 3; Clin-
MATT KANE Sunday, to shake right there. We've just got to E-Durfee, Beau Buysse, P. Nuy.
right into me," said Drager as he tried
; L. Adelman, Taffe. SAC-
Sports Editor Aug. 5, 2:30 ton 10. SB-Clinton: Z. Adelman Durfee, Hen-
beat- innings," he said.
off the repercussions of the tumultuous
S. Adelman. HR-Minneota:
Clinton: Turner,
fire nen; Clinton: Turner.
He thought the play by Drager would

First Place: Delano Herald Journal
— When Waconia
en- ing he took at home plate. IP R ER H BB K
tered the old4 p.m. Saturday hyper- up the team in the ninth — but they just Minneota
gymnasi um at Delano Drager wasn’t expected to play after
High School Jan. last couldn't get anything going against Clinton Hennen 5 5 3
extending his arm during a work accident
7.1 2 2
were ridingMinneota
11, the Wildcats 1.2 1 0 0 2 1
field and closer Keane Turner. Leighton (L)
a seven-season unde- week. But little keeps him off the 2; Clinton
feated streak against
Manager Tyson Sonnenburg inserted
him In other games it was Morris 8, Rosen 8 2 2 5 2 2
Delano in dual Ryan Toelle (W)
6, Du- Turner (S) 0 1
Ortonville 2, Madison 1 and Chokio

on falls apart
meets. When the Wildcats 1 0 0
into the lineup. HP-Z. Adelman (by Hennen). PB-Drager.

Strong first game, then Junior Legi The tennis team rebuilding feature was such a frank and honest look
exited lat- to have him in
er that night, that
run had ended and “The guys all felt it was better
the start of a run
by the Tigers had
potentially begun.
Delano thrilled the
with an edge-of-your home crowd Tate Walerius, cf-rf-c 3-0-0-0; Ben
Skorczewski, ss 2-0-0-0;
32-27 victory over seat, walk-off in the seventh when Sanow Braeden Panka, lf-3b-1b 3-1-1-1; Cole Sanow, p-3b 2-2-1-0;

inside a team in transition. Strong writing throughout.
the Tigers’ first victory By Byron
Waconia. It was Higgin came up with his dust- Cooper VanOverbeke, dh 3-0-1-1; Josh Schuelke, 2b 0-0-0-0;
rf 3-0-1-0; Trey
Moorse, 1b-p 2-0-0-1; Kaden Culver,
cats since Feb. 4, 2010, over the Wild-
Sports Editor diving catch and accurate Grady lf 0-1-0-0. Totals 21-5-
Mascot Gronke, 3b 1-0-0-0; Jackson Esping,
throw to preserve the game 4-3.
of Joe Hessing, Miles when the likes Vultures started for Minneota. MADISON: 4 hits.
The Minneota Hammer Jr. Legion
lundwith a nice 5-2 win
"Carter throws strikes Score
and Derek Butcher by Innings:
led theplayoffs
Sub-State 001 100 0 — 2 4 1
a 40-30 win.the over Madison, which
Tigers had to already eliminat- and I told him he was fac- Madison
020 120 x — 5 51
C. Schuelke,
“It just seems nice to beatBut
ed Cottonwood. Sunday they fell 7-1 to ing the eight and nine hit- Skorczewski, LOB-Minneota: 3; Madison 6. SB-Minneota:
Sanow 3, Esping. 2B-Minneota: Panka.
One of the dads RCW/MACCRAY, and
them. in the loser’s bracket ters. But he gave up a hit Pitching IP R ER H BB K
walked upMadison,
told us the last lost 10 to 8 to
to us andending their season.
of a mess and walk to them and got Minneota 4 2 2 2 3 7
the next three," Coach Sanow
The Delano didwas thissomewhat (W) 0 3
was when we were Falls dropped out just be- Moorse
2 0 0 1
in Granite
fourth grade,” Pesch chuckled. 1 1 0
said Tigers’ because of the tournament. Schuelke (S)
1 0 0

Sanow got the win and
fore the start

Second Place: Morris - Stevens County Times
whose win in the heavywe Hajas,
ight match are finished Schuelke the save. Sunday, July 29
team win. “It was Vultures the Junior
gave Delano theThe Minneota Legion
the younger version, Braeden Panka's dou- RCW/MACCRAY 7, Minneota 1
great to beat them for the year, but a (combination
tonight.” ble in the second keyed “We lost to RCW/MACCRAY
Legion Vultures were just getting we were just
rally in which Minneota team), 7-1. It wasn’t a bad game,
Based on theAmerican respect given
on Saturday — or so they hoped!
to both
started scored two runs. Cooper over matched,” said Coach J.D. Pesch.
teams in the Dec.
22 ranking
opened(the thelat-Junior Legion Sub-State and gave
est at the time of They VanOverbeke's single in the Grady Moorse pitched four innings

Turning around and writing a feature on the experience of the family
the dual), the meet-
Tournament with a 5-2 win over Madison.
ing between the
Tigers and has never played third base be- fourth knocked in the third up five runs. and
cats was supposed"Cole Sanow on Cole Sanow (center) Min- “They had good pitching, solid hitting
Minneota catcher Tate Walerius leaped base in the first game run and in the fifth
Minneota Coach J.D. Pesch. on
smiling manufactured three fielding. By Sunday we were running short
Waconia comingfore," bea epic,
tosaid with him after a great play at third and neota
in as
But Sanow dove for the ball heading down the to congratulate
the favorite. greeted him (left) single hit, a coach added.
A combined eight got up and threw against Madison. Cooper VanOverbeke runs using a pitchers,” the
ranked in the topthird base wrestlers were then
line, sprawled,
Carter Schuelke was joining the mix (right).
Photo for the Mascot Texas-leaguer to left by Madison 10, Minneota 8
runner out to end the game. the loser’s brack-
tive weight class the Madison came back through
10 of their Kaden Culver, three walks

members in the stands for the big game was brilliant. The variety of
in"That a great play. We know he has a good by Sue Jacobson.
them wearing WaconiaPesch AA, six of and an error by Madison. et to face the Vultures once again.
said. ” said the
arm," singlets
But when his time had come, Grady
Moorse The rest was done on the mound
for Min- “It was a wild one and we lost, 10-8,
two wearing the black Sanow started on the mound for Minneota,
and fanned striking out 10 coach.
and orange at Marshall, gave up a hit and a walk with Sanow and Moorse
fresh off a weekend of football camp relieved, neota,
Delano. of on the
hitters between them. Both teams had inexperienced pitchers
Waconia was ranked "That went well," he said. He went four innings, three. Junior Legion/Page 7
Tyson Peitz ranked gaveNo.
up both8,runs, withwalked three, struck out sev- Carter Schuelke came on in the seventh. Schuelke, c-p 2-1-0-0;
two out

sporting activities shown in this submission shows an open mind.
But he was in trouble with two on and
pounds, Tim Stapleton 9 at 106 two hits.
en and only allowed
at 145 pounds, Tyler ranked No. 3
Wagener ranked
No. 1 at 152 pounds,
ranked No. 1 at
Hawkins ranked No.
Cade Mueller
160 pounds, Jake A pin to win
7 at 220 pounds, The Delano crowd goes
and Bennet Weber
ranked No. 10 at Delano High School. wild in the backgro
heavyweight. is seven seasons. The pin-fall victory und after Steven Hajas finished
decided the outcom off Waconia’s Bennet
Delano entered ranked e of the WCC dual, Weber in the heavyw
giving the Tigers
Tanner Kroells ranked No. 9, with a 32-27 win. It was eight match Tuesday night at
No. 3 at 132 Delano’s first win
pounds, and Hajas over Waconia
ranked No. 2 at

Third Place: Waseca County News
220 pounds.
A win over a higher-ra
something that should nked team is
confidence for the give the Tigers points in the heavywe
rest of the season. Edward Hajas pinned match.
“I think it is a confi
question. I think our dence boost, no at 3:04 of the 195-pou Sam Nagel
nd match. Ste-

Little touches, like the ‘Find the Action’ segment, and including mug
guys understand ven Hajas pinned
that we’re a very Luke
are right there at that team and we seconds into the 220-pou Vanske 57
ano coach Jeff Olson.
level,” said Del- Delano’s early, 12-0, nd match.
going forward for “The big thing with two forfeit victories lead began
consistent - and to
us is to do try to be and 113-pound matches. in the 106-
perform at or very Little Falls put three

shots of key players helped elevate this section above the others.
close to our best every points on the
match.” board with Kole Kern’s
Each of the ranked 6-3 decision
their respective matches, wrestlers won over Delano’s Clete
one. That one wrestler except for 120-pound match, Scherer in the
and, then, tech-
who was pinned by was Weber, Jacob McDonald nical-fall wins by
Hajas came up with and Edward
Hajas Reier Sjomeling
the heavyweight match at 2:46 of two huge wins
(126) and Tanner
Kroells (138),
the deciding bout. in what was late in Tuesday’s dual wrapped around a Little Falls
Waconia. At left: meet against at 132 pounds, made forfeit
“In my mind, I was McDona ld ties it 28-3.
to (Foley’s Mitch) thinking back up Jackson Boberg Both technical falls
Trigg, thinking a 11-5 decision en route to 15-0. Sjomeling’s were scored
‘Trigg was number at
Above: Hajas secures182 pounds.
one and you beat came over Trent
him, so you’ve got Krupke. Kroells’
this,’” said Steven three near- came over Simon
Hajas of his thinking fall points over Pantzke.
a bloodied Bram

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
heading into the Fitzsimonds en route At 160 pounds, Camden
deciding match. “When to a 6-1 win Tschudi
there and saw how I went out in the 195-pound pitched in four team
slow (Weber) was The work of the match. points for the Ti-
at reacting, I knew three Tigers, in- Mueller PHOTO BY MATT KANE gers with a 13-0 major
I had cluding Baker, who at 5:49 of the 120-pou — meaning that decision over
Hajas is Delano’s it.” preceded the match gave
Delano a 10-4 lead, nd derdog and/or behindyou are an un-
if Francis Houdek.
but, realizing the 220-pounder, heavyweight match lessened and
the need the Tigers did in
not trail again un- critical to the team that a match, it’s Thursday, 32,
meet might be from Hajas. WACONIA 27
on the line when til Wagener’s win you stay off Delano Jan. 11
the heavyweights Waconia led 24-20

First Place: Anoka County Union Herald
your back and limit
stepped to the mat, through 10 Waconia a 20-17 over Lynch gave the points earned 106: High School
a weight class to take
he was moved up matches. Delano’s Jacob
on the weight of closed the gap to one point
McDonald Delano’s Camden
lead. in that loss,” Olson B
explained. “And, SECTION Tyson Peitz (WACO)
(MD 8-0). 113: Clete over Tyson
Scherer (DELA) over
Kroells (DELA)
the meet’s outcome (24-23) 20-20, with a 4-0 Tschudi tied it, then, the second part of it Wagener (WACO)
(MD 8-0). 120: Reier Joshua
. with an 11-5 decision decision over Nich- ing it, which we’ve is practic- (DELA)
Gage Mueller (WACO) Sjomeling
over Jackson olas Rogers devoted more 126: Maxover
match. practice time to. And then the final (DELA) (MD 13-4). 132:
“Ole (coach Jeff Olson) (Fall 5:49).
when my brother told us that, Boberg in the 182-pound match, in the 160-pound McEnelly (WACO)
over Leo Vanderlind
(Edward Hajas) Edward Hajas’ 6-1 decision and Cade Mueller’s major decision Carson Tschudi (DELA) e
finished wrestlin
part is that perform James Burroughs over
g and depending Bram Fitzsimonds in

A good mix of solid game coverage and features. The lede for the Jouppi
over McCune quickly over ance in matches, Kroells (WACO) (MD 13-3).
138: Tanner
on the outcome the 195-pound back to Waconia turned the score and getting our guys to carry it out (DELA) over Mitchell
7-4). 145: Timothy Garnatz (WACO) (Dec
of his match, that match gave the Tigers ’s favor, 24-20. live matches.” in ardo Stapleton (WACO)
would determine who a 26-24. In between Morra (DELA) (Fall
over Edo-
we would send With sparse varsity the wins by Sjomeling Delano (WACO) over Hayden 152: Tyler Wagener
out. When he won
his match and we Delano sophomore Matt experience, and Tschudi, Delano received 44, Little Falls 30 Camden Tschudi
Lynch (DELA) (Fall
(DELA) over Nicholas
0:59). 160:
out Baker to face fingered by coach Jeff
were ahead, he sent Baker was to-back wins back- DELAN O — There was (WACO) (Dec 4-0). Rogers
Olson to wres- and Tanner from Carson Tschudi down from Delano no let- Eli McCune (DELA)170: 2017
Cade Mueller
Hawkins,” Steven Friday,
(MD 16-7). 182: Jacob
Hajas explained. tle the 220-pound match

feature was spot-on. Combined with the volume and variety of sports
“Baker put up a great
topping Waconia
one night after ald (DELA) over Jackson Boberg McDon-
fight; I think a 13-3 major seven seasons. for the first time in (WACO) (Dec 6-1).
against the Carson Tschudi won 195: Edward Hajas (WACO) (Dec 11-5).
www.abcnewsp he
highly-ra| 763-421-4444
nked Hawkins. (DELA) over Bram
could have had him. Fitzsimonds

Cardinals cruise past Park Center
For Waconia’s other decision over James The Tigers returned 220: Jake Hawkins
on Baker’s arm bar
We need to work Burroughs at 132 their Matt Baker (DELA) (WACO)
(Dec 4-2). 285: Steven over
finishes.” tlers, Pietz defeated ranked wres- pounds, and home mat to (DELA)
Tyson Kroells by 4 decision Tanner Kroells won a 7- the big Wright Jan. 12, and followed
over Bennett Weber Hajas
Baker lost a 4-2 decision (WACO) (Fall 2:46).
, but more an 8-0 major decision at 106 over Mitchell Gamatz County
at win over the Wildcats Conference DELANO 44, LITTLE FALLS 30
the match, riding to start the meet; Stapleton pounds 138 pounds.
than held his own in
with Friday, Jan.

coverage, the Union Herald just had the edge.
Hawkins for most non-conference win a 44-30 Delano 12

Huskies ride
of the Edoardo The type of High School
Both of Baker’s points third period. 145-pou Morra 45 seconds into the over Waconia win Delano picked up over Little Falls. 106:
nd match; Wagener
Against the Flyers, Tyson
were awarded comes about because
out to a 28-3 lead the Tigers ran Aiden QuastKroells (DELA) over (LIFA)
for stalling by Hawkins pinned of a team-style through the first Kern (LIFA) over Cleteover
(DELA) (LIFA) (For.) 120:
(For.) 113:
, who was Hayden Lynch 59 seconds
quick strikes
of wrestling from six Scherer (DELA) (Dec Kole
clearly in survival 152-pound match; into the each individual. matches. Little Falls 126:
andSlack did make it (LIFA) Reier
mode. 6-3)
Mueller won stressed in This style has Sjomeling (DELA)
Losing by just a decision Patrick the Tigers’ wrestlin been a one-match meet again, whittling over (LIFA) (TF 15-0 0:00) 132: over Trent Krupke
, which is a 16-7 decision over g room the deficit down
Carson Tschudi (DELA)

once again
worth three points,
put 170 pounds. Staff Writer
Eli McCune at all season.
to five points, 32-27, Simon Pantzke (LIFA) Tanner
(For.) 138:
Kroells (DELA)
hind by just one point, the Tigers be- “Even guys after 11 matches, Nagel (LIFA) over (TF 15-0 0:00) 145: over
The Peitz win gave was that took losses wres- but (DELA)
ing any win by Hajas 27-26, mean- 4-0 Last week, ait tled
the Wildcats well. It’s been a big by the Hajas brothers pin fall wins (LIFA) over Hayden Lynch(For.) 152: Simon Bryce
the team win. was good for lead. An 8-0 major busting
about decision the streak. emphasi s for Steven , Edward and Camden Tschudi (DELA) (DELA) (Fall 2:48) 160:
by us as a team this year, in over Francis Houdek
Clete Scherer over trying to get matches, the 195- and 220-pound Eli McCune
(LIFA) (MD 13-0) 170:
Patrick Slack Joshua
On Friday,Wagener,it ourwasguys to, Tony Winkleman
fi rst of
(LIFA) over
Staff Writer
and Reier Sjomelin g’s fallstarting a newtheone.importan all, understand a comforta
respectively, gave (DELA) (Fall 6:47)
Delano (LIFA) over Jacob McDonald 182: Grant Litke
about over Gage ble, 44-27, lead before (DELA) (Fall 5:15)
g Flyers claimed the
ce of team wrestlin Edward Hajas (DELA)

Second Place: Wright County Journal-Press, Buffalo
the 3:04) over Sam Nagel 195:
Andover’s first two After notching the final three team (LIFA) 220: Steven Hajas
(DELA) over Luke
(LIFA) (Fall

program’s first win in
(Fall 0:57) 285: Ryan Venske
games were fast-paced. Baker (DELA) (Dec Graves (LIFA) over
nearly three seasons its
On Friday, somehow, previous outing, Coon
the Huskies hit another Rapids followed up with
gear. over Park

Good sports writing which included those little details that helped stu-
a 41-13 rout
With a nine touchdown Center in Friday’s home
outburst, Andover over- opener.
whelmed visiting Chisago Coon Rapids wasted
Lakes 62-41, improving to little time taking control.
2-1 on the season.
���������������������� Tyler George deliv-
��������� ����������������

dent athlete’s personalities show through.
A three-minute blur � touch- �������������������� ���
������ the first��� ered a 27-yard ������������������
midway through ������� down pass to Jordan
quarter kicked �������� the
Brown less than three ����� ����� ���
scoring, with both teams ����� game to������
minutes into the�����
trading touchdowns. ������ ����� ����� ��������������
give the Cardinals a 7-0 ���
The Huskies added an- advantage.
cuts up the field and into the end zone for one of his two touch-
Coon Rapids running back Jaylen Salazar
��������� ������� Photos by Patrick Slack
other three touchdowns in Park Center (1-2) downs in Friday’s 41-13 win over Park Center.

the second quarter to take thwarted a scoring threat
a 34-20 advantage into early in the second quar- dramatically
altered the
halftime and never looked ter with an interception outlook of the

Third Place: Waconia Patriot
back. in the end zone, only for “(The Forest Lake)
“We only had one drive the Cardinals to march win was huge for us,”
that didn’t result in points right back, scoring on a senior linebacker Caleb
so eliminating the turn- 15-yard run by Brown to Ness said. “It took that
overs from the two pre- go ahead 14-0. pressure to get that first
vious games was a huge The teams traded win off our shoulders.”

This sports section had a lot of volume to it, giving each team’s week
factor,” Andover head scores before the half, Now, the team can re-
coach Rich Wilkie said. then Coon Rapids put lax and simply focus on
“The balance between the game away with a the task at hand. Like
the run and pass game pair of third quarter stringing together a few
was extremely effective at
touchdowns. more wins.

of action its fair due. The split story form for the track team was a nice
keeping the CL defense fin-
off-balance. Our offensive The Cardinals “It brought this team
line had one of the best ished the night with 360 even closer together, but
nights I’ve seen in a few yards on the ground, especially our school,”
years. They dominated the led by Jaylen Salazar Ness said. “People are
line of scrimmage.” with 187 yards and two starting to realize that

touchdowns. change is coming to
Conner Knoepfle com- yardage
The win, along with a Coon Rapids.” keeps his balance as he gains extra
pleted 14-of-20 passes Coon Rapids senior Kenneth Nwachi
for 263 yards and three 16-8 victory over Forest The next test for Coon during Friday’s 41-13 win.
touchdowns, with a trio of Lake in week two that Rapids (2-1) comes to- opened the season by de- 35-0, North St. Paul 35- 18.
receivers hauling in four followed a 24-17 over- night at home against feating Spring Lake Park 14 and Forest Lake 34-
time defeat at Chaska in Irondale (3-0), which has
passes, and also gained
111 yards on the ground. the season opener, has
“Conner Knoepfle has

 Page 16
an excellent grasp of our
offensive system and has
been able to make great
decisions at the line of
scrimmage to get us into
Tornadoes tennis turning heads
the right situation,” Wilk-
ie said. “His ability to run
and throw has made it
tough on the defense.”
Kyle Groshong finished
with four receptions for
2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest
Wednesday, September 20, 2017 Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: The Globe, Worthington
The Globe B1


Great leads and content gave you the edge.
Trojan girls
tennis team battles
JAYS Second Place: Eden Prairie Sun Current
Overall great reporting. Very hard to not choose you as the winner, how-
conditions to beat
Marshall, 4-3
By Aaron Hagen

ever I thought their stories read slightly better.
The Globe
Newman knew she had to be
her toes.
Playing in windy conditions
during Tuesday’s girls tennis
match, the Worthington senior
was able to navigate the wind
in a victory over her Marshall
“It was kind of hard to play

Third Place: Blaine Spring Lake Park Life
well with the wind, but due
the circumstances, I thought
played pretty well,” Newman
said. “It would be going in one
direction and you’d think that,
‘For sure it’s going to land right

Thought leads could be better. Sports coverage was great though.
here,’ and it ends up going
the complete opposite within
a second. It was that quick. Doug Wolter / The Globe
You had to be on your toes the
drill during practice this week.
whole time.” Woelber (right) participate in a tip
Newman and the Trojans Micheine Morales (8) and Emma
Minnesota West volleyball players in the 2017 season.
swept all four singles matches fans with their excellent play early
The Lady Jays are exciting local
en route to a 4-3 victory over
to build on its impressive start
Let’s go shoppin ta West volleyball team is anxious

g: A look
at som
said e of the top (Adrian), Katelyn Walters each position, and then we

Katherin Ihnen. “Like, ‘Wow, free age
TENNIS: Page B3 player have a player who can fill in
By Doug Wolter
(Worthington) and Emma
2Bthe theTwospots,”
said Ihnen.
of those sifie
ds, 3B-5B
Dailies under 10,000
Woelber (Westbrook) key players
we can really do something
WORTHINGTON Jays now have a versatile and
good this year. For me, it have come a long way to

he debut of the 2017 confident group.
Minnesota West makes me look forward to play for the Lady Jays. It
“We’ve gone through
volleyball team was every game because I know was evident from the start
seasons where we’ve only
what we’re capable of doing.” that Puerto Ricans Ortiz and
dramatic. Fans settled into won two matches, when we
A season ago, the Lady Jays Morales are not only talented
their places at the Center played .500, and when we
First Place: Owatonna People’s Press*
rarely won a match. They volleyball players, but their
for Health and Wellness went to regional matches,”
didn’t have depth on the front personalities mesh easily with
gym expecting a loss at said Johnson. “And this year

Owatonna People’s Press
the hands of the Rochester line. They barely had a bench
at all.
started out really different.”
their American teammates.
For Morales, coming to the
And who could blame them?
This year, besides Talent plus United States is a dream come
sophomores Ihnen (from The Lady Jays were so true.
The Lady Jays hardly ever beat
Round Lake), Nichole Rowe excited about what they’d “I was in my room and I June 29, 2018
the Yellowjackets.
(Harris, Iowa) and Hannah saw a post on my Facebook

Medford team earns sp
Slowly, perhaps, it began done to Rochester in their
Neuman (Gibbon) to provide TRAP SHOOTING season opener, said Johnson, that they were interested
to dawn on the home crowd: leadership, head coach
veteran “you could probably hear in volleyball players here
This is not your typical

ot in st
Marie Johnson’s program
them in the gymnasium, they at Minnesota West. I called
Minnesota West team. After

ate competition
them and they asked me to

Second Place: The Bemidji Pioneer
features two freshman
losing the first two games of were so loud in the locker
recruits from Puerto Rico (5-8 send videos of myself playing
the match, the Jays fought room.”
By RYAN ANDER outside hitter Joa Ortiz and volleyball,” Morales recalls.
SON back to win the next three and That kind of enthusiasm is
5-1 libero Micheine Morales), “They saw them and asked
randerson@owato gain a victory. a huge benefit for winning plus another outstanding area me to come here, and I was
The win was an energizer, volleyball, and it doesn’t hurt
athlete, Andrea Hinkeldey, a so happy. I wanted to get out
Tim Middagh / The Globe say the Lady Jays. As of this to have a collection of talent,

Overall great sports reporting.
MEDFORD — Trap shooting Heron Lake-Okabena High of Puerto Rico and experience
to compete
thington Trojans tennis continues tomoment, they are 3-1 on the either. at state
a high school sport both returns grow School graduate who chose things.”was disappointed, and scores
player Jamie Newman in Minneso
ta andseason and believe they can “I think the difference is were new
used from a previous week of the
tionally, and the Marshall na-every challenge. to focus solely on basketball
B3 s at state since season to
volley fromMedford ’s squadTigers’ experience. We’re so tabulate finalPage
trend, has mirroredwin the in her freshman year. Add JAYS: standing
Ewingg in member 3 singles
No. ship “I think that (Rochester) deeper. We have a player for
no new results, Larson there were
each season and by a few students freshmen Michaela Kern said.
reaching 30 win gave us all confidence,” decision, “you can’t have Though not a popular
“We have two groups, this spring.
1,100 kids out there”

Fairmont starts fast, blanks
guns “waiting for lightning with
and our learner group, our competition group .”

Huber heads the pack
” Volkmann echoed those
teacher in Medford who said Tim Larson, an Ag were angry, but relieved. sentiments, saying, “We
clay target shooting team has coached the school’s
WHS girls soccer team

“That was the worst, (and)
of years ago. This year, since its birth a handful very disappointed,” he I think everyone felt
Medford finished atop

Third Place: The Journal, New Ulm
conference division” “our continued. However
close to , due to
By Doug Wolter
of nine teams the rainstorm
never , “if legitimately
the state competit
dwolter@dglobe .com and qualified for By Doug Wolter we had shot, itgoal.
scoring their third would have been
ion in Alexandr ia. a terrible shoot. ”
Volkmann, whoNconclude — Andrew — There were near-chances. At
WORTHINGT ON Volkman n, at least,
at Medford
HuberHigh has taken part indmany his senior year in times, thedid get a second
Trojans were able
School last month The night was windy qualified individua or three passesas he
the school’s
individual battles while and was part of
Tuesday, and to make lly for
twoa state competit
trap shooting Worthington June 22 in to ion put on

A few minor details–punctuation–kept you out of second.
forteam since it
Worthington Priorget Lakethe by theball reasonably
believes clay target shootingbecame an PRESENTED BY:
officialcross the Worthington Trojans Minnesota State net,
becauseHigh School. is alluring soccer team fought
through League.
closeThe other competitiondefendersHigh
to the Cardinals’
it’s about skill,race at Tracy, the
not athleticis earlier in thebut each time, rival in Alexandria
“PrettyIn a recent m. another storm of adversity — month is conducted byorthe10-yard
juniormuch anybody
saw himself having to
can shoot this time against the Fairmont
arrived at the 20-
State Clay Target Minnesota
Furtherm ore, off a gun,” he said.
senior Brady footballLeague.lines painted on the
fight one practices
Adrian as muchof Cardinals, who came away Out of 12,000 could be
and doesn’t as one
thedesires Minnesoata shot
field before shooters
Henningneed other
at theteam front
members, as “you can Trap shooting continues to grow with an 8-0 victory. top 100 qualified
for the Prior Lake shoot
, only the
go shootpack.
on your own.” match was less than
Medford’s squad as a high school sport The
both in Minnesota10 minutes old when22,senior and Volkman n was
“Our forwards need to on beJune
Volkman Huber won by a tenth of a
n was shooting
has mirrored the
trend, increasing and nationally, and one of them. Medford
with a small
and reaching 30 this spring. (Photo member not qualify
Brooke little more
for that competi aggressive, because did
son assemble
second, finishing the
d as a club group Lar- courtesy Tim Larson) Fairmont forward
ship by a few students tion as a team
comes in and
activity before trapand
in 17:49.3 A dedicated distance runner each
Hunwardsenseason had toalready
a differenthe defense just
t system due
was added meter course shooting stuck used to allowball,” head
that he’s who putswith
as an official in it.
a”lot of miles both the event.
The pushes us off the teams into
grew up proving once sport
again in Medford , and he scored her third goal.
withmoreguns, including in-seasonUnfortun out, Huber adds
andately, for cancelling the competit Trojans, who’d scored just In two coach Emily Ahlquist said.
got than mere endurance
for hunting, he said. Medford the first time ever, the day just ion. And shooters couldn’tnine games Prior Lake last week, were a few

Dailies 10,000 and over
After trying clayfor running weight training to his regimen
was supposed fire Still, condition
there s were the po-
going target
him when ,in
shooting “we liked it andwhile lier this
to shoot
season is active,
the month andin Alexandria ear- already away the next day, because
goals in their first lar opposite of
other teams
fell to 0-10
this season, were andria contest with weather
positive signs.
that washed out
shoes. was plagued by rain and scheduled throughout wasthe Alex-
Huber is at the forefront of an
in the off-season seeks higher lightning, Naturally, everyone who the week.on Meet the Trojans earlier
thatloss “The June. half
failed to get a chance We made some adjustments,”
excellent Worthington varsity elevations.
SOCCER— a The Globe found Huber just
The Trojans know they’re said
Ahlquist. “And midfield,
boys cross country team beginning a team be huge underdogs we were
See TRAPmaking
actually on 2B

Knockout stage
prior to going to
team that’s capable of putting midfield combinations in the
/ The Globe
Tim Middagh
practice session recently and most every match they play

First Place: Brainerd Dispatch*
several athletes in the top
asked him some running-
Wor thington Trojans cross MLBin
this fall, so they try to take second half.”
places at many meets. Huber country runner Andrew Huber incremental steps forward. On
related questions. Go to The
says, in fact, that winning the

is at the forefront of an excellent Tuesday, however, they were SOCCER: Page B3
Globe website at www.dglobe.

includes FIFA’s
Big South Conference title is boys varsity squad.
com to hear the interview
goal for the Trojans this fall.
kickoffs Page B4
way for
LOCAL Changes on the
Page B3
Area sports coverage

Second Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester*
d Huber iSpatch
landers have gone home, thunder-clapping Ice- B r
ainErd Andrew
along with the Egyptian SportS Editor
and Peruvians. Now comes
World Cup, a Europea the business end of the
s Junior Mike Bialka •

• mike.bialka@
dominated club that rejectsand South American-
most new applicants
Cross Country • 218-855-5861
2, 2018
as unwanted hoi polloi. Visit and click on the videos Wednesday, May
The group stage is the
a mixture of multitud crossroads of cultures,
es filled with happines
hope. s and

Third Place: West Central Tribune, Willmar*
Thenwww.b rainer ddisp atch.c
comes the knockout stage, where
cer’s powers pump their soc-
pecs and the blue bloods
almost always prevail.
Ten European nations
16, matching 1998 and reached the round of
2006 for the most since
11 in 1990, the record
since the current format
began in 1986.
Four South American
plus Mexico and Japan. teams have advanced,GIRLS GOLF
1982, no African team For the first time since

made it
History is instructive: past the first round.
64 quarterfinal berths Europe earned 41 of
and South America took
16 since 1986. Among
the other regions, Africa
and CONCACAF got
three apiece and Asia
Winnowing to the inner one.
even more pronounced sanctum becomes
after that: Europe filled
23 of 32 semifinal spots
with South Korea in 2002 South America eight,
at home becoming the

only outsider to reach

the final
Among 20 previous World four.
lifted the trophy 11 times Cups, Europe has
Germany’s departure South America nine. Minnesota’s Logan
phase jolt. Projected was the biggest group Giolito on Thursda
Morrison celebrat
es his home run in

peat winner since Brazil many as the first re- y in Chicago. (AP
Photo/Charles Rex
the dugout during
the seventh inning
Mannschaft became the in 1958 and ‘62, Die
Arbogast) off Chicago White

s tie for 2nd
Sox starting pitcher
fourth champion in five Lucas

place; Warrior
tournaments to exit early.
FIFA has favored the

Foley takes 4th
with far easier travel, bottom of the bracket
with (Alex) 79
ner headed from Moscow the Russia-Sp
Ciara O’Conor 88,
87, Ellie Bymark
ain win-
Katie Foley Individual medalist: Foley 86, Abby Pohlkamp 100, Izzy
toBrainer d Warrior Menghini n 95, Anna Krieger
a quarterfi nal an 88. Alexis
Brainerd results:
So- y after 92, Annika Christianse
chi, then potentially a Bymark fired a 92. Alexis Menghini 106
semifinal Ellie with Anne Campion 19.5,
capital. The Colombia-Englan andduring
s her 353 Libby Zemke 109,
watche the final inCentra a fourth-place
86 d’s 2-Sartell 21, 3-Brainerd 8-St.
a the l Lakes
finished off Brainer
Olson a 22.5,

Kdraws bases-loaded walk in
in the con-
1-Alexandri Falls 5,
atie Foley shot a in third place
Conference standings:5-Willmar 12, 6-Rocori 11, 7-Fergus
goes to a quarterfinal teeingd winner in meet d Warriors to
off Moscow Brainerd sits
4-St. Cloud Tech
to lead the Brainer meets.
encewould at Madde Central gs after three
in Samara,
Conferthen in Tuesday’s ference standin
Cloud Apollo 4 8-3A Meet at Rich
Spring Golf Course,
on track to finish at Moscow. be Resort. tie for second Pine Beach
353, 4-St.
ia 353, 2t-Brainerd 400, 8-St. Next:
Brainerd in Pre-Section
the May 4.
ence meet on
13th, Twins top Wh
2t-Alexandr Falls Friday,
A look at the Round of
345, 9 a.m.
1-Sartell 6-Rocori 393, 7-Fergus Spring,
Lakes Confer
Team scores: 5-Willmar 389,
16: CHICAGEast at Madden’s
Resort. Cloud Tech 386, Rapids 451

See SOCCE Steve Kohls /
R on 2B
Brainerd Dispatch
O (AP)
drew a two-outAbby
— Max
walk with
loaded in the 13th inningthe bases
ite Sox
Kepler fored with an 87 and
Pohlkamp followe Palka also walked.
Morrison hit his ninth
Cloud Apollo/Sauk

against Odorizzi.
Minnesota Twins outlasted and the to right to lead off the seventh deep in the 13th after

tripping on first base

Clare Ceynow h
cago White Sox 2-1 Thursdaythe Chi- 1-0 lead. The drive was just for a Booted when he ran out a grounde
r. . Man-
. sota’s second hit off White Minne- Anderson, Chicago’s ager Rick Renteria
The Twins pushed Sox starter was shortstop, Delmonico (broken said OF Nicky

Warriors smas
go-ahead run after Loganacross the Lucas Giolito, who didn’t allow ejected for right middle fin-
doubled off left fielder Morrison until Eddie any career in the the second time in his ger) will start swinging
Charlie Tilson’s first Rosario lined a double 11th when he argued but a bat soon,
glove with two outs. Hector baseman Jose Abreu’s off with umpire Gerry Davis isn’t close to beginning a

Sartell Sabres
Santiago one out in glove with caught after being assignment.
(2-3), the sixth White the sixth. stealing second.
Sox reliever, Twins starter Jake Odorizzi
intentionally walked
before walking Jake Cave Adrianza six shutout innings in his best
tossed Trainer’s
room Up next
and Kepler. in more outing Twins: RF Taylor Motter Twins: Ace RHP Jose a slammed two home runsl
Alan Busenitz (2-0), than a month, allowing Clare CeynowBerrios (8-5, a Centra
hit the 3.15)
sixth reliever, pitched the Twins’ hits and striking out eight. The three wall hard trying to catch Yoan SARTE LL — takes the mound
double in the
against first game of
LHP header as the
1 2/3 innings was 0-3 righty da’s double Monca-
and Mike
tallied one
Montgom double
for the win. with an 8.77 ERA in
his six down in the sixth. Motter stayed Lakes ery (2-2, ence
Confer 3.39) as the6-4, 7-3 over the
Minnesota bounced back previous starts. on the warning track Twins move acrossdtown
Brainer Warriors won
and meet the y.
White Sox tied it with after the Giolito recovered after ple of minutes, but was for a cou- Cubs in the openerSabres
of a three-gam in Game
two walking the tended to by terleague setLexi Roby smashe e din-a double
bottom of the ninth when outs in the bases loaded in the first for his
the trainer and remained that starts Friday. Warriors secure
closer lowest- until in the One to help
do Rodney walked pinch-hit Fernan- scoring outing this season. The Kepler pinch hit for him game has won his last three
ated decisions
10-0 record.
over d a double
ter Daniel 6 righty, who 6-foot- in the five starts inundefe ansen recorde
England’s Ashley Palka on four pitches to
force in entered with a 7.01 ERA, seventh. . INF Jorge Polanco (PED June
Elainaand Christi
has a 2.10 ERA 4-for-4 in
Young, left, and Belgium Rodney quickly got the a run. allowed one run on four hits and suspension) during the span. Korhonen went
and Emma
Marouane Fellaini
challenge for the
Chicago first two walks in 6 four one game was scheduled to DH in White Sox: Game RHP Two for Brainerd. innings
during the group ball hitters in the inning, 1/3 innings. He leads the and play shortstop in the 2, a Dylan Covey
Sulliva n (3-
pitched seven
G match at the World ended up blowing his but AL with 51 walks. other in a doubleheader Ceynow3.45) faces RHP Jordyn improve the
in Kaliningrad, Russia Cup for Triple-A when Chicago Yovani Gallardo strikeouts to
fourth and tallied three
on Thursday. Both 21 chances. Yolmer Sanchez save in Giolito escaped the first Rocheste opens a three-game
powerhouses have without instated r on Thursday. He can be re-Warrio 5-0 in the CLC.
out stage. (AP Photo/C
advanced to the
knock- Rodney hit Tim Anderso singled, allowing a run despite throwing on July 5. . OF Byron seriesrsattoTexas on Friday. Covey left
Buxton in the fifth inning
zarek Sokolowski) pitch and Charlie Tilson n with a 11 of his first 26 pitches for strikes.just (fractured left big toe) will of his previous start,
walked be- The White Sox barely and play center field for play DHGame last Saturday
6 11 1
, with a right HR: Ceynowa
Brainerd Clare Ceynowa.
threatened Rochester. Sartell strain,
but afterLP: R. Tirobee.
2B: Lexi
White Sox: Sanchez left WP: Jordyn Sullivan.
throwing a bullpen
the game Game session
Two on Tuesday
Brainerd 7 9 0
said he felt fine. n. Conference: Brd 5-0. Overall: 10-0.
11 1 Christianse
Sartell 3 LP: C. Sariff. 2B:
May 3.
WP: Abby Pelowski.Bemidji 4:30 p.m. Thursday,
Next: Brainerd

s tag
Warriors swee
the Cardinals
r Russell Martin’
Blue Jays catche
, beating Toronto
Joe Mauer scoresin Minneapolis.
first baseman

tches help Blue
Minnesota Twins seventh inning at Target Field of Ian Aad-
Tuesday during
the doubles team
— The No. 2 victory to

Twins’ wild pi ng win
ALEXANDRIA d a 6-0, 6-0
Moraghan collecte 7-0 Central Lakes Con-
land-Patrick a
d Warriors to Tuesday.
help the Brainer dria Cardinals
over the Alexan match 6-0,

ference victory rg won his No. 1 singles

Jays post 10 -in
Tanner Lundbe undefeated and CLC
Warriors remain in the
6-1 to help the als for second place
twice in the the Cardin
The Twins scored first homer into a tie with each.
hit his with three points
first. Mauer Kepler
Blue Jays scored , and Max 0
The Toronto of the season ’s Brainerd 7, Alexandria
inning, scored on Rosario
6-0, 6-1
def. Matt Vogel
in the 10th walked and
Lundberg (Brd) Foster 6-0, 6-4
three runs
No. 1: Tanner JJ
defeat Low (Brd) def. 6-2
pitches, to
Partington 6-2,
No. 2: Steven
in (Brd) def. Jacob
two on wild scored two runs
7-5, 6-2
y No. 3: Jacob Hodge (Brd) def. Alex Jost 5-7,
Twins 7-4 Tuesda The Blue Jays 6-3, 6-3
the Minnesota
No. 4: Keenan Storm-Eli Simonson Wosepka 6-0, 6-0
to tie the game. Doubles (Brd) def. Grant Zach
polis. the fifth Rud-Garrett Goeden (Brd) def. Hunter Croonquist-Gannon Lueck 6-2, 6-4
night in Minnea hit two home replaced Steve No. 1: Nathan trick Moraghan Thompson- May 3.
Morales, who No. 2: Ian Aadland-Pa (Brd) def. Treyton
s lineup Hintz-Layton RivardNext: Brainerd at Sartell 4:30
p.m. Thursday,
Kevin Morale have in a late No. 3: Matthew
Blue Jays, who Pearce as DH
Overall: B 7-0.
Conference: B
runs for the ng second homer
three in a row, includi change, hit his the fifth.
won three- lead off
the first two
games of the the season to 21
Twins. Min- ended a 0-for- g
the Morales had BASEBALL
games against 12 a second-innin
with Sabres
11 of its past drought with
nesota has lost
Warriors split
singled, Curtis
single. Maile Justin
games. Eddie Rosario walked, and
Joe Mauer and Granderson score
RBI single to and hit a double
homered for
the Twins. Smoak hit an —
led off the
second run. SARTE LL for Brainerd.
Kevin Pillar the homer nd Boran
double against
Morales hit
his second Hunter Wicklu Max
inning with a 10th the sixth against pitched a
com- brought in one
Curtiss (0-1).
It was Pillar’s
extra Twins center
fielder Max Kepler of the game in Ryan Pressly to for o-
that went for ninth Twins reliever plete game and Alex Haapaj
consecutive hit inten- catches a fly
ball during the War- at the
s was walked Blue o a 3-2 lead. the Brainerd ki went 2-3
bases. Morale against the Toronto polis. give Toront regained the
riors allowin
g only
then stole third inning in Minnea The Twins sixth
tionally. Pillar at Target Field bottom of the hits while
then stole second Jays 4-3, in the
and Morales d before two Wicklund Game One
walked to load Escobar double of record ing Brainerd 4 4 0
Maile when the
before Luke his fourth homer strikeouts as
Sartell 550 2B:
LP: Max Boran.
Rosario hit with WP: Jake Schelonka.
the bases.
on a wild pitch. of the season. season. Warriors split and Colin Kleffman.
Pillar scored Estrada the
at g 2-0
by Aledmys Diaz tied the game Sartell winnin
o starter Marco The Blue Jays in the a Central Game Two0 3 2
An infield single , Toront hits and n Reed losing 5-4 in
runner Gift Ngoepe allowed four runs, seven Addiso ence double- Brainerd 2 4 Wicklund.
scored pinch s. He 4 against , Yangervis
on a wild pitch five-plus inning Smoak walked Lakes Confer LP: Gage Vierzba.
Maile scored one walk in eighth. Pillar hit a .
WP: Hunter
: B 3-2. Overall:
B 5-2. Next:
and o a d and header
to give Toront
Conference Thursday,
Solarte double an com- Brainerd at Moorhead
5 p.m.
by Matt Magill struck out three. Kyle Gibson Colin Kleffm
Twins starter five hits and sacrifice
fly. three runs May
7-4 lead. a Media bined to score
d (4-0) pitched two runs, — Field Level
Tyler Clippar the win and allowed struck out six in B4 for box score.
to earn two walks and See Pg.
perfect ninth
pitched a perfect five innings.
Roberto Osuna save
up his eighth
ninth to pick

*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
Page 17 
2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest

Use of Photography as a Whole
Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: Maple Lake Messenger
Excellent use of color versus black and white relative to story content.

Second Place: Byron Review*

Third Place: Jackson County Pilot
Good selection of photo material relative to story content.

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Stillwater Gazette
Great job of getting both lively action shots and people’s faces through-
out the papers.

Second Place: Perham Focus
Strong images throughout and nice job of playing the art big to help
pages shine.

Third Place: Cottonwood County Citizen, Windom
Good use of photos to help bring the stories alive.

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Pine Journal, Cloquet
Strong photos throughout make this the clear winner. Particularly nice
job on sports pictures.

Second Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune
Nice mix of photos that really help illustrate stories well.

Third Place: Pineandlakes Echo Journal, Pequot Lakes
Good job of using photos to help create some lively, attractive pages.

Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Eden Prairie News*

Second Place: Chaska Herald*

Third Place: Alexandria Echo Press*

*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
 Page 18
2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest
Dailies under 10,000
First Place: Albert Lea Tribune
The section fronts in this entry are remarkable. Great big photos, bright
colors and prominent placement in the design. The sports sections are
very well done with lots of big photos which, let’s face it, is what parents
really want to see. A fun mix of feature, news, sports and photo collages.
I appreciate the design team being gutsy and taking chances on 1/3 page
photos. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Second Place: The Bemidji Pioneer
First of all, what can’t Jillian Gandsey shoot? Sports, meetings, features
... she can do it all. And well. Great use of large photos to tell a story.
This paper is just really clean and well laid out. This was a smaller paper,
but they chose wisely on photos and chose to play good ones really big
and front and center. Unlike many other entries, most of the photos in
this entry were taken by staffers. I would much rather see prominent local
photos than dozens of AP photos. This staff didn’t try to do too much.
Quality over quantity wins with this entry.

Third Place: Owatonna People’s Press
This was a great entry and the editors clearly chose the best photos over a
lot of photos. The sports pages stood out among sports pages, too. What
big, beautiful photos. Fun use of nice big 1/3 page photos on the Life-
style pages. It shouldn’t go without saying that reproduction quality was
also very good.

Dailies 10,000 and over
First Place: The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead
I love the number of staff photos. A lot of entries had a lot of photos, but
this entry had a lot of local photos. There was a great mix of photogra-
phy, too. Every section had a number of images that made each page rel-
evant and interesting, The section front designs have a lot of curb appeal.
Every page is something I want to look at. And I loved the big use of
photos where appropriate - Fly, Eagles, Fly. The life sections (especially
gardening) are really well done with a great use of photos.

Second Place: Brainerd Dispatch
The section fronts of this paper are so much fun. I love the liberty that
the designers take with big photos and creative cropping (Fitterer joins
sister in elite club). And the Yeti photo is one of my favorites of any
entry. Great photo by Kelly Humphrey.

Third Place: Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
I normally might not put a business journal in contention for best use of
photos throughout as these publications tend to have lots of mug shots
and stock art. However, this publication is exceptionally well done.
Every page is interesting and relevant and draws the readers in. The
design is very clean and crisp and professional. This entry is worthy of
an award.

Page 19 
2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest

Headline Writing

“Nice work. Judging from these headlines, Minnesota’s communities have a lot of talent. The
winners’ headlines show that there’s a lot worth reading in Minnesota papers, and they effec-
tively draw readers into the stories.”

Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: Observer/Advocate, Mountain Lake
Good work. The headlines are professional yet clever, and they draw the
readers into the stories. These headlines were also friendly, conveying the
paper as a part of the community.

Second Place: Ely Timberjay
Quite good. Good use of verbs, professional headlines. Some use of
cliches. The headlines draw readers into the stories.

Third Place: Star Herald, Dodge Center
The headlines are professional, have a fine use of verbs, and the ‘clever’
ones are not corny.

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Perham Focus
Nice work. The headlines draw readers into the stories.

Second Place: Dodge County Independent, Kasson
Great headlines. They had clarity and did not rely on cliches and used
appropriate verbs.

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune
Creative wordplay–The Land of Milk and Money; Oh, the places you’ll
go–along with good use of partial quotes as headlines engage the reader
and make me want to read the story. Not overdone. Headlines in general
are clear, concise and effectively communicate the message of story.
Good work.

Second Place: Waconia Patriot
Clear, concise, active-voice headlines pull in the reader. Good use of
deck heads to explain a bit more. Conversational tone. Could have a little
more fun with some headlines!

Third Place: Hutchinson Leader
Headlines are clear, effectively communicate message, fun and creative
where appropriate. Would have liked to see more use of deck heads to
add a bit more explanation of story. Good work.

 Page 20
2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest
Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Alexandria Echo Press
Good work with creative, fun headlines–when appropriate–to hook
the reader: Thanks for the kidney, Boss; Which way at the one-ways?;
Rumble strip grumbling. All followed by clear, explanatory deckheads
that give reader a clear idea of what the story is about. Liked the head-
lines that linked to the photos: Quite a connection with the soccer photo.
News headlines concise, using active, punchy verbs, clear about mes-
sage. Good work.

Second Place: Agri News, Rochester
Solid work. Liked the creativity of some of the headlines that engaged
the reader: Champion is going, going, gone for livestock market; Talks
in the ditch. Would have liked to see a little more use of deckheads with
some stories. But headlines overall are clear, concise, using active verbs
and communicating message about story well.

Third Place: Fillmore County Journal, Preston
Good, clean headlines, clear messaging, concise, active verbs, not wordy,
and some creativity/fun where appropriate.

All Dailies
First Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester
Loved your headlines. Felt as if they spoke directly to me, the reader, so
great job at engaging and making me want to read the stories. Creative/
fun where appropriate. Clear, concise, punchy with active verbs. Great

Second Place: The Free Press, Mankato
Your style creatives a conversational tone with the reader, which brings
me into the paper. Clear, concise, active. Headlines are quick and easy
to read, making it seem as if there are a lot of good stories to read. Good

Third Place: Grand Forks Herald
Good work with clear, concise and active headlines. Really liked the cre-
ativity and fun with the main stories. Would have liked to have seen more
of that throughout. Good work.

Page 21 
2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest

Advertising Excellence
Weeklies up to 1,500
First Place: The Parkers Prairie Independent*

Second Place: Jackson County Pilot*

Third Place: The Voyageur Press, McGregor*

Weeklies 1,501-2,500
First Place: Tracy Headlight-Herald*

Second Place: Dodge County Independent, Kasson*

Third Place: Perham Focus*

Weeklies 2,501-5,000
First Place: Detroit Lakes Tribune*

Second Place: Pelican Rapids Press*

Third Place: Red Wing Republican Eagle*

Weeklies over 5,000
First Place: Southwest Journal, Minneapolis
Good variety of ads. Everything is very clean and eye catching. This was
the best entry.

Second Place: The Journal, Minneapolis
Very creative use of sponsored spots, like the development tracker.

Third Place: Alexandria Echo Press*

Dailies under 10,000
First Place: Albert Lea Tribune
Good number of ads. Overall, variety won it here.

Second Place: The Daily Journal, Fergus Falls
Very nice with the graduation section.

Dailies 10,000 and over
First Place: Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal
This is the best entry. Ads are clean, spaced out. They are well built and
placed. They catch the eye but don’t get in the way.

Second Place: Post-Bulletin, Rochester*

*Please note, an asterisk indicates that no comments were submitted by contest judges for the entry.
 Page 22
2017-2018 Better Newspaper Contest

Classified Ad Section
All Classified ads start
Wednesday in The
Pilot-Independent and
will also appear on
Weeklies up to 2,500
First Place: Walker Pilot-Independent
Take a Look at Saturday in The Co-PIlot
, a free distribution
Find It, Buy It shopper

This Weeks Find Your
Sell It in the Home, Condo, or


Very clean design. Easy to navigate.

ds Co-Pilot

The Pilot-Independ
ent ■ Wednesday, Nov 22,
2017 ■ Page 7B
The Pilot-Independe
■ The Co-Pilot ■ Saturday, Nov 25, 2017

Second Place: Cottonwood County Citizen, Windom*
Classified Informat nt ■ Page 7
Phone 218-547-1
Email = pilotclass 000 * Fax 218-547-3000
ifieds@pilotindepend 31 HELP WANTED
All classified ads
start Wednesday
in the Pilot-Indep 31 APARTMENT FOR RENT
and will also appear
in the following Saturday endent, circulation
2,500 Mobile Homes to Rent
a free distribution
Ads must be paid shopper, circulation
in The Co-Pilot, 2.5 bedroom
apt in Walker 64
Free Movies!
in advance and 7,500. Utilities included. area. 3 Bedroom home
the deadline is Monday 701-893-5305
Call 515-991-9151
or in Benedict. 218-
by Noon. 224-2577

Classified Headin
gs Free Pop & Popc orn!
74-63-11-29 75-64-12-6

Free Ads Rental Services When you join our APARTMENT FOR RENT
10 Homes For Rent Bear Pause 63
Events Theater Family. Looking APARTMENT FOR RENT
Lost & Found 11
Cabins For Rent 61
62 Time Winter Supervi for Part 63
Apartments For Rent
hours available in sor (with more Mayview Apartments

Third Place: Pine County Courier, Sandstone*
Personals 14 Mobile Homes For
Summer) Mature in Walker has a 1 bedroo
Where To Go 16 Office/Retail Space 64 Adults Encouraged apartment for immed m
18 Storage Space For
For Rent 65 Stop in and pick up
an application or to Apply. iate occupancy. Rent
Financial Svcs Rent
fill on your monthly income is based
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19 Wanted To Rent 66
70 . Heat, Water, Sewer,
Fuel Services Call (218) 675-5357 com Trash are included and
Retail Services
20 with any questions in your rent.
Contact D.W. Jones

Skilled Services
Child Care 21 67 Management Inc. at
Instructions 22 Real Estate Classes
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Professional Services 23
Wellness Center 25
Business Property
Farms & Acreage 71
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safe, caring home for ED Minnesota Relay System
Help Wanted Cabins For Sale mental illness. If you adults with chronic 711
Work Wanted 31 Mobile Homes For 73 want to make a differenc Equal Housing Opportuni
32 Real Estate
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please consider Caregivin give care with dignity and respect,
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Starting wage of $11 63 APARTMENT FOR RENT
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Weeklies over 2,500
Sporting Goods

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Horses/Livestock & include
Certain income restrict s ALL UTILITIES.
Tree Service 45 Automobiles For
46 Autos For Rent
Lawn & Garden
48 90 ions apply.
Autos For Sale
For more information
Sales Classes Autos Wanted 91
DW Jones Management contact

HJ Classifieds & GoingOut
Auctions Auto Parts 92
or www.dwjonesmanaat 218-547-3307
50 94

First Place: Herald Journal, Howard Lake
Campers /Toppers
Antiques /RVs
Appliances 51 Motorcycles/ATVs 95
Pets 52 Trucks & Trailers 96
Miscellanous For 56 97 CASS COUNTY RECORD Equal Housing Opportu
Sale 58 Miscellaneous Classes ER’S OFFICE nity.
Snow Removal Employer: Cass County, CREATING BETTER
Wanted To Buy
Wanted Heating Supplies 100 Cass County Attorney’s
Minnesota. Classificatio
Office, 303 Minnesota
n: Grade: 18. Location LIVING 3C
Weekly: 40 hours. of Job Site:
60 101 Salary Range: $17.30/HourAvenue West, Walker, MN 56484. Hours APARTMENT FOR RENT

Extremely clean and easy to read. Excellent font choices.
Application Forms ly - plus Fringe Benefits.
WHERE TO GO Friday, Jan. 26, 2018
and Job
Cass County Administrato Description contact: Linda Husby, Administrati For General 63 APARTMENT FOR RENT
r’s Office, PO Box 3000, ve
Walker, MN 56484-3000 Secretary,
547-7419, Email: linda.husby@
Al-Anon Saturday Applicants must Or Cass . Phone: (218)
County Website:
WILSON REPAIR - Specializing in
am, St. Agnes Catholic mornings, 9:00 submit a resume and
Walker Area Food s.
NOTICES (General) Application. BEEF FOR SALE - Grass fed, Her-

1st Month Rent Fre
Church, Shelf complete a Cass County
level. lower the 1st, is open
QUALIFICATIONS: At FURNACES - The FENDER FLARESEmployment - Lund fender motorcycles, marines, ATVs, snow-
18-54-7-30TF month, 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays of the OUTDOOR a minimum, should eford ground beef for sale in one-
to 3English Bulldogge. Last seenand additional ares, 07 gmc, 3/4 ton, new. $100. mobiles, lawn and garden, and

BINGO - TuesdayDOG - Female, fawn and white, Olde
noon p.m. The EDGE,
know-how & E OUTDOOR have a highflschool
degree packages. Call (320)
LOST nights 6 p.m. 4th
call or text if you
Tuesday CLASSIC, or its equivalent, or two-pound
acquired from about Call (612) 298-5227.
by Central two to three years of 31-35s more. Pick up and delivery avail-
open 4:00
Bingo. Walker American area, near Bear p.m.
Bar Laketo 7:00Please
Road. p.m. Closed training or progressive & CORN
south of Dassel/CokatoLegion Aux. the 5th Tuesday(612) thank onyou. WOOD, PELLET related experience of four specialized 286-6564. 31-35s
License #00105. whereabouts
on hernext of the600-2110,
month. Located wpm+. Must have of the re- to six Must beRANGER
years.FORD - Ext. cab, able. Call Ned (320) 275-9356.
have any information
18-64-12-23TF to Sanford Clinic
has an open
Boiler. Take
Experience in using
training or experience 2002
to be proficient in the 4x4 able to type 70 Cedar Street Comple
off© road, © 157,000 VIDEO PRODUCTION SERVICES
Bedroom Units availala x in Remer, MN
Conservation District Bring
in Walker. now,aging
scanning/im up to $1,350 flareside,use of Excel
Book study discussion
NOTICE - Thegroup, Meeker Soil and proofWater
of physical
must reside Dassel, Ells-
address (ID orinutility bates available equipment
models. Class-Act Out- is a miles, plus. runs and drives great. 2SERVICES
& Word , $4,100
- VHS to DVD transfer, 8 MM film
signed one year lease. ble. 1st month free with
formation. Mondays
its Board
on 9:30-11 offaith
Supervisors. Candidate
bill). Phone 547-1713. onjobselect
A complete description
cept a.m., ex-
township in Meeker County. For more information is
Applicants may callFurnace, available(763) upon 972-6255; bestof off
request from theoroffice er. Call (763) 300-1618. to DVD, video editing, picture
worth Collinwood
or Congregat 18-145-10-22TF
SWCD office at 320-693-7287. 3attend andoor or write to request
the County Administrator.
Income restrictions
DAYCARE - Learning Owls Day- videos, slide and negative trans-
Church, Hackensac
visit www.meekerswcd.c
om or call the
Walker interview. AN EQUAL tfc accommodation to
1998completeFORD - applicationFor more informa
Half ton, rebuilt apply.
care has spots open for children all
contact D. W. Jonestion and an appliacation, please
k. 675-6300. OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. the job

Second Place: Aitkin Independent Age
Area Pregnanc
the entry way at transmission, 12 ft. flat bed, 7.3 en-
or fers, and DVD/CD duplication.
18-73-5-7TF Center:
FOUND ROSARY - Rosary necklace FrontinSt.
507found front yof Support TELESCOPING FLAGPOLES FOR ages. We are open 7 am - 5 pm and Call
Cass Lake Women’s under inmaroon offi ce to
(side entrance
pick up. 27tfc Lions Club. Call gine. $4,500. Call (320) 275-2227. Management at 218-32
in Winsted. Stop the canopy) Walker, SALE - Kingston located at the Stockholm Commu-
theran ChurchHerald Journal
AA at Trinity Lu- 56484. Free and
confidentialBank inMNCokato. Call Wally Strand (612) 735-0212, Bob 1955 CHEVY - 4 door, V8, 3-speed www.dwjonesmanag 6-5314.
nity Center. We are licensed and
(320) 282-6520. 30tfc

Special Education
on Highway at Kensington
Every Tuesday
Cass the ATMPhone
Hermann (320) 693-6782, John
with over drive. $9,500 or best of-
experienced providers. Please call HANDYMAN - Call for a free esti-
7-8. to identify and claim from (320)5433 Open 18tfc
286-2146. 218-547- Equal Opportun mate of your painting and home
TF p.m.
Mon.-Thurs. 11
a.m. - 4 Smith (320) 398-8025. Also tents, fer. Call (320) 275-2227. 29-33s for more information Nancy (320)ity Housing
Call repair needs. No job too small. Lo-
Come join Weight and chairs for rent. 469-
18-9-8-4TF tables,
2009 CROWN VICTORIA - Police 282-8419 or Ashleigh (320)
Sale STORAGE SPACE cally owned and operated. Fully
Appliance & Refrigeration Repair Business for
Watchers and Group
Friends. Weigh Dave Jarl (320) 444-8788. 14tfc

Clean design.
offers spiritual
and meeting at
in is at 5:00 p.m. of
people help A group interceptor, 103,000 miles. Call 0007. 32-33p
66 insured. See web site at www.pqsi.
5:30 who are joyful and thankful LOG SPLITTER - Heavy duty log
Communit yC hurch p.m. on Tuesday, about their faith are (952) 353-2351. 24tfc NORTHERN FORCE OUTDOORS biz or contact Greg Krause at (612)

• Loyal customer base
o fW alker. built up over volunteering to of- Thesplitter,
Walkerskid loader mount, $1500.
Hackensa ck Akeley School District - Diagnose, adjust, repair, or over- 910-4411. License BC629398. 39tfc
fer possible
or fam- &
help to any person
past 45 years
18-64-6-25 Dale’s Appliance a self-direc
Call (952)ted 807-4790. 32-36s is seeking haul small engines used to power
Divorced? Separatedthe
TF ily who wants help
in their spiritual
life Inc.
Refrigeration, individual to work as a
? We can help. by business AIR COMPRESSOR - Craftsman special education lawn mowers, chain saws, recre-

discussing God’s
DivorceCare is a • Well-established word, especially ssional. Position GUNS - Weatherby OU 12 GA
port group that will
weekly seminar/sup- the gospel
• Business Includes: Parts Inventory,
of our Savior, Jesus 6978 190th St.
Christ. 2hp air compressor. Works to start
as soon asBrowning
possible. A500 12 GA Auto ational sporting equipment and
the hurt. It’s a warm, you heal from
Call (218) 507-0745.
$50. Call Paul at (320) 485-2353. $900. equipment. Call (763) 760-
Tools, environ- & Service Van all 18-150-7-6 TF MN
Lester Prairie, QUALIFICATIONS: $650, Browning BPS 20 GA $500,
Lighted related
ment led by people caring Alcoholics Anonymo 32-36s 9625 or email Storage
up & ready to go us 320-395-2719 Obtain an associate’s Benelli Ducks Unlimited Compos- 2475

what you are going who setunderstan County 45 NW, 30-33c
Klaus@broadband-mn. com
Complete CLOCK - Beautiful Howard (or higher)
Miller degree
OR $450, American Arms
Hackensa ck, Renee Swanson
practical information • Lucrative income potential
Learn Mondays:
at least two years of study but ite 12 GA, MN 56452
and gain hope for 9:30 a.m. in Walker clock for sale. Needs a tune-up
at an institute of higher $500 made by Franchise
12 GA education INTERIOR PAINTING - Quality
your future! Tuesdays
Seller willPM. mentor/advise new owner at Hope Lutheran
OR Passing OU
• sweatshirts • hats
•6:30-8:30 Church (closed otherwise in good condition. Call
score on the ParaPro test in Italy. All guns grade 1 and mint work, 46 years experience. Free

September 26 -
December 12. Nevis 8:00 p.m. in Akeley
air conditioning (763) 972-6542. 32-36s FUEL SERVICE estimates, reasonable prices. Call • jackets • photo mugs
Church of Christ
Repairs on appliances,
100 E. Pleasant, Church (closed refrigeration
at First andLutheran ESSENTIAL FUNCT condition. Call (612) 386-4749. 67
Joel Lindholm (763) 972-3237.
Nevis MN. 56467. Mtg)
• Assist teachersGRANDFATHER CLOCK - Beau- IONS: - Dave No minimum order

Third Place: Morrison County Record, Little Falls*
Call Dawn 218-536- Tuesdays: PORTABLE FISH HOUSE “Cash
tifulwith educationa Grandfather
l program 34tfc
0549 Howard Miller 1-man portable fish Every house Dividend
52-18-12-13 7:00 p.m. in Cass Lake at instruction • Deliver • One-on-on Gentz e or small Year” Serving Northern
in Custom Orders
Over Eaters Anonymo EVENTS diz Center Halfway Ahnjibema h- clock educationa
for sale. Needs a tune-up,
l requirements under students’ in good condition. group $100. Call (612) Minnesota for Specializing
us meeting Tall Bldg) House (old Walks Education Plansbut otherwise in perfect condi-
• Supervise 220-4514.• Individual Over 85 and One-of-a-Kind Items
KENMORE MINI FRIDGE - 32-36s 90 Years
5:30 p.m. every
Tuesday at First BREAK- lunch and recess •
972-6542. Willingnes
Con- 7:30 p.m. show
in Delano. respect for students with
tion. $1,500. Call (763) s to
special needs • Able to POWERworkICEwithAUGER
gregational United OPEN $50.
Church (upstairs), theran Cath-
St. Maximilian Kolbe
in Backus18x18x25,
at Emmanue black, and - Honda
Dassel, MN • (320) 275-2756
415 Juniper St., FAST -MN. l Lu-
Brainerd, Church on Hwy
will be host- Call (612) (Alanon 31-35s
371703-1509. • Demonstrated32-36s communic work independe4-stroke,
Strikemaster ntly in perfect d52c
675-5692. olic School 218-
in Delano also) ation
FIREWOOD - skills, patience, and flexibility
Oak fi rewood for
used little, 2 years old,
18-94-10-26TF Wednesd
UPRIGHT FREEZER - Works maintain
good,confidenti condition, • Ability

Narcotics Anonymouing an open house7:00 for preschool
sale, ality
$210•per to Backus 218-94
Ability followdelivery.
Sun.,inJan. $20. Call (952) 955-2493. 31-35s
cord to plus teacher’s plancomes with extension and cold 7-4433
Monday 7 p.m. s meets 6th
through everygrade on p.m.
Lake Come
Cass Lake at the Cass Other200-9770.
Call (952) 32-36s
related duties as assigned snap cover. $350. and direction Walker
• Call (763) 269- 218-547-1688
Onigum Communit
28, from 9 -11:30 a.m. Detox Center
y Thursday and WASHER - Used electric washer in H Prompt Dependab Height Technology
meet s: the MAD PAPERBACKS - 1962-1984; 1110. 32-36s le Service
11:30 a.m. in Walker good condition. (320) 583-2968.
18-1-3-9TF the school,
Women’s Support visit, tour APPLYfor $10. Call (320) 5 hp,
Group with other par-
and talkChurch
for victims at Hope Lutheran
TABLE - Free. Call (320)
10 paperbacks ONLINE AT AIR COMPRESSOR - ProHAir, ve Rates
and/or survivors
of ents. Theabuse build your7:00 own waffle,only,COFFEE
(Women open Mtg!) WWW.W 286-5061.
HA.K12 31-35s 20 gal., single cylinder/oil H free, 125
meets every Tuesday domestic at Calvary30-34s
p.m. in Walker 543-2861.
Church breakfast
- $50-$75. Ask YMENT psi, 120 volt. Runs well, H great con- d Delivery” Program Satisfaction with your
1 to 3 p.m.and sausage Free OPPOR SNOW BLOWERS Bulk Gasoline and Diesel
at the office of the
Family Safety Net-8 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., about two S Call 218-547-4
for $100 deal. Call 365(952) dition. $130. Call (320) 543-2679. automation is our
work in Walker. be from Friday:
Child willis available 7:30 cafeteria, the Call (320) 543-2861. 30-34s
for more information. TROPHIES H Propane
- 1971; H Fuel Oil highest goal.
with advance notice. care in St. Peter’s Church p.m. in Longville at 472-2052. 31-35s SNOWMOBILE
Safety Network Call the Family Saturdays
Parish of St. Maximilian Kolbe. : Free
the City Hall
DESK - Black desk with 2 drawers, WHEEL CHAIR - $55. Call (952) $5 each. Call (320) 286-5061.
H Lubricants H Member Control Integration, Programming,
Owned Serving the Community
Recycle Today
office for t
547-1636 or (800) directions. 9:00
will offering, allolic a.m. inbenefi
proceeds Walker Call (763) 438-8931.
in. Free.Cath-
43 Agnes Data Acquisition, Automation,
324-8151. Church lower level
at St. 472-2052. 31-35s FIREWOOD FISH HOUSE - 8 ft. x 14 ft., 6 holes, Service of PLCs and
the school. 32c 9:00 Dark oak kitch- 40
18-65-7-15 a.m. in Onigum at KITCHEN TABLE - LIFT BELT - Blue, new, $15. Call retractable wheels, $1,800. Call
HEATING SUPPLIES Since 1897 Thermographic Imaging.
Over Eaters AnonymoFISH T FRYo p
l diz
- Knights of Columbus the
e a table withy 6 chairs. $125. Call
en Communit (952) 472-2052. Nursing home and (612) 298-5227. Watertown area. 101
us Fmeeting,
Center ntheireHouse
Halfway m p l o y m Kabekon Kittok, Jeff Barth
r hosting
for tomorrow’s world
e n T a d c ahospital type. a River
are 29-33s Dave
White house across a l l o T h9, 11
No. (old
8575 Hitsman Lane,
7 PM; Walker - Council Tall Bldg) (320) 485-3528.
Walks 31-35s - Windshield
38th annual fish fry, Fri., Feb. e r TV l l 2 1 8 - 8 5 5 Call (952) KUBOTA 400 RTV
c l- 47-inch
a s TF 408 Minnesota Ave.

All Dailies
the street from
Calvary Church. s iVizio
F i eflatdscreen tv,
s c a l lSTEP2 1MACHINE - $30. - 5 8 FIREWOO2 6 andDbrush guard, excellent COAL condi- FURNACES: Highest OR
Maple Plain, MN 55359
3225. a.m. - 7547-
p.m. or until fish is gone, 29-33s 8 - 855-5898 off er qual-
$75. Call (952) 955-3085. 472-2052. 31-35s 117 hours. $7,195
ity,or best
U-Haul &tion,
18-40-4TF steel. Guarantee
at the Pla-mor Ballroom, Glencoe.
LIGHT FIXTURES - Six 150 watt
TREE SERVICE Save (320) 236-2632.Best
est prices. Order now
d low-Walker, MN
Newspapers WOOD STOVE - Ashley enclosed Call and save. The Brainerd Dispatc
SKILLED SERVICES Fish, cole slaw, scalloped potatoes, (612) 284-2243
Floor Heat Water
wood burning stove withDelivery
hp sodium wall pack light fixtures blower, Available fish house on h, Friday,

baked beans, milk, coffee, bread and
21 FISH HOUSE - 4x8estimate Tubing.
on a complete system. Free 547-1000 May
Accredited 18, 2018

with photo cells. $20 each. Call 6 in. outlet $150.218-368 Call (763) 682- vented heater, 4 holes.
City Sanitary Service: butter. Takeouts served
thru-out wheels, mikesheat www.
(612) 554-1251. 29-33s -5357 • Paul Hanson
Call (612) 805-8198. 31-35s or 800-446-4
Fortheall dayyourinside and at our drive thru. 4825. 31-35s $2,500.
garbage needs. 27-101-3-8TF

by Lyndon Peterson from 4 to LIGHT FIXTURES - Two 150 watt
Serving the Walk-
TREADMILL - TR1200, heavy duty FISH HOUSE - 6.5’ x 12’ with a
Akeley, Music
er, Hackensack,
Cut &

First Place: Brainerd Dispatch*
Longville, Laporte
and Benedict p.m. All you can eat, dine-in only.

to Life!
tickets $11; children 10 and $25 each. Call (612) 554-1251. Split
& Split
metal halide flood light fixtures. motor, used very little, comes with
REAL ESTATE 2’x4’ bathroom up front. Sleeps
for commercial and Adultareas floor mat. Sold new for $1,000, 3 comfortably with 6 holes with
residential pickup.
under $5; takeouts $11. catch covers. Cabinet, 2 burner 75
Prepaid City Sanitary
LIGHT FIXTURES - One 250 watt asking $500. Call (612) 554-9583.

Buying or Selling
red bags avail-
able at Super One
radio, 12V lights and LP
in Walker, Longville
and Ace Hardware
ICE FISHING CONTEST - 29th metal halide fl
ood light fixture. 30-34s cook top, 75
and Kingston Lions fishing
and Mark’s Market Sat.,PROFESS
One Stop annual Outdoor Stove Wood Available
$35. Call (612) 554-1251. 29-33s MICROWAVE - 2009 Magic Chef furnace. Has crank up wheels with
Feb. 3, 1 IONAL
Mule Lake Store,
to 3 p.m., SERVICE CHEST25 microwave, 15x15x10, good con- lifetime license on house. $1,800.

contest, FREEZER -Fuel Whirlpool. 42”
Hackensack. For
service call 218-547-
in Assistanc e Vendor Call (612) 210-4329. 30-34s
Northwest side of Lake Francis. long x 21 3/4” wide x 34 1/2” high. dition. $45. Call (952) 544-5479.
Stan’s Firewood
3633 or 218-363-2
887. 21-17-12-13
DoorTF prizes and drawings. Con- Works great. Call (612) 554-2846. 29-33s 1970 POLARIS SNOWMOBILE -
available at the contest 30-inch track, 2-speed, 1-speed re-
& Tree Service
Mike’s Cleaning
Service, cessions FIREWOOD - Cut, split, and dried.
by the Kingston Lions Club. $5 per
Insured BEDROOM SETS - Two vintage

Ready to work for
verse, 634CC engine, electric start.
and Bonded Walker
area Businesse
bedroom sets for sale. Call (320) Mixed pickup load $100, oak pick-
Tree Trimming & Removals
Residential. 218-251-22 s/
66 person to fish. 32-33c
652-4352 up load $140 delivered. Call (320) $950. Call (320) 275-2227. 29-33s

224-6593. 28-32s
ial - The Les-
274-8699. 29-33s SNOWMOBILES - 2006 Cross Fire Stump Removal, Lot Clearing
ter Prairie Lions will serve a pan- Arctic Cat 700 cc engine and 2001 Insured - Free Estimates

Second Place: St. Cloud Times*
Permanent Docks Sun., Feb. 4, at COMPUTER MONITOR - Free Year-round service
them-breakfast on
selves by eliminatingwill pay for cake • Carpet
CONSTR computer monitor, needs tower. ZR Arctic Cat 600 cc engine. Both
the Lester Prairie City Hall, 9 a.m.
lation and retrieval the yearly instal- UCTION
• Luxury Vinyl Floors 49 554-9583. 29-33s low mileage and very clean. Must Servicing the west metro

Call (612)
- noon. The proceeds will go to
costs of conven- be sold together for $2,400. Call for 15+ years
• Tile & Stone
tional systems.
other Lester Prairie proj- JEREM SCOOTER - Pride Mo-
Located in Watertown
If your home is
smaller lake or in support
ESSProduct “Go-Go” Elite Trav- Ray (763) 972-2621. 29-33s
/ har- Please come and support our • Hardwood

a protected bay bility
bor a permanen
t dock could be ects.
We will be collecting GUTTERS LLCeler mobility scooter. $425. Call GUNS - Perfect condition. Rem- (952) 955-1505 39tfc
for you. Prices start
x 40’. Stay Built
@ $3,200 forcommunity.
a 4’eye glasses and hearing aids at
• Laminate (651) 270-0879. 28-32s ington 1100, 12 ga magnum auto, (952) 270-0000
Construction Services TEED CLOG-F 12
$450 or best offer. Benelli SE leechlakela
218-821-3398 the breakfast. Free-will offering. REE- Tom-Tom, used. $40. Call
GPS gauge home defense, desert
• Window
Steve (952) 472-2052. 28-32s storm camo, never fired, $450 or

“The Decorating Store At YOUR Door.”
STEP MACHINE - Portable. $40
Steve (952) 472-
best offer. AA 12 ga OU Silver edi-
tion, Italian made, $500 or best
34th Annual Family S 21 • GUTTER CLEANING or best offer. Call

• WIDE VARIETY OF COLORS 2052. 28-32s offer. Weatherby Olympian 12 ga
Fishing Freeman SCANNER CANON - $35. Call OU Special Edition $1,000 or best

Third Place: Albert Lea Tribune*
Glencoe - Hutchinson
Licensed Steve (952) 472-2052. 28-32s offer. Call (612) 386-4749. 29-33s
Live Indoor TroutSurveyo
- (320) 587-9363
(320) 864-6754CALL

Waconia WHEEL CHAIR - Used, adult size.
Years Jan. 27
of Experie JEREM
$50. Call Steve (952) 472-2052. 28- AUGER - 10-inches, 2 hp motor,
nce (952) 442-5542