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1. Mel is talking to a travel agent. Read and find the matching sentences.

a.) …have you made… c.) …have you ever been…

b.) …have been to… d.) …have you been…
e.) …have already made…

Agent: So you want to visit Hawaii.

Mel: That’s right. That’s our dream.
Agent: That’s a lovely place. _______________________abroad?
Rick: Yes. We went to Mexico last July.
Agent: Really? I went to Mexico last year and I_______________Costa Rica recently.
Mel: They say it’s very nice and has beautiful beaches.
Agent: It sure is. When are you planning to go?
Mel: In December.
Agent: Oh, that’s winter. ______________________________ to the beach in winter?
Rick: Yes. But it was a tropical country.
Agent: I have some vacancies for May. Is it all right for you?
Mel: Yes. That’s fine. _________________________ reservations in a five-star hotel?
Agent: Sure. It is one of the best on the island. And you’ll fly Islander Airlines.
Rick: Can you make reservations on economy class?
Agent: Sure. I __________________________ two reservations on the night flight.
Mel and Rick: Great. Thank you very much.
Agent: I hope you enjoy your trip.

2. Carmen and Rhonda are talking about their social life. Read their dialog below
and choose the correct options.

Carmen: Pablo is throwing a party next Saturday. I’ve ___________ received the
a. yet b. already c. ever

Rhonda: Really? He ____________________ me, yet.

a. didn’t invite b. hasn’t invited c. did invite

Carmen: Sorry. He ____________________ me to give you an invitation, but I forgot.

a. asks b. asked c. has asked

Rhonda: Really? I thought it was strange. He has ____________________ me.

a. never forgotten b. never forgets c. never forgot

Carmen: So what are you going to wear?

Rhonda: I ____________________ a new pair of jeans yesterday.
a. bought b. have bought c. buy

3. Complete the sentences with: already, yet, just, never or ever.

A: You know, Peter is moving to another city.

B: Really? I haven’t heard of it.
A: He’s leaving next week. So, I think we could throw a farewell party for him.
B: That’s a great idea. Have you __________ planned anything?
A: No. not everything __________.
B: All right. Would you like a hand to organize it?
A: Sure.
B: Have you __________ made the guest list?
A: Not __________. Could you do it for me?
B: of course. Have you __________ planned the menu?
A: Yes. I’ve __________ done it some minutes ago.
B: And have you __________ chosen the music?
A: Yes. I’ve __________ hired a DJ?
B: But have you __________ listened to them playing before?
A: Oh yeh. In fact, I’ve __________ bought their latest CD two days ago.
B: Great. What else do we have to do? Have you __________ found someone to
decorate the house?
A: Not __________. I think I’ll ask Sam to do it. Can you make the sandwiches?
B: Make sandwiches? I have __________ made sandwiches before.
A: I see. Have you __________ cooked in your life before?
B: Honestly speaking, I haven’t cooked anything, __________. My mom does it.
A: No problem. I think Leila can do it. She made the sandwiches at Ed’s party.
B: What about the drinks? Have you __________ refrigerated them?
A: No, not __________. But I’ve __________ bought them at the new supermarket
on the corner. Have you __________ been there?
B: No, not __________. But I’ve __________ been to the one next to the mall.
A: In fact, I’ve __________ been there recently with my family.
B: They have the best prices.
A: I’m not sure. But the products are great.
B: By the way, I’m hungry. I haven’t had lunch, __________.
A: Let’s cook something. How about spaghetti with meat balls?
B: Good idea. Wait a minute. Have you __________ cooked it before?
A: of course, I have. Could you get the tomato sauce in the fridge, please?
B: Sure. What else do you need?
A: Onions, olives, grated cheese and …
B: But there’s no grated cheese here. I think you haven’t bought it.
A: No problem.
B: Here they are.

4. How long have these people been doing these activities? Answer with complete
sentences using FOR and SINCE.
a. teacher / talk on the phone

b. students / studying English


c. father / work today


d. you / study at Intermediate 2


e. you / study at CNA


5. Complete the sentences below. Follow the example.

Example: Joshua is good at cooking meals.

a. Andrew prefers speaking ________________ public.

b. They prefer travelling ______________ business.

c. She used to work from 7 ______________ 10.

d. I have been sitting here _______________ dinnertime.

e. I have always worked ______________ a phone operator.

6. Marcel is studying to pass his driving exam. His brother Kevin is studying with
him. Write his confirmation sentences. Follow the example.

Example: Marcel: You can’t ride a motorcycle without a helmet.

Kevin: Riding a motorcycle without a helmet is not allowed.

a. Marcel: Look at both directions before you cross the street.

Kevin: ___________________________________________________________

b. Marcel: You can’t drive and talk on the cell phone.

Kevin: ___________________________________________________________

c. Marcel: You can’t park in front of a garage.

Kevin: ___________________________________________________________

d. Marcel: You can’t drive over the speed limit on this street.
Kevin: ___________________________________________________________

e. Marcel: You can’t honk on this street at night.

Kevin: ___________________________________________________________

7. Complete the dialog with the words in the box.


Maggie: I’m so anxious about my driving test.

Jack: Don’t worry. Everything will be all right.

Maggie: I get really ____________ before tests, you know. I guess I ____________
Have taken more driving lessons.

Jack: Try to relax, Maggie. You had enough driving lessons. In my opinion, you’re
well prepared for this test.

Maggie: Thanks. By the way, __________ you tell me when you are going to buy a
car? You’ve had your driver’s license for two years.

Jack: Actually, I’m so used to my bike that I don’t miss a car. Besides, cyclists are
___________ aggressive than drivers.

Maggie: You’re right. Nowadays, drivers are ______________ irresponsible. Not

mention those people who talk on the phone ____________ driving.

Jack: Well I’ve always liked riding bikes. It’s healthy and doesn’t pollute the air.

Maggie: It’s a pitty we have ___________ bikes than cars on the streets, don’t you


Example: I didn’t study. I feel I’m not prepared for the test

a) The Baker family is going to travel because they have a wedding in São Paulo.

b) Claire doesn’t like Mark. She won’t go to the restaurant with him.

c) Smoking is not allowed in this bar. I’ll have to choose another one.

d) I need a new bicycle but I don’t have the money.

e) Sophia’s hair looks awful. She won’t get a boyfriend.

9. Complete the sentences below. What are the Hypotheses?
a. If I _____________________ more money I ___________________ a Red Ferrari.
b. If Peter ________________ Marcus a gift, it __________________ be a TV.
c. I would ________________ my friend If I ____________________ a promotion.
d. If my mother _________________ a lasagna I would ______________ the dishes.
e. If someone _________________ my car I would _________________ very angry.
f. I would ________________very happy if I ___________________ a present.

10. Samantha and Carol are traveling. Samantha is very pessimistic and Carol is
very optimistic. What do they say about their probabilities?

Example: If it snowed tomorrow

Samantha: We would pack and go back home.
Carol: We would stay and play cards.

a. If the food were too expensive there

SAMANTHA: ______________________________________________
CAROL: __________________________________________________

b. If the airplane fell..

SAMANTHA: ______________________________________________
CAROL: __________________________________________________

c. If we lost our credit card.

SAMANTHA: ______________________________________________
CAROL: __________________________________________________

d. If the airplane arrived late..

SAMANTHA: _____________________________________________
CAROL: __________________________________________________

e. If the beds in the hotel were uncomfortable.

SAMANTHA: ______________________________________________
CAROL: __________________________________________________

f. If you lost your car keys.

SAMANTHA: ______________________________________________
CAROL: __________________________________________________

11. Mark has lots of problems in his apartment. Which ones will he solve himself
and which ones will he have solved?

a) The light bulbs are burnt: I will replace them.
I will have them replaced.
b) The air conditioner is broken:
c) The walls are filthy:
d) The toaster is not working
e) The tap is leaking:
f) The sofa is stained:
g) The vase is cracked:
h) The curtains are dirty:
i) The batteries are dead:
j) The doorknob is broken:
k) The carpet is dirty:

12. Sophia is having trouble at home. Below is what she did and the
consequences. Write five complete sentences using “IF”.

Arrived late Missed dinner with her parents.
If she hadn’t arrived late, she wouldn’t have missed dinner with her parents.

Didn’t wash the dishes Mother was disappointed

Broke her brother’s CD Brother told mother

Didn’t go to her friend’s birthday Didn’t obey her father

Lied to her mother Didn’t get any gifts for Christmas

Didn’t study for the English test Stayed home during summer break

13. Look at the information below and write complete sentences.

Example: Mona Lisa / paint / Da Vinci: Mona Lisa was painted by Da Vinci.

a. Antoni Gaudi / design / The Sagrada Familia: __________________________________


b. 14 BIS / build / Alberto Santos Dummont: _____________________________________


c. Pour Elise / compose / Ludwig Van Beethoven: _________________________________


d. Romeo and Juliet / base / on a true story: _____________________________________


e. Beat it / sing / Michael Jackson for the first time in The USA: _____________________


f. Cebolinha / inspire / in Mauricio de Souza’s son: ______________________________


14. Read and complete the story below with the correct form of the verbs.

Last weekend my friends and I went to the mountains. The car


(drive) by Tom. Tom always drives for us because he is the only one who doesn’t drink.
You know, nowadays beer _____________ (drink) by the majority of teens.
Cigarettes________________(smoke) by them as well.

The mountains _______________(see) firstly by Janeth, who had never been to

the mountains before. The food _______________(prepare) by Sylvia and the dishes
______________(do) by Freddy. We went downtown and had a lot of fun. But suddenly
it started to rain. We _____________________(catch) by the rain in the middle of the
street. We got soaking wet and we had no extra clothes to wear that night. So, new
clothes _____________________(buy) by us in a department store nearby.

I love visiting different places. In this city, the parks and gardens
_________________ (clean) by the locals. Good restaurants
_______________________(find) everywhere. Souvenirs of various types
______________________(sell) in the open market. The pigeons
___________________(feed) by the visitors and any animal ________________ (hurt)
by the people who visit this incredible place. Well, I think we had one of the best
weekends of our lives!

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