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25 Years in Skokie! 152 Years Serving Chicagoland!

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Etty Rubinow Tree of Life Sale fellow members for a refua shlayma, condolence or
During the month of Shevat, ending Tuesday February mazal tov. To join the standings, please contact the
5th, save 10% on all Etty Rubinow Tree of Life office at (847) 679-9800 or
plaques. Leaves are $90, Acorns are $450 and Also, cards are available for purchase from the office
Foundation Stones are $900. for $1.50 each or 13 cards for $18. If you would like
Contact the office at (847) 679-9800, email us to send a card for you for $2, please contact the or use the online order form at office. Parsha Podcasts Rabbi Louis Lazovsky's morning Vorts on the Parsha
ARK Food and Toiletry Drive are available as podcasts online at
Our annual ARK Food and Toiletry Drive is now (a link is on our
underway. Non-Perishable Kosher Food Items Needed: homepage, On the
Canned vegetables & fruits, boxed meals, rice, beans, Podomatic page you can subscribe via iTunes. The
pasta, cereals; condiments; baby formula & baby previous page, has old vorts, but a
foods; cake mixes; instant mixes like potatoes, gravies Podomatic glitch does not allow us to update it anymore.
and sauces; canned tuna, salmon; Toiletries Needed: Rabbi Meyer Juzint’s Nechamas Meyer - Mussar
Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, on Parsha and The Chain of Miracles
deodorant, plastic bags, diapers, baby products, These books - Mussar on Parsha and an amazing
toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss. Holocaust memoir written by a teacher of Rabbi Louis
Please drop off food donations in the blue bin Lazovsky and a friend of Kesser Maariv, are available
located in the shul lobby. Questions or for a pick-up for purchase from the office, and from
call Larry Weinger at (847) 677-2198. We will be and Amazon. Nechamas
collecting donations through February 17th. Meyer is $25 and Chain of Miracles is $20.
Fast of Esther Partners in Torah
The Fast of Esther will take place on Wednesday, Kesser Maariv is proud to host “Partners” on Mondays
March 20. The fast begins at 5:31 am, and ends after from 8-9:00pm. Men and women are invited to come
we read Megillah. learn Torah with a partner, and hear short inspirational
On Wednesday afternoon March 20, we will remarks at the end. Refreshments are served.
daven Mincha at 6:40 pm (we have a custom to give Questions? Contact Jeff Greenspan.
$1.50 as the Half-Shekel) and Maariv at about 7:10 with Daily Minyan
Megilla starting at 7:15 pm (don’t be late!) We have daily Shacharit which currently begins at
On Thursday March 21st Shacharit begins at 5:45 6:00 am, but after March 11th (Daylight Savings Time)
am and Megilla at about 6:05 am. Last Chance Megillah minyan will begin after 6:00 am, due to sunrise being
reading will be at 5:00 pm, and enjoy a Purim Seudah so late.
(with entertainment) at 5:30 pm. Please make Sunday, Mincha-Maariv 10 minutes before sunset.
reservations to Larry & Judy Weinger (847) 677-2198 Monday–Thursday, Maariv only at 7:00 pm.
or by March 15. Daily Mincha-Maariv will resume on March 11!
Misheberach List ! Pick up a Kesser Maariv Pushke (Tzedaka Box). If
If you have names for a misheberach, please send them you have a full Pushke, please call Aron Lavon
to the shul office or e-mail to at 773-418-2766, who will pick it up.
Happy Day Cards & Standings ! Members may borrow books from our Lending
Thank you to all who have re-joined the “Standings!” Library, located on the south side of the Social Hall.
For only $50 a year, your name will automatically be Rabbi Soloveichik’s Sunday Parsha Shiur
included whenever a card is sent from our shul to Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik’s Sunday morning Parsha
shiur meets at 9:15 am. All are welcome to attend this
fascinating shiur.
Rabbi Benzie’s Gemara Shiur The Annual Banquet and Ad Journal honoring the
We finished the 6th chapter in November and have memories of Dr. Alvin Fensterheim and Mrs. Jean
begun the 7th chapter which discusses the laws of Goldrich was a beautiful tribute. The Ad Journal may
Birkat Hamazon This class is open to everyone. be viewed (and downloaded) at
JVS Chicago scholarships
Please visit for Kesser Maariv received a grant from Jewish
college scholarchip opportunities. Genealogical society of IL for future upkeep at Jewish
Send-a-Kid-to-Israel-Partnership Oakwoods Cemetery.
Kesser Maariv is a proud partner in the SKIP program, Rabbi Louis Lazovsky delivered the convocation for
where parents, the Shul and the Jewish United Fund the Induction Ceremony Celebrating the Newly
contribute money towards an Israel Experience for our Elected Circuit Judges of the Circuit Court of Cook
youngsters. Next enrollment will be in November County (at the invitation of Hon. Moshe Jacobius,
2019. See Rabbi Benzie for details. Presiding Judge, Chancery Division, Circuit Court of
Serve Dinner at Café ARK Cook County.
We will be serving dinner at Café ARK on February 6th ADELE GOLDBLUM WOMEN’S COUNCIL
and March 6th . Please contact Cookie Goldrich at Past Events
(847) 401-8149 if you would like to volunteer. Membership Event Making Time to Have Fun! with
Past Events comedienne Debbie Cardash and concert with Rachel
Wendy Hartz Memorial Lecture - "Reaching New Lavon was really fun! Thanks to Eleanor Greenspan,
Heights: The Lessons of Chana" was presented by Sue Goldrich and all who helped.
Esther Eisenman, Menahelet of Shalhevet High School Thank you to all of the women who have
in New York. The video of it is available on our become members of the Women's Council this year.
website, Facebook and Twitter pages or directly at It is not too late! You can still send in $30 to become
a member for the 2018-2019 year. Stay tuned for
upcoming programs.
For Veteran's Day, World War II veteran Jack
Congregation B.H.H. Kesser Maariv A.L.
4341 W. Golf Weissman told his story.
Skokie, IL 60076 Thanks to Cookie Goldrich, Dorie Chez, Brenda
(847) 679-9800 Kahn, Myra Goldstein, Sharon Friedman Larry Rosen
fax (847) 679-5041 and Larry Weinger for serving dinner at Cafe ARK in
e-mail: November, and to Larry Weinger, Brenda Kahn, Faith Harris, Sharon Friedman, and Carmella Bega for serving
Rabbi Louis A. Lazovsky at Café ARK in January.
Steven D. Goldrich, President GOOD & WELFARE
Rabbi Ben Zion Lazovsky, Mazel Tov to: Dan & Faith Harris on the birth of a
Associate Rabbi & Executive Director
granddaughter, Noam Esther, in Israel...Maury & Tina
Sandy Miretzky, Nasrin Kheradyar & Saretta Lazovsky,
Co-Presidents, Adele Goldblum Women’s Council Pressburger on the birth of a grandson Adir, born to
Committee Contact Information: Korey & Shevy, and on the birth of a granddaughter,
Saretta Lazovsky Lena Miriam, to Eli & Avital...The BenEzra family on
Happy Day Cards
the birth of a granddaughter in Israel...Dinora
(847) 676-0556 or
Ingberman& Larry Biel on the birth of a grandson,
Chesed Fund Anne Elovic (847) 673-2904 Yecheskel, born to Jacob & Miriam Valabov...Jeff &
Donate Books & Siddurim Office Sandy Cagan on the Bar Mitzvah of their grandson,
(847) 679-9800 or Jack...Rachel & Aron Lavon on the birth of a
grandson...Susan Schreck Greer on the engagement of
Endowment Rabbi Louis Lazovsky
her daughter Rochel to Nate Hershkowitz...Marika & Ed
Kiddush & Seudat Shlisheet Judy Whisler Nissan on the Bar-Mitzvah of their grandson Jason
Membership 8/677-2281 Nissan... Evelyne Sternfeld on the Bar Mitzvah of her
Social Hall Rental Office great-grandson David Sternfeld, and on the birth of a
Tree of Life great-grandson.
Yahrzeit Plaques (847) 679-9800 Celebrate your simcha on the Etty Rubinow Tree of Life!
Leaves are ON SALE DURING SHEVAT. See the flyer with the ashes of the Red Heifer (Parah Adumah) to be
enclosed or print the order form off of our website. able to eat the sacrifice. This reading should be heard by
Refua Shleima to: Bella Perlman & all who need one. everyone, even children.
Condolences to: Dr. Lawrence Perlmuter on the passing Shabbat, April 6 is Parshat Hachodesh. The additional
of his wife Ina Perlmuter. reading discusses laws pertaining to the Passover
Tehiya BenEzra on the passing of her husband Michael. sacrifice and the importance of time, which is the
The family of Rabbi William Fertig. defining characteristic of the Jewish people. The
Almighty promised that the Jewish empire will be one
Levi Asher Sidel on the passing of his father, Jack Sidel.
over time, as our sages expressed: “The nations of the
For information about ordering Yahrzeit plaques, please world are like the sun and the Jewish nation is like the
call the office at (847) 679-9800. moon;” despite waning, always regenerating.
Thank you to our recent Kiddush Sponsors: Sally Aaron; Fast of Esther (Wednesday March 20) – The day before
Judy & Jeff Whisler; Bob & Sheryl Greenstein; Howard, Purim is a fast day, commemorating the gathering of the
Steven & Cookie Goldrich; Avi Lowenstein; Moshe Jewish people for prayer before they defended
Kipnis, Simona Cheskis and Maya Kucher; Jeff & Sandy themselves against their attackers.
Cagan; Anne & David Elovic; Sandi & Jim Pappas, and Purim (Wednesday night March 20 & Thursday March
anonymous sponsors. 21) - As Megillat Esther teaches, Jews were hated in
every one of the 127 countries known in the ancient
Thank you to our recent Seudat Shlisheet Sponsors: world. Haman, a former stable worker who was
Judy & Larry Weinger, Dan & Faith Harris, Steve & Sue originally a slave to Mordechai, became the richest man
Goldrich, Gilda Allswang, Sandy & Marty Miretzky, in the world. He bribed Achashverosh, King of Persia
and emperor of the ancient world, for permission to
Rabbi Louis & Saretta Lazovsky, Mike Wishner. annihilate the Jews. Once permission was granted,
Haman drew lots, or “Purim,” to select the day to
DVAR TORAH implement the final solution. Queen Esther prayed and
Leap Year - The Jewish calendar consists of lunar months fasted for three days prior to her request of King
and solar years. To keep the calendar in order, which Achashverosh that the Jews should not be killed. The
guarantees Passover falls out in the springtime, we original fast began the night of the first Passover seder.
occasionally add an extra month, the first Adar. In a leap Esther was only partially successful in that three-day
year, Purim is celebrated in the second Adar. Yahrzeits fast; it led the King to issue a proclamation permitting
from a standard Adar year are commemorated (according the Jews to protect themselves, but the King’s original
to Ashkenzic custom) in the first Adar. Children born in a order for the extermination of the Jews was not
standard Adar celebrate their Bar- and Bat-Mitzvahs in the rescinded. As a result, we prepared for a defensive war
second Adar. Rosh Chodesh Adar I is Tuesday February. on Purim. As during all times of danger, we did teshuva,
5 and Wednesday February 6. Rosh Chodesh Adar II is prayed and fasted for Hashem’s help. This second fast,
Thursday March 7 and Friday March 8. a communal fast, was held the day before Purim and
The Four Parshiot - Before Rosh Chodesh Adar we eventually became known as Taanit Esther to
begin a series of four special Torah readings and commemorate Hashem’s answering the prayers of Esther
haftarot. Parshat Shekalim is on Shabbat, March 2. It and Am Yisrael.
commemorates the annual required donation of a Four Mitzvot were ordained especially for Purim.
one-half shekel coin that every Jew made to maintain the They are: 1) Reading or listening to the reading of the
Temple, to purchase the daily sacrifices and to conduct Megillah at night and on the day of Purim to remind
a census of the Jewish people. ourselves of the hidden but ever-present hand of the
Parshat Zachor, Shabbat, March 16, is always read on Almighty; 2) Mishloach Manot, or giving at least two
the Shabbat before Purim. All of us, even children, are gifts of food to at least one person; 3) Matanot
obligated to hear every word of the special maftir of Le'evyonim – giving two gifts of charity to at least two
Parshat Zachor which discusses our obligation to destroy poor people; and finally, 4) Purim Seuda, or eating the
Amalek. The Jewish people have been commanded to festive Purim feast where we break bread together with
wage a never-ending battle against evil. This special family, friends and strangers on Purim day. These
Shabbat reminds us how and why. mitzvot help promote fellowship and love among Jews
Parshat Parah - Shabbat, March 30. In the time of the and are as valid now as they were then.
Temple, everyone had to eat from the Paschal Lamb Pesach & The First Seder begin on Friday
(korban Pesach) on Passover. We read about the Parah night, April 19, 2019!
Adumah to remind everyone to ritually purify themselves

Malamud Reference Library - Come and Learn from any of the hundreds of titles in our library.
Lending Library Members may borrow books from our Lending Library, located on the south side of the Social Hall.
Tape Lending Library We have tapes and digital audio files on many topics including Chumash, Talmud and Mussar.
Date Candle Lighting Friday Mincha Shacharit Shiur Mincha
Mishpatim 2/1-2/2 4:46 pm 4:50 pm 8:45 am 3:35 pm 4:35 pm
Terumah 2/8-2/9 4:55 pm 5:00 pm 8:45 am 3:45 pm 4:45 pm
Tetzaveh 2/15-2/16 5:04 pm 5:10 pm 8:45 am 3:55 pm 4:55 pm
Ki Tisa 2/22-2/23 5:12 pm 5:15 pm 8:45 am 4:05 pm 5:05 pm
Vayakhel (Shkalim) 3/1-3/2 5:21 pm 5:25 pm 8:45 am 4:10 pm 5:10 pm
Pikudei 3/8-3/9 5:29 pm 5:35 pm 8:45 am 4:20 pm 5:20 pm
Vayikra (Zachor) 3/15-3/16 6:37 pm 6:40 pm 8:45 am 5:30 pm 6:30 pm
Tzav 3/22-3/23 6:45 pm 6:50 pm 8:45 am 5:35 pm 6:35 pm
Shmini (Parah) 3/29-3/30 6:53 pm 6:55 pm 8:45 am 5:45 pm 6:45 pm
Tazria (Hachodesh) 4/5-4/6 7:00 pm 7:05 pm 8:45 am 5:50 pm 6:50 pm
If you have a chiyuv - obligation to daven or require an Aliya, please inform Rabbi Lazovsky before Shabbat.
To sponsor a kiddush or shalashudos, please call Judy Whisler at (847) 677-2281.

Minyan Times Classes
Minyanim meet in the Kaufman Bais Midrash
Sunday Morning at 9:15 am: Parsha Class in the
Shacharit Weekly Sedra.
Sunday: 8:00 am Given by Rabbi Moshe Soloveichik
Monday-Friday: 6:00 am
When sunrise is after 7:07 am (after 3/11), Wednesdays at 7:15 pm (after Maariv): Talmud
Shiur studying Gemara Brachot (7 th Chapter, Laws
Shacharit will begin after 6:00 am of Grace After Meals) given by Rabbi Ben Zion.
Sunday: 10 minutes before sundown Shabbat afternoon, 1 hour before Mincha: Parsha
Monday-Thursday Maariv at 7:00 pm Class, given by Rabbi Louis Lazovsky
Daily Mincha-Maariv resumes on Mon 3/11 Fo r mo r e l ea r ni n g op portunities, contact Ra b b i s
B. or E. Lazovsky

During the month of Shevat (Thru February 5, 2019) you will save 10% on all leaves, acorns and foundation stones
on our Etty Rubinow Tree of Life (ordered and paid for).
Tree of Life Order Form
Please check one: Text of Plaque
[ ] Leaf [ ] Acorn [ ] Foundation Stone
Name: _________________________________ _____________________________________
Phone Number: __________________________
Email: _________________________________
Amount Enclosed: ____________
Please limit each Leaf to 4 lines plus the date
4341 W EST GOLF ROAD # SKOKIE, ILLINOIS 60076 # (847) 679-9800


* Honor a relative or friend
* Mark a special occasion
* Memorialize a loved one

During the month of Shevat (Thru February 5, 2019) you will save
10% on all leaves, acorns and foundation stones on our Etty Rubinow
Tree of Life (ordered and paid for).
Wording can be in English, Hebrew or a combination of both.

Leaves are available for $100 $90 During Shevat
Acorns are available for $500 $450 During Shevat
Foundation Stones are available for $1,000 $900 During Shevat

Questions? Call the office at (847) 679-9800, or e-mail

Tree of Life Order Form
Please check one: Text of Plaque
[ ] Leaf [ ] Acorn [ ] Foundation Stone
Name: _________________________________ _____________________________________
Phone Number: __________________________ ______________________________________

Email: _________________________________ __________________

Amount Enclosed: ____________ Please limit each Leaf to 4 lines plus the date # # fax (847) 679-5041