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Madison Local School District Board of Education 1379 Grace Street Mansfield, Ohio 44905 January 30, 2019 To: Mr. Jeff Meyers, President of the Madison School Board The Madison School District has historically operated as a district with honored traditions and esteemed excellence. In the past, teachers were always given the respect and support earned and needed to ignite learning and raise expectations for our students. However, over the past eighteen months we have experienced a change in the direction and vision of the Madison Board of Education. A distrust in certain board members, a continued lack of transparency in decision making and little respect for teachers and their contract have led us to this drastic measure concerning our school district. This letter is an expré of our vote of no confidence in the Madison Board of Education. The Madison Local Education Association (MLEA) has voted overwhelmingly to pass a vote of no confidence in the Madison Board of Education. ‘© The majority of the Board of Education has made decisions affecting our students, our tax payers and our teachers with a lack of transparency and unwillingness to listen to reasonable concerns such as cost of The Leader in Me program and loss of intervention to students. receiving special education services. ‘+ The majority of the Board has continually violated the Teachers collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and not protected the teachers through grievance procedures. Often times certain members of the board as well as the superintendent ridiculed the actual grievant during the process. This attitude of elected officials and hired leadership fosters a toxic and hostile working environment. + The Board of Education leadership has failed to abide by the true vision of the Madison Schools; creating a lack of professionalism from certain board members that has led to a rash of poor decisions including failure to oversee the superintendent's decision making and not limiting the superintendent's contract to only two years prior to relieving her of her duties. The majority of The Board of Education has failed to recognize and respect the expertise of the teaching professionals and su funding from the state, after classes. This incompetence may yntinues to hurt this board continues to there is no