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METI Organization Chart As of August 21, 2018

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

Electricity and Gas Market State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Regional Bureaus of Industrial Safety and Inspection
Surveillance Commission State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Economy, Trade and Industry Departments
Secretary General Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Hokkaido, Kanto-Tohoku, Chubu-
Policy Planning Division Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu Kansai, Chugoku-Shikoku, Kyushu,
Market Surveillance Division Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Okinawa
Network Surveillance Division Vice-Minister for International Affairs Training Institute of
Economy, Trade and Industry

Economic and Industrial Policy Trade and Economic Cooperation Industrial Science and Technology Commerce and Information Policy Agency for Natural Resources and Small and Medium Enterprise
Minister's Secretariat Trade Policy Bureau Manufacturing Industries Bureau Japan Patent Office
Bureau Bureau Policy and Environment Bureau Bureau Energy Agency

Deputy Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade Director-General, Economic and Director-General, Trade and Economic Director-General, Industrial Science and Director-General, Manufacturing Director-General, Commerce and Commissioner, Agency for Natural Commissioner, Small and Medium
Director-General, Trade Policy Bureau Commissioner, Japan Patent Office
and Industry Industrial Policy Bureau Cooperation Bureau Technology Policy and Environment Industries Bureau Information Policy Bureau Resources and Energy Enterprise Agency
Director-General for Policy Planning and Deputy Commissioner , Agency for Deputy Commissioner, Small and
Deputy Commissioner
Coordination Natural Resources and Energy Medium Enterprise Agency
Deputy Director-General for Policy Policy Planning and Coordination Policy Planning and Coordination Policy Planning and Coordination Policy Planning and Coordination Policy Planning and Coordination Policy Planning and Coordination
Evaluation Division Division Division Division Division Division
Deputy Director-General for
Innovation and Industry-University Policy Planning and Coordination
Cybersecurity and Information Macro Economic Affairs Division International Economic Affairs Division Trade Finance Division Metal Indutries Division Information Economy Division Commissioner's Secretariat Commissioner's Secretariat
Collaboration Division Department
Director-General for Regional Economic Policy Planning and Coordination Director-General, Policy Planning and Policy Planning and Coordination
Industrial Structure Policy Division Economic Partnership Division Trade Promotion Division Research and Development Division Chemical Management Policy Division Cybersecurity Division
and Industrial Policy Division Coordination Department Division
Director-General for Technology Policy
Technical Regulations, Standards and
Coordination and Industrial and Product Corporate System Division Americas Division Investment Facilitation Division Material Industries Division IT Innovation Division International Affairs Division Personnel Division
Conformity Assessment Policy Division
Director-General for Commerce and General Coordination
Industry Creation Policy Division Europe Division Technical Cooperation Division International Standardization Division Lifestyle Industries Division IT Industry Division Business Environment Department
Service Industry Policy Division
Director-General for Nuclear Accident International Electrotechnology Energy Conservation and Renewable Budget and Director-General, Business Environment
Industrial Finance Division Middle East and Africa Division Industrial Machinery Division Media and Content Industry Division
Disaster Response Standardization Division Energy Department Accounts Division Department
Director-General, Energy Conservation
Deputy Director-General Corporate Affairs Division Asia and Pacific Division Trade Control Department Environmental Policy Division Automobile Division Policy Planning and Research Division Policy Planning Division
and Renewable Energy Department
Director-General, Trade Control Resource Efficiency and Circular Aerospace and Defense Industry Commerce and Service Industry Policy Information Dissemination and Policy
Northeast Asia Division Policy Planning Division Finance Division
Department Economy Division Division Group Promotion Division
Regional Economic and Industrial Policy Consumer Affairs, Distribution and Retail Advanced Energy Systems and International Corporate Finance and Tax Affairs
Personnel Division Trade Control Policy Division
Group Industry Division Structure Division Policy Division Division
Policy Planning and Coordination Regional Economic and Industrial Policy International
Multilateral Trade System Department Trade Licensing Division Commerce Supervisory Division Energy Efficiency Division Fair Trade Division
Division Division Cooperation Division
Business Environment Promotion Director-General, Multilateral Trade
Budget and Accounts Division Security Trade Control Policy Division Service Affairs Policy Division New and Renewable Energy Division
Division System Department
Policy Evaluation and Public Relations Security Export Control Administration Trademark and Customer Relations
Industrial Facilities Division Cool Japan Policy Division Business Support Department
Division Division Department
Information Systems and Welfare Director-General, Trademark and Director-General, Business Support
Security Export Licensing Division Healthcare Industries Division Natural Resources and Fuel Department
Division Customer Relations Department Department
Director-General, Natural Resources
Bio-Industry Division Customer Relations Policy Division Business Support Division
and Fuel Department
Fukushima Reconstruction Promotion
Policy Planning Division Application Division Small Enterprise Division
Industrial and Product Safety Policy Startup and New Business Promotion
Petroleum and Natural Gas Division Trademark Division
Group Division
Petroleum Refining and Reserve
Research and Statistics Department Industrial Safety Division Technology and Innovation Division
Patent and Design Examination
Petroleum Distribution and Retail Retail and Wholesale Commerce
Electric Power safety Division Department (Physics, Optics, Social
Division Division
Infrastructure and Design)
Director-General, Patent and Design
Mine Safety and Explosives Control
Coal Division Examination Department (Physics,
Optics, Social Infrastructure and Design)
  Product Safety Division Mineral and Natural Resources Division Adminstrate Affairs Division
Design Division
Electricity and Gas Industry Department
Director-General, Electricity and Gas Patent Examination Department
Industry Department (Mechanical Technology)
Director-General, Patent Examination
Policy Planning Division
Department (Mechanical Technology)
Electricity Infrastructure Division
Patent Examination Department
Nuclear Energy Policy Planning Division (Chemistry, Life Science and Material
Director-General, Patent Examination
Nuclear Facilities Development and
Department (Chemistry, Life Science
Nuclear Fuel Cycle Industry Division
and Material Science)
Radioactive Waste Management Policy
Patent Examination Department (Electric
Director-General, Patent Examination
Department (Electronic Technology)

Trial and Appeal Department

Director-General, Trial and Appeal
Trial and Appeal Division