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ci ANNEXURE*UPART OF TENDER DOOUMENT) wy ENERAL TECHNICAL SPECIFIGATIONS FOR 40-45 WATT STREET LIGHT LED FITTINGS ‘echnical speciicalons ofLED/Fitngs Luminaic Wis. ca de). pppestye cobe ; Sine Faniculars Required Speaiicsion ‘The party has tof the format in "Yes" , cor" eee the tener wl be rejected. i. Electrical Efficiency Management 4 _ [input Voltage 1180 to 270 Volt AC at S0H2 +/- 2% Yes. 2__ {AC Power Factor 2090 Ges 3 [Efficiency of driver 285% qe 4__| Total Harmonic Distortion 310% eh § [LED Current $700mA Ha 6 [LED Lumens 4500 23 7_| Control Circuit Compatible fo LED $e 8 _| Surge /Spike protection 2 KV LN.E 28 per lEC 6100-45 Yes © {Line Proteation UnderiOvervotege Yer 10 _| Votage Dips & Interupts ‘As per IEC 61000-4.11 ‘Yor. 14 | Wattage Renge 40 to 45 Watt Yoh 42_| LED life time & Lumineire IESLM79&1ESLME0 Yok 13 _[verall Power Consumption | <1.2 times Rated Wattage Ses Optical Management 4__| LED Efficacy 2100 LeWatt, re Colour temperature ‘6000 + 500K, yes 4 [Life expectancy of the 30,000 operating hours yes LED 4 | Opis Eficiens 380% yor a eee POWER LED. Yer 6__| Golour Rendering Indax(ORI) |= 70 Yes Dptimised fo maintain tne uniformity and v quired Lux level at site. Suitable | 1, [Moving Oisperionsean _fetacereoes nay auo be powee ys | angle increase the llumination angle. Minimum view bangle of the LED Fitting shali not be ess than x haddegree < Pressure die cast sluminumi housing with sealed 1 [Luminaire casing toughened gles cover f 2__[ Ambient temperature (0-50 degree Centigrade or better yet 3_| Heat Sink ‘High Grave Aluminium (grade>6000) ‘Yyod General Parameters 7 | Protections Short Creu, Surge, Over current and Yes overload protection 2_[1P protection IP 66 ge 3 [instalation Outsser Yar ig [internal wring Complete wed wih Brena Wes h Yes &__ Mounting System ‘Suitable for 50 MM OD Pipe ye 6 Marranty 3 36 months from the date of supp) ‘yeu iumen efficiency, Ingress prciection, Warrenty & Required Test Certificates ertficate of compliance (COC) forall quoted Ye z Standards. sfaagrareMing Al foslenevs shoud be of SS material es iting FEpoxy povider coated, finish die cast get al ‘Aluminigm housing ot