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Gas Cylinder Manifold is a high-pressure structure specially fabricated for interconnecting two

or more numbers of cylinders to a common gas supply line when consumption of gas is high.
Manifold interconnects two or more number of cylinders for the purpose of availability of more
gas at source. The Gas Manifold pressure can be reduced to operatable pressure by a pressure
regulator. The pressure regulators can be conned to two manifolds resulting in changeover of
manifolds. The changeover can happen manually or automatically changing the gas supply from
one bank of cylinders to the other bank without interrupting the continuity of the supply.
Manifolds comprise a control panel, manifold racks, tailpipes and an isolation valve and a
pressure relief valve. Excelgas supplies custom made gas specific manifolds for all types of
applications. There is no vaporizer in the manifold system. The cylinder contains 80% of liquid
and the balance is vapor. Vapor withdrawal is used for daily usage. Before the gas is transported
to the user, the ball valve should be opened. In the manifold system, it contains two banks. The
setting pressure of first bank will be higher than the second to allow the flow of gas. The
manifold system also has an indicator to determine the amount of gas in the cylinder. When the
amount of gas is high, a grey line can be observed at the indicator. If no gas is left, the indicator
shows red line.