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Kathryn Rae Custodio

“We promote cultural exchanges”—IALSAO

In collaboration with the International Accreditation, Linkages, and Student Affairs

Office (IALSAO), American Field Service Intercultural Programs Philippines (AFS

Philippines) introduced the exchange programs and global citizenship to students during

the Selection Camp and Education Fair at the University of Batangas (UB) High School

Library, Nov. 10.

AFS Philippines is a private non-profit international organization that promotes

intercultural learning opportunities to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding of

global citizens in order to create a more just and peaceful world through education.

“Selection camp is open to all students, not just from UB but also from other schools

and universities in Batangas province. It aims to introduce students to various exchange

programs offered by AFS Philippines and UB and also to encourage them to apply despite

still not having their passports,” said Ms. Florescel Gay L. Alido, IALSAO Program

Specialist and Liaison Officer.

As part of the university’s mission to create globally competitive graduates, the

Selection Camp and Educational Fair is one way to strengthen the internationalization of

the university, particularly the students, and to promote peace through cultural exchange

in the form of education.

“Among the benefits, there is to know more about different cultures, and appreciating

other cultures, build diversity and learn their language. Being a global citizen kasi is not

just about bridging cultures, but also promoting peace with different cultures, with different

nationalities”, stated Ms. Alido.

Moreover, the said event, which is also called as the Global Citizenship Education

Fair, was organized to orient the students on how to be global. Also, their main agenda

is to inform the students about the benefits and goals of being an exchange student.

“We are planning to continue this kind of program into our university because it will

not only benefit the university but also the community of Batangas into helping the future

professionals be more globally competitive and for them to learn more about cultural

diversity,” ended Ms. Alido.