Orpheus and Eurydice A tragic beautiful love story Introduction of characters: Balaw-as (SNAKE) I am the serpent, a venomous serpent

, with my bite I can make u suffer and die. Duqueza (God Aristaeus) - all I want is what I got. I seduce the girl I want and love. Agan (Charon) I am charon. The underworld daimon. The servant of hades. Aggasid (Hades) I am Hades. The God of underworld, your soul and body will be soon mine. Hahaha. Tuano (Eurydice) I am Eurydice, wife of orpheus and the water fairy. Mariano (Orpheus) I am Orpheus, the husband of Eurydice. With my musical talent, I can make trees and animals rock and dance with me. SCENE 1 Narrator: goodmorning everyone.. heres the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.. a beautiful tragic love story.. One day, Orpheus, a musician was playing with his flute and met Eurydice, a water fairy. ------*Music on ---flute--- then stop after 1 min. ------*Eurydice s shawl fell to ground. Eurydice: oh, thank you. Orpheus: my pleasure. My name is Orpheus. Eurydice: I am Eurydice. Orpheus: Nice meeting you. (Shake hands) SCENE 2 Narrator: they fell in love to each other. So they get married and believed that nothing can separate them. Orpheus: I want to spend every day of my life with you. I love you Eurydice. Til death do us part. Eurydice: I love you too. With all my heart. SCENE 3 Narrator: and they lived happy life as they enjoy music and each other.. one day morning, Orpheus had to live, so Eurydice went to her favorite place.. Orpheus: my love, Eurydice. I need to go somewhere.. ill be back in few hours.. I will miss you.. Eurydice: ok my love, ill just be in my favorite place.. I will wait for you.. SCENE 4 Narrator: while waiting for Orpheus to come back, Eurydice went to her favorite place.. but suddenly. God Aristaeus is chasing her. ------*Eurydice holding flowers.. playing.. Aristaeus: (gugulatin si Eurydice).. haha.. you re here my beloved fairy.. I want you.. I want you.. kiss me.. hug me.. Eurydice: (nagulat) stop!!!! I am married.. pls stop fooling me around.. ------*Naghabulan silang dalawa.. SCENE 5 Narrator: Aristaeus don t stop chasing Eurydice.. until Eurydice get tired and exhausted of running and running.. she didn t notice the serpent (a Venomous snake) where she is resting then suddenly.. Snake: bwahahaha.. a beautiful lady (bahala na si balaw-as ditto sa eksena nya.. bongga dapat habaan ng onti ) ------*kinagat ng ahas si Eurydice. ------*dumating si Orpheus

you can enter now the underworld. nashock tumingin sa paa. the god of underworld.... (iikot ky Orpheus.. Charon: Where are you going? Orpheus: im going to the underworld to meet hades.. he tried to go back to underworld but he cant.. the Gods advised him to go to Underworld and please Hades to take back Eurydice into life -----*nalaglag ang mapa -----*naglalakad si Orpheus.. my love..... momay!!!!!! ----*Music on ---.. oh no -----*nawala bigla c Eurydice.. the God of underworld... lets have an agreement.. what happened??. here she is.. I am hades.. Orpheus is now finding and searching for Hades. Orpheus: im here for my wife.. she will disappear forever.. . Charon: hahaha... the beautiful water fairy.stop chorus (1 min and 19 sec. ok. na shock. Orpheus: if that s so. time after time. you re the husband of Eurydice. Orpheus change. his music turned to mourning and sadness....!!!!!!!! SCENE 8 Narrator: Orpheus and Eurydice is finding the light to pass the underworld..I want to see you Eurydice ------*tiningnan c Eurydice.Orpheus: Eurydice.. only once he can pass to underworld.. Hades: so. Orpheus: no pulse.. where is she? Hades: bwahahha.... the gate protector from the underworld that divides the earth from underworld... -----music on--.. Orpheus: what is that agreement? Hades: I give you Eurydice. Orpheus.after 1min.. your wife. hinarang ni charon. then suddenly. (mourn) Charon: what a beautiful song... ur still stepping on the shadow of underworld. hahaha.) I don t easily let go of things I own now.......... his behavior and everything.. Scene 7 Narrotor: after passing charon. oh my.. I ll do anything just to take her back... Orpheus: are you hades? Hades: bwahahaha and who are you? Yes.. matotouch. but Orpheus really really want to see the beautiful face of Eurydice... no brething. (malakas na tawa)..(hard for me to say im sorry) ---complete--Narrator: orheus get shocked. Eurydice... but what I have is this music. I can see the light now.. the abolus coin.... (malungkot na music) ------*music on---..Fixing a broken heart---.. bwahahaha. but you cannot look at her until you pass the underworld. at biglang lumabas c hades. When Eurydice is still stepping to the shadow of underworld. (dapat my kumot na itim... na tataklob ky Karen para kunwari nwala. causes Eurydice to disappear disappear forever.. you seem you re so lonely.... Orpheus: oh. -------*naghahanap. according to story he also disappeared after the Gods knew that because of his everlasting love to Eurydice he will be that kind of musician and as living son of Apollo. magugustuhan ni charon. check time ha. if you look at her. unless you give me money.. here we are.. SCENE 6 Narrator: Orpheus is now in sorrow and grief. Eurydice. my world.. no alive can enter the underworld. change his music. Orpheus: I cant live without her. Orpheus: I don t have any coin. Hades: hahaha.. -------*nakita c eurydice nakahandusay..) pls...

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