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Impact of shutdown on NTSB investigations and related activities 125/19 Impact to investigation ongoing at time of shutdown ‘Work has stopped on: ‘viation ‘major and 129 fatal accident investigations 1815 general aviation and timited investigations 12 foreign investigations involving US operators or products (Annex 13) Rall, Pipeline and Hazardous Materials 33 investigations marine -4 vestigations bishuvay “21 investigations Research and Engineering ‘Medical reviews: 63 cases Naterals laboratory examinations: 63 cases Nehicle recorder analyses: 451 cases ‘Vehicle performance analyses: 54 cases see Table't for additional information Other impacted work of significance Reschedule of Host Wanted List rollout/press conference. Original date of sand, eschedule for February 4 -Postponement of Board Meeting on Ypsilanti runway excursion accident scheduled Yor January 15. ‘AU NTSB partieipation inthe Transportation Research Board (TRB) annual meeting hhas been cancelled. 19 presentations/meetings cancelled Impact on accidents occurring since shutdown started Accidents not investigated since 12/22/2018 = 97 (details below) “accigents requiring investigative action= 22 (Table 2) “aviation limited accidents» 69 (cases requiring investigation, typically ne via data collection and not launching/traveling,) (ther mada svestigaive ations not taken = 6 (Table 3) Staff Information Total agency staff as of 01/16/2019 = 397 “Employees Furloughed = 367 Rocalled staf = 4 Employees excepted = 26 (21 staff, 5 Board Members) ‘Table 1: Impacted NTSB investigative work that was ongoing atthe time of the shutdown sviation Total of 6 ongoing major investigations and 339 field investigations, including “Ameristar Charter Flight 9263 MO-83 Runway Overrun, Ypsilant, MI (78/2017) + Air Cargo Carriers Flight 1260 shorts $03-30 Crash on Appfpach, CChaeston, WV (5/5/2017) {Lear 35 crash on approach, Teterboro, NJ (5/15/2017) Airbus Helicopter erash, Peach Springs, AZ (2/10/2018) ‘american Eurocopter crash in Est iver, New York, NY (3/11/2018) Southwest 737 engine failure, Philadelphia, PA (4/17/2018) Total of 1815 ongoing general aviation and limited investigations. Ongoing ntermational investigations, including: FlyDubai 8737, crash during approach, Rostov-On-Don, Russia, (19/2016) ‘UPS MD-11, Overrun, Incheon, Korea (6/6/2016) Emirates B77, crash during landing, Dubai, UAE (8/3/2016) 18747 cargo, crash during landing, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (1/16/2017), Sorshy 832 , crash offshore during SAR operations, Blacksod Bay, ireland (3/14/2017). Enstrom helicopter, in-flight breakup, Funds, Italy (5/10/2017) + -AirFrance A380 w/ Engine Allance GP7200 engine fan and iniet Separation, Greenland (9/30/2017), + Gibana de Aviacion 8737, crash shortly after takeoff, Havana Cuba (6/18/2018) *+ Embraer E-190 equipped with GE CF-34 engines, loss of controt ring takeoft, Durango, Mexico 7/31/2018) ‘Air Nugin! 8737, crash on approach, Chuuk, Mironesia (9/28/2018) *+ Lion ir 737 Max, crash after takeoff, Jakarta, Indonesia (90/29/2018), * Fly Jamaica 8757, crash during landing, Georgetown, Guyana (117972018) “Total of 33 ongoing rail/ppetine hazmat investigation, including: Apartment explosion, siver Spring, MD (8/10/2016) Metro North commuter train deraiiment, Rye, NY (3/18/2017) ‘Tain derailment with propane release, Hyndman, Ph (8/2/2017) Iminnehaha Academy explosion, Minneapolis, WN (8/2/2017) ‘Amtrak derailment, DuPont, Wa (12/18/2017) ‘atrak ealtsion with CSK tran, Cayce, SC (2/4/2018) Merrimack Valley natural gas explosions, Merrimack Valley, MA (9/13/2018) Marine “Total of 4 ongoing investigations, including: Us Fitagerald collision near Yokosuka, Japan (6/17/2017) + USS John's Mccain ellison East of Strats of Singapore (8/21/2017) * Amphibious Passenger Vessel Stretch Duck capsize and sinking, Branson, MO (7/19/2018) ‘+ isin Alexis Ervin crane alision with Sunshine Bridge, Baton Rouge, LA (10/12/2018) “otal of 21 ongoing investigations, including Metropolitan Transit Administration bus struck by motorcoach, Flushing, NY (2/18/2017) ‘+ Florida international Unversity pedestrian bridge collapse, Miami, FLO3/15/2018) + Uber SUV operating in automated mede struck pedestrian, Tempe, Az (3/18/2018), Limousine crash, Schoharie, NY (10/6/2018) ‘Research and Engineering (work supporting investigations in all modes) Hedical 3 c2523 Materials Laboratory Division: 63 cases Vehicle Recorders Divison: 451 cases, Vehicle Performance Division: 54 cases Table 2, Accidents not responded to since shutdown that will require investigative action after shutdown (= accidents to which NTSB would have launched.) Mode vation vation vation deviation vation Narine Rail Transit all/Tansit Highway vation dition Highway Narine 2viation vation dition Marine vation dition dition Date of event noo 2/22/2018 12/25/2018 12/29/2018 12/30/2018 12/30/2018 12/23/2018, 1228/2018 1372019 wna wanes 7019 7019 weno 13018 1372019 an6n2018 1708 wa7r019 1ane9 Location atlanta, GA Lakeland, FL Sioux Falls, 80 Chesaning, M Beaver Island, ‘Guam Naval Base Manhattan, NY New York, NY Gainesville, FL Chattanooga, TN Colusa, CA South Harrison Kingman, AZ New Orteans, LA Ellensberg, WA Fredericksburg, TX icron, OH General information General aviation accident, 4 fata” General aviation accident, 1 fatal” General aviation accident, 2 fatal” General aviation accident, 1 fatal" General aviation accident, 1 fata” Cruise vessel Nippon Maru struck per, damaging vessel and pler. Major marine casualty. NVC Transit. Passenger train struck passenger, fatal." [NYC Transit. Passenger fell while walking between cars. 1 fatal." 2 Tractor trailers crashed witha 15-passenger van, 7 fata” General aviation accident, 2fatal.* General aviation accident, 2 fatal." Tractor traler crashes Into a school bus injuring 15.* Towing vessel sinking, Major marine casualty.” General aviation accident, 1 fatal, 1 serious." General aviation accident, 1 fatal." General aviation accident, 1 fatal, 1 serious." CCapsizing of support vessel; USCG attempted rescue, 2 fatal, (public/non-publc accident} General aviation accident, 1 fata." General aviation accident, 1 fata." 1-3 accident, 2 fatal