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Calibration Process Steps

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This scenario describes how to process the test or measurement equipment in a calibration inspection. The
objective of a calibration inspection is to determine whether each piece of equipment specified in the
maintenance order meets the predefined performance specifications.

Process Steps:

Step 1: Create Quality Instrument as Equipment in SAP System

Step 2: Create Catalog Code groups & corresponding codes

Step 3: Create Selected Sets

Step 4: Create Master Inspection Characteristics (MIC)

All the Qualitative & Quantitative parameters will be created as Master Inspection Characteristics in SAP
Step 5: Create Sampling Procedure to create the samples out of multiple equipments.

If Inspection will be done on 100 % sample, make the sampling type as 100 % Inspection.

Step 6: Create Task List for Quality Inspection.

There are different types of Task lists available. Here based on the requirement, either Equipment Task List or
General Task list will be created.

Step 7: Create Maintenance Strategy to define the Calibration Frequency (Required only in case of Strategy
Plan is used for Calibration)

Step 8: Create Maintenance Plan for Calibration Process
Step 9: Schedule the Maintenance Plan

Step 10: Display the Orders created based on Scheduling

Step 11: Release the order

Step 12: Results Recording for the Inspection Lot

Step 13: Usage Decision for the Inspection Lot

Step 14: Do the Completion Confirmation for PM Order operations
Step 15: Do the TECO for PM Order