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Which among the following places in [A] Dholavira [B]Surkotada [C]Daimabad
India where all the Paleolithic, Mesolithic [D] Banawali Show Answer
and Neolithic sites are found?
8. At which Indus Valley Site, the remains
[A] Bhimbetka [B]Belan Valley of Horse bones have been found?
[C]Adamgarh [D]Mirzapur Show Answer
[A]Daimabad [B] Harappa [C]Kalibanga
2. At which Indus Valley Site, the beared [D]Surkotada Show Answer
man in steatite image has been found?
9. What metals were known to the people
[A] Harappa [B]Mohenjodaro [C] Lothal of Indus valley civilisation?
[D]Kalibanga Show Answer
[A]Copper, bronze, silver, gold but not
3. Which among the following Harappan iron [B]Copper, silver, iron but not bronze
site has been divided into three parts? [C]Copper, gold, iron but not silver
[D]Copper, silver, iron but not gold Show
[A] Dholavira [B] Surkotda [C]Daimabad
[D]Mohenjodaro Show Answer
10. The script of Indus Valley people was
4. In the Indus Valley civilization the Great
Granary was found in which among the
following sites? [A]Desi Script [B]Pictographic Script
[C]Brahmi Script [D]Kharosti Script
[A]Mohenjodaro [B] Harappa
[C]Surkotada [D] Lothal Show Answer

5. What is the meaning of term
“Mohenjodaro” in Indus Valley

[A]Mount of the dead [B]Mount of the
life [C]Mount of the struggle [D]Mount of
the sorrow Show Answer

6. In the Indus Valley Civilization, the style
of script is:

[A]Boustrophedon [B]Pictographic
[C]Brahmi [D]Not deciphered yet Show

7. In the Indus Valley Civilisation(IVC)
which among the following site has a
unique water harnessing system and its
storm water drainage system?