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1. How are you feeling?

2. Are you getting any sleep?

3. Do you feel like you have enough help?

4. Do you want more help? ("How can I help?" is always appreciated by new moms!)

5. What are some things you enjoyed recently?

6. What are your biggest worries right now?

7. Are you feeling resentful about anything?

8. When was the last time you cried?

9. Are you liking being a mom? Do you feel connected with your child(ren)?

10. What has your child done recently that you really enjoyed?

11. Have you felt angry at your child? How did you handle it?

12. Is your husband doing a good job supporting you?

13. Have you been able to go outside or exercise?

14. Are you making time for you? Do you have enough time to shower and take care of

15. Do you feel like "you"?