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Attock Refinery Limited (ARL) Initiatives to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions

S.NO. Project Name Objective Description CO2 (M. Tons/Year)

1 Minimization of New burner tips After detailed study by Callidus heater specialist and
Hydrogen Rich Gas installation at HBU-I installing new burner tips, the flaring H2 rich gas is 1,451
Flaring charge heater being utilized at heater
2 Steam Production To minimize energy By steam traps survey, proper insulation on hot bare
Minimization at consumption by surface pipes/tanks, using pinch technology at pre-heat
Boilers implementing energy exchangers, rectifying steam leakages and optimizing 14,917
conservation boilers performance energy is being conserved

3 New Heater for Improvement of heater Heater are installed to improve the efficiency at HBU-
HBU-II efficiency from 70 to II.
86% after installing 1,351
new heater at HBU-II

4 Solar Water Use of Renewable Among all renewable energy sources, solar energy is
Heating System Energy to minimise the most popular due to its abundance, pollution free
fuel gas consumtion nature, wide distribution and its flexibility in covering
wide range of applications. ARL stated utilization of
solar energy through water heating systems resulting of
prevetion of CO2 emission to the atmosphere and 23.1
protection of environment and to make a long lasting
commitment to the planet’s future.

5 Electric Power To minimise fuel Power consumption has been reduced by controlling
Consumption consumption by electric power use at refinery, switching over normal
Minimization cotrolling power bulbs to energy saver bulbs and energy efficient 2,616
utilization equipments
Total 20,358

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