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Pertemuan IV – KBM TH SMA


Progressive adalah pola kalimat bahasa Inggris yang digunakan untuk menyatakan atau
mengungkapkan kegiatan yang sekarang ini sedang berlangsung (dalam proses). Progressive verb
berarti kata kerja yang berupa aktivitas.

I am working He is working
We are working
I am not working He is not working
We are not working
She working?
Am I working? Is He working?
It working?
Are We working?
Yes, I am working She is. She
Short I am
No, working Yes, He is. No, He is not working
Answer not
It is. It
Latihan I

1) Tulis dan hafalkan masing-masing 10 kata kerja regular dan irregular beserta artinya.
2) Buat kalimat dengan masing-masing kata kerja yang di tuliskan di nomor 1.

Latihan II

1. Luki: What is Priyo doing in his vacation now?

Lusi: He is … to Bangladesh now.
a) go
b) went
c) gone
d) going
2. Desta: What is your sister doing with her friends in the library?
Pras: They are …
a) buying some books
b) lending some books
c) borrowing some books
d) collecting some books
3. I … to help her, if I have time.
a) am going
b) go
c) goes
d) went
4. … you … when I visited your house yesterday?
a) were sleeping
b) are sleeping
c) did sleeping
d) were sleep
5. Olla: Where is Mommy, Daddy?
Father: She is in the living room. She … movie on TV.
a) watched
b) watches
c) is watching
d) will watch
6. … is taking a trip to Gili Meno.
a) They
b) When
c) The woman
d) Her
7. Are we … cake now?
a) eating
b) eat
c) eats
d) has eat
8. … James, is attending the lecture.
a) Right now
b) Happily
c) Because of the time
d) My friend
9. Am I singing again … ?
a) today
b) a few moment
c) last week
d) yesterday
10. She is dancing now, but she … take a rest soon.
a) doesn’t
b) did
c) will
d) can

Latihan III

- Tuliskan terjemahan dari tiap kalimat pada Latihan I dan II.