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Heading: Mind stretching math riddles.

Grade: 3th 
Lesson Name: Multiplying 1 by 1. 
Teks : Multiplication 4.8 
Approx. Time: 30 min 
Materials Needed: Paper, pencil, eraser and colors. 
Anticipatory set: ( Hook or focus) 
Talked about Multiplication, and the student will solved 
the problems on the board. Also I read them a 2 stories 
about: Twins cross the desert, bart goes hang gliding.  
A The student will 
B Use their skills to solve the problems during the lesson 
and to answer the questions.  
C After finish with the drawing multiplication on the 
board, they going to do a activity.  
D Make sure if they got it right and they are coloring 
Relevancy: To know more about multiplication problem 
and to make their brains work a little bit. 
Instructional Practice: I told them that we were going to 
answer the questions that was in the worksheet and solve 
them on the board.  
Modeled: practices the problems. 
Guided practice: teacher and student will work through 
those multiplication problems.  
Independent Practice: class answer the question when I 
was asking them how do we get that answer multiplying 1 
by 1?.  
Assignment: (observable and gradable) 
Watched the kids to see if they were learning more about 
Closure: summarize with questions, or shown and tell 
short statement(2-3 minutes). Why did you think about 
multiplication is easy or difficult, did you guys like do 
multiplication, what is the goal about learn 
Sponge: Listen carefully to learn more and to help built a 
strong thinking about multiplication during they process 
in the class.