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Newsletter of The Hill United Presbyterian Church Butler, PA

“We love because He first loved us.” - 1 John 4: 19

Rev. Leigh Benish
10:30 A.M.—Worship Service Elder Louise Evans
11:30 A.M.—Coffee and Fellowship Time in the Fellowship Hall
Jenny Martin, Choir Director

Nancy Slezak, Memorial Handbell

Director and Organist

Kathleen Davis

Elean Heist, Administrative Assistant

and Financial Secretary

Lyn Goehring, Treasurer

John D. Whittington
Chancel adorned with Christmas Poinsettias given
in honor of or in memory of loved ones

501 Second Street

Butler, Pennsylvania 16001
10:30 - 11:30 A.M.

FEBRUARY 3, 2019
4th Sunday After The Epiphany
Lord’s Supper - Traditional
Annual Congregational Meeting and Potluck Luncheon

Rev. Leigh Benish

Scripture: Psalm 19; 1 Corinthians 12: 12-31a

FEBRUARY 10, 2019
5th Sunday After The Epiphany

Rev. Leigh Benish

Scripture: Psalm 71: 1-6; 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13

FEBRUARY 17, 2019

6th Sunday After The Epiphany

Rev. Leigh Benish

Scripture: Psalm 138; Luke 5: 1-11

FEBRUARY 24, 2019
7th Sunday After The Epiphany

Rev. Leigh Benish

Scripture: Psalm 1; Luke 6: 17-26

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is
to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” –Matthew 19:14

One of the things I’ve heard over and over again since my arrive here at Hill
last fall is how wonderful it is to have children in the sanctuary again.
Coming from a church with a vibrant children’s ministry, I have to admit
that was one of the areas of concern for my family when we were discerning the call to come
here. We wanted to make sure that our son, Gabe, and any future children we may have,
would have a community of peers in the church.

I am so glad to say that he does. He loves this church, and he loves his friends here. Some
of the most fun I’ve had these past few months has been watching the children play together,
especially during Fellowship Hour when they put on plays or sing songs on the stage.

With more consistent worship attendance of some of our families with young children, I
have had many conversations with folks about how we can best engage all members of these
families in worship – children and parents alike. If you’ve raised children, you’ll recall that
they can be a handful at times, and while their wiggles and giggles may not pose much of a
distraction to you, it is a challenge for the parent to be able to focus and truly worship.

A variety of solutions have been suggested and explored, and the Administration Committee,
with the concurrence of the Session, has concluded that the creation of a Prayground is a
good compromise and use of our space. We are incredibly grateful for a memorial gift from
the estate of Betty Hagan Latimer, in memory of her parents, Arthur and Ann Hagen, which
has been designated by the Session for this project.

What is a Prayground? It is a designated spot in the sanctuary equipped for young (infant to
preschool) children and their families to worship together. Furnished with child-size items
such as tables and chairs, pillows, books and quiet toys, a Prayground is a space where our
youngest members can wiggle and be engaged while parents sit close-by.

In this newsletter you will find some commonly asked questions about Praygrounds, as well
as some pictures of Praygrounds at other churches. If you’d like to see one in action,
Cranberry Community United Presbyterian Church utilizes one during worship.

The addition of a Prayground to our worship space will take some adjustment. It may be a
little noisy at first, and our friends in the Overflow area will be asked to slide down the row a
bit to accommodate. We understand that this is a big change, and changes like this can be
anxiety producing. If you have questions or concerns about the space, please feel free to
speak with me or any member of the Administration Committee.

For decades, Hill Church has prided itself on being a place that is welcoming to families.
My prayer is that our new Prayground will continue this legacy.

Pastor Leigh
Introducing the New Prayground!
What is a Prayground?
A designated area in the sanctuary specifically set aside for young children in worship.

Where will the Prayground be located?

On the back end of the Overflow Area, near the television.

How will the Prayground be furnished?

The plan is to have a large area rug, a small table and chairs, some pillows or bean bags, books, coloring supplies,
and quiet toys, as well as adult chairs around the perimeter.

Won’t it be noisy?
No more nosy than if the same kids were sitting in the pews. In fact, many churches find that the noise level
actually goes down once the children understand the expectations of the space. If the children become too noisy or
unruly, the downstairs nursery and upstairs “cry room” will both still be available for use.

Who is the Prayground intended for?

The intent is for our youngest children, infant through preschool, to use the space.

Where will the parents be?

The parents or other caregivers are expected to be with the children. This is not intended to be a space where
children may play without supervision, but rather an area where children can play freely, under the guidance of
their loving adults, who will also have the opportunity to focus on the worship service.

What if we need the Overflow space for another activity?

No problem! All items that will be in the Prayground will be moveable.

What about the people who sit in the Overflow section now?
While the Prayground will take a decent amount of space, those who sit in that area have been considered and
enough seating will remain for all who regularly sit there now.

How is the Prayground being funded?

In addition to the donation of some furnishings, Hill Church was blessed with a memorial gift from Betty Hagan
Latimer, who grew up at Hill and said that her faith was formed here as a child. The Session has designated this
gift to this project. No further money should be needed.

For more information about Praygrounds, please visit or
inspiring-examples-kidmin/, or speak with Rev. Leigh or any member of the Administration Committee.

Grace Lutheran Church, Apple Valley, MN First Presbyterian Church, Karnes City, TX
A Thank You from the Mission Committee
Once again, we are amazed at the incredible generosity of the Hill Church congregation! Whenever there
is a need in our community, you step up to help. This is evident in your support of the Sunnyview Santa
mission project. In addition to the 12 cardigans and 12 pairs of flannel pants donated by the committee, the
deacons purchased 5 dozen pairs of diabetic socks and 10 listen-up devices. The Hill Quilters contributed 9
beautiful lap robes. Also, we received the following from all of you:
• 13 pairs of treaded slippers
• 20 bottles of lotion
• 99 bars of soap
• 7 pairs of non-skid socks
• 21 tubes of toothpaste
• 48 toothbrushes
• 23 coloring books
• 16 word search books
• 38 boxes of colored pencils, markers, and crayons
• 9 packages of batteries.
The Sunnyview residents we adopted can look forward to warmer, brighter, and more stimulating days
because of your generous gifts. Thanks so much for your support of this mission project and all others you
have embraced in 2018. The power of the Holy Spirit is truly at work at Hill Church.

Dale Anderson
Barb Kamerer
TAKE A LOOK! Christians from some of the Bubiashie District churches sent us several
beautiful Christmas cards. Spend a moment to look at these cards hanging on the bulletin
board outside of the kitchen. In late November, the Ghana Committee had sent cards to each
church and the 70 students who had received a scholarship award. We rejoice in being able to share the season’s
joy with our friends.
Every year Hill Church is asked to support the work of the Beaver-Butler
Presbytery, the Synod of the Trinity and the General Assembly of the
Presbyterian Church USA. This support is made through a per-capita
assessment of church members. This assessment has been used for over 150
years to fund the essential work of the Presbyterian Church.

As we have done in past years, we are inviting members to the Hill Church family of faith to contribute to the
support of the shared work of the Presbyterian Church USA. The per-capita assessment for 2019 is $40.69 per
member which includes all those who have been baptized and have made their profession of faith. For
example, a single member would contribute $40.69, a couple who are both members would contribute $81.38,
a couple with one confirmed child would contribute $122.07, and so on.

Hill Church’s total per-capita assessment for 2019 is $10,457.33. The Session has committed to paying the
2019 assessed amount in full.
For your convenience in making this offering, a special envelope has been included in your regular box of
envelopes, appearing between the January 27th and the February 3rd envelopes. Or you may mark the memo
line of your check “per-capita” and this offering will be properly credited to your giving statement.

Thank you for your continued generosity and support.

The next newsletter deadline is FEBRUARY 15, 2019!

It’s almost time! The Spring Session of Wednesdays on the Hill is set to kick off at 5 PM sharp on
February 6th. We welcome our fantastic Recreation leader, Mr. Jim, back from his medical leave.
We are so excited to see him and find out what great games he’s thought up. The Preschool group’s
word for the session is AMAZING. They will finish up their Old Testament study from fall with the
amazing stories of Jonah and Daniel. Then they’ll learn how Jesus called some amazing disciples to
help him do six amazing things, including the most spectacular- rising from the dead! Meanwhile, the
older kids will focus on some hard but meaningful words- forgiveness, humility, sacrifice, and
resurrection. Then we’ll enjoy five weeks of stories from the book of Acts about the early disciples and
how we can be like them. Everyone age three and up is welcome. There are so many great things
going on- stories, crafts, games, music, drama, great food, and extra special friends of all ages.
PLEASE help this important community ministry by donating fruit or veggie trays and cookies. We
LOVE dinner and need lots of cookies! The sign up sheet is on the board across from the library.
We are seeking two “shepherds” who will travel with the two youngest groups lending a hand where
needed. We also needs substitutes of all kinds, especially on the second week of the month. Please
see Kathy Davis or Gerry Graham if you can help out.

We sadly announce that the CDC says flu season will continue through February. So be prepared and
get some chicken and rice soup NOW. We can help! Our youth are making HOMEMADE chicken
and rice soup to raise money for their upcoming trip to the Presbyterian Youth Triennium in July.
Pick up your preordered chicken and rice soup after the luncheon on February 3rd - Souper Bowl
Sunday and while you are there check out the display of other kinds of soup available ONLY that
afternoon. Tasty, charitable, and medicinal. What a bargain @ $7/quart. $4/pint.


Youth Group Fundraiser for Triennium!
Our youth are taking orders for Homemade
Name(s)_____________________________ Chicken & Rice Soup that can be picked up
after worship on February 3rd. Limited
# Quarts ($7)_______ # Pints ($4)_______ amounts of other soups will be available that
day on a first come/first serve basis.
Total: _________
Please attach your payment to this order form.
Put “Youth Soup Sale” in memo section for payments via check. Orders due by Tuesday, Jan 29th

After a fall study on some of the most intriguing women of the Old Testament, the
Tuesday Morning Bible Study for women is reading through the latter chapters of
Acts to get acquainted with Paul and his groundbreaking mission. They meet every
Tuesday from 9:30-11 am. A few seats- and always great coffee and snacks- are still
available. Please join us!


Morning Evening
1 Ex. 27, 28 Matt. 21: 1-22
1st - Miranda Brady and Jordan Davis 2 Ex. 29, 30 Matt. 21: 23-46
2nd - Marsh Miller 3 Ex. 31, 32, 33 Matt. 22: 1-22
4 Ex. 34, 35 Matt. 22: 23-46
8th - Kathy Nevel 5 Ex. 36, 37, 38 Matt. 23: 1-22
9th - John Anderson 6 Ex. 39, 40 Matt. 23: 23– 39
10th - Daniel Miller 7 Lev. 1, 2, 3 Matt. 24: 1 - 28
8 Lev. 4, 5 Matt. 24: 29 - 51
11th - Lydia Reeger 9 Lev. 6, 7 Matt. 25: 1 - 30
17th - Andy Weiland 10 Lev. 8, 9, 10 Matt. 25: 31 - 46
11 Lev. 11, 12 Matt. 26: 1 - 25
19th - Norbert Slezak 12 Lev. 13 Matt. 26: 26 - 50
20th - Dan McKnight 13 Lev. 14 Matt. 26: 51 - 75
14 Lev. 15, 16 Matt. 27: 1 - 26
26th - Bill Ellis 15 Lev. 17, 18 Matt. 27: 27 - 50
16 Lev. 19, 20 Matt. 27: 51-66
Seventeen community dinner volunteers turned out on a 17 Lev. 21, 22 Matt. 28
cold January day to serve a meal to 53 guests. The menu 18 Lev. 23, 24 Mark 1: 1 - 22
was meatball sandwiches, salad, cheese sticks, and 19 Lev. 25 Mark 1: 23 - 45
various fruits and desserts. A burst of snow around 20 Lev. 26, 27 Mark 2
serving time kept the number of guests low, but those who 21 Num. 1, 2 Mark 3: 1 - 19
came enjoyed companionship and a nutritious dinner. 22 Num. 3, 4 Mark 3: 20 - 35
23 Num. 5, 6, 7 Mark 4: 1 - 20
Words cannot express the love and appreciation I have for 24 Num. 8, 9, 10 Mark 4: 21 - 41
the Hill leading up to my mom's passing. For almost a year 25 Num. 11, 12, 13 Mark 5
26 Num. 14, 15, 16 Mark 6: 1 - 29
I was in Ohio more than I was in Butler and so many 27 Num. 17, 18, 19 Mark 6: 30 - 56
people helped to make that happen. Many thanks for the 28 Num. 20, 21, 22 Mark 7: 1 - 13

hugs, the cards, the flowers. My church family was a constant source of comfort and I
will be eternally grateful. With much love, Becky Plymale
Session Notes
The Session held its January meeting on January 14, 2019. Elder Ruth Scott served as WORSHIP ATTENDANCE
clerk during the meeting. IN DECEMBER AND
The following actions were taken: Sunday
++ Accepted a $2,000 memorial gift from the estate of Betty Hagan 12/2 92
Latimer. 12/2 - Installation
++ Approved a motion to designate the above memorial gift for use in Service 90
furnishing child-friendly area in overflow area to be used during
worship. 12/9 93
++ Approved the minutes of the December 10, 2018 session meeting. 12/16 118
12/23 92
Respectfully submitted,
Louise Evans, Clerk 12/24 - Happy
Birthday Jesus! 30
The Hill Church Annual Congregational Meeting will be Sunday, February 3, 2019, Party
immediately after worship. The purpose of the meeting will be to 12/24 - Candlelight 142
receive the budget approved by Session, receive and review annual Service
reports, and approve Rev. Benish's terms of call for 2019. The Annual 12/30 71
Meeting of the Corporation will also be held. Following the meeting, 1/6 86
all are invited down to Fellowship Hall for a soup potluck. Please bring 1/13 72
some soup to share. Bread, dessert, and drinks will be provided by the Session. 1/20 - None due to weather

Arn Elder
Ladies’ Elder Ben Congregational
Team Barb Steve Arn Huba Potluck
Scott Elder Elder Deacon
Ladies’ Bella
FEBRUARY 10 Becky Tom Miranda
Team Marcia Heist
Plymale Graham Brady
Pete Susan
McElhaney Deacon Elder
Men’s Juliet Catanzarito
FEBRUARY 17 Patti Pete
Team Becky Miller and Sharon
Donaldson McElhaney
Plymale Montag

Graham Elder
Men’s Seth Volunteer
Team Pat Heist Needed

Communion Team – Team B

Newsletter Team in FEBRUARY (for March) – Team B (Willing Workers)
Sunday morning ride service driver for FEBRUARY - Kyle Nevel (724-504-0624)

Donated with love in
Donated with love in Donated with love in
honor of our
memory of honor of our all
Ada M. Scott deacons, Still Available
Sam, Seth, and Bella
by the past and present,
Scott and Slezak families. by Susan Catanzarito.
by Daddy and Ema.

Hill Church for many years was known as “The Glad Hand Church.” The Nurture
Committee wants to continue this tradition. Pew Greeters will now welcome visitors,
encourage them to sign the guest registry, and invite them to Fellowship Hour on Sunday.


FEBRUARY 3 Sharon Montag, 724-285-3231 Karen Shultz, 724-283-2413
FEBRUARY 10 Nancy Daugherty, 724-285-1013 Janet Edinger, 724-282-7782
FEBRUARY 17 Lois Minich, 724-283-1875 Volunteer Needed
FEBRUARY 24 Volunteer Needed Volunteer Needed
1 2
9:00am - Hill Quilters 11:00am - AA

4th Sunday After The

3 Lord’s Supper- 4 5 6 7 8 9
Annual Congregational
Meeting Followed By Potluck 9:30-11:00am - Women’s 8:00am - Women’s 6:00pm - Handbell Practice 6:00pm - Deacons’ Family 11:00am - AA
Luncheon Bible Study Fellowship Breakfast at Movie Night
11:15am - Staff Meeting Mac’s Café
10:30am - Worship - Rev. 7:00pm - Deacons’ 9:30am - Willing Workers
Leigh Benish preaching Meeting 5-7:00pm - Wednesdays
11:30am - Annual On The Hill
Congregational Meeting 7:00pm - Choir Practice
followed by Congregational
12:15pm - Women’s Book

5th Sunday After

The Epiphany
10 11 12 13 14 15 16
9:30am - Community 6:45pm - Session Meeting 9:30-11:00am - Women’s 8:00am - Women’s 6:00pm - Handbell Practice 11:00am - AA
Lunches Bible Study Fellowship Breakfast at
10:30am - Worship - Rev. 11:15am - Staff Meeting Mac’s Café
Leigh Benish preaching 5-7:00pm - Wednesdays
11:30am - Fellowship Hour On The Hill
5:00pm - Community
7:00pm - Choir Practice

6th Sunday
After The
17 Epiphany 18 19 20 21 22 23
10:30am - Worship - Rev. 5:30pm - Senior Night Out 9:30-11:00am - Women’s 8:00am - Women’s 6:00pm - Handbell Practice 11:00am - AA
Leigh Benish preaching Bible Study Fellowship Breakfast at
11:30am - Fellowship Hour 11:15am - Staff Meeting Mac’s Café
12:00pm - Yarn Group 11:30pm - Betsy 9:30am - Willing Workers
McCormick Circle lunch @ 5-7:00pm - Wednesdays

Mac’s Café On The Hill
12:30pm - Betsy 7:00pm - Choir Practice
McCormick Circle Meeting

7th Sunday
After The
24 Epiphany 25 26 27 28
10:30am - Worship - Rev. 9:30-11:00am - Women’s 8:00am - Women’s 6:00pm - Handbell Practice
Leigh Benish preaching Bible Study Fellowship Breakfast at
11:30am - Fellowship Hour Mac’s Café
10:30am - Staff Meeting
5-7:00pm - Wednesdays
On The Hill
7:00pm - Choir Practice

Cut out the picture and Bible verse and use it as your bookmark for your Bible for the month of February!