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| Wonder (Departure) Words & Music by Benny Andersson, Stig Anderson & Bjorn Ulvaeus. Set * if bay g Hey HEE EE Et He ea on V. 3, Instrumental A SSS = S = oe = 7 = GL! - — c ovr cust oo c streets have walked, eve = ry thing dear, child - ren and homes, it sounds so nice, dull lit-te town, bu - ses T've missed, or © F om? it tat ft am @ Will it be here, ‘one day when I am re = turn — ing, Well-planned and wise, ne-ver expect - ing sur- Boys that I've kissed, ev-‘ry-thing old__ and fa- omic ore mr ts] ‘| a ta BB leaving now, that the right thing? bmyaaa9 Er am F or Em Am? int won - der, who the hell am rit. a tempo Caug F ff ore. am mr 59 i ome ¢ Fra? yes I will take it, 60