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List of Irregular Verbs Present Tense Simple Past Present Tense ‘Simple Past Past | Participle Past | Participte be hurt hurt hurt become Keep Kept [kept know Anew known. Jearn learnt learnt leave left left bring Tet let Tet build lie le lain ‘burn ose lost lost ‘buy make made made cast ‘mean meant | meant catch meet met met choose ‘pay paid paid come put put put cost read read read ride rode ridden did done run ran run drew drawn say said said dreamt dreamt, see saw seen drank sell sold sold drove send sent sent ate show showed shown, fell sing, sans ‘sung felt sleep slept slept [ fought | speak “spoke spoken found spell spelt spelt flew stand stood | stood forbade | forbidden | steal stole stolen forgot forgotten swim swam swum forgave. forgiven take took taken “got ‘got teach taught | taught gave piven tell told told went gone think thought | thought grew grown throw threw | thrown had had wake woke heard heard wear wore hid hidden win won hit hit write wrote written held held