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From: “Waynes World” Bohemian Rhapsody - Eb Instrument by FREDDIE MERCURY Published Under License From EMI Music Publishing 11975 (Renewed 2003) B. PELDMAN & CO, LID., ‘Trading as TRIDENT MUSIC AIIRights Controle and Administered by GLENWOOD MUSIC CORP, AIL Rights Reserved Intemational Copyright Secured Used by Permission Available at search for: MN0168045 NOTICE: Purch ofthis musical fie ae coiled to weit fr thei personal enjoy sat ad musica ulilmet. However, any dpiaton, pation, amrnging andor tramssion of his cops mesic ree the writen consent ofthe copyright owns) and of Unauthorized nes ae infingements othe copyright laws of the United Sates and other countries and may subject the se to civil andor eriminal penalties. $ Eb Instrument BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Instrument in Eb Slowly, freely (= 72) Words and Music by FREDDIE MERCURY o-+ a _ a _ one eee eer Ss SE : SS oe —_— = —— v ————— = B = SS eS ° === “he a : Glatt ee aS —= z . SS 7 7 — a c ee = —i