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Parth Shah 
1050 Benton St, Apt 2123, Santa Clara, CA – 95050   

EDUCATION dynamic user selection criteria. Built a relational

database using Oracle 11g
Masters in Computer Science 3.60/4.0  Implemented DBMS concepts like indexing for
Santa Clara University faster query performance
Sept’16 – Present Graduation -June’18
· Analysis of Algorithm, Operating Systems, Machine Intelligent Stick Jan 2017
Learning, Database Systems, Cloud Computing, Web Android, ESP8266, Arduino, IR Sensor
Architecture and Protocol, Computer Networks  Build a smart stick for visually impaired people
using the concept of IoT.
 iStick is featured with IR sensors for obstacle
Bachelor in Computer Engineering 8.0/10.0 detection, SOS button for emergency and Wi-Fi
University of Mumbai ESP8266 board was used for providing
Aug’12 - Jun’16 Graduation - Jun’16 communication between the istick and mobile
SKILLS  Implemented location tracking using PHP Web
Languages Java (Swing, MVC), Python, C, SQL Server and Google APIs
Databases MySQL, SQLite, Oracle 11g, NoSQL  Implemented Indoor navigation using Bluetooth
(DynamoDB) beacons which provides approximate location and
Web Skills HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS proximity in a closed room
Cloud Services Amazon Web Service
Tools Android Studio, Git, Apache, IntelliJ, Automated Gardening System Mar 2017
Jenkins Java Swings, Weather API, MVC
 Maintained garden by implementing a visual
representation of the garden and watering units
WORK EXPERIENCE using Java Swing
Software Engineering Intern  Decreased water wastage by considering real-
Tata Consultancy Services time weather data using weather APIs
Jun’17 – Sept’17 Santa Clara, CA  Increased plant productivity by implementing
AWS, Python, JSON modules (sprinkling system, temperature and pest
 Collaborated with the ATU Infra Design Team control) using Java
working on IaaS service to develop and manage cloud
infrastructure resources
 Set up hybrid cloud infrastructure resources for a PERSONAL PROJECTS
customer’s application using AWS services Expense Tracker May 2017
 Developed Python scripts using boto3 SDK for Amazon Web Services(AWS), Node.js
automating the infrastructure provisioning process  Developed an Expense tracker application using
for application deployment AngularJS and AWS serverless services
 User authentication was done using Amazon
ACADEMIC PROJECTS Cognito. Business Logic was build using AWS
Lambda and API Gateways
Strengthening User Authentication Mar 2016  User data was stored in DynamoDB, data was
using Keystroke Dynamics cached using Cloud Front and application was
Java, Android, SQLite hosted using S3 Storage, Route53
 Applied Neural Network techniques to
authenticate the user using their keystroke Gym Management System Sep 2014
Java, SQL, MySQL, NetBeans
 Extracted the required keystroke characteristics  A Java based Desktop Application for Gym with a
using android modules such as pressure sensor, basic GUI which generates invoice, maintains
touch sensor customer, employee records and gym equipment
 Applied supervised learning algorithm, Error inventory in MySQL database and provides
Backpropagation Algorithm to build neural member’s progress report on monthly basis
network and authenticate the user
Prototype of IMDB Nov 2016 ‘Strengthening User Authentication Using Keystroke
Java Swing, Oracle 11g, SQL
Dynamics’ in International Journal of Engineering and
 Developed a Java Swing based desktop application
Research Technology, Volume. 4, Issue. 11, Nov 2015,
with complex automatic query generation to
search and filter on large IMDB dataset based on ISSN:2278-0181,Link: