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Peace Church Council Peace Lutheran Church

Joyce Hanson
PO Box 164
Barrett, MN 56311
Gaylene Hanson
PO Box 198
We’ve learned about Creation, Noah, and Moses in our preschool
class. Coming up in February we’ll be learning about Samson,
Todd Schneeberger David and Goliath and in March, Daniel and Jonah.
26875 Oak Point Rd
Elbow Lake, MN 56531 Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th, graders are in the process of learning the Apostle’s Creed and will move on to reviewing the 10 Commandments and their meanings.

Robert Shervey
18659 220th Street
Barrett, MN 56311
218-685-4309 On Sunday, February 10th, our Sunday School children will be decorating
Valentine cookies for the residents of the Barrett Care Center and Rolling
Hills Residence. We are going to need some help frosting the cookies and
Kim Lang
would really appreciate anyone who can lend a hand! Thank you!
504 3rd Street
Barret, MN 56311
Don’t miss our Baked Potato Dinner after church on Sunday, February 17th.
I’m sure our Sunday School kids could find somewhere to help!
We have a great Community Service opportunity on Saturday, March 9th be-
Jon Danner ginning at 9:00 am at the Wendell Community Center when volunteers are
PO Box 152 needed to work at “Food for Kidz”. Let’s see how many adults and kids of all
Hoffman, MN 56339 ages we can bring in our bus! Call Joyce if you can attend.
320-760-3926 Our annual Muffin deliveries will take place on Sunday, March 17th. We need
help from kids older than our Sunday School kids as we want to deliver as
many muffins as we can! Please let us know if you know anyone who would
Terry Lien like a visit!
606 3rd Street
Barrett, MN 56311 Joyce Hanson, Director Peace Sunday School
320-528-2063 320-424-9726

Lexi Danner
PO Box 152
Hoffman, MN 56339
Peace Church Council Meeting, December 5th, 2018

Members Present: Joyce Hanson, Bob Shervey, Kim Lang, Lois Scherer, Tami Weigel, Todd Schneeberger, Gaylene Hanson,
Lexi Danner & PR Denise Croskey
Visitors Attending:
Meeting called to order by President Joyce Hanson at 6:28 pm
Devotion: Pr. Denise Croskey
Pastors Report:
Denise and Phil are wanting to provide a ham dinner after the Sunday School Program. She has lined up all volunteers.
We are looking for large clear pickle jars to put candles into along the driveway and sidewalk for after the candle light
Christmas Eve Service.
Pastor Zeh from the synod has contacted Denise and has asked if she will be willing to continue her stay here after her trip in Jan.
After discussion with her and amongst council, we have decided to have Denise come back to us. She has agreed.
Call Committee Report:
Call Committee Jeff Dreier will be in contact with the candidate presented from the synod on Monday. He will keep Council ap-
praised of action thru e-mail
Secretary’s Report:
Motion to approve last meeting minutes made by Bob, seconded by Lexi, MCU with the amendment that
Treasure’s Report:
Motion made to approve the transaction Report made by Kim, 2 nd by Todd, MCU Treasurers Report motion to approve made by
Todd, 2nd by Bob, MCU

Sunday School Report: ~Christmas Program is set for Sunday, December 16 th at 10:00. Meal provided after by the Croskey’s
Old Business:
We will have seat open on council for 3. One of those seats is supposed to be filled by a person in the age range from 19-30. Lois
is the only outgoing member this term so she and council will look for member to nominate.
We have accepted the resignation of Heather Danner in our Youth Group Leader Position. Motion made by Kim, 2 nd by Bob, MCU.
We are so appreciative of her service and dedication over her time. We will ask her if/when we hire a new pastor, if she will be
willing to lend a hand to start.
New Business:
Annual Meeting is set for Sunday, Jan. 20 th after church service. It will be a potluck meal to follow as well. Council will serve and
set up in the kitchen.

Altar Guild is going to purchase new candle to replace the candelabras in the back of the altar. They propose to replace them with a
single large candle like the First Light candle by the baptismal font. Motion approved Kim, 2 nd by Todd, MCU
Church Custodian, Terry Volker has requested to purchase a new dust buster and a cordless rolling vacuum (Hokie type) Items
were priced out at Mohagens in Elbow Lake. Motion to approve these purchases made by Gaylene, 2 nd by Lois, MCU.
=Budget Committee will be set up before our annual meeting. Former members will be asked to do the audit again.
We will discuss and vote on at the Annual meeting having mid-term/bi annual meetings to go over budget and reevaluate if neces-

Next meeting set for Wed Jan 9th at 5:30.

Motion to adjourn at 8:15 pm by Kim, 2 nd by Lexi, MCU
Kim Lang, Secretary


Server Program
Jan. 9 Pat Ronhovde Church Women

Feb. 13 Sandy Perry Love Languages - Marilyn Leraas & Roger Knapp

March 13 Kathy Dahl Current topics and Bible discussions

April 24 Spring Synod Conference in Elbow Lake

June 12 Colleen Marshall Current topics and Bible discussions

Aug. 14 Potluck Picnic

Sept. 4 Barrett Care Center

Servers: Kay Johnson
Jan Vipond

Oct. 2 Fall Synod Conference at Luther Crest

Nov.13 Bea DeFrance Current topics & Bible discussions/Thankoffering

*Meetings are at 1:00


Committee: Sandy Perry, Paulette Dalum, Irene Shervey, Judy Olson

June 23 Pie & Ice Cream Social for Old Settlers Reunion
Committee: Kathy Dahl, Pat Ronhovde

Secretary : Pat Ronhovde

Treasurer: Kathy Dahl
LWR Kits: Bea DeFrance, Annabelle Olson, Pat Ronhovde Sunshine: Alveda Rhude
February 2019
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9:15am Sunday School 3:30pm Confirmation Men’s Breakfast Faithful
10:30am Worship 6:30pm Council 6:30am Folders

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9:15am Sunday School 1pm WELCA Men’s Breakfast Faithful
10:30am Worship 3:30pm Confirmation 6:30am Folders

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9:15am Sunday School 9am 9am Ever-Blessed Men’s Breakfast Faithful
10:30am Worship Ever-Blessed Quilters 6:30am Folders
11:30am Baked Quilters 3:30pm Confirmation 10:00am
Potato Dinner

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9:15am Sunday School 3:30pm Confirmation Men’s Breakfast
10:30am Worship 6:30am
Servers & Ushers February

February 3 Dick & Diane Puchalski

Bill & Barb Little

February 10 Ron & Kay Johnson

Jeff Lang

February 17 Terry & Maureen Volker

Carolyn Alke
Betty DeClercq

February 24 Ron & Kay Johnson

Gary Huemoeller

Work Group #2 Leaders Altar Guild

Ron & Kay Johnson Kim Lang
Marlene Fagre



**Mark your Calendar Peace Church is having a

baked potato dinner after church on Sunday,
February 17th. We will have several different
toppings for the potatoes.
**Please pick up your gallon jars left from the candlelight
service by February 15th or they will be taken to recycling.
PO Box 206
Barrett MN 56311


Office: 320-528-2536 email:

218 Church Street PO Box 206 Barrett, MN 56311

Reverend Denise C. Croskey

6441 Country Lane SW
Farwell MN 56327
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