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B.93 is a Danish football and tennis club founded in 1893. It

is placed in the center of Copenhagen and with 1,500 football
players and 1,300 tennis players, it is one of the largest football
and tennis clubs in Denmark.

The club is looking for main partners and/or investors to

participate and contribute in a significant turn-around of the
club with sharp focus on the development of its many youth
members in a socially responsible, gender equal and secure
environment. The vision is to re-create itself as a first class
club which unites amateurs and professionals, girls and boys
and youth and senior players all working as one combined
entity to their mutual benefit.

We believe that the club exists for the players and that the
success of the club and its partners is created through the
success of the players.
4 Introduction and background

7 Vision

10 Gender equality

10 Professionals and amateurs

12 Financial strategy

13 Use of proceeds

14 Partnership advantages
B.93 was founded in 1893 and is placed in the center of the men’s and women’s first teams. The first teams of both
Copenhagen. The club boasts nine Danish championships the men and women are are owned by B.93 Kontrakt Fodbold
in football and six Danish championships in tennis. The ApS (the “Company”), in which the club owns 20 %.
football department consists of 1,500 members of which
approximately 400 are girls. The Company and the club have entered into a historical
cooperation agreement. The intention is to align the various
The men’s team in football currently plays in second division interests of all the players – professionals and amateurs, young
(third highest league) and the women’s team plays in 3F Liga and old, girls and boys – in the club to the mutual benefit of all
(highest league). The youth academy for elite players has parties. The Company has made a commitment to never in any
successfully been established for the ages 13-19 for both girls way, manner or form take out proceeds from the Company
and boys. The youth academy for girls is based on an A-license unless and until the club as a whole reaches an economic and
and for the boys a B-license from DBU. sustainable surplus, as well as the ultimate goal of reaching
and bringing the club back to the top of Danish football with
THE INTENTION IS TO SEEK TO ALIGN THE VARIOUS both a women’s and a men’s team in First Division or Superliga
INTERESTS OF ALL THE PLAYERS – PROFESSIONALS and with a top class youth academy. All proceeds raised will in
AND AMATEURS, YOUNG AND OLD, GIRLS AND BOYS – IN stead be invested in the first teams and the club.

As the only club in Denmark, we have an academy which fully

integrates girls and boys in the same sporting environment as
We want to bring back B.93 to its glory days, but in a socially and we will not accept coaches who do not do their utmost to
responsible manner. seek success for each individual player on the team.

To be part of the elite in football it is necessary to have a first To do this we have introduced a reverse pyramid management
class youth academy. It is our aim that all our youth teams structure. We always ask what we can do for the individual
should be playing in the highest leagues and that our first players, not what the players can do for us. If our players
teams should primarily consist of homegrown players. We succeed, this will create success for the club. Ultimately, we
work towards an equal sporting opportunity for both girls and want to have the most sought after youth academy in Denmark
boys. The girls, who are currently in a very male dominated and a first team for both men and women that play in the
sport, should be offered the same opportunity to develop their highest league. B.93 should be the club where youth players
talents and pursue their dreams just as the boys. aspire to play.

We want to ensure that every player, irrespective of gender OUR CORE VALUES ARE
and age, has a place in the club. Moreover, we want to ensure
that the development of our best talents takes place in a safe Love – coaches and leaders are to treat all players as a
environment with focus on their social life and education. responsible and caring parent would treat their own child.
B.93 should enable players to secure their education and still
let them pursue their dreams. Simplicity – everything we do needs to be simple and clear.
Simple solutions are genius. Complexity creates confusion.
It is our belief that a safe environment based on continuity
is pivotal for the development of our players and we want to Challenging effort – everyone in and around the club
break the tendency of players being treated as commodities continuously needs to challenge themselves to improve. A
from a very young age. All players in the club are important focus on effort will breed results.
As the first club in Denmark, we have created a joint In B.93, we want to maintain our position as a club where
professional ownership to the men’s and women’s first teams. there is room for everyone.
From January 1st 2019 both teams will be under the ownership
umbrella of the Company. These two teams will act as the IN ORDER FOR TOP TALENTS TO BE CREATED, WE NEED

The Company has additionally taken over the responsibility This is the only logical way forward. In order for top talents
of operating both the girls’ and the boys’ academy as one to be created, we need to have a large number of amateurs to
joint academy. This gives an immediate advantage of using develop. In this respect, there is no difference between girls
the combined resources allocated to both girls and boys. This and boys. The logic is simple: the more amateurs we have,
is an obvious advantage concerning the creation of a joint the higher the chances are that we discover the next Pernille
playing style, joint values, joint use of coaches, mental training, Harder or Christian Eriksen.
educational facilities, morning trainings, stadium facilities,
physical trainers, physiotherapist etc. Why do things twice if We want the amateurs to benefit from all the resources used
you can do them once? on the academy. By obtaining a self-sustaining academy, we will
be able to allocate more resources to the amateurs. Currently,
Within two years, we believe that we will be able to offer the the amateurs are partly financing the academies. We want to
girls an academy experience at the same level as that of the generate a level of income where this is no longer necessary,
boys’. With no revenue streams, the girls and women, will thus thereby supporting the amateur department.
be able to benefit from the revenue streams created on the
boys’ and men’s side of the equation.

The intention is to reach a level where there is a zero result in
the club generally, including the professional setup around the
women’s and men’s first team and the academy. Cost of staff,
coaches and players shall at all times be at a level that can be
sustained from the ordinary sources of income. Investments in
infrastructure or other improvements, investments in players
or coaches outside the income generated from ordinary
operations will only be made if there are free reserves to do so.

We will at all times base our operations and budget on known

income streams and will when budgeting not take into account
extraordinary income. The zero result shall thus be obtained
without calculating any extraordinary income from sale of
players or any other transfer fees.

The proceeds obtained from a partnership deal(s) will be
allocated on the following primary items:

• Coaches and trainers

• mental training
• educational facilities
• improvement of the clubhouse and facilities
• sports gear for all club teams, including amateurs
• professional contracts.

A partnership with B.93 offers a unique possibility to be an We cannot promise a bottom line and your incentive to
integral part of a corporate social responsibility project with support and partner with us should never be driven by this
focus on the development of young top athletes and creating factor alone.
gender equality in a male dominated sport.
It should be driven by a wish to contribute to a great project
With more than 3,000 members and a history like our’s, the with all the right values and the heart in the right place.
immediate branding effect is of course significant. We would
like our partners to be involved in the project on board level or Any partner that contributes significantly is invited to discuss
otherwise or, as a minimum, to be a part of the club’s future. how the proceeds contributed should be used in order to cater
to any specific interests such partner may have. We are also
We want to change the way professional athletes are trained willing to discuss ownership investments.
and developed, in a socially responsible manner. Let’s create
an environment where our players can flourish in a safe and We hope to meet you and discuss. Thinking outside the box to
professional environment and see where that takes us. In any create mutual benefits is something that we welcome.
partnership, “give and take” is a necessity. We want to work
together with our partners and we want our partners to benefit
from their cooperation with us.

We offer a wide variety of marketing tools. It is our experience It is up to the individual partner to elect the type of exposure,
that the type of exposure that sponsors and partners desire if any, that the partner thinks is most fitting. Potential exposure
varies significantly and we are willing to tailor sponsor- for sponsors and partners includes, but is not limited to:
packages that suits the needs of the individual sponsor or
partner. If you become a partner (DKK 100,000 or more) • Sponsoring all eleven elite teams with chest logo: DKK
in B.93 you will automatically receive exposure through the 500,000
following channels: • sponsoring all eleven elite teams with back logo: DKK
• Membership of the B.93 network, with the right to host • sponsoring all elevens elite teams with shoulder logo:
1-2 network events DKK 100,000
• banners on homepage and social media • sponsoring one or more teams: individual agreement.
• access to Østerbro Stadium and the lounge for the • commercials on screen at Østerbro Stadium: DKK 7,500
women’s and men’s games • banners on the fence facing train tracks or fence facing
• banners at the stadium, around the club house and training training grounds: DKK 1,500 per meter, ex production
grounds costs
• participation, fully or partly, in hosting events for members • banners at stadium: DKK 1,500 per meter, ex production
• specific offers to members through social media costs
• possibility of storytelling through members and teams • naming the lounge: DKK 20,000
(video or otherwise) • ads in the members’ magazine: DKK 10,000
• ads in the game brochure: DKK 1,000

Ved Sporsløjfen 10
2100 København Ø
Tlf.: 39 27 18 90
CVR nr.: 53 03 87 19