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NIFT 2019

Guide book for What to do next 15 days?

I. Practice for GAT Questions:

Why is it important:

General Ability questions account for high weightage in written exam:

Weightage of each Paper of Exam

Papers in Exam BDes MDes BFTech MFTech MFM
Creative Ability Test (CAT) 50% 40% - - -
General Ability Test (GAT) 30% 30% 100% 70% 70%
Situation Test / GDPI 20% 30% - 30% 30%
Total %age 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%

The GAT paper is split into 5 sections:

No of Questions / Marks
Sections of GAT Paper BDes MDes BF/MFTech MFM
Quantitative Ability 20 20 30 10
Communication Ability 25 30
45 50
English Comprehension 25 30
Analytical & Logical Ability 15 25 25 25
GK & Current Affairs 15 15 25 25
Case Study (MAT) 0 0 25 40
Total No of Questions / Marks 100 120 150 150

What to do next 15 days:

GAT is a scoring paper and students should try to get maximum marks in GAT. We
recommend students do the following practice over the next 15 days-

Step 1: Practice Past Questions on Quantitative & Logical Ability sections.

Students generally have a problem with these 2 sections. We have uploaded the
practice questions from past papers in the Online LMS. Practice them to improve
speed of solving. See full table with topics and quiz links below.
NIFT 2019
Guide book for What to do next 15 days?

Quantitative Ability Topics Analytical & Logical Ability Topics

1. Number System 1. Series

2. LCM & HCF 2. Coding & Decoding

3. Percentage 3. Blood Relation

4. Profit & Loss 4. Direction & Distance

5. Ratio & Praportion 5. Sitting Arrangement

6. Average 6. Ranking

7. Time & Distance 7. Clock & Calender

8. Time & Work

9. SI & CI

10. Mensuration

11. Problems on Ages

Step 2: Study for General Knowledge & Current Affairs (GKCA)

We have uploaded short notes for quick reading on 40+ most likely topics of
General Knowledge & Current Affairs (GKCA) in the LMS. Here is a list of important
topics and links to their short notes-

# Important GKCA Topics

1 Gkca Topic - Famous Indian Temples

2 Gkca Topic - UNESCO World Heritage Sites In India

3 Gkca Topic - Famous Indian Sculptures

4 Gkca Topic - Indian Epics And Writers

5 Gkca Topic - Indian Corporates (Logo Design)

6 Gkca Topic - UN Organization

7 Gkca Topic - Indian Government Schemes

8 Gkca Topic - 100 Technological Terms & Abbreviations

NIFT 2019
Guide book for What to do next 15 days?

9 Gkca Topic - 20 Global Technology Personalities & Their Work

10 Gkca Topic - 20 Indian Technology Personalities & Their Work

11 GKca Topic - 50 Famous Global Scientists & Their Inventions / Discoveries

12 Gkca Topic - Indian States & UTs

13 Gkca Topic - Top 10 Periods Of Indian Civilizations

14 Gkca Topic - Top 10 Periods Of Indian Dynasties

15 Gkca Topic - Nobel Prize Winners (2014-2018)

Note: ​Apart from the above, please be aware of Sports, Civics, Politics,
Government, Science General Knowledge & Current Affairs.

Step 3: Practice Fashion GK Quizzes from LMS

Since start of your course, we have uploaded quizzes on 18 important Fashion GK
topics in the Online LMS. Here are the topics and links. If you have not already
attempted them, please do so now. Each quiz has only 10 questions.

Quiz Topics Quiz Topics

1. Top 10 Watch brands in the World 10. Top 10 International Jeans Brand

2. Top 10 International Clothing Brand 11. Top 10 International Kids Wear brands

3. Top 10 International Fashion Magazines 12. Top 10 International shoes brands

4. Top 10 International Make Up Brands 13. Top 10 Jeans Brand in India

5. Top 10 Accessories Brand for Women 14. top 10 Kids Wear Brand In India

6. Top 10 Handbag brands for Women 15. Top 10 Perfume in the World

7. Top 10 Indian Fashion Designers 16. Top 10 Sports Wear brands in the World

8. Top 10 International Fashion Designers 17. Top International Sunglasses Brand

9. Top 10 international fashion Week 18. Top Indian Fashion Weeks

NIFT 2019
Guide book for What to do next 15 days?

II. Attempt Mock Tests & Feedback Sessions:

Why is it important:

It is critical to go through Mock Tests before you attempt the real entrance exam.
Most students selected in NIFT exam complete their Mock Test Series at SILICA.
Students who complete their Mock Test Series at SILICA, get even better results in
their entrance exams.

What to do next 15 days:

Step 4:​ ​SILICA conducts at least 6 Mock Test Papers for NIFT. You must complete
all of them. It is preferable if you complete them at a SILICA center. If you cannot
come to the center, the mock tests have been uploaded in the LMS (​Link to Online
Mock Tests: ​​). You must attend the Test Feedback
Classes, as they help you improve in the next Mock Test.

III. Attend Doubt Solving Classes:

Why is it important:

For the first time, SILICA has initiated a ​Doubt Solving ​batch. The students will be
given intensive coaching on objective & subjective topics to achieve top success at
the exam. This will give a last minute boost to their preparation.

What to do next 15 days:

Step 5:​ ​We strongly recommend that students attend these classes. The schedule
of these classes will be communicated separately by each center to their students.

IV. Case Study Practice - Only for MFM / MFTech / BFTech:

What to do next 15 days:

Step 6: ​For these candidates, the GAT paper includes a MAT section where
Business / Management Case Study passages and MCQ questions are given. This is
an important section of the paper. We have provided 3 things for students to
practice for the Case Study section:
1. 9 Case Studies on LMS - ​NIFT MAT - Case Studies - Practice Questions
2. 15 Case Studies sent through PDF
3. Full Mock Tests with Case Studies

Please practice all of the above Case Study questions.