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Comment monthly report Januari 2019

1. Arshaka
Ashaka shows his good progress to express his feelings in words. He is able to explain his
feelings and its causes. Arshaka has good efforts to use simple English to communicate with
his teachers. Sharing his ideas after doing activities is one of his good habits to do recalling
and deepen his undersanding. Giving him more questions and encouraging him to answer
after doing an activity will help him to communicate coherently.

2. Athena
Athena shows her curiosity to all activities we do in the class. She shows her curiosity by
asking, touching, observing, and trying to do the activities guided by adults around her. Athena
has good progress in sharing her minds in simple sentences using Bahasa Indonesia. It makes
her easier to mingle with her peers during class acivities. One of the activities that she likes to
do is doing gym. She is not only practicing in communicating her minds but also practicing her
gross and fine motor skills. She still does the activities next month to strenghten her skills.

3. Dara
Dara is adapting to her new environment at school. She still cries and looks for her mom
sometimes but now she has good progress in adapting by playing with adults that she trusts.
It helps her to observe and encourage her to recognize her peers and activities she could do
in the class. Listening to music and playing with colorful things are her favourites things to do
in the class right now. When she settles, she will learn about class rules and what she should
and shouldn’t do in the class guided by her teachers. Keep encouraging her with positive
words about school and peers to make her comfort doing activities with her classmates
4. Abe
Abe is more confident in sharing his ideas related to the topic discuss. He has good progress
in sharing and expressing his ideas by listening to the one who is speaking and waiting for his
turn to share his ideas. He is practicing to be patient and control his body movement during
discussion. Being negotiable and firm must be applied to deal with Abe by seeing and
considering the situations we face for he is good enough to choose actions for choices given.
His efforts to follow the rules agreed needs to be appreciated. Keep doing your best, dear Abe.

5. Kireina
Kireina is more active in doing activities in group. She has good efforts to express her needs
to play with her peers by doing short communication in words. Kireina is still needed guidance
from adults around her to encourage her communication skill in correct and clear words. Keep
encouraging her to use clear articulations in doing communication and asking her to express
her needs in clear words with eyes contact will benefit her.

6. Alief
Alief is still practising in doing activities that he should and should not do during class activities.
He needs guidance to express his needs and share his ideas both in gestures and words. Alief
starts to do eyes contact when his teacher is talking to him. He has good efforts to move his
mouth by opening and closing his mouth folowing his teacher’s articulation. Alief is
encouraged to listen many words by doing two way communication with clear articulation,
eyes contact and body gestures to express and share ideas clearly. By listening and observing,
Alief is challenged to express his needs with the same way. It will be done regularly and
repeatedly as his habits in sharing and expressing his needs and ideas.

7. Baim
Baim is practicing to follow class rules by doing what he should and should not do during class
hours. He needs to guidance to control his body gestures and express his needs. Now Baim is
learning to do activities regularly and consistently by following class activities in order from
beginning until finish with guidance from adults around him. Baim starts to do toilet training
actually. We need to help him both at home and school to do the training properly. Please
bring extra panties, shorts, and clothes during school hours when he needs to change his
clothes. This toilet training will be successful when assisted from home regularly and
consistently. So we need mom and dad participation in this activity actively at home.

8. Razi
Razi is practicing to strengthen his gross motor skill by doing body movement instructed by
his teachers. He is guided to follow the instruction and do the movement corectly. He is very
excited when he follows the movement using music and song accompaniment. By doing this
kind activity, Razi is aslo improving his listening skill. He starts to express his needs and feelings
in appropiate way but it needs to be done consistently and regularly as his good habits. Next
month he is still working on music and movement to improve his skills.

9. Cello
Cello is very exctited in doing activities with his new classmates. He observes and shows his
good efforts to mingle with his peers. He has willingness to ask and join with his new friends
so he is welcomed. Meanwhile, Cello needs more guidances and encouragements to share his
ideas, answer his teachers or friends questions, and express his needs in front of the class. He
tends to be shy and silent when speaking in front of many people. To increase his confidence,
Cello is encouraged to work in group actively with different members so he gets used to mingle
with many peers with different characters. Giving him positive encouragement and mindset
about his skills will improve his self confidence.