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AC Zeeman Background correction DC Polarized Zeeman Background correction Remarks (in favour of DC
(Perkin Elmer & Analytik Jena) (Hitachi) Zeeman System)

1. Gap of few milli seconds between Permanent magnet which is always on. Real DC Zeeman correction is
total absorption reading (magnet time simultaneous background correction as more accurate.
off) and background absorption there is no time lag between total and
reading (magnet on). background absorbance readings.

2. Single Beam or no true double True double beam performance due to True absorbance is
beam presence of Polariser and magnetic field measured in DC Zeeman
(splitting of spectral lines in parallel and systems as there is hardly
perpendicular directions). These two lines act any drift in the base line.
as sample and reference beams and both pass
through the same flame under same

3. With Single detector, it is Two detectors to detect the sample and DC Zeeman maintains the
impossible to detect the sample reference data simultaneously without any high sensitivity.
and reference data simultaneously time interval.
and can not do the correction of
variation with time, which will lead
to the deterioration of the

4. Correction with alternate current As DC Zeeman uses a permanent magnet, its Reproducibility of results in a
Zeeman effect is not stable and the strength is the same always and is not DC Zeeman system is very
measurement data reproducibility dependent on the applied voltage/current. high.
is poor due to the large difference
between the magnetic field setting
and the actual applied magnetic
field caused by the current change
at high temperature such as 3000