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Ecclesiastes 3:1

“For everything there is

Gifted With the Journey
a season, and a time for Volume 5, Issue 10 - February 2019
every matter under
Since the beginning of December…let’s see. The Christmas
Concert happened and the bands did really well! The High
School Band in particular, arranged all of the songs that they Josh’s Highlight

Christmas Break happened, Christmas and New Years I found the Christmas holidays
Prayer - Praises & Requests
 happened - we hope that you had a great one celebrating our particularly nice for a couple
Savior with family and friends and heralding in the new year. We reasons. One was because we
 enjoyed visiting Josh’s and Katie’s families in the States as well were able to spend time with
- Our visa situation is continuing to as seeing a few friends over the break! It had been a year and a family, and some that we seldom
be worked on, but we have half since we’d been back in the States and that is our plan for get to see. The other reason was
received an extension of 6 months, this next stent as well. We plan to be back to visit for a Home because it was a “double break”
until August 2nd; which at least Missions Assignment, summer of 2020. We hope to see you!
 for me in that I not only was taking
gets us through the end of this year. We returned to Germany and came right into the end of the a break from work, but also my
- Health, sicknesses are around 1st semester exams, and now we are in the first week of 2nd graduate studies. All-in-all, the
Requests semester. All of the school classes have switched around. break proved to be a good time
- Energy and taking of Students and teachers, alike, are getting used to the changes. with family, and a much needed
opportunities to share love, truth, We woke up this morning to snow…we’ve really had quite a bit respite. Coming off of that, I was
joy….Jesus with people this year for mild-wintered Kandern. 
 in a good place for starting into the
- Final and complete renewal of The BFA Falcon Basketball teams are practicing and the team second half of the school year.
all visa situations at BFA has three home games this year. The Pep Band has already
- Staff needs at BFA for this next prepared and played for two of them, the last one is on the 8th
school year…teachers, of February. Pep Band is always fun! Community adults,
maintenance, finance, nurse, etc. teachers and students playing side by side - some who haven’t
Katie’s Highlight
Do you want to come and join played in 20+ years, because you can do that with a musical
us? instrument. : ) 

The Russia Service Project Trip is continuing to come along. Katie really enjoyed having a past
This last meeting, two of the students that know Russian were student visit. The student is
Calendar helping the rest of us learn some basic words and phrases. It completing a “practicum” in the
was a delight to see them excited to teach the rest of us, and BFA IT Department, where he used
February 4 - 10 Josh’s ICCM come up with different words or phrases they thought we should
Conference - where he’s co-chairing to volunteer and he attended Pep
 Band rehearsal this week, that he
the event & Music Festival; Katie is 
 This year’s ICCM-Europe conference is just around the corner
accompanying all of the string 
 used to play clarinet in as a student.
now. Josh leaves to help with the on-site prep on February 4th. We had him over for dinner and
students this year.
Always something he’s excited about, he’s looking forward to played a game…’s so fun to see
March 1 - 3 High School Retreat both the spiritual retreat aspects as well as the learning and them flying, doing well, going their
networking components of the conference. 
 ways, but…seeing them visit
March 11 - BFA Accreditation Visit We are looking forward to using these tasks to aid us in “home” too. Other students
relationships - and building into lives this Winter and Spring. enjoyed seeing him around as well.
March 16 - 23 SPT Trip What are you looking forward to this Spring? 

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 19/6, 79400 Kandern, GERMANY 

March 30 - BFA Staff Celebration Phone: 1 - 904-701-3129; +49 (0)7626 9745363

Evening Website: / E-Mail:

Local Culture Circle of Friends

What we are learning:

A friend of ours, Kathleen, 

 I, Katie, was recently reminded of whom was a bridesmaid in our 

this as I attended a leadership wedding, came to visit our church and 

- Just being reminded that He must
 conference with German people. have lunch with us this month. She also
increase and we must decrease
 Pizza was served at lunch, and attended the same leadership conference 

 everyone was using their forks and that Katie did and they had the chance to 

- The importance of continual prayer for
 knives to eat it. That is typically catch up more there. In the last month, 

those that we are ministering to and with
 how they do it here. I just ate it my I also had the opportunity to see another 

‘normal’ way with my hands, and I bridesmaid, Mindy, and my maid of 

didn’t feel judged, but I did feel honor, Becky. I hadn’t seen Becky

 uncouth, which is something that is in person since our wedding in

not comfortable or something that I July 2014. So nice!
often feel….maybe I’ll use my
knife and fork next time. ; \

Prayers for the Month of February 2019

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Churches BFA School Ministry Marriage/ BFA Staff/ Evangelism Germany

Family Students
1 - Pray for Josh 2 - Pray for the
as he is co-leadig German
the ICCM government to
(International come into
Christian alignment with
Computers in godly principles.

3 - There are 4 - Music Festival 5 - We have been 6 - Pray that we 7 - It is basketball 8 - For Josh to 9 - We have
several new is happening at told that our visa would be keeping season, and with it have the students who
church plants in the school this will be renewed for our devotions comes Pep Band. opportunity to minister to a group
the area. Pray for week. All of the the next 6 months. daily, and be There are many share about God of refugees
partnerships lesson students This will mean we ministering out of opportunities for with the men in weekly. Pray that
between the play for a judge are “in process” the overflow of our students to shine the Kandern the refugees
churches as we and receive over the own relationships for Him as they Men’s Choir. would come to
are on the same feedback. Pray for summer…we’ll be with Him. play other teams. receive Christ as
team. openness to grow. staying here. Pray that they will. their Savior.

10 - Several lead 11 - Job postings 12 - We want our 13 - We have the 14 - Students and 15 - Pray for 16 - Pray for
couples in our have been posted work offices to be desire for a family. staff are preparing contacts in the Germany to set a
church will be for next year a place where Pray the Lord will to go on Spring German good example, as
leaving next year. already. Pray for Jesus is spoken of give us the Mission Teams in community to they are a country
Pray that there will people to respond often. Pray for children He wants a month. Josh and come to know that other
be appointed to the Lord’s call. opportunities to us to have or I will be serving in Christ as their countries look to
people who will This is His school. mention His name. accept that maybe an orphanage Savior. for leadership and
step up to serve Pray for people to “our kids” are our along with six aid.
and lead. obey His call. students. students, Russia.

17 - Josh and 18 - Pray for our 19 - Pray for all 20 - Our marriage 21 - Pray that the 22 - Our students 23 - Pray for the
Katie are dorm staff, as they interactions to be would be healthy, teachers will have at BFA are not all German
participating in the teach, minister, pointing others to growing, and insight into the walking with the government. Pray
worship ministry at serve…daily. It’s a Him. Pray that we focused on the hearts of their Lord, or saved. that the Lord’s
church. They both 24/7 job - living would be Lord. That our students. Pray for Pray that they people will be
really enjoy this. alongside fragrances of Him relationship would Jesus to be would accept Him elected. Pray for
Praise the Lord for approximately 20 - keeping His reflect Him. glorified and as Savior & Lord revival.
this blessing! teenagers. Kingdom in mind. exemplified. of their lives.

24 - Pray that 25 - Pray for our 26 - Pray all our 27 - Pray that we 28 - Pray for BFA
churches will school facilities… ministry would be would keep “That to stay it’s course
preach God in all decisions are pouring over from All May Know in global ministry -
His fullness - holy, being made about our own Him”, as the grid keeping
just, loving, future growth. relationships with through which we missionaries on
redeeming - not Please pray for Him. Pray for run all our the field,
just a prosperity or discernment for faithfulness in the decisions, and “He spreading Jesus
happiness gospel, our leaders, godly Word, in prayer, must increase, we through teaching
but a gospel for sensitivity and and encouraging must decrease, as and their
sinners as we are. wisdom. fellowship. our motto”. graduates.
1 - Katie with German lady friends, Josh’s Men’s Christmas Concert, the Sign Team, SPT team

2 - Christmas Break in the States with family and friends

3 - Small Group Ice Skating/Goodbye Party for one of our girls…..she’s leaving with family for the States for the
foreseeable future. Pray for those who were closest to her, especially, as they all adjust and for her transition.

4 - Basketball and Pep Band