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CITY OF SAN ANTONIO Office ofthe City Attorney P.O. Box 839966 San Antoni, TX 7#283-3966 Famuary 31,2019 Ricky J. Poole ‘The Law Offices of Ricky J. Poole ‘8000 TH-10 West, Suite 600 ‘San Antonio, Texas 78230 Tear Mr Poole ‘Tam responding to your leter dated Janvary 31, 2019 and sent via email at 9:00 am which happened tobe the Scheduled start time for the Cty Council meeting in which Erik Walsh was appointed the new City Manager effective March 1, 2019. {will disregard the invectives and political advocacy peppered throughout yout letter and instead ocus on addressing the substantive issues. ‘As we have stated over the last five years, the City is also committed to start good faith ‘negotiations with Local 624 on a collective bargaining agreement that is fair to the members and affordable to the taxpayers. "The City will accept your invitation to start that process on Wednesday, February 5,2019 atthe Union Hall. We will advise you in advance who willbe attending on behalf of the City. This meeting will focus on setting the logistics and ground rules for future negotiation sessions. ‘The logistics will include discussions around meeting times and locations that would afford both of us the best opportunity to prepare for and conduct meaningfl discussions. In that vein, we would stil like to talk with your team on February 6° about the possiblity fusing a mediator to facilitate productive discussions. We believe the mediated Sessions we had in 2017 seta good foundation and framework for moving forward. We acknowledge that there isa “perception” by the Union thatthe City isnot willing to share information. To the ccntrary, the City has responded to and closed out 32 Open Records Requests (ORRs) from the Union. In responding to ORRS, we have provided thousands of ‘documents to the Union. ‘Your claim of not providing information was also made during our sessions withthe mediator in 2017. At that time we discussed the City responses to ORR and then responded to requests for information during the mediation sessions in 2017. ‘The mediator was convinced that we had provided more than enough information to negotiate a CBA. To avoid any more baseless accusations and for complete clarity, please send me a list before our February 6 meeting of any ORRs that Local 624 believes have not been closed Atmidnight lat night the Union sent yet another ORR covering over 52 specific requests, many forrecords going back 15 years (Open Record Request No. W249911-013019 attacked). It will, take multiple staff at least a month to assemble, gather, and review this vast amount of information being requested. Particularly, we will ned time to ensure privacy protection of health related information. To enable timely substantive discussions on issues we ask that you Prioritize th items inthis request so that we ean focus on gathering the information essential to developing or evaluating proposals. We are encouraged by the Union's adoption of full transparency going forward. We will shortly be providing our own requests for information from the Union so that we can better understand and evaluate propcsals. “We understand the meeting next Wednesday will start the negotiation period under Chapter 174, “We sincerely hope that our discussions lead to a CBA that both the City and Local 624 can suppor. Simerely, ¢ “Andy Segovia