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Republic of the Philippines

Lucban, Quezon

Office of Research Services

Research Title : Eating habits and food preferences of selected urban and
rural residents in Quezon Province

Proponent/s : Project Leader: Prof. Rene P. Zubieto

Member: Prof. Aurelio D. Maguyon

Goal : To provide updated and relevant baseline information on the eating

behavior and food preferences in Quezon Province pertinent to
initiating healthy food options through processing food and

Budget : Php 50,000.00


This research proposal intends to lay down the baseline information referring to
Quezon Province’s eating behavior and food preferences. With the end of not only
identifying the interest of the people on what and which to eat, but moreover to establish
a research-based information that may be significant to food product development and
innovention. This research proposal is geared towards providing a benchmark
information for the food processing research initiative of Southern Luzon State
University (SLSU) Research office. As a baseline data,this proposal will help lay down
basic information to the possible PAKBET product development of the university.
Currently, regional research agenda (CALABARZON) pays strong adherence to food
security; in spite of this abundance to food production, strong negative concerns goes
along with it, like – uneven food distribution and malnutrition. Poverty as its usual
suspect as claimed by many in the areas of region IV-A.
The research plan is intended to be pursued within a period of six (6) months to a
maximum of one (1) year. Since the research locale targets the entire province of
Quezon, it can be brokendown into by district and may be identified by the limitation of
the recommendation that may be forwarded by the SLSU Research Office and the
university president. The rural and urban differentials as a variable in this proposal is a
major factor that should be considered. The completion of this research proposal is
viewed to provide a baseline information to the envisioned “PAKBET Research
Concept” of the university president. Thus, result of this investigation may contribute in
the planning, designing and proposing new approaches to food production particularly in
the envisioned research banner program of the university in food processing.
1. Provide helpful perspective in the planning and develoment of the PAKBET research
initiative of the university;
2. Identify the level of awareness on the behavior of Quezon residents toward eating,
both rural and urban settlers; and
3. Ensure feasible indicators on the food preferences of rural and urban residents of
Quezon province so that food processing initiatives can be aligned.

PRE-RES-1.01A1, Revision 0