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Teacher: Luis Carrodeguas Betancourt

Regular Verbs

Present 3rd. Person Singular Past Past Participle Spanish

admit admits admitted admitted ingresar
answer answers answered answered responder
ask asks asked asked preguntar
advise advises advised advised aconsejar
appear appears appeared appeared aparecer
arrive arrives arrived arrived llegar
administer administers administered administered administrar
belong belongs belonged belonged pertenecer
borrow borrows borrowed borrowed pedir prestado
believe believes believed believed creer
cook cooks cooked cooked cocinar
call calls called called llamar
circle circles circled circled circular
compare compares compared compared comparar
complain complains complained complained quejarse
contain contains contained contained contener
copy copies copied copied copiar
change changes changed changed cambiar
control controls controlled controlled controlar
check checks checked checked chequear
complete completes completed completed completar
concern concerns concerned concerned preocupar(se
carry carries carried carried llevar, cargar
correct corrects corrected corrected Corregir
concentrate concentrates concentrated concentrated Concentrar(se)
collect collects collected collected Recoger
chase chases chased chased perseguir
dictate dictates dictated dictated dictar
describe describes described described describir
dance dances danced danced bailar
design designs designed designed diseñar
diagnose diagnoses diagnosed diagnosed diagnosticar
devote devotes devoted devoted dedicar
destroy destroys destroyed destroyed destruir
discuss discusses discussed discussed discutir
establish establishes established established establecer
enter enters entered entered entrar
entertain entertains entertained entertained entretener
exercise exercises exercised exercised ejercitar
finish finishes finished finished finalizar
follow follows followed followed seguir, continuar
help helps helped helped ayudar
happen happens happened happened suceder
hate hates hated hated odiar
introduce introduces introduced introduced presentar, introducir
inject injects injected injected inyectar
interview interviews interviewed interviewed entrevistar
injure injures injured injured herir
insert inserts inserted inserted insertar
influence influences influenced influenced influenciar
invite invites invited invited invitar
investigate investigates investigated investigated investigar
like likes liked liked gustar
look looks looked looked mirar
live lives lived lived vivir
love loves loved loved amar
learn learns learned / t learned /t aprender
modify modifies modified modified modificar
move moves moved moved moverse***
marry marries married married casarse
miss misses missed missed extrañar, perder
notice notices noticed noticed notar, observar
name names named named nombrar
need needs needed needed necesitar
observe observes observed observed observar
open opens opened opened abrir
operate operates operated operated operar
point points pointed pointed señalar
play plays played played jugar
publish publishes published published publicar
phone phones phoned phoned telefonear
pass passes passed passed aprobar
plan plans planned planned planificar
prepare prepares prepared prepared preparar
pull pulls pulled pulled halar
prefer prefers preferred preferred preferir
remember remembers remembered remembered recordar
repair repairs repaired repaired reparar
replace replaces replaced replaced sustituir,cambiar
report reports reported reported reportar
refer refers referred referred remitir
rest rests rested rested descansar
rush rushes rushed rushed Apurarse
study studies studied studied estudiar
substitute substitutes substituted substituted substituir

start starts started started comenzar, arrancar
smoke smokes smoked smoked fumar
stay stays stayed stayed permanecer
stretch stretches stretched stretched estirar
stop stops stopped stopped parar, detener
switch switches switched switched encender, conectar
smile smiles smiled smiled sonreír
starve starves starved starved morir de hambre
transform transforms transformed transformed transformar
talk talks talked talked conversar
thank thanks thanked thanked agradecer
type types typed typed mecanografiar
try tries tried tried tratar, probar
travel travels traveled traveled viajar
turn turns turned turned girar
underline underlines underlined underlined subrayar
use uses used used usar
vomit vomits vomited vomited vomitar
visit visits visited visited visitar
want wants wanted wanted querer
work works worked worked trabajar
watch watches watched watched observar, vigilar
wash washes washed washed lavar, fregar
walk walks walked walked caminar
wait waits waited waited esperar
worry worries worried worried preocuparse

If you study all these verbs wherever you are and whenever you’re able to, sure enough
you’ll have very good results in your studies, and of course success will accompany you