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DCPS “Public Schoo! Builsings ~- Past and Present’ MS, revised June 1972 ar - . 22] seep ae *TWINING, W. Jt (ANNEX TO ARMSTRONG SENIOR c. Now 45 HIGH SCHOOL) 3rd Street, between N and 0 Streets, N. We Erected 1683. 8 rooms. Division 2b. (Wyhite School) ‘Transferred to Division 2a, 1894-95. (White School) Transferred to Division 2, 1895-96. (White School) ‘Transferred to Division 4, 1906-07. (White School) ‘Transferred to Division 5, 1917-18. (White School) Transferred to Colored Schools, July 1, 1925. ala Gonbined with 1 ‘se School, ae 1930 %143l/y and os (431-33 Leg bah pads Beda pal 8 aca) 1937. Buhey- unit. to oe 93 iy-Teinbig }ivision Beads 1947. Four rooms used by Armstrong Senior High School 1948. One room used for elementary classes. Armstrong used seven. 1949. (From Board Order, October 19, 1949) Discontinue the following school unit from and after October 19, 1949: Morse-Twining School. Div. 11. October 19, 1949-Twining was discontinued as an elementary school and became an Annex to Armstrong Senior High School. Cetover 20, 1949-Hlenentary pupils were transferred to the new Scott Mont gomery School, No. 248. 1949. Twining - Annex to Armstrong Senior High School, Divisions 10-13. 1950 = Building used es Twining - Annex to Armstrong Senior High School, Divisions 10-13, Maxim capacity - 268 pupils. 1985 ~ Twining School became Warehouse lio. 2 to be used for the storage of equipment effective September 1, 1955, (Board Order) 1986 ~ Discontinue - Twining School as Warehouse No, 2 from and after August 31, 1956 3 Establish ~ School Administration Annex No. & in Twining School on and after September 1, 1956 Square 554 Lot 816 Sq. Ft. 18,720 School Aéninist: Third St, bet, N #0 Sts., MW. (Twining, William J.) Square No. 554 Lot Ko. 816 Square foot area of site - 1%,720 Square foot arcs of tuiléing (floor area) ~ Erected = 1883 Cost: i Construction -- Tquipment ----= Consisting of ~ Capacity - Renerke: Elementary to Octcher 19, 19495 annex to Arnstror g High to t4on Annex No. & Building No. 45 Septerber 1, 1955 and became Warehouse No, 2; became Adninistration Annex, September, 195. WILL J, Tw Soldier; son of a New England clergyman; born in Medison, Indiana, August 2, 1839; entered West Point Militery Acadeny, July, 1859 and was graduated in 1863; appointed 1st Lieutenant of the Engineer Corps and assigned to duty in the Department of the Cunberlend; was at the Battles of Chickamauga, Georgia, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, in 1863, and took pert in engineering operations along the Tennessee iver during the sun- ner and autumn of 1863; chief engineer of the army of the Ohio in the spring of 1864; brevetted Major for gallantry and meritorious service during the war and Major and Lieutenant Colonel for gellant and merito- rious service during the campaign in Georgia and Tennessee; Professor in the Engineering Depertmant at West Point, in 1865; made explorations in Dakota from 1867 to 1870; detailed in "Joint Commission for the Sur- vey and Denarkation of the Northern Boundary Line of the United States," established by Great Britain and the United States, 1872- 3 assigned to the office of Chief Mgineers at Washington and received his promo- tion as Major of Engineers, 1877; appointed first Engineer Commissioner of the District of Columbia, June 29, 1878. Died May 5, 1882.

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