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CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS Batch Number: EX-519W_ LINAS Product Deserption: Cannabidiol lat from 100% industvil hemp oll/extract Manufacture Date! 01302019, Best By oat County oF Oren 5A ‘Storage/Mandling ‘Best Kept at Oto 20 degree Celsius, protected Wom light and maitre Product Packaging High Density Polyethylene (HOPE) plastic fg DENSITY PESTICIDES (030-085 ami Test ] Resa Melting Point~ 67.4 degrees Celsius Tea aaemale "APPEARANCE Aeequinocyt Doe make Crstaline powder ike, whiten olor Without odor on aisaehe ‘fenthrin <0.05 marie ee Are CLAS OID PROTA ‘Clormequat corde 05 male & pean ‘atin <0.05 marke eG ee Daminoride <0.05 make ‘MICROBIOLOGICAL roxazole 0.05 male Tet [Result Spectication| aaaeae cars eahe ‘erobie Plate Count None detected | «10,000,000 cule E.Gol None detected | «100 cfufe ae core Salmonella spp None detected | None detected inidacloprid 05 maha “otal Colform None detected | «4,000 cule ‘ydobutant iswala Tota Yeast and Melds | None detected | «10,000 cu/a Padiobutrazol 2.05 make HEAVY METALS Pyretiring Dos male Metal Result Spectication _— niece | acca aD ie Spremesifen 05 mele | Gari <2.088 ppm 35 pom Sprotetvamat D5 mel Mercury