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L-CDP-04 Orchestral Winds Vol. 1
Orchestral Winds Vol. 1
The new Orchestral Winds Vol. 1 disc is the perfect compliment to the Archives Series
Orchestral Family Vol. 1&2. The sounds represented here are the most extensive work to
date in the field of woodwinds with ample versions of each instrument category. Different
performers were recorded in several countries, with varying ambiences, dynamics, and mic
placements giving you the tools to create a whole spectrum of emotions from your Roland
sampler. This disc provides access to the entire woodwind family including: Piccolos,
Concert, Alto and Bass Flutes, Eb, Bb, Contralto, and Bass Clarinets, 13 different Oboes,
Oboe D’More, Baritone Oboe, English horns, Bassoons, Contrabassoons, and even a British
Fife! Most are available in natural vibrato and non-vibrato versions, and where appropriate
there are samples for idiomatic playing such as accented, overblown, swells, trills, runs,
singing and flutter effects. You won’t find a more meticulously crafted compilation of wood-
winds anywhere but in a real orchestra.

FLT:Piccolos FLT:C Flutes 3-8 WND:Clarinets WND:Oboe 2&3 WND:Bassoons
FLT:British Fife FLT:C Flute FX WND:Lo Clarinets WND:Oboe 4-8 WND:C.Bassoons
FLT:Jazz+Singin’ FLT:Alto Flute WND:English Horn WND:Oboe 9-13 CMB:Wind Sects 1
FLT:C Flutes 1&2 FLT:Bass Flute WND:Oboe 1 WND:Bari Oboe CMB:Wind Combo 1

FLT:Piccolos FLT:C Flt amb 8 WND:Clarinet Sh WND:Oboe f 5 WND:Bassoon Swel
FLT:Fife FLT:C Flt Trill WND:Clarinet FX WND:Oboe Dry 6 WND:C.Bassoons
FLT:Fife Trills FLT:C Flt OctAtk WND:Bs Clarinet WND:Oboe D’amore CMB:Wind Sect 1
FLT:Jazz Flute FLT:C Flt Gliss WND:CB Clarinet WND:Oboe 9 CMB:Wind Sect 2
FLT:Singin’Flute FLT:A.Flt vib 1 WND:Eng Horn 1 WND:Oboe 10 CMB:Wind Sect 3
FLT:Flutter FX FLT:A.Flt vib 2 WND:Eng Horn 2 WND:Oboe 11 CMB:Wind Sect 4
FLT:Pad Hits FLT:A.Flt nv 3 WND:Eng Horn Sh WND:Oboe Short CMB:Wind Sect 5
FLT:C Flt vib 1 FLT:BsFlt vib 1 WND:Eng Horn 4 WND:Bari Oboe CMB:Wind Sect 6
FLT:C Flt nv 2 FLT:Bs Flutter WND:Eng Horn Swl WND:Bassoon 1 CMB:Wind Sect 7
FLT:C Flt Brt 3 WND:Clar Jazz 1 WND:Oboe Brth 1 WND:Bassoon 2 CMB:Wind Combo 1
FLT:C Flt Act 4 WND:Clar Bryt 2 WND:Oboe vib 2 WND:Bassoon 3
FLT:C Flt Act 5 WND:Clar Cls 3 WND:Oboe mf/f 3 WND:Bassoon 4
FLT:C Flt Sh 6&7 WND:Clar Cls 4 WND:Oboe Room 4 WND:Bassoon 5

FLT:Piccolo 1a FLT:Picc Tr 1a FLT:Fife MjTr1bS FLT:Jazz Flt 1c FLT:Flutter 3
FLT:Piccolo 1b FLT:Picc Tr 1b FLT:Fife MjTr1cS FLT:Jazz Flt 1d FLT:Flutter 4
FLT:Piccolo 1c FLT:Picc Tr 1c FLT:Fife MjTr1aM FLT:Jazz Flt 1e FLT:Flutter 5
FLT:Piccolo 2aS FLT:Picc Tr 1d FLT:Fife MjTr1bM FLT:Sing Flt 1a FLT:Pad Hit menu
FLT:Piccolo 2bS FLT:Fife 1aS FLT:Fife MjTr1cM FLT:Sing Flt 1b FLT:Pad Hits 1a
FLT:Piccolo 2cS FLT:Fife 1bS FLT:Fife mnTr1aS FLT:Sing Flt 1c FLT:C Flt vb 1a
FLT:Piccolo 2dS FLT:Fife 1cS FLT:Fife mnTr1bS FLT:Sing Flt 1d FLT:C Flt vb 1b
FLT:Piccolo 2aM FLT:Fife 1aM FLT:Fife mnTr1aM FLT:Sing Flt 1e FLT:C Flt vb 1c
FLT:Piccolo 2bM FLT:Fife 1bM FLT:Fife mnTr1bM FLT:Flutter menu FLT:C Flt vb 1d
FLT:Piccolo 2cM FLT:Fife 1cM FLT:Jazz Flt 1a FLT:Flutter 1 FLT:C Flt vb 1e
FLT:Piccolo 2dM FLT:Fife MjTr1aS FLT:Jazz Flt 1b FLT:Flutter 2 FLT:C Flt nv 2a

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®ÂØÒňΠL-CDP-04 Orchestral Winds Vol. 1

Patches cont.
FLT:C Flt nv 2b WND:Clar Jaz 1a WND:Bs Clar 2c WND:Oboe / 3d WND:Oboe Sh 13a
FLT:C Flt nv 2c WND:Clar Jaz 1b WND:Bs Clar 2d WND:Oboe mf 3a WND:B.Oboe 1a
FLT:C Flt nv 2d WND:Clar Jaz 1c WND:CB Clar 1a WND:Oboe mf 3b WND:Bassoon 1a
FLT:C Flt Br 3a WND:Clar Jaz 1d WND:CB Clar 1b WND:Oboe mf 3c WND:Bassoon 1b
FLT:C Flt Br 3b WND:Clar Br /2aS WND:CB Clar 1c WND:Oboe mf 3d WND:Bassoon 1c
FLT:C Flt Br 3c WND:Clar Br /2bS WND:CB Clar 2aS WND:Oboe f 3a WND:Bassoon 2a
FLT:C Flt Br 3d WND:Clar Br /2aM WND:CB Clar 2bS WND:Oboe f 3b WND:Bassoon 2b
FLT:C Flt vb 4a WND:Clar Br /2bM WND:CB Clar 2aM WND:Oboe f 3c WND:Bassoon 2c
FLT:C Flt vb 4b WND:Clar Br p2aS WND:CB Clar 2bM WND:Oboe f 3d WND:Bassoon 2d
FLT:C Flt vb 4c WND:Clar Br p2bS WND:EHrn vb 1a WND:Oboe mp 4a WND:Bassoon 3a
FLT:C Flt nv 5a WND:Clar Br p2aM WND:EHrn vb 1b WND:Oboe mp 4b WND:Bassoon 3b
FLT:C Flt nv 5b WND:Clar Br p2bM WND:EHrn vb 1c WND:Oboe mp 4c WND:Bassoon 3c
FLT:C Flt nv 5c WND:Clar Br f2aS WND:EHrn vb 2a WND:Oboe mp 4d WND:Bassoon 4a
FLT:C Flt Sh 6a WND:Clar Br f2aM WND:EHrn vb 2b WND:Oboe f 5a WND:Bassoon 4b
FLT:C Flt Sh 7a WND:Clar / 3a WND:EHrn vb 2c WND:Oboe f 5b WND:Bassoon 4c
FLT:C Flt vb 8aS WND:Clar / 3b WND:EHrn Sh 3a WND:Oboe f 5c WND:Bassoon 5a
FLT:C Flt vb 8bS WND:Clar / 3c WND:EHrn Chr 4a WND:Oboe f 5d WND:Bassoon 5b
FLT:C Flt vb 8cS WND:Clar / 3d WND:EHrn Chr 4b WND:Oboe Dry 6a WND:Bassoon 5c
FLT:C Flt vb 8aM WND:Clar mp 3a WND:EHrn Chr 4c WND:Oboe Dry 6b WND:Bssn Swl 1a
FLT:C Flt vb 8bM WND:Clar mp 3b WND:EHrn Swl 5a WND:Oboe Dry 6c WND:Bssn Swl 1b
FLT:C Flt vb 8cM WND:Clar mp 3c WND:EHrn Swl 5b WND:Oboe Swl 6a WND:Bssn Swl 1c
FLT:C Flt Tr 1a WND:Clar mf 3a WND:EHrn Swl 5c WND:Oboe Swl 6b WND:Bssn Swl 2a
FLT:C Flt Tr 1b WND:Clar mf 3b WND:EHrn Swl 5d WND:Oboe Swl 6c WND:Bssn Swl 2b
FLT:C Flt Tr 1c WND:Clar mf 3c WND:Oboe / 1a WND:Oboe Swl 6d WND:Bssn Swl 2c
FLT:C Flt OctAtk WND:Clar / 4a WND:Oboe / 1b WND:Oboe / 6a WND:Bssn Swl 2d
FLT:C Flt Glmenu WND:Clar / 4b WND:Oboe / 1c WND:Oboe / 6b WND:Con Bssn 1a
FLT:C Flt Gliss1 WND:Clar / 4c WND:Oboe / 1d WND:Oboe p 6a WND:Con Bssn 1b
FLT:C Flt Gliss2 WND:Clar mp 4a WND:Oboe p 1a WND:Oboe p 6b WND:Con Bssn 1c
FLT:C Flt Gliss3 WND:Clar mp 4b WND:Oboe p 1b WND:Oboe f 6a WND:Con Bssn 1d
FLT:A.Flt vb 1a WND:Clar mp 4c WND:Oboe p 1c WND:Oboe f 6b CMB:Bssn 8va 1a
FLT:A.Flt vb 1b WND:Clar mf 4a WND:Oboe p 1d WND:D’Oboe 7a CMB:Clar Sh 5a
FLT:A.Flt vb 1c WND:Clar mf 4b WND:Oboe mf 1a WND:D’Oboe 7b CMB:Oboe 10a
FLT:A.Flt vb 2a WND:Clar mf 4c WND:Oboe mf 1b WND:D’Oboe 8a CMB:EHrn vb 1a
FLT:A.Flt vb 2b WND:ClarSh mp4a WND:Oboe mf 1c WND:D’Oboe 8b CMB:Bs Cl 8va2a
FLT:A.Flt vb 2c WND:ClarSh mf4a WND:Oboe mf 1d WND:D’Oboe 8c CMB:C Flt vb 4a
FLT:A.Flt vb 2d WND:Clar Sh 5a WND:Oboe f 1a WND:D’Oboe 8d CMB:Bs Clar 2a
FLT:A.Flt nv 3a WND:Clar 550 6a WND:Oboe f 1b WND:Oboe 9a CMB:Con Bssn 1b
FLT:A.Flt nv 3b WND:Clar Trl 1aS WND:Oboe f 1c WND:Oboe 9b CMB:Bassoon 2b
FLT:A.Flt nv 3c WND:Clar Trl 1aM WND:Oboe f 1d WND:Oboe 9c CMB:Oboe vb 2b
FLT:A.Flt nv 3d WND:Bs Clar 1a WND:Oboe vb 2a WND:Oboe 10a CMB:A.Flt vb 1b
FLT:BsFlt vb 1a WND:Bs Clar 1b WND:Oboe vb 2b WND:Oboe 10b CMB:Piccolo 1b
FLT:BsFlt vb 1b WND:Bs Clar 1c WND:Oboe vb 2c WND:Oboe 10c CMB:Clar Jaz 1b
FLT:BsFlt vb 1c WND:Bs Clar 1d WND:Oboe vb 2d WND:Oboe 11a CMB:C Flt vb 1c
FLT:Bs Flutr 1a WND:Bs Clar 1e WND:Oboe / 3a WND:Oboe 11b
FLT:Bs Flutr 1b WND:Bs Clar 2a WND:Oboe / 3b WND:Oboe 11c
FLT:Bs Flutr 1c WND:Bs Clar 2b WND:Oboe / 3c WND:Oboe Sh 12a

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