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Public Relations Society of America l Rowan University l Glassboro, NJ l January 2018

President’s Piece
By Anya Mourovannyi, AJF-PRSSA President

elcome back, everyone! I hope everyone had the chance to sit
back and relax. Now that we are back, we are ready to roll and
PRSSA has a lot of fun events coming your way!
On Tuesday, Feb. 5, from 5 to 7 p.m, Fancy-A-Flick will be held at the
Owl’s Nest. At Fancy-A-Flick, you will have access to career building work-
shops, resume reviews, and ready for the best part? THREE PROFESSION-
AL HEADSHOTS, all for $10. As they say, “New year, new me!”
On Wednesday, April 10, PRSSA is going to the carnival! Well, not exact-
ly. PRSSA will host its annual Organ Donor Day to raise awareness, and sign
up donors and this year’s theme is Carnival. There will be carnival games and
food, so don’t miss miss-out!
Sunday, April 28, PRSSA will host its annual Spring Gala from 12 Anya Mourovannyi
to 3 p.m. at Scotland Run to celebrate our graduating seniors and all of
PRSSA’s accomplishments.
We are so excited about what 2019 has in store, and we hope you are too.
Whatever goals you set for yourself, work hard to achieve them. Whether it’s
Editor’s Note
landing your first PR job or internship, or finally running your first 5K, stay By Carlo Lingesso, Publications Editor

persistent and committed! Personally, one of my goals is to help the 2019-20
PRSSA e-board with their transition into their roles. appy New Year, ladies and
If you are looking for a way to become more involved, feel free to talk to gentlemen! Break is over and
me or anyone on PRSSA e-board at one of our meetings. I would be more now here we are, the begin-
than happy to answer all questions and talk about all of the opportunities that ning of the spring semester.
PRSSA has to offer. I hope you all enjoyed your breaks
and used your time to mentally recover
in preparation for this new semester. As
we are halfway finished the school year,
it is important to stay consistent and fo-
“We are so excited about what 2019 has in store, cused. Perhaps set a goal for yourself to
and we hope you are too. Whatever goals you set push yourself towards personal growth.
My goal for this semester is to land a
for yourself, work hard to achieve them.” job before I graduate. As my college
career comes to a close, I am excited
to see what is in store for my PRSSA
family and me. In this issue we will hear
In this issue... a senior student’s thoughts on graduating
and a PRSSA story!
Half Way to Graduation: A Reflection 2 If you are interested in writing for
PRomo, feel free to contact me at:
My PRSSA Story 3

Half-Way to Graduation: A Reflection
By Morgan Hurley, Senior Student

he summer before my freshman year of college, I remember everyone say-
ing the exact same thing. College is the best four years of your life, enjoy
every second because it flies by. Well, they were right about one thing, it
sure did fly by. The truth is, it was the best four years of my life. I look back at all
I accomplished, all the wonderful friends I’ve made, and all I’ve learned.
I began my senior year filled with anxiety. I was fearful to enter the real
world and leave behind my home for the past four years. My thoughts shifted
to finding a job, being successful, and figuring out what my next step is. I’m
sure I can speak for every senior when I say that this is one of those bittersweet
moments in life and most of us feel the same way, we’re worried.
Regardless of the way I feel, I have come to terms with that fact that it’s go-
Morgan Hurley
ing to happen. No matter how worried I am, on May 15 I will be walking across
that stage. So why was my energy worrying about things I can’t control? Here
we are with one semester left. As classes begin, my attitude has changed and I
have turned my worrying into reflecting. I think about the 105 credits I’ve com-
pleted, the grades I’ve gotten, the things I’ve learned, and the personal growth
Connect with PRSSA!
I made. Those accomplishments are the things that got me here, and that is the
outlook I need to have about graduating. When I look back five years from now, Twitter
graduating college will be one of those accomplishments I will put energy to- @RowanPRssa
wards being proud of rather than worrying about what comes next. This should
be an exciting time and something to be proud of.




Don’t hesitate, get involved with PRSSA during the
spring semester!

My PRSSA Story
By Clauderson Desinor, Philanthropy Chair

eing a dual major in Advertising and Public Relations, you really get to
experience the best of both worlds. It’s safe to say I became a member of
PRSSA rather spontaneously. It was simply by doing some extra credit
for Prof. Pollock in Basic PR Writing. I consider myself more on the creative and
account side so I was a little hesitant to say the least. I honestly believed this was
going to be a complete waste of time, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.
My first meeting was good. I was able to meet some of the members from
last year, and instantly found a niche with them. They guided me and showed
me all the things that they were doing for the chapter and inspired me to join
along. Two people in particular that I met were Marco Martucci and Chris Tygar
who made me feel right at home. Sometimes all it takes is a peer or two to show
you the ropes and the opportunities that can unravel. Clauderson Desinor
Fast forward today, I am a two year member and the Fundraising Chair for
this school year. I can honestly say that it’s one of the most interesting decisions
I have made because I have created a bond with my colleagues that I can use as Goals for the
future references down the line. We’ve brainstormed together, traveled together, Semester!
and experienced some of the same things. PRSSA is an incredible opportunity
and I recommend EVERYONE to get involved and join. In the end, I can guar-
antee you’ll be happy you did, I know I have.
Bree Fiber
Execute an awesome
Spring Gala

Ronnie Fante
Have an amazing final
Jeremy Tsonton
Get a job
Clauderson Desinor
“Crushing” this semester
Carlo Lingesso
This year’s Spring Gala is taking place at the beautiful Prepare for the
Scotland Run! “real world”

“PRSSA is an incredible opportunity and I recommend
EVERYONE to get involved and join. In the end, I can
guarantee you’ll be happy you did, I know I have.”

Looking Ahead during the Spring Semester...

Our next three meetings are:

Feb. 6 - CSC 127
Feb. 20 - CSC 127
Mar. 6 - CSC 127

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