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Tony Yustein


© 2018 Tony Yustein
All rights reserved.


I would like to dedicate this book to my children. I
love you kids so much. Isn’t it time to contact me via
Internet? I miss you a lot.
Do not believe anyone about our lost years. I
will tell you what happened. Know one essential
thing; I did not abandon you.

Behold a universe so immense that I am lost
in it. I no longer know where I am. I am just
nothing at all. Our world is terrifying in its in-
Bernard Le Bovier de Fontenelle

The day science begins to study non-physi-
cal phenomena, it will make more progress
in one decade than in all the previous cen-
turies of its existence.
Nikola Tesla



This introduction is going to create the right context
for you to read this book. If you jump to other chap-
ters before reading this one, they won’t convey the
right message.
So let’s begin...
Did you hear about the Large Hadron Collider
(LHC) at CERN in Geneva? It is a massive tunnel in

the shape of a circle. Inside this huge donut style
mega equipment is a particle accelerator. The cir-
cular shaped tunnel’s circumference is 27 kilome-
ters. (source)
The human hand consists of 27 bones. (source)

Sun rotates around its axis every 27 days.
Human skin cells renews itself every 27 days.
The moon orbits Earth every 27 days. (source)
27 is a self locating number in PI. (source)
Papua New Guinea language Telefol is based
on a 27 base system, which is based on counting
human parts. (source).
In the Bible - Genesis 1-27, humans are created.
The New Testament contains 27 books.
Prophet Muhammad is believed to have as-
cended to heaven on Islamic calendar month Rajab
day 27. (source)

The 27 lines can be identified with the 27 pos-
sible charges of M-theory on a six-dimensional to-
rus (6 momenta; 15 membranes; 6 fivebranes) and
the group E6 then naturally acts as the U-duality
group. This map between del Pezzo surfaces and
M-theory on tori is known as mysterious duality. The
Cayley–Salmon theorem (Cayley 1849) states that a
smooth cubic surface over an algebraically closed
field contains 27 straight lines. (source)
In the Hindu astrology the classical list of 27
nakshatras is first found in the Vedanga Jyotisha, a
text dated to the 600-700 BCE. The nakshatra sys-
tem predates the Hellenistic astronomy which be-
came prevalent from about the 2nd century CE.
Between aluminum isotopes, only one is stable:
27-Al. It is the only isotope that has existed on Earth

in its current form since the creation of the planet.
Since it is stable it is not radioactive. (source)
Cobalt blue is famous because of its use in Chi-
nese ceramics. Cobalt’s periodic table number is
27. (source)
The moon is a bit more than one-fourth (27 per-
cent) the size of Earth. (source)
In Kabbalah, the 27th Path is called the Natural
Intelligence , whereby the
nature of everything found in the orb of the sun
is completed and perfected. (source)
In an average human body there are
7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms.
That is 27 zeros after the 7. (source)
In Buddhist cosmology the highest level that
can be achived by a being with a physical body is
27. (source)

The Hebrew alphabet has 22 letters. It does not
have case, but five letters have different forms when
used at the end of a word. Which brings the total to
27. (source)
There are 27 prayer beads in a typical Buddhist
rosary. (source)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote 27 original
concertos for piano and orchestra. (source)
Earth’s one solar year, has 365.25 days or
31557600 seconds. If you add the digits
(3+1+5+5+7+6+0+0) = 27
The influence of the ‘Saturn return’ is consid-
ered to start in the person's late twenties, notably
the age of 27. (source)
Rubik’s Cube has 27 pieces. (source)
Jesus was born 27 years after the Roman Em-
pire was created. (source)

In Plato's Lambda, 27 is the highest number.
2+3+4+5+6+7 = 27
When we group the above numbers, one of
each end we will end up with 27, 36 and 45. Notice
that all 2+7, 3+6 and 4+5 equals 9. Let’s divide 27,
36 and 45 and we will get 3, 4 and 5.
3-4-5 is the most famous Pythagorean triplets.
So far I’ve established that there is something
interesting about the number 27. How does this re-
late to anything in this book’s context?
One late night, I was chatting with my friend E. I
was convinced that I was the reincarnated version
of Jim Morrison. Jim’s death and my parents’ date
of making me were close enough, for the possibil-
ity. E said that he died at 27 and I said so what? E
laughed and asked if I heard of the ‘27 Club’ and I

said no. E continued and said that many famous
musicians and artists died when they were 27. (27
I thought what if I wanted to send a message to
my future re-incarnated self? Would I die at a cer-
tain age and be part of the 27 Club so that I would
notice the number 27? I think I did just that when I
was Jim Morrison.
Regardless, I started thinking about the number
27 and my life. My birthday is 9.3.72. This one is
quite easy, right? 9x3=27 and remaining 72 is the
mirror version of 27. Interesting, but not enough.
Then I remembered both my parents were born in
1945. If you add 27 to 1945, you get 1972 which is
my birth year. Now it is getting exciting right?
Not enough? Let’s continue. Remember the
number groups derived from (2+3+4+5+6+7=27),

27, 36, 45. Also, remember those 3 numbers di-
vided by 9 makes 3,4,5 which is a Pythagorean tri-
When I was;
27 years old, a 7.6 earthquake in a city near my
parent’s summer house. My father died related to
this earthquake but about a year later.
36 years old, something miraculous happened,
I will explain in a minute.
45 years old, full awakening started when I was
45. I was given instructions to make everyone aware
of the contents of this book.
What happened when I was 36? My wife got
pregnant. No big deal right? Well, she got pregnant
with triplets. Ok, triplets are much less common
than twins. I felt a lightning strike in front of my eyes
when I thought about their birthdate.

It reads 27 - 27. E hangup the phone, I think he
didn’t want to recognize something of this magni-
tude in the middle of the night.
I’m not the same person after I recognized I’m
27, my triplets are 27. I questioned a lot about who
or what I was. The answer is not so simple. I’m no
prophet, period. I’m not Jesus. I’m not perfect. But
I’m an angelic being in a human body. I was given,
by the One Creator of all, the miracle of creation,
number 27. So that you recognize me as valid so
that the message will be identified as authentic. I
am here to give you happy news, that your next
1000 years will be golden, that the dark forces have
lost. Soon you will hear more from world govern-
ments related to the contents of this book.
The last but not the least;
2018 - (8+1+2=2)
2019 - (9+1+2=3)

2020 - (2+2=4)
2021 - (1+2+2=5)
2022 - (2+2+2=6)
2023 - (2+2+3=7)
This is the perfect 6 years of miracles. Your next
1000 years will be defined in this 6 years. All will be
good, you will have all the help you need.
Are you surprised? Since I have your attention,
we can start. There are a lot of things you need to
learn, and if your free will takes to that direction,
there is a lot to do to rebuild this broken world.
I don’t want any child go to sleep hungry. I won’t
tolerate it. Wake up humanity, wake up...

Chapter 1

So it begins...

Quite a long time ago, in this galaxy, an empire so
evil, created so much suffering, to feed off their mis-
ery. Anyone who has the God particle inside, the
spark of life, has been targeted by this empire. They
used humanoids as food and used their blood to
create a serum to help their Queen to stay young.
This is their solution to eternal life. Of course, only

their elite can access this fountain of youth. This em-
pire is also very advanced in genetics. When they
destroyed humanoid worlds, they kidnapped all
the females regardless of their age, even babies.
The reason is those humanoid females are the key

to their need for power. Each humanoid female has
a limited number of eggs, sparks of life, in them
when they are born. This number, which is different
for each individual female, never goes up, always
goes down until it is 0. Humanoid women, do not
produce these sparks of life again in their lifetime.
That’s why females are left for this empire to
take to processing centers. The males, on the other
hand, either used as food, for creating the youth se-
rum, slaves to work in the gold and other precious
materials mines.
These males are disposable. If they have
enough of them, they will just kill them. After raping
them of course, by their men. Because the innocent
ones give out the highest level of energy when they
are abused. This barbaric procedure still continues
till today. But no more, we won’t allow it on this
planet and any other one. Period.

The Queen of this empire killed her King and
replaced all critical positions in the government
with her daughters, the princesses.
The Queen also altered the males’ genetics of
her race, dramatically reducing their lifespan and
removing them from the possibility of ever reaching
an age with experience to question her authority.
The Queen’s empire had a very advanced war
machine called a planet killer. It was a large ship
with incredible firepower. So powerful, it could de-
stroy planets. With this weapon, the Queen man-
aged to keep her enemies in the line.
There was another empire, who was also vi-
cious. This one was run by males. Their males were
so strong, sharp like a wolf, or even a lion. Maybe a
bit of both. During the battle, they had the capabil-
ity of changing their body shape to more animal-

like. The shape-shifting phase is the only time that
they are vulnerable.
The smaller empire also had a secret weapon.
Their military mastered how to navigate astroids re-
motely. Following typical routes for asteroids in the
enemy zone, they approach without being de-
tected. Eventually, it is too late to do anything but
make your peace and wait for your planet to be de-
stroyed by a colliding asteroid.
Eventually, this male-dominated empire’s bor-
ders collided with the Queen’s realm. This was a
show of force on both sides.
It came to a point where the defeat for the
smaller empire was inevitable. The Queen used this
moment to force the King of the lower realm to sub-
mit to the authority of hers.
After this merger of empires, the Queen had
everything she wanted. She needed male soldiers

since her own were genetically crippled to live a
short life. Her scientists managed to combine the
planet killer ship technology with the asteroid
weapon technology.
The result was a hallow astroid with a spaceship
hidden inside. These huge ships were sent with
princesses to the far-reaching borders of both em-
pires to police their subjects, the humanoids.
But there was another race in the galaxy.
Younger less experienced beings but peaceful.
When the borders of the Queen’s empire reached
to the star system where this race lived, this new
race didn’t have a chance to defend themselves.
Three planets were destroyed with millions of lives
lost. Remaining members of this race got scattered
around the galaxy and started new colonies. Many
different subgroups of this race established a fed-
eration to keep the peace in their space.

Two of the planets they colonized were Mars
and another planet which does not exist today. In
its place, we have an asteroid belt.
Supposedly our planet is on a critical trade
route. And the Queen’s empire claimed our solar
system to be theirs because they came here and
seeded Earth which resulted in primitive life in the
oceans. The two planets made an alliance to defend
our solar system. The result was one of those newly
advanced warships, which were a combination of
stealth and colossal firepower, was sent by the
Queen to our solar system to deal with this prob-
The younger race couldn’t see the warship ap-
proaching. When they realized it was too late. The
remaining population of the destroyed planed fled
to Mars.

Mars lasted longer, but during the battle, it got
its atmosphere sucked out to space, and remaining
joint population went underground to survive.

Chapter 2

The start of ‘our’ history

The only other habitable planet was Earth. But it was
only oceans and not much of an atmosphere. To
simplify, I will call the joint empires, Empire Q and
the other opposing part is the Federation.
So we defined two sides. One technologically
very advanced. The other, a younger but a brilliant
race. Their resourcefulness came from the fact that

they were very spiritual. They considered everyone
brother and sister in their population. They raised
kids altogether. They shared whatever they had
with their neighbors. No one went to sleep hungry.

The Federation decided to send reinforce-
ments to ensure the safety of their remaining popu-
lation on Mars.
Meanwhile, Q empire terraformed Earth and
settled down on land towards the east of the Asian
continent. They called this land Lemuria.
There was a subgroup of the Federation. A race
who was known to be fierce in their battles, and so
fanatic that they rather die than losing but also tak-
ing down their enemies with them. They lived in the
Pleiades star cluster about 425 light years away
from Earth. (Pleiades star cluster)
The Federation sent this group to Earth’s solar
system to help survivors and defend them against
the Q Empire.

They took the refugees from Mars and settled
on Earth, on a continent to the west of today’s Eu-
rope. They called their land, Atlantis. They were
called the Atlans. How do I know?
I’m one of them...

Chapter 3

The war between Atlantis and

This is where the dirty part begins, unfortunately.
There are many different views on how this hap-
pened. Since I’m trying to see the big picture, I will
make it brief.
Empire Q soon started their work after they set-
tled on the continent of Lemuria. They were after re-
sources of the planet. They preferred slaves to do
the work for them. So they modified the indigenous
people on Earth at the time, and these were not to-

day’s humans, to be just smart enough to obey the
orders of their masters and nothing more. Sounds

so familiar right? These tactics are still employed by
the hybrid descendants of this Empire Q. Some
people call them the Cabal, they even promote this
name because it doesn’t resonate with the general
population. They should be thugs because that’s
what they are, but I have a better name for them,
Kingdom of the Fallen.
Now, let’s have a look at what the Atlans were
doing at that time. After bringing the survivors to
Earth, they started building their defenses. Both At-
lans and the Kingdom of the Fallen had advanced
masters who could see and operate beyond the 3D
we can see. On a higher plane, the space-time be-
comes time-space, where you can walk through
time but can’t interact with it, to communicate you
need intermediaries.
The Fallen relied on blood sacrifices whereas
the Atlans relied on peaceful meditation to achieve

it. One of the main reasons that the Fallen are so
jealous is, because of our genetic makeup we can
ascend to higher planes and since they love 3D so
much they lost this gene quite a long time ago, they
can’t achieve this without sacrificing beings who
have that gene. They hate us. Again because of the
energy, of our DNA individually, and as a whole, we
create an energy field about 8 meters in diameter.
This field is so much more pure in children because
their bodies are not destroyed yet with today’s life-
style. That is why they go after children. The idea of
sacrificing a virgin, is that the vessel is pure and they
are the ones to absorb all the energy the poor girl
stores in her, maybe not yet fully developed, ova-
ries. All this ‘life’ energy as you would call it bridges
the gap of our 3D and a higher plane, not neces-

sarily the next one up. And if the price paid was cor-
rect, then the ‘wish’ of the followers were granted.
Generally, it is in the form of wealth and power.
This kind of corruption is not unique to our
planet and society. The Atlans knew about this, and
they were prepared. Or at least they thought so.
Before the Fallen could establish a stronghold,
the Atlans wanted to act. This reminds me of the
Warcraft game series. Once you build a base of op-
erations, you mine for resources and buy technol-
ogy with it to defend or attack your neighbors. That
is precisely what happened. Many gamers know
that if you attack first, you have a higher chance of
winning. So did the Atlans and they struck first.
Their weapons sank, and the whole continent went
under today’s Asia and created the tectonic imbal-
ance which causes earthquakes and volcano erup-

The Fallen were caught off guard. And the At-
lans were happy to be victorious. A false victory that
is. The Kingdom of the Fallen went underground,
literally into the ground. They used a naturally
formed cave system combined with advanced tech-
nology to create huge underground cities. These
cities created the tales of ‘7 levels of Hell’. The East-
ern mythology is full of references to these crea-
tures. Chinese obsession with the dragons has a
real historical reference. The Chinese wall was built
to defend against unearthly enemies from the
North. The Fallen promoted the idea that Chinese
were defending against Mongolians and Turks. It
was overbuilt for human enemies. Maybe the Chi-
nese didn’t hear the advice of the Internet age,
‘build, and they will come.’ Indeed they came.
There are many stories of children being kid-
napped. These Fallen are the cause of those. They

stole children for rituals, genetical material, and ex-
perimentation. Every day I see lost children ads and
can’t help but think about these creatures.
After the Atlans won the first round, the Fallen
started their offense. To do this, they either used
help from their ancestors on a higher plane of exist-
ence, or they used genetically altered versions of
the key personnel in the Atlan society.
Another front for the war was the battle be-
tween more esoteric forces. On both sides, they
used their abilities to create adverse effects on the
other side. They could see the future, sense danger,
and control matter.
At some point the Atlan masters saw the future,
defeat was inevitable. Because of the genetically
modified essential personnel in the Atlan society,
they did not listen to the warnings of the Atlan mas-
ters. The masters used their tools of destruction to

point where the Fallen are, but they failed and sank
their continent instead. The details are dramatic
and essential but not in this broader picture con-
text. Many lives were lost. When a life is lost, it does
not matter what kind of life. Everything created by
the Creator starts its life as light, so they all should
be respected when they return to the point of their
So the Atlans were scattered around the world,
at least the ones who listened to the warning of their
Atlan masters. When the Fallen attacked South
America with their nuclear weapons, the magnetic
poles shifted, it created an extinction level event,
and maybe the dinosaurs died because of this. All
the primitive life on the surface were killed, except
the Fallen and the Atlans who took refuge under the
South American continent, Northern Africa, Greek
Islands and Turkey.

The Olympians, yes you guessed it right, they
were the Atlans. I feel ashamed because how some
of us behaved in and around Greece but that’s an-
other story for another time.
There was another major war, this time it re-
sulted in the last flood in our history books. And
again the indigenous people on the surface, the
slaves, died and the Fallen, the Atlans who went un-
derground or up in the sky survived.
But it came with a massive price for both sides.
Seeing the situation is a stalemate, to prevent fur-
ther loss of life, the human Federation met with the
Queen of Empire Q. The Fallen reported indirectly
to the Queen, think of it as a sovereign area of star
The agreement was that the Atlans and the
Fallen would surrender all of their technology and

sentenced to reincarnate on Earth until and if they
learn their lesson.

Chapter 4

Our race is created

This is the part that gets funky! The Federation and
Empire Q formed a committee to oversee the crea-
tion of a new race with combined genetics. Have
you ever heard a committee to accomplish any-
thing useful? No? I haven't heard either…
This group of geneticists combined parts of
their DNA with both the Atlans and the Fallen to cre-

ate a new race, which will decide about their des-
tiny. It is called free will.
The Atlans felt tricked, even betrayed. Who
could blame them, the Federation sent them here

to fight the enemy, and that is what they did. Some-
one at the Federation had a more extended game
in mind. Both sides managed to retain some tech-
nology and immediately started trying to influence
the newly created race. But the Atlans were at a dis-
advantage in this spy game. They did not have any
experience in this style of politics. They were direct,
honest and kind people. They didn’t see it coming.
The Earth’s path through the universe took it
through a different type of energy. The Atlans lost
their abilities in their DNA. Their DNA changed to a
more primitive state. We got trapped in our human
While we were crying foul, the referee contin-
ued the game, and the Fallen scored. You see, they
are an older race, they knew our weaknesses well.
This new race learned unfortunately from the
Fallen, not from both sides as it was initially

planned. The last of the few Atlans who managed
to retain their powers created a couple of technol-
ogies that the Fallen did not know about. Our sys-
tem of karma, the memory of us together with the
planet, was put in place by the last of the Atlans.
Since 2012, these technologies are activated, and
the magnetic pole of the Earth is changing back to
its previous state because of the energy field Earth
is going through in space. So these last Atlan mas-
ters left the chance of escaping the planet, behind
and stayed here to reincarnate until the end.

Chapter 5

The New Kingdom of the Fallen

There was an internal uprising at the Kingdom of
the Fallen. The power to rule went from the female
monarchs to a priest brotherhood. This happened
in Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt was horrible. The
slavery, the blood sacrifices, unimaginable. At this
age, there was a fight between the remaining super
beings on Earth using the power of the pyramids.

The rumor is that one of them managed to escape
but promised to return to save his subjects. Please
do not compare this with any religious information,
because this is not what you think. Remember the
timeline; it was Ancient Egypt. My personal opinion

is that the one who left was quite evil. The Brother-
hood of the Priests used this opportunity to im-
prison the last few remaining Fallen who could walk
in daylight in eternal darkness.
War is good for business. Burning down the Li-
brary of Alexandria was the most significant accom-
plishment for the Brotherhood. Without knowing
about the real history of their ancestors, the young
Earth humans did not stand a chance to evolve and
be aware of what was happening.
The Brotherhood lost their contact with the elite
of the Fallen because of what they did to the last of
them. The distant ones they contacted via blood
sacrifices demanded that the Brotherhood seize
control of Earth and keep it until the distant ones
return to reclaim our planet. What the Brotherhood
didn’t know was, that the distant relatives of the
Fallen, had no interest in claiming the population of

the planet, but just the planet itself. Another flood
or nuclear war would have been perfect for them to
get rid of the Golden Race that was to rule this
What was so crucial about Earth? It is not Earth
itself, but it is our Solar System. Our sun is like a
lighthouse and Earth is like a harbor, on a critical
trade route.
So, anyone who uses portals on Earth, which
saves so much time and energy to travel between
distant places in the galaxy, has to pay taxes to the
population of the planet. The population of the
planet includes the humans, animals, plants, and
Earth itself.
It eventually is about wealth and power. Isn’t it
disgusting to see the same patterns of our daily
lives on Earth on a much grander scale? But don’t

be afraid, we managed, we pulled through; we
even passed with flying colors.
Next millennia is ours to rebuild our society.
Our lost abilities of the past are returning with the
new energy. Like Superman going from a red sun
to a yellow sun. Some of us will remember these
quicker than others, but eventually, all of us will
achieve the same abilities. It is related to the solar
flashes and the interplanetary magnetic field that is
Everything is part of a grand master plan. It is
your time now Earthling. You are the new kid on the
block in the universe. Do you realize that we went
through 2012 without losing a significant portion of
Earth’s population? Did you know even the ones on
our side did not expect this much from us? Imagine
that. The new kids on the block in the Universe, not
just our galaxy.

Chapter 6

The human collaborators

The blue blood they call themselves. The elite. The
cream de la cream. The chosen ones. The mon-
archs. And their biggest ally is the Brotherhood of
the Priests.
The Brotherhood jumped from Ancient Egypt
to Rome together with the adaptation of Christian-
ity by the Roman Empire. It is around these times

that the library of Alexandria was burned down. An-
yone who burned books, limit the access to the
truth were collaborators of the Fallen. Roman Cath-
olic Church knows all about this, but they won’t dis-
close it. Can you imagine if they did? The bishops

are afraid that the public will kill them. Don’t worry;
we don’t put kings heads on sticks anymore, we
have the International Criminal Court. On another
good news, on 23 of June 2018, an ex Vatican dip-
lomat was found guilty and sentenced to 5 years in
jail for possessing child pornography. The way the
Fallen work is always the same. When they recruit a
new member, they make sure that they prove their
loyalty by participating in sexual ceremonies with
children. Father Carlo Alberto Capella, a Catholic
priest, blamed the American lifestyle for looking at
child pornography. Well, I guess we need to keep
the Catholic priests happy; otherwise, they can do
evil things. The United States requested his diplo-
matic immunity to be waived but of the Vatican re-
fused. Instead, the trial was in the Vatican, and now
he is going to serve that five years behind closed

doors in the Vatican. I don’t like blaming whole or-
ganizations or populations, and in this case, I will do
the same. Some Catholic priests are of course inno-
cent, and the current Pope is trying to fix these is-
sues. But you can’t kill the snake if the crown you put
on has a snake inside ready to attack you.
Who are the other human collaborators of the
Fallen today?
It’s the people who control the financial sys-
tems, practically making you slaves of the monetary
Two critical financial centers manage the finan-
cial system of the world. First is the city of London
and the second is the Wall Street. It is like the gates
of hell, on the surface of the Earth.
Who is at the top of the food chain? It is the
highest representation of monarchy on Earth. They
call the United States, ‘the old colonies.’ They did

not expect Americans to win the war and declare
independence. There were many good lightwork-
ers, who sacrificed their lives so that the right side
can win.
Regardless, they will be powerless soon. The
Fallen can kill anyone, me as well. But, the Fallen
know that I will reincarnate, so they don’t do it di-
rectly. Since 2018, when we reincarnate, we retain
our previous life experiences. So we continue our
work. Who would want an angry toddler growing
up to be the perfect operative to bring down the
There is another fundamental reason why they
don't kill lightworkers. Killing an angelic being di-
rectly or indirectly is the highest individual crime an-
yone can commit. Their punishment is worse than

There is a lot more information about the
Fallen, then again that is for another time. This is the
world’s most massive cover-up in human history,
our history, our religion and our science will change
You need to push your political leaders to dis-
close all classified information about ancient Earth
history, religions in general and Catholic Church's
history, royal families, ETs, alien technology, UFOs
and what happened to Earth's gold.

Chapter 7

What is next?

Let’s have a look at the broader picture one more
time and create a strategy for our future.

- The most important is that there is a single
omnipotent Creator.
- This One Creator is benevolent and loves us.
- Loves us so much, our Creator put his es-
sence in us.

- Darwin was wrong, and creationists were
also wrong.
- We looked at visiting ETs and saw gods and

- Religions are here to stay, but they will teach
compassion instead of hatred, once again.
- Our history, science, commerce, and religion
have been modified by the Fallen.
- We are ascending together with mother
Earth, no going back.
- We will be happier, healthier and live longer.
- The Fallen can’t interfere with us anymore, no
more genetic experiments.
- The Fallen are in suspended animation to
protect themselves from the current energy
field our planet Earth is going through to-
gether with our solar system.
- In the next millennia, we need to find their
underground location and deal with them
before they deal with us, again!
- We also need to bring down the human col-
laborators, who are the monarchs, the Priest

Brotherhood, and their lapdogs, the bank-
- Believe. Your faith in the One Creator is es-
sential. Don’t forget the One Creator’s love
and benevolence.
- Love is the only path to follow

But most importantly, be AWARE!
Share this information with friends and family.
Discuss it, question it, research it, seek the truth. It’s
cheesy to say it is inside you or it is out there, so in-
stead, I will say, you never know where it is until you
find it.
So keep looking, share with the #AWARE27
hashtag and be KIND to each other. Visit to stay in touch with me and
with each other. I am planning for creating a non-
profit organization to investigate and disclose all

the hidden information about Earth's real history.
Join me in this effort.
And look forward to my upcoming works which
will bring you more detailed information about how
the new era of the Golden Race, the whole human
race, not just some portion of it, is being estab-
Oh, before I go, the Vampires and the Werewolf
are stories based on the Fallen and real. Right now
they can't harm us, but they are very dangerous in
a face to face confrontation so never try to face a
Fallen by yourself.
The goal of this book was to relay the message
to you. The message is 'Please wake up humanity;
it is time.'
You can reach me at

About the author

Tony Yustein, was targeted by the Fallen at a very
young age. Since then, he is searching for the truth.
He is Canadian with a twist; he was born in Istanbul
(old name Constantinople). He likes riding Harley-

Davidson motorcycles. Tony started his own Inter-
net company after working as a Regional Director
for Microsoft Inc. He started the business from 0
and made it a multimillion business and cash flow
positive in just 1.5 years. Tony ran his company for
12 years with each year's revenue higher than pre-
vious year's. Then the members of the Cabal threat-
ened his life. He had to sell his shares for $1. Even-
tually, his old company (, myhost-, was first sold to a large
American company which was sold to another Chi-
nese company group. After that, the Cabal tried to
push him to commit suicide since killing an angelic
being carries the harshest punishment which is
worse than death. There are also many benevolent
beings watching over us, just in case, to respond if
we need help. His greatest dream is to see peace

on Earth. His greatest wish is to unite with his chil-
dren so he can kiss them and tell them how much
he loves and misses them. Stay safe kids.