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EDUW 695: Ethics and Issues in Education

Wisconsin Teacher Standards 9

Student Learning Objectives:
1. Recognizing the influence of bias, values, and cultural norms on ethical decision
2. Critique legal decisions impacting education.
3. Critically evaluate and defend professional and political education decisions.
4. Apply the ethical inquiry framework introduction in class to personal and societal
educational issues.

WTS 9 Teachers are able to evaluate themselves

The teacher is a reflective practitioner who continually evaluates the effects of his/her
choices and actions on others (students, parents, and other professionals in the
learning community), and who actively seeks out opportunities to grow professionally.

A component of this course was to analyze a code of ethics to demonstrate mastery of
Wisconsin Teaching Standard 9. My evaluation of the code of ethics I selected

1. What organization wrote the code and what is the primary purpose of the
organization? How is the organization's purpose manifested in their code?
2. What I like about the code, and what I dislike about the code.
3. An evaluation on whether or not the code would help when you are faced with
ethical in a work environment. (This was done by connecting the code to the
ethical decisions I have faced in my classroom).
● Contemporary Legal Analysis
○ A current issue of the use of technology was analyzed; issue was
presented, argument for how the issue should be solved and a prediction
of how the courts would resolve the controversy.
● Debate
○ A listing of pros and cons were researched and composed in a ​T-Chart​.
Following the research, a ​Essay​ was written defending my point of view. In
class we were randomly assigned a side and performed a live debate.
● Ethical Issues Journal
○ Two classroom and/or school ethical dilemmas were reflected on following
the ethical inquiry framework: facts, issue, arguments, resolution of the
● Issue Outline
○ A contemporary educational issue was presented to the class.
● Filter Reflection
○ The filter of age was used to reflected on how past decisions and future
decisions would be impacted.
● Legal History Analysis
○ A historical progression of case law on the topic of search and seizure
was analyzed.
● Code of Ethics
○ A code of ethics written by the student.