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UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA POLICE DEPARTMENT | TRESPASS WARNING ssamumber Doi f BEY) ote the og. ly ~ O53 e v Crcuit GoscX Fist Name S500) pos ssn Sex f{ Race Ys ; City Tsuen Cvecuty stat (ae aiation This written formservesasnoticeto you that youare being warned for trespassing on the Grounds of the Univs 2f Virginia. 1 Youre not to enter the following University of Virginia building, facility, or other specified area FA Vou are not to come on any property or facility on the Grounds of the University of Virginia except as a patent st the University of Virginia Medicel Center. /OU MAY VISIT THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA MEDICAL CENTER FOR A AEDICAL SCREENING EXAMINATION OF AN EMERGENCY MEDICAL CONDITION. F YOU ARE FOUND IN ANY AREA FROM WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ABOVE, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED AND| THARGED WITH TRESPASSING AFTER HAVING BEEN WARNED AGAINST IT. VIRGINIA CODE § 18.2-119. This Trespass Warning o expires 4 years after the Effective Date; or is effective until rescinded in writing. Grounds of the University of Virginia include all property owned and leased by the University of Virginia fyou have 2 question tothe status ofa particular place, you may cal the University Police Department st (434) 924-7166 for clarification and should to so BEFORE coming onto an area which may be owned or leased by the University of Virginia, igning this form does not constitute an admission of gult to any offense nor does it give @ promise to appear in court of we on participate in any legal proceeding, It simply verifies that the signer understands the instructions in reference to respassingon the Grounds of the University of Virginia. Uhuve) fo sign ad Chaclobbgrille Grad Court eee ee tages el left acpy 1919 hes. | Recipient Signature Procedures to Appeal a Trespass Warn! The Trespass Warning must be appealed in writing to the Associate Vice President for Safety and Security within five (5) calendar days after the date the Trespass Warning is served. Written appeals should be hand-delivered or mailed to: Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer ecutive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer 8 ative Vics, heesigent ng Chis! Operas OTISSr P.O. Box 400228 Charlottesville, VA 22904-4228 Written appeals also may be submitted by electronic mail to: Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, If the appeal is not delivered or postmarked within five (5) calendar days after the date the Trespass Warning is served, then the recipient of the Trespass Warning waives the opportunity to appeal. Written appeals shall include: 1, Appellant's contact information, including address, telephone number, and e- mail address, Date of the issuance of the Trespass Warning and the IBR Number located in the upper left-hand corner of the Trespass Warning, 3. The reason for the review request, 4. Accomplete and candid explanation for the conduct that precipitated the Trespass Warning, 5. The basis for the desire to be on University or Medical Center property, and 6. Any other information the appellant wished to be considered. ‘The Trespass Warning remains in effect while the appeal is being considered, unless the University of Virginia Police modifies or withdraws the Trespass Warning, If the basis of the appeal is a need to be on Medical Center property for a scheduled medical procedure or appointment or to visit a registered patient at the Medical Center, the Associate Vice President shall consult with the Medical Center's Office of Patient Safety and Risk Management prior to finalizing a decision regarding upholding, modifying, or withdrawing the Trespass Warning. The Associate Vice President shall issue the decision within twenty-one (21) calendar days of receipt of the written appeal. The Associate Vice President may uphold, modify, or withdraw the Trespass Warning. The decision of the Associate Vice President is final. Trespass Warnings will automatically expire within four (4) years after the date the ‘Trespass Warning was served, unless otherwise noted in the Trespass Warning. Mr. Kessler, You are receiving this No Trespass Order because you intentionally and purposefully misled officers of the University Police Department regarding the Torchlight Rally that you helped organize on August 11. Your conduct on August 11 threatened the health and safety of members of the University community. Most recently you visited the Law School on Wednesday, April 18 and 25. ‘The University received multiple reports from students that you threatened them, targeted them through cyber-bullying and harassment, and targeted them based on protected characteristics.