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BRAVERY | rote deprmen October 25, 2018 Mr. Vasillious Pistolis Charlotte, NC 28277 Dear Mr. Pistolis: ‘Attached to this letter is a no trespass warning which has been issued against you by the University Police Department at the University of Virginia. This order forbids you to return to University property for a period of 4 years. The no trespass warming is based on evidence that on August 11, 2017, you assaulted another individual while you were on University property. Pursuant to University Policy PRM-018: Issuance of Trespass Warnings, you are being issued this trespass waming because you engaged in criminal activity on University property and your conduct threatened the health and safety of persons on University property. qo Tommey Sutton Chief of Police efe 2304 ly Road | PO Box 400214 | Charlottesville, VA 22903-44790 P 434.924.7166] F 434.924.4552 | E UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA POLICE DEPARTMENT | TRESPASS WARNING liek Number Officer Badge Effective I BoiP-14 LEP Sobor, Fommmyrrot | Oa isfacour Location of Warning Poiice Depad Cwuhed mail Recipient of Trespass Warning en Vig Middle LastName First : Pistols amare Vasillious we G loos ssn sex Race | | finer ldairess Gry state Zin Chaclette Ne “ aeand student CO Facuty (stat (3 Nosiliation This written form serves as notice to you that you are being warned for trespassing on the Grounds of the University lof Virginia. 1 Youare not to enter the following University of Virginia facility/building | on You ate not to come on any property or facility on the Grounds of the University of Virginia except as a patient at the| University of Virginia Medical Center. YOU MAY VISIT THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA MEDICAL CENTER FOR A MEDICAL SCREENING EXAMINATION OF AN EMERGENCY MEDICAL CONDITION. IF YOU ARE FOUND IN ANY AREA FROM WHICH YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ABOVE, YOU WILL BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH TRESPASSING AFTER HAVING BEEN WARNED AGAINST IT. VIRGINIA CODE § 18.2-119. IThis Trespass Warning YZ expires 4 years after the Effective Date; or (1 is effective until rescinded in writing, 'The Grounds of the University of Virginia include all property owned and leased by the University of Virginia. If you have a question as to the status ofa particular place, you may call the University Police Department at (434) |924-7166 for clarification and should do so BEFORE coming onto an area which may be owned or leased by the University of Virginia. Signing this form does not constitute an admission of guilt to any offense nor does it give a promise to appear in a |court of law or participate in any legal proceeding. It simply verifies that the signer understands the instructions in reference to trespassing on the Grounds of the University of Virginia, Recipient Signature Date