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tense of verbs and form of verbs with passive voice

1. Why do you keep looking back? Are you afraid of ( follow)? Being followed
2. The statue ( break) while it (move) to another room in the museum. Broke/ was
being moved
3. Third five of cars ( use) now in VN (import) from Japan. being used / were
4. Not only Nam but also his parents ( arrest) yesterday after the police ( find) the lost
car in their house.
were arrested / had found
5. A number of the pupils ( make) to work hard at school. Are made
6. Nothing ( do) about this problem for months. Has been done

7. He ( see) twice ( go) out three times today. Has been seen / to go

8. Lan ( see) twice ( play) tennis three times a day. Is seen / to play

9. This room ( paint) since the last time I (be) here. Has been painted /
10.I remember (take) to that place once. Being taken
11.That house ……(build) two and half years ago? Was……. built
12.Cattle ( allow) to graze on the village common. Are allowed
13.The effects of cigarette smoking ( prove) to be extremely harmful recently. Have
been proved
14.I don’t like (treat) as if I (be) a child. Being treated / were
15.They (see) to go out three times a day. Are seen
16.He resents (be)(tell) what(do). Being told / to do
17.This palace (say)(build) in three years. Is said to have been built
18.I prefer (drive) to (be driven) driving / being driven
19.(call) early, I found her at home. Being called
20.The hunters expected (be)( pay) for the snakes they caught. To be paid
21.The prisoner who escaped two days ago (catch) and sent back to prison. Was
22.An eyewitness described how ten people (kill) in the fire. Had been killed
23.They wouldn’t have got ill if the water (boil) . was boiled
24.The grass looks as if it (not cut) for years. Had not been cut
25.You (stop) by a policeman if you try to cross the road now. will be stopped
26.It won’t be safe to use these stairs until they (repair). Have been repaired
27.The experiment (make) when the lights (go) out. Was being made /
28.“ Do as you ( tell) and stop arguing” said my friend. Are told

29.If you kicked a policeman, you (arrest). Would be arrested

30.The man who (rescue) had been in the sea for ten hours. Was rescued
31.He shouldn’t (tell) about our plan. He can’t keep any secrete. Have been
32.For the past few days I (work) in Jack's office as my own office (redecorate). Have
been working/ is being
33.No decision (make) about any future appointment until all suitable candidates
Will be made / have been interviewed
34.We had to go on holiday because our house (decorate). Was being
35.If we don’t hurry, all the tickets (sell) by the time we get there. Will have been
36.I won't let you go until I (tell) the truth. Have been

37.Good news! I (ask) to take over as the new managing director. Have been
38.Ann really likes (invite) to dinner party. being invited (serve) ? yes, I am. Are…. being served
40.We ( tell) not to go out at nights recently. Have been told
41.She felt that she (look) at. Was being looked
42.We want (pay) better wages. To be paid
43.There's someone behind us. I think we (follow). Are being followed
44.Most of the earth's surface (cover) by water. Is covered
45.The first festival (hold) nearly eight hundred years ago. Was held
46.This bike (use) for more than six years. Has been used
47.The Eiffel Tower is in Paris. It (visit) by million people every year. Is visited
48.Tet holiday in Vietnam (celebrate) around January and February. Is celebrated
49.He (allow) (open) a new restaurant on the main road by the city council. Is allowed
to open
50.I told my mother that I wanted to ( wake) up at 6.30. be woken
51.I don’t mind driving but I prefer to (drive) by other people. Be driven
52.Tam (award) a silver cup in a tournament two weeks ago. Was awarded
53.This book (just publish) by Kim Dong publisher. Has just been
54.The house (destroy) by the horrible storm last week. Was destroyed
55.Tam (award) a silver cup in a tournament two weeks ago. Was awarded
56.We want (pay) better wages. To be paid
57.We don’t enjoy (use) as cheap labour. Being used
58.( Annoy) by unimportant questions, she left the room without (say) a word. Being
annoyed / saying
59.The children enjoy (allow) (stay) up late when there's something special on TV.
Being allowed to stay
60.Your food (still prepare). Is still being
61.They wouldn’t have got ill if the water (boil). was boiled
62.I won't let you go until I (tell) the truth. Have been
63.Good news! I (ask) to take over as the new managing director. Am asked
64.Ann really likes (invite) to dinner party. To be invited (serve) ? yes, I am. Are… being
66.As I drove south I could see that the road (rebuild). Was being rebuilt
67.I don't like dogs because I'm very afraid of ( bite ) . being bitten
68.I hope the cat (feed) well. Will be fed
69.She (see) to go out twice today. Has been
70.We ( tell) not to go out at nights recently. Have been told
71.He (see) to go out twice a day. is seen
72.Nobody would listen to the stories (tell) by him so many times. told
73.I think you (tell) this before have been
74.We must emphasize the need for greater care when acids (use). Are
75.The problem (solve) at the discussion was involved in our slow production. solved
76.We watched the children (jump) from the window and (fall) into a blanket (hold) by
the people below.
77.After ( stop ) by the police. the man admitted ( steal ) the car but denied ( drive ) at
100 miles an hour.
78.I really must have my watch (repair).
79.You (stop) by a policeman if you try to cross the road now. Will be

80.The money (steal) in the robbery was never found.
81.The prisoner who escaped two days ago (catch) and sent back to prison. Was
caught ?
82.You (have) your house (paint) at the moment? Are
having / painted
II. Verb form
1. After (spend) two days (argue) about where to go for their holidays. Having spent/
spending / arguing.
2. They decided (not go) to the cinema. Not to go
3. I was just about (leave) the office when the phone rang. To leave
4. It would be not good (ask) Tom (do) that work. To ask / to do
5. I saw Paul (watch) television when came to see him. Watching
6. I don’t mind (travel) by bus.
7. There is no point in (arrive) half an hour early. Arriving
8. It's no use (ask) children to work harder. Asking
9. Let's go (fish) today. There's nice wind. Fishing
10.After (spend) a week in that place, he decided to come back immediately. Having
spent/ Spending
11.Bill couldn’t stand (see) anyone (sit) round all time.
Seeing / sit
12.He has admitted (steal) his friend's car.
13.I see him (pass) my house everyday.
14.The grass needs (cut).
15.She saw him (change) the wheel.
16.I found a tree (lie) across the road. Lying
17.I wasted hours (look) for this book.
18.Pardon me for (be) late. It is very kind of you ( wait) for me.
Being / to wait
19.I still remember (hear) her (sing) this song. Hearing
/ sing
20.Try (finish) it . It is no use (complain) to finish /
21.I distinctly remember (pay) him. I gave him two dollars.
22.If only he (know) then that the disease was curable.
Had known
23.The teller was made (lie) down on the floor.
To lie
24.You risk (lose) your money when you put it into that business.
25.It is difficult to get used to (eat) with chopsticks.
26.I prefer (drive) to (be driven).
27.Would you mind (lend) me $ 5. I forgot (cash) a cheque. Lending
/ to cash
28.I’ll never forget (meet) her years ago. To
29.She was made (pay) back the money. To
30.He described the accident as if he (see) it himself. Had

31.Had he learnt the poem, he (tell) her about it. Would have
32.Cant you see that I’m busy (write)? Writing
33.Hardly I (arrive) when a quarrel broke out. had I arrived
34.How you (get) on at school? are…
35.Hardly he (take) up the book when the phone (ring). had
…..taken / rang
36.Coming into the room he (see) Mary where he (leave) her. Saw / had
83.It’s time we (leave) for the airport
84.Is there any thing here worth (buy)?
85.Provided you leave now, you ( catch) the train.
Will catch
86.As long as you (use) my car carefully, I can lend you some days. use