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SOP for Internet Access

Standard operating procedure to provide the internet access rights to the employees of [YOUR


The purpose of this standard operating procedure (SOP) is to provide internet access to the employee to
achieve their business goals and objectives and

at the same time control the same to avoid the misuse so that it shall not create unnecessary business

2.0 SCOPE:

Applicable to all desktops and laptops, mobiles, tablets pc, available in the network. Includes personal
devices with MD’s permission.


3.1 HOD-IT shall be responsible for implementation of this SOP at the organization.




5.1 Internet access to all computer users shall be provided through LAN or WLAN only.

5.2 To access internet user shall authentication on the domain — approval shall be required from IT for
internet access.

5.3 All types of free mail sites like Gmail, Yahoo mail, Rediff mail, Facebook, any social media, WhatsApp
and chatting sites/applications, shall be prohibited. This can be enabled for the particular user with
approval from [your company name] MD and IT.

5.4 All porn/fraudulent/slanderous/defamatory like sites shall be blocked.

5.5 Any download from internet and upload to the internet shall be prohibited and if it's a business need
then it shall be done with the permission of the IT department.

5.6 Internet access given through wireless router shall have strong and complex encryption key and
must be changed periodically.

5.7 Internet usage shall be monitored.

5.8 Each user shall be responsible for his or her login ID and password.
5.9 Users are prohibited (for anything not related to work) from accessing, transmitting,
downloading, printing, archiving, storing or distributing any site. graphic, image, document, text, etc.

from the Internet, that may be constructed as harassing, discriminating or disparaging of others based
on their race, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, religious or political beliefs.

5.10 IT department shall provide the internet to all employee through the LAN or WLAN.

5.11 IT department shall provide the internet through windows server domain user authentication.

5.12 Any user observes any internet policy violation shall notify his/her Reporting Manager or IT & MD.

5.13 IT department shall monitor Internet traffic periodically for usage or any misuse.


6.1 IT: Information Technology

6.2 ID: Identification

6.3 NA: Not Applicable

6.4 SOP: Standard Operating Procedure

6.5 LAN: Local Area Network

6.6: WLAN: Wireless LAN

Dept. of IT MD