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The Quadrant One Newsletter

31 December, 1990 Issue 12

Part of the
History of the Imperium Working Group
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Every author really wants to have letters

printed in the papers. Unable to make
New HIWG Documents
the grade, he drops a rung of the ladder 3310 ZA:X' 0.l:f!80.izBt.1i.'lL! til A,,"ilf'1.aes-
and writes novels. - P.G. Wodehouse 4 pages. Duncan Law-Green. Details internal organization
of S'mrii relief agency. Useful background material for
running ZKK characters (PCS or NPCs.)
3311 R'Hl.;vCs
Collected Notes
7 pages. Duncan LaW-Green. Describes some mercenary
You should have noted that I provide a prime outlet by units serving the Free Medurman faction. Details each
reprinted parts of letters in AAB PROCEEDINGS. This unit's strength, eqUipment, training, morale, and a short
goes with its purpose of furthering communication among history of each unit Suggestions for adventures in
participating HIWGers. Some information on that less- war-torn Dagudashaag.
desirable outlet follows.
3404 - OlJSbeme,l!e> SCl-'Uo.d nou,I!.bls
NOVELS 5 pages. David Burden (Oct-90). Sector history and
overview, notes on subsectors, xboat routes in 1116, and
At GenCon, Joe Fugate talked about setting a role- 1120 faction borders. First from new sector analyst.
playing atmosphere for MegaTraveller. This would be a
natural outgrowth of publishing fiction. The best example 3405- O~~Nnp
I've read is ..R1fZCty%lde}Han..?r, set in the Renegade 1 page. David Burden (22-0ct-90). Names all subsectors
Legion universe, by William Keith, Jr. and computer-generated map.
How affordable are novels? Marc Miller: it would cost 3406 - 7000f'¥lf6 Sl.l!~-n?r SW».I.1:!mT
5-10 k to put out Mega.Traveller novels (Most novels lose £ .'

money!), but there would be long-term pay-offs in 3 pages. David Burden (22-0ct-90). Write-up of
creating interest in game. Those interested didn't produce Gushemege subsector C.
a manuscript He couldn't shake one free in GDW. 3407 - LoLlf!l.ln~oIO~
SFRL?l.lJ:Jdtallie at GeJ:JCI:.u:;.· It is easier to publish a first 5 pages. David Burden (20-0ct-90). Notes and word-
SF novel than a first short story. There are only some 400 generation charts for three languages.
slots for si-fi stories per year -- new contributors are
032.02 Fusri.w RC"OL-n?r .!t'~~
fighting established talent for them. Its tough to break in
with short stories. Now, look at the S/;V .T.icd-novels.
4 pages. Duncan Law-Green. How a fusion plant works,
Some good, some bad - but open to new talent important subsystems, and sabotage task descriptions.
Continued on Page 6 Contined on page 7

The Fifth Force

-- By Gay Bush standard model leave little evidence theorists expect a massive particle.
on which to base a larger, more
Traveller claims to only eattrapofate Increasingly accurate measuring is
complete theory.
physics as we know it, rather than reducing the maximum effect a fifth
just invoking ray guns and blasters. force can have on astronomical
This briefly looks at where current
P A.:R.TICLES NEEDED events. Measurements of Earth-Luna
physicists see their research leading. The so-called $tan~model calls for distances during movement limit a
Answers are decades away. only three generations of fundamen- non-gravitational fifth force to no
tal particles, based on three types of more than one part in 1012 of
Modern physics rests on four
mass-less neutrinos. Collider studies acceleration difference. A long-range
fundamental forces: gravity,
through last year support the fifth force must be very weak
electro-magnetism, and the strong
existence of ~hree generations. compared to gravity, the weakest of
and weak nuclear forces. The search
The absence: of a fouiLh, "conven- the four forces. This seeinslo rule
continues for a fifth force, needed to
tional" neutrino doesn't rule out out very light particles, too small to
make the model mathematically
other fundamental building blocks or have been detected yet, for a fifth
consistent. Efforts revolve around a
an extremely heavy neutrino - all the force. Fortunately, theorists seem
quantum basis for graVity. (Reducing
current data rules out is extensions of committed to very heavy particles...
distance. to :zero incrc=ases gravity' 9
force to infinity. Converting to .tJ:tre~ the particles we already know. Stil~ galactic rotation reqUires more
(g.u.;.r.o.ta)units is the problem with Some new set of particles must exist. mass than we can see, etc. The search
getting a qllo.l.7tumtheory of graVity.) Whether it will be a single "Higgs" for missing mass in the universe leads
particle or something complicated is astrophysists to seek a gravity source
Quantum physics' standard model
unknown. The standard model in new, heavy particles proposed by
contains twenty seemingly arbitrary
makes no prediction about ft Higgs quantum theorists. This angle,
parameters. This black box. the
particle's mass. and it (or they) would however, only serves to support the
"Higgs mechanism," determines the
interact very feebly with ordinary search for new particles - and
masses of elementary particles.
matter. indirectly at that
Theorists can, however, list many
possibilities that would fill the Physicists must create particles to
requirements of the Higgs' OBSEKVATIONS study them. Large energies are
mechanism. In the particle world, the exchange needed to bring virtual particles into
particle offorces (e.g. photons) don't cxistance for study. Einstein's
Study continues for discrepancies
need to have a real existence. Virtual theorem E=mc2 equates mass with
between predictions and observa-
particles can appear from nowhere energy; So, to study more massive
tions. Discrepancies are needed to
provided they have a short lifespan. particle you need more energy. No
determine where to extend current
Range depends on mass, because the accelerator on Earth can produce
theories and what phenomena the
more massive a virtual particle is, the enough energy to measure the
e.,·rtensions need to cover. Unfor-
less time it is allowed to exist predictions of existing theories.
tunately, the very successes of the
Because a new force must be weak,

lPubli .L.· I. r. ..... .

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not ideas.) Anyone interested in submitting material can ~niverse. For information, write to: Ed Edwards; 1410 E.
send it to: Clayton R Bush; P.O. Box 85; Crowley, CO !Boyd; Norman, OK 73071-2650.
810033; Home phone: (TI9) Z61-3rJZ.O.
I~l:.'u'O 12 AAB PROCEEDINGS Page 3
WHERE THEY'XE mathematical simplicity and beauty. central to those theories -- variations
LOOKING can be set up that don't produce
Technicolor theories propose that them or have them disappear early in
"the" Higgs particle is composed of
Studies dating back to the 19508 show the Universe's history. This matters,
a small but fundamental asymmetry
elementary particles analogous to
because the superconducting-
quarks and leptons bound by a new
between matter and antimatter. cosmic-string theory is ailing.
Physicists plan to uS!: today's ultra-strong interaction. Other
theories, dealing with the meaning of A major blow last year came when
super-colliders to study B-mesons in
generations and the origin of force the Cosmic Background Explorer
hopes of extending the known
symmetries, also imply new kinds of satellite confirmed the near-perfect
asymmetry or explaining it. An
matter and force particles. smoothness of cosmic background
additional force "would show up
radiation. A weaker blow came with
most strongly in B-meson decay."
SUPEK-STKINGS an announcement that, to the limits
Bottom-quark behavior secniS linked of current measurements, the
to why particles have the mass they StriDg theories treat particles as universe as a whole lacks a magnetic
do. "Fifty yean; from kJ?ow~B phYj;;ics;not pojnt~like qu~nta. By _. field. Even galactic rr..agnetic fields
will still be a hot subject." said James treatirlg all particles as strings, with seem to be local events.
D. Bjorken of the Stanford Linear ··vibration"· determining mass and
force, advocates extend quantum Traveller science and technology
Accelerator Center.
theory to include gravity. String should ignore cosmic strings, and
The energy ranges needed to study theory took -off when it was avoid supersymmetry and superstring
them generally exceed the capacities combined with supersymmetry - and theories. The various Ve1"f>10nS of the
c of today's super colliders. Machines produced a description of everything. last two probably won't be proved or
coming on-line can explore only the disproved in the coming decade, or
lower ranges theoretical particles can Superstring theory, when set up to longer. If someone does prove one
occupy. These theories cannot be describe the three quantum forces, by finding a Higgs particle in the
di~/'t7rte'.:I for decades to come. produced closed loops with just the lower energy ranges, however, 1t will
properties needed to describe gravityl be front page news.
SUPEI-SYMMETKY The major peculiarity is a require-
ment for ten dimensions, time and
Supcrsymmctry introduces a
rune spatial dimensions. This theory
complete new set of elementary is receiving wide attention, but its .P2f'tJ;:Jes.;{lDdFan.."l!!.,"· Readio...JlS FA'Ul1
particles by relating particles of special appeal is its internal SCJe.a"lii..~ AJ:17e'ni.;-a.a 199Q.
integer and half-integer spin. One consistency. Discovery of discrepan-
"Shrinking the Incredible Universal
attraction is that supersymmetry's cies in observations may cause
Magnet", £.~'/"t:~ N"",~ September
local form leads to quantum theories superstring theories the most trouble.
with Einstein's gravitation as their
15. 1990.
classical limit. This would permit COSMIC STKINGS "Stranger Support for Equivalence
incorporating gravity into a unified Principle", S~enceNeu~ September
description of all fundamental Cosmic strings are universe-long, very 22, 1990.
interaction.'S. The strongest attraction heavy strings described by superstring
and other theories. They are not "Beyond the Z", S~Ll't.:~ N~~
is its theoretical attraction -
September 29, 1990. %" %

ThoughtsOD the Imperial Army

- Letters from. Bob Ra.nge command, and control problems Imperial context, the regiment could
faced by the Red Army would also be deployed independently of a
I'm at the half-way point in a apply to the Imperial military. Use higher, supporting headquarters. The
10-week course on how to be a staff squad, platoon, company. and western battalion cannot be.
NCO in a battalion through division. battalion sizes as established in
Mark Weber has us at approximately I've made a startling discovery here.
printed material, but consider using
218-1120. What's happening in the Artillery NCOs in my class consider
Soviet organizations beginning at the
aftermath of the Rebellion? The themselves combat support! Not a
regiment, brigade, and division leveL
MegaTraveller Rebellion seems to member of the combat arms triad as
have flown by. Much too fast. The Soviets use battalions also, only traditionally thought (infantry,
their battalions are not mixed at cavalry/armor, and artillery). I was
The class on the Soviet post- company level to create combined shocked until I learned how little we
Afghanistan pre-Berlin army arms tech forces like OLm! are. Which use artillery compared to Soviet
prompted this letter. Their system is not really necessary, because their doctrine.
seemed so logical in employment in a maneuver doctrine stresses large unit
diverse society such as the one Since Vietnam we have learned to
movement Combined arms use takes
simulated by the Imperium. centralize our control structure more.
place at the regiment level.
The Soviets always had that as part
I learned technically why the The motorized rifle regiment (MRR) of their doctrine. On the other hand,
battalion is used as the foundation of is the front-line offensive unit. The they learned our combined arms
the Imperial Army organization. regiment moves from a dispersed doctrine in Afghanistan. They didn't
U sing the American system of grouping of companylbattalion combine infantry and tanks lower
organization, the battalion is the clusters (defense against chemical! than division-level before that war.
lowest echelon where use of nuclear attack) very similar to my They committed a tank division to
combined arms (a mix of infantry. "bridgehead" concept With two rifle the same sector as a motor rifle
armor, and artillery) takes place. battalions abreast, a tank: battalion in division. moving through with either
The primary maneuver element in a second echelon to maneuver left or TANK pure or infantry pure leading.
the US system is the battalion, right of the infantry when contact is Now they assign one tank battalion
controlled by division through an made, and a third rifle battalion in permanently to a rifle regiment in
intermediate brigade headquarters. reser"Ye. their table of organization, to be used
Our brigades are temporary mixes of by the regimental commander as he
The Soviets have a battle formation
infantry and armor which division wishes. If the caliber of equipment
we do not, called "the March," which
controls. Artillery support is provided and troops were the same as ours I
uses their forces' mobility in a way
by division or corps. Airborne. light think this doctrine would be
much like I was formulating for the
and air assault are controlled by extremely effective.
Imperial Lift Infantry in my earlier
corps, to supplement mechanized and paper. Unlike the US and NATO,
armored gains or objectives. the Soviets do not believe in static Bob :Range. 23-Ang-90
Our system is too compartmental- defense. The heavy use of grav Greetings from EI Paso, 'IX. As we
ized, specialized. and homogenous for vehicles in Traveller supports use of receive classes on operations and
use in the MegaTraveller ellYiron- Soviet rather than American doctrine battlefield intelligence, I can't help
ment. When compared to the Soviet in contelrt with Traveller technology. but envision similar situations and
system. you can tell ours is the More important, American battalions procedures being acted out in the
product of a heavily industrialized, and brigades do not have indigenous 57th Century.
rich culture. Our relatively small, artillery. so are not self-sufficient on a One approach to creating a military
professional. rich-tech army would be battlefield. USlEuropeen armies lack role-playing adventure would focus
unusual in the Imperial eeI"Yice. artillery support until division level. on a military unit's combat
I recommend the Soviet military as a The Soviet has indigenous artillery intelligence staff and recon forces
model for the Imperial Army rather assets at the regimental and division during the course of a campaign,
than the US organization. Cultural. levels. Therefore. if looked at in the highlighting a series of battles. By not

First off, I would like to run down shipyard tonnage capacitys at A and
having the PCS as unit commanders, the procedure that I use to generate B-class starports.
the referee retains complete control the economic statistics. I start with
of the adventure environment. Third, I avoid the problem of
the section in STRIKER
determining the government
The original hook could be playing • the tech level defines the average percentage modifier by assuming that
elite mercenaries acting as recon annual income for an individual they ate all set at one.
fo~ in a provisional colonial
formation. Initially players could be • multiply this figure by the planet's With the TPP figures that I have
the recon troops~ or officers and total populatiop, to arrive at total computed, you can go on to arrive at
NCOs of the reccn forces. By using planetary product (TPP). defense budgets. Try to determine
me~naries~ no additional rules arc what percentage of GNP is devoted
• modify this figure by the applicable
necessary for play. Or, since war is to the military. There are some rough
trade classifications.
on, players could simply be drafted guidelines in!rthat can be used,
into popular forces. • translate it into Imperial credits. but there are more grey areas there
than I care to deal with right now.
An innovative approach would be Second, the only area where I use
linking strategic activity covered by concepts from j.r.t7/A?f.7 C~jf Tim Koors; 411 Lennox; Ballwin,
the adventure action. (Remember Squaaronis in the calculation of MO 63011. %'" %
. Henry Fonda in the movie Bal'd~o.f'
~BvJ,!!lH) Use the research rules in
MegaTraveller as military officers
and N COs try to identify and analyze
enemy force structure. It could be
taken one step further by incorporat-
ing tables similar to the old
Mercenary Abstract Combat Tables.
The players could then recommend
force composition - determined
through their analysis - to the
Your list of MHRs (now I know who description of what constitutes
Similar scenarios could be generated came up with that useful abbrevia- legitimate genetic drift for MHRs.
for space or COACC operations. tion) coincides very nicely with my Mike Mikesh and I have come to the
, The key would be the U8C of own researches. I was missing a few basic conclusion that only the
research rules from Rekree~ from your list, but had some that you Solomani can legitimnately be called
Con:rp'D.tU-LZ I think that an didn't list i1o.lZ1o sapmos All other human races
adventure using these rules could are within the genus ik'UCO but
I will very gladly send some of my
easily be developed. Historical separate species. This biologically
MHRs for making documents. The
models could also be used to create explains Rob Caswell's ruling on
Answerin are the most fully
the background as the Childe Cycle interfertility. It's like dogs ( l-7W§
developed, although there are still
writer, Gordon Dickson, uses: j3m!Jjm-~ and wolves ( canJS I~:
things to work out. I sent a version of
mechanized warfare being built on separate species but same genus, and
the Answerin to ~~for
World War II North Africa and they can interbreed.
possible publication, but that was
Europe. Some very interesting
very recently. I'll still send a copy to I don't know if you're aware, but
models have been made available in
you. I also have some basic work on Rob Caswell says there are five
recent years for low and mid-intensi
the Theggeshi, the Tapazmal, the unnamed and unplaced MHRs in the
scenarios. % ,., %
Irhadre~ the Cafadi, and the Domain of Deneb. This is in addition
J onkeereen. The last are not really a to the Darrians.
MHR, but they're a human variant
J. Malizewski; CVA; Gibbons 2..."9;
I am working on a detailed Washington. DC 20064. %" %

Jeff Swycaffer wrote several novels These last two go back to rules feeling he hadn't contributed enough
set in his Traveller campaign. They outselling adventures. .f.oa,-~fa.~re.r, all played parts. The main activity in
did not reach Colorado. I have no H.ft;tb Ca.{~ and OLIRPSSpat..~ Quadrant III seems centered around
idea what effect they had on their haven't hurt MegaTraveller - players the Daibei sector and faction.
readet·s. Does anyone know more of those games generally use
about them? MegaTraveller supplements.
Duncan Law-Green.: "No feedback
I don't know if DGP or GDW could NEW PRODUcrs yet on revised outline for VIand
help finance novels, but Challenge
Chuck: Kallenbach on .Kmj.r.bttidl· Campaign (Clay?)."
has carried some short stories. With
"I like it very much, I think this will
Gary Thomas committed to provid- Clay: Nea CW~' I've been very
bring the Rebellion home to lots of
ing 25 pages of MT material to each busy on other projects. My biggest
MegaTraveller players. I appreciate
Challenge, a slot,is available forMT ~ . project was a 4()()()..word article 'for
the "modularity" of 'the situatIOns, so
short fiction. DG P' s A:fe$lTnwe/Je/ .1t.?l.l/T!a:( issue
that I can adapt them for my own
1. Titled "A Concise History of the
Writers/contributors should be aware purposes. The nugget format looks a
Rebellion," it is oriented toward
of all developments in their industry. little rough, but the book is filled with
those new to the game system. Joe
I t always affects market niches. useful adventure ideas and a great
specifically asked that I write so that
new format for worldfsystem
SALES it could be carried forward into
information. "
products for years to come. (Look at
It's a rule that rules make money,
David Ridell on 7.ZJ.21.·· 'Finally got how the Emperor's List was printed
magazines break even, and
T021 - not a bad way to end the in JTAS, Library Data, and Imperial
adventures lose money. DGP reports
Grand Tour really -I'm looking Encyclopedia.) I t took a lot of
that for lagging sales of MegaTravel-
forward to the J oumal... thought to 1) unify the materials on
lerproducts was inadequate support
events from 1116 to 1120, and 2)
for the system: too few adventures. GENERAL NEWS
forget what I knew and write for
DOP and GDW's increased interest
DGP has definite plans mIl.J for the newcomers. Review it and tell me
in pubfu.hing adventures is that
following sectors: how I did.
available adventures help sales of
rules, supplements, and magazines. Dark Nebula - MTA2: Solomani and I'm working on ian exciting opening
New writer's guidelinesstate that new Aslan adventure for VCB, in Corridor
rules and supplemental information subsector O. I will send a copy of my
Antares - Onnesium Quest
must be tied to adventures. work on VCB around New Year's.
Lisbun - (some product)
So don't worry about DGP "over-
f.o.Wf./~4:u:J by Dave Weber, a Gushemege analyst: David Burden
writing" your work. Now, work on
is due Ollt from Baen sent in 16 subsector names and a
getting your sector or adventure
Books. Weber produced the S.ta.r..tii-e subsector. His first thoughts on the
ready for print, and they'll print it!
campaign book Vt.7rJIJ-.Kbanare Ifw: course of Rebellion:
Further, according to Task Force Gary Affeldt resigned as Lucan
"The Ilelish faction acts as Dulinor's
Games, ..5iarj}a- will be re-released, analyst. Not playing or refereeing a
"beachhead," and from it he gains
with all promised products: TerraFire session for a year is one reason he
the weak worlds of the Backwaters
(groll.'"J.d combat) and a role-playing has less interest in MegaTraveller.
and Lees fairly easily. The latter may
game (RPG.) His campaigns were also marred by
put up a struggle, but I see this as a
player paranoia: they all had to have
FASA released RPGs for both mere thorn in the side.
separate ships. They also gained too
RoA'JTIXb and Re.ot!!.!!tlde Le./!.kuz
much wealth early on, and began "The main battle in the sector will be
Both were single books, rather than
declining to adventure. over the industrial heartland, fought
separate books for different areas. A
primarily between Dulinor and
rules compendium for .Battlr:7'edt Don McKinney resigned as
Lucan. Facing such :a conflict, it's not
also was on sale, consolidating all Quadrant III Editor. Too many
surprising that worlds like Trill try to
rules from 13.11 supplements. other commitments, finances, and a

become Free Worlds. Fierce resistance from the vigorous The planned route is:
culture around Rure prevented Dulinor from pushing
coreward. With data snakes and cybertaxins ready to Ushulu 0137 C7829DA-A Hi 700 1m MO V M4 D
crash any computer that moves, the region proves too 0233 C69S335-9 S Lo Ni 903 1m M7V
much for him. It is also, however, too much for itself, and
fragments into numerous petty states. Sirir 0131 X7969AA-6 HilnR 723 1m IOV

"Lucan (or his successor?) manages to take half of the 0428A265301-D N La Ni 700 K6V
heartland and Lancia, but finds Rure blocking his way Hulr 07Z7 E73A97fr9 Hi Wa 314 1m M2V MS D
spinward and Dulinor and Ziru Sirkaa on his flanks.
Mostly occupied by Lucan and the Ziru Sirkaa. landa Lini 0923EA9A941-BHiInWa902ImMOVMOD
makes the area around Irkhi!Taapvaia its last bastion.
1018 D244412-A S Ni 700 1m MO V M2 D
"The Empire of Ed (can I change the name? Please?) is
formed from an amalgam of Archipelago, fringe Rure, Kamurinmur 1015 A260985-E Hi De 813 1m KOV M8 D
and Lancian worlds. This suggests it needs a pretty strong 0912 C683623-A Ni 100 1m M7 HI
unifying force to come into existence - Strephon as·per
VLDOMl I suppose. 0810 ES58642-6Ag Ni 201 Na M3 V M3 D

"I'll discuss these initial impressions with Duncan and the 1209 8426458-8 Ni 923 1m 07 II
others, and gradually work it up into a HD. Any 1507 B30089C-D N Na Va De 604 1m M2VI K5 D
comments welcome."
L~)LiXB(J.)7()'EMOefRI..'1/m 0(1//
We had a local convention 14 September, and I wrote an
adventure for it. This may lead into the Viand Campaign ./tftlSE./tJafBB-A ~ f'R,f()(/mM(} ViJ.f6LJ
Book (VCB). My "campaign" is a planned series of
convention tournaments running through Gushemege. I
sent ASCII copies of the first two adventures to Kevin 1702 C- (rest of data blank in data file)
Parry (Sirir and HuIr).
Contiued on next page

03203 .J~ Bu/ U7Ja/ an:'P~~ Era..~p}' 14203 .A//<W7:7aka Smr..~p Q?a1ba/ Ruks
7 pages. Duncan Law-Orcen. Sets out author's vie'W'S on 12 pages. Roger Myhre (19-0ct-1990). A second draft,
psionics, and the variant used in his campaign. Rational- replacing 14202 Focus is revising rules to make it possible
izes this highly con~tiOU8 area of the Traveller rul~ fur smaller craft to hit, and evenh.:ally damage; larger
putting psionics on a psuedo-scientific basis rather than a craft.
mystical one.
03L~()4 A~mahJ~ .f.F~LZ7$
Mega Traveller lleferee's Exchange
6 pages. Duncan Law-Green. Rough calculation of the 3 pages. Rob Prior (205 Toronto Street; Kingston,
amount of energy required by a starship's jump net to Ontario; CANADA K7L 4A9). A list of materials
enter jumpspace. Using this information, alternative available to referees. Material is available as hard-copy,
methods of providing the energy needed to jump are but is organized into NINE disks. Two disks of ships
discussed -- namely, solar-thermal (Jumpsail) and UCPs IwM .&:~:vpmos( made with MacDraw program.)
solar-electric (StarGate) power sources. One disk of Greg MacClure's vehicles, mainly civilian
130.02 Ddi!!n.<;e o.t"fa.!"f!i'l~/
Rob has a MacIntosh. Useful to other users as a example
2 pages. Chuck Kallenbach. Under revision. (I received a of what a computer net can do. ~ ,.. %
revised "Reticulan Parasite", but no change to abstract is
c:________________________________________________________________ ~

large part of the sector, he has and DGP were publishing sectors
decided to give it a complete without checking with HIWO
overhauL) The library data he had analysts. Rather than try to
Dave Cheever has been appointed prepared is no longer Valid, but most "outguess" them, he resigned.
Windhorn analyst He's already sent of his rework is just rearranging.
The kicker: I removed him as
in 16 subsector names and a detailed
"I see no mention of either Solomani Foreven analyst three months ago,
or Vargr. so I am getting rid of those because he never answered any
Phil Athan is preparing Proycncc. areas.. An occasional Solomani may letters! I thought he'd died or
He has been re-instated as Provence be seen in the sector. but Solomani somethin,g. He claims to have
sector analyst, following discussion at are going to be as rare as Hivers or detailed half the sector. Did anyone
GenCon. Centaurs." out there know this? He never told
Ed Edwards or me.
Martin Owens, has been appointed ~~, Bl.l..~· People of Solomani
Tuglikki analyst descent dominate in the Spinward
Marches, while Vilani are less than
Greg MacQure and Rob Pryor are
10% of that sector's population. This The official press do read HIWG
detailing Gvurrdon for official
has been explained as resulting from documents. (They don't have the
publication, so they didn't have time
Vilani focusing their colonization time to respond to each.) If you have
to send some of the work-in-progress..
efforts nearer home, in Corridor and some HIWG Documents out there,
Deneb. So, there will be racial they'll look at approaching you to do
ZHODANIOPEN Solomani in Vanguard. a publishable article. If you have
I'm still looking for Zhodani analysts. I agree that Vargr will be rare in nothing out there. they'll ,go right on.
One possibility is one of the three Vanguard. The "only" Vargr world They have sent letters to "analysts"
Australians who joined HIWG in in Spinward is Rushu, settled in 10008 and gotten no response. Now, they
November. (Ed Edwards is surprised from Gvurrdon. (Worlds borderin,g look to see if you have something out
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waiting two years!) So, Quadrant I populations.) or a phone call.
could remain the center for HIWGers
outside the United States. Minor human races are possible. The If this seems harsh, note that DG P is
Vlazhdumecta were mentioned in the a part-time activity. .A1I participants
SPIRYIAID EVENTS S9' .R~trilogy. The Zhodani hold down full-time jobs. There are
Alien Module referred to the no full-time DGP employees. 8979
Tad Ringo already did Beyond human-dominated states along the Mandan is Joe Fugate's home
sector for DGP. They reworked the Consulate's rimward borders. (This address! % ,... %
trailing subsectors, because of the big suggests that the AsIan hadn't
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Traveller £.1111"80' Pok7supplements. about two minor human races per
Thomas Campbell is taking over as sector, but Foreven - for example -
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Touchstone analyst is the great unimaginable
from immigration and interbreeding.
Chuck Kallenbach is reworking disturbing fact that rises upon
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sector map showing revised system Of course we have no answer.
locations. (Rather than just redo a
Herb Petro wrote to resign as - aG. Wells
Foreven analyst He felt that GDW
Starshlp Val1datlonProject
- by Gay Bush computing total control poi1'l~ Other VA1tIOUS UNEA1tTHED
summing errors have been corrected ··E1t1tATA'"
This a project that David Cheever
in my designs. (Others have corrected
suggested. and that I am running the B.IT6m is what the game company
like mistakes in their designs.)
ball Oft. Dave noted that many puts out The following are perhaps
designs are withdrawn by their So, the project went ahead. It was best called ~.,~~ to denote
creator because of diacovered errors. worth doing. their unofficial nature. (They do not
He suggested that some designs be include the published errata: if you
double or triple checked before SAIIPLE SHIPS do not have the errata, send a
distribution. Having different stamped, self-addressed envelope
designers agree that the design was I selected one ship for development
at tech levels 11) 12, 13, 14) and 15 (SASE) to ODW! )
correct would lend credibility to it
each. One curious note: the published p71: There are some odd compari-
I've carried it a bit farther) to include sample design worksheets have sons if you sort the Apinal mounts by
distribution sample starships and their predominately been at tech level 14. tech level. The following three
Sl.lpporting design worksheet, iLY the Most published UCPs are at tech changes correct actual discontinuities
~ at"/dhbg t:kg~ Jla/Ji:tare level 15. in the weight columns:
IlJcWde:tl!p~ Whether
you work in Basic on an Atari or Sample ships were chosen to cover a PIA - H should be $(l(I()1 Dot 8500.
Excel on a Macintosh, doeQ your range of sizes and hull configurations,
and drawn mainly from R~ PIA - P should be 35001 not 3000.
program get these numbers?
Designers work with many tools on St~ They are: Meson F should be 4500, not 45,000.
many platforms. Now they can verify TL 11 - Aek Naz cruiser from p8O: Volume and weight factors for
their metb0d9 once, and then happily R~&~ nuclear damper factor-2 should be
produce and distribute designs TlOO and 300. while volume and
without great fear of major error. TL 12 - Barnard battle tender. A
dispersed structure, with provision for weight for factor-3 should be 540 and
earrying large ships. S9O.
TL 13 - Weakbto cruiser from p8O: In :r~'O;F.1.f itwas
One issue was DOP's emphasis on stated that meson screen power
referee's being willing and able to requirements are high by a factor of
create enjoyable gaming. The TL 14 - Solomani A2 Far Trader) ten. This bas not. however, been in
published rules are meant as guides, from design worksheet in r~' published errata.
and can be changed in campaigns. I ~j!e6r f.(.
feel that referee's will primarily deal p31: The Model/9fib should have a
TL 15 - Planet cruiser from ReheJlli.']/j maximum CP input of only 100
with variants, so a solid basic
~ millioo.
methodology will givetbem better
groundwork for their own designs. p32: In :r~"Oil!est 1.1 it was
Adaptability focused on letting stated that when gunnery crew
referees change mC88W'CS (MW/ton The design files are available in exceeds SO, recompute it as
of power plant) or restrictions. The ASCII format, both on GEnie and "Cg=SO+(Cg/SO) (round up)." This
sample designs still benefit a designer from me. I will send bardcopies, but I has not. however, been in published
who changes these, because a simple only have an IBM computer. Those 'errata.
teat run with the "old" valuea will tell who desire an electronic version are
referred to the coordinator for their
pQ: In the bearing tabl~ for internal
him whether his totalling methods, consistenCYl the last entry should be
etc.) work properly. particular make of computer.
titled ':'Over 499.999." 9& '" .,
For example) my fIrSt .PItu:ItN sample .D)'OU .:lbt1:l"..bow ar.ha.t.hist ~ ~
ignored environmental controls when the Hl'HViVem!Je.r9hJp D1i"t!cIaty
DesigD. Notes
Prince Edward Cruiser
25 BRs of 1800 missiles.
Hull: 4SOOOI UZSOO Displacement= 50000, Config= 3SL, Armor= 50 G
305 MW of spare power.
Unloaded= 62,8135 tons, Loaded= 65,6472 ton~ Mer ~851 (d)
This obsolC8eent ship was retired
Power: 5010110020 Fusion= 676,350 MegaWatts, Duration= 26(18 from the Imperial Navy in 1096,
Loco: 360017200 Maneuver= 3 when the ruler of Ed (Oushemege
2313) offered a large cash payment to
'l:2SW 4SOOJump= 4 acquire it. At the time, it was serving
in Ley sector. This only seemed to
NOB= 130, Cruise= 750, Top= 1000, Vacuum= 2850
heighten the ruler's interest, and it
Agility = 0 was transferred across the Imperium
to end his tempcr tantrums in the
Commo: Radio= systemd, Laser= systemxlO, Maeer= systemx2 Oushemege sector moot
Sensors: PassiveEMS= Interstellar, ActiveEMS= far Orbitx2 Thelmperia1 Navy oonsidered the
Densitometer= LawPen/100mx1, Densitometer= HighP~25Omx2 design adequate, and it was phased
out primarily due to the availability of
NC1Jtrino= min 10kwx3, EMS Jammer= FarOrbitxl tech level 15 vessels to replace it.
Thor. are no noteworthy battles that
ActObjScan= Routine, ActObjPin= Routine
featured any of the twenty vessels.
PasObjScan= Routine, PasObj Pin= Routine
Despite service in the Oateway
PasEngScan= Simple, PasBngPin= Routine Collapses, the Prince Edward - unlike
some others of its class - has never
OFFENSES: MesonOun= Hxx. ParticleAcc= x5x. FusionOun= x95 seen combat. It wa8t however, little
Batt 1 2 35 affected by mechanical breakdowns
that afflict other OSbAO proch.lets.
Bear 1 2 35 Most of its service life was spent
Missiles= x Ax, BLaser= xx9, PlasmaOun= n:3 escorting convoys.
The vessel has become a familiar
Batt 18 6 5
sight at O\l8hemege meeting~ as the
Bear 15 5 5 ruling family of Ed have used it for
personal transport in the sector. It&
DEFENSES: Defensive DM= 7, MesonScreen= 2, NucDamper= 6 cramped quarters precluded any
. Repul80rs= x3x, Sandcasters= XlI: 9 effort to oonvert portions of it for
social receptions.
Batt 3 15
The small craft have occasionally
Bear 3 12 been replaeed by racing craft of
various designs. but the Eds have
CONTROLS: Computer= Modell8fibx3, Panelsx3066
never been known for their racing or
HeadsUp Displayxl00, LgHoloDisplayx20, HeadsUp Holox20 design skills, and have won no prizes.
B88 en", bas &. ext LS, gra" platee, and inertial compensators. R~rts of a ghoet are oonsidered
efforts by the Bds to add distinction
ACCOM: Crew= 291 (50x6), Staterooms= 156 to their ship. F ow believe them.
Bridge 16, Engrng 94, Gunnery 55, Flight 25, Troops SO, As the other craft in the class
Command 40, Steward 9, Medica12 were ~. named for ruling families,
others have ended up owned by
Two AirfRafts, two launches, and five cutters nobles or their planetary govern-
ments. No one knows how many
OTHER: Fuel= 403218 kliters, Cargo= 112 kliters remain in use. ., ,., .,
Puri£icationPlant= 4S houfSt Fuel Scoops
ObjSize= Large, EMLevel= Strong