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Curriculum vitae

Allal El Alaoui

Residential RIM, 2nd building, Apt 6 Said hejji, 11160 Salé (Morocco) 00212660-130-336

Sex Male | Date of birth 29/03/1963 | Nationalalite Marocaine .

EXPERIENCES 1985–1986 Directeur de of photographie Laboratorio del Cinema (Italy) History of

cinema - Practical skills gained as well as the cognitive ones through working with the industry's
professionals - Improvement of camera techniques

1986–1987 Trainer in photography Segreto del sahra - cinécitta (Italy) - Acquisition of high practical
skills through training in photography with Silvia Pisani - Editing skills: analogical montage - Cut:
digital montage MEDIA 100i DPS velocity FCP

Assistant – Réalisateur: Tetouan doors ( documentary film ) Documentary film - Assitance

directiong duties: tracking daily progress against the filming production schedule, arranging logistics,
preparing daily call sheets, checking cast and crew, and maintaining order on the set ... Business or
sector Arts, entertainment and recreation

Assistant - Réalisateur, LA 2, TVE International Channel, RTM, TVG (Galicia, Europe and America) Documentary film: Hanan de Marruecos a Galicia

Business or sector Arts, entertainment and recreation

Réalisateur / screenwriter Samia film production, Rabat/salé (Morocco)
Documentary film: Madinati Oummi - Controling the film's artistic and dramatic aspects.

- Visualizing the script while guiding the technical crew and actors in the fulfillment of that vision. -
Improvement of direting skills ... Business or sector Arts, entertainment and recreation

Co- realisateur et monteur SNRT, rabat (Morocco) Magazine arts - Creation

2005–2006 cordinateur artistique SNRT ( FIFM), Marrakech (Morocco) Artistic

coordinator at International Festival of Film in Marrakech - Reporting the planning

- Providing support for artistic programs ... Business or sector Arts, entertainment and recreation.

2004 Traducteur Immediat et coordinateur SNRT, Sale (Morocco) International festival of woman in
salé - Immediate translation for the jury and coordinating the festival's program

2005 Assistant - Réalisateur Télé-film: Al warith - Director: Said ben tachfine

2008 2nd assistant - Réalisateur Bigshot film PROD Long featured film: Ahmed Gassiaux Diretor:
Ismael Saidi

2010 Production assistant co-production (SNRT) avec France 5 documentaire
Business or sector Arts, entertainment and recreation

2011 Réalisateur et screenwriter SNRT, rabat (Morocco) Short film:

Children of the sun TOUTOU PROD.

Second prize at the cinematic festival of Kenitra (2011) Second prize of Al Multaka assinimai in
Kenitra Business or sector Arts,
entertainment and recreation

2012 Réalisateur / screenwriter SNRT, Rabat (Morocco) Short film:

The will Awards : ▪ Jury prize from BIFF International film festival in Bagdad (2012) ▪ Prix: A complete
work honored by the Palestinian director and the jury president of Bassamat festival of creative
cinema ( ) ▪ Prize of best script at the festival of
the Arab world and short movie at Azrou/Ifrane ( Morocco) 15-18 august 2013 ▪ Special jury prize at
Parma international music festival in italy awarded by the general director of Sony and Riccardo
Morretti, the famous Music composer ( 28th september 2013) Business or sector Arts, entertainment
and recreation

2013 Réalisateur / screenwriter Cinema and movies PROD, Kenitra (Morocco) Short film: Pants of blood http://allal-

Prix: ▪ Best script in guercif shortfilm festival in 2016

2014 Réalisateur CCM ( Rabat ), Rabat (Morocco) Short film: The
threshold Awards: - The CE MENTION identity thematic section in Buenos Aires Argentine ( 2016)

Business or sector Arts, entertainment and recreation

2014 directeur artistique First Film Festival of Italian Cinema, Bologne (Italy)

écriture scénaristique Association of screenwriters (Morocco) - Scénaristes BIZ - Screen

Yorkshire - Friends of American screenwriter - UK screenwriters - Screenwriters networking groups - THE LISG .