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Homestead Patent is a mode of acquiring alienable and disposable lands of the public domain

for agricultural purposes conditioned upon actual cultivation and residence.

The issuance of free patents is in line with the New Free Patent Act that "provides the DENR
to process a free patent title application to any Filipino citizen who is an actual occupant of a
residential land"
According to the DENR, a free patent on residential land covers all lands that are zoned
as residential areas, including town sites as defined under the Public Land Act, provided that
none of the provisions of the Forestry Code of the Philippines will be violated.
SPECIAL PATENTS. > Patent to grant, cede, and convey full ownership of alienable and
disposable lands formerly covered by a reservation of lands of the public domain and is issued
upon the promulgation of a special law or act of Congress or by the DENR Secretary as
authorized by the President.
Sales Patent is a patent issued for the type of application covering lands of the public domain
for agricultural purposes as stipulated in Chapter V of the Public Land Act and sold at public
auction thru sealed bidding.