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The objective of our research is to find a use for the industrial waste that is wood

ash. We have found that past studies the wood ash exhibits properties like that of a

pozzolana. A pozzolana is a is a material rich in silica and alumina which in itself has

little or no cementitious value but will, in finely divided form and in the presence of

moisture, will chemically react with calcium hydroxide at ordinary temperature to form

compounds possessing cementitious properties. If wood ash can be incorporated as

even just a substitute for one of the components of concrete, then it may exhibit positive

changes in its strength. We are also trying to know if the samples could be workable for

making working grade concrete. As the data and results were gathered, it shows a

significant change and the possibility of the incorporation of wood ash in the making of

concrete is plausible. All wood ash ratios from 5% and lower can be absolutely

confirmed to be a working grade concrete mix with wood ash because it has a good

enough slump and compared to the control sample, it shows a higher strength in both

the compressive and flexural strengths. Wood ash is an ever growing waste that almost

always ends up in landfills and dumps and becomes a very unpleasant sight. The

research conducted was a success and ended with very promising results. From

beginning to end, this is leading up to the development of new studies bringing out the

potential of wood ash.


Coming up with this research is a great honor. With this, the researchers would
really like to extend their warmest acknowledgment to the following people who have
been part of the accomplishment of the study. Their valuable support and kindness are
greatly appreciated and is something to be grateful about.

To the loving and ever supportive parents of the researchers who will always
looked out and seek the welfare of their children, we thank you. Thank you for the
unfathomable love, wisest advice, unending understanding and patience. Thank you for
all of your hard work. We are eternally gratified because of you.

To Engr. Eord Erenea , Engr. Jan Alyson Tana, and Engr. Evelyn De La Vega, the
engineers who commandeer the testing facility of DPWH Kalibo, Aklan, we are really
thankful for allowing us to test our samples in your laboratory free of charge and giving a
part of your time for our troubles.

To Engr. Josefina R. Dagohoy, for her astonishing guidance, patience and

kindness as the head of our department, we are proud to be your students. We the
researchers thank her for allowing us to carry out this study even though it is mediocre,
but at least with accordance with our future fields of expertise. We are in indebted to your

To Garcia College of Technology Administration, for the kindest considerations as

the researchers went in and out of the school for the completion of the study, thank you.

To all others whom in one way or another extended their help and unselfishly
devoted themselves in the course of the study, thank you.

Most of all, to our Heavenly Father who lights the way in this world of uncertainty,
who gives us strength , determination to fight , and amidst all to not lose hope in worst
times, we are grateful for this life. We will forever cherish the gifts you have provided us
to show what we can really be. THANK YOU!