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Rapid Heating Made Easier:
Timken® EcoPower™ Induction Heater
With the versatile, targeted heating capabilities of the Timken® EcoPower™ Induction
Heater, you can more easily mount and dismount many tight-fitting components
such as bearings, couplings, gears, rings and housings. EcoPower induction heaters
help save you time and money by heating steel and cast-iron materials in a more
energy-efficient manner, through controlled thermal expansion.

With the targeted capabilities of EcoPower heaters, heating time decreases from
hours to just minutes. Targeted heating also means faster cooling.

Light and easy to move, EcoPower heaters are versatile enough to handle nearly any
job. Use EcoPower heaters wherever the work piece is located. There’s no need to
move the material being heated, reducing the risk of it cooling before mounting.

The controlled heating and uniform heat distribution of EcoPower heaters consume
less energy than conventional heating sources. More than 90 percent of the input
power goes directly into the work piece. EcoPower heaters also keep the work
piece clean – no soot or residue from ovens and no heating oil on the shop floor.

Because EcoPower heaters use a strong localized magnetic field rather than an
open flame or stray magnetic field, you can perform jobs safer and faster.
EcoPower induction heaters convert standard electrical power into a high-powered
output at 10 to 25 kHz. It includes a generator and an induction coil, either flexible
or fixed, which is placed on the work piece. Current flowing through the coil creates
a magnetic field, quickly generating heat in the work piece. Rapid demagnetization
removes residual magnetism in the product quickly.
Customized induction coils are available, making it ideal for production or repeat jobs.

Generators are available in several power levels, all with an adjustable power output.
Each has the ability to run based on a pre-set temperature or pre-set cycle time. A
thermocouple carefully monitors the work-piece temperature at the coil location.

Generator size 20 kW “Solo” Generator size 40 kW “Solo”

Generator size 40/50 kW “DuoFlex” Generator size 2 x 20 kW “Gemini”

EcoPower Induction Heater Generators

Power Output Power Input

Input Mains Mains

Output Output Dimensions Mains
Generator Controller Weight Voltage Max Circuit Circuit
Power Frequency (L x W x H) Frequency
Type Type (Kg, Lb) (V) Amperage Breaker (A) Breaker (A)
(kW) (kHz) (mm) (Hz)
(A) (Europe) (USA)
Solo 20 10 to 25 50, 110 550 x 600 x 650 400 or 480 27 32 30 50/60
or Digital
Solo 40 10 to 25 100, 220 550 x 600 x 810 400 or 480 53 63 60 50/60
or Digital
Solo 60 10 to 25 110, 245 550 x 600 x 1,000 400 or 480 106 125 110 50/60
or Digital
40/(50 short Analog
DuoFlex 10 to 25 115, 255 550 x 600 x 1,000 400 or 480 53 (71) 63/125 100 50/60
time) or Digital
2 x 50, 550 x 600 x 650
Gemini 2 x 20 10 to 25 Digital 400 or 480 2 x 27 32 30 50/60
2 x 110 (each)
2 x 100, 550 x 600 x 810
Gemini 2 x 40 10 to 25 Digital 400 or 480 2 x 53 63 60 50/60
2 x 220 (each)

NOTE: All are 3-phase, 4-wire. All have work-piece magnetic ground cord. Digital-controller type has two thermocouple input ports.
Flex Coils
Flex coils are available in various lengths. Wrap them where you need heat, inside
or outside the work piece. For faster use and protection of the coil, a support frame
can be used.

Flex coil, 22 mm Flex coil, 15 mm Flex coil on support frame High temperature flex coil
application on coupling

Flex Coils
22 mm Diameter (50 mm ) 2
15 mm Diameter (35 mm2)
Coil Maximum Coil Maximum
Lengths Generator Lengths Generator Insulation 3
Available Power Available Power
(meter) (kW) (meter) (kW) Insulation 2
10 25 10 16
Insulation 1
16 50 16 20
24 60
27 60
31 60
40 60
Additional custom lengths and connectors available
Minimum working bending diameter is 150 mm Minimum working bending diameter is 100 mm The flex coil has triple insulation
Rated for continuous use up to work-piece temperature of 150° C (300° F).
Short term use up to work-piece temperature of 180° C (350° F).
Higher temperatures require insulation mat between flex coil and work piece.

Fixed Coils
Custom-built fixed coils fit inside a housing bore
and over a bearing inner raceway or create a
heating table.

Heat table Fixed coil for cylindrical inner rings Fixed coil for housing bore

Thermocouples Thermocouples
3 meter length
EcoPower heaters utilize a thermocouple
to monitor temperature and avoid
overheating. Different thermocouple types
are available depending on maximum 240° C (460° F) max
work-piece temperature.
High temperature 350° C (660° F) max

Large Cylindrical Bearing Removal
Two 24 kW Solo EcoPower induction heater generators and two 24-meter flex coils,
or one 40/50 kW DuoFlex EcoPower heater generator with two 24-meter flex coils
easily remove a 900 mm cylindrical bearing race weighing 470 kg (1036 lb.) in less
than 10 minutes.

Large Cylindrical Bearing Installation

A 24 kW Solo EcoPower heater generator with one 24-meter flex coil heats a
900 mm cylindrical bearing race weighing 470 kg (1036 lb.) to 105° C (220° F) in only
15 minutes. Because the flex coil wraps uniformly around the outside diameter,
the shape remains intact without distortion.

Shaft Removal from Gear

A shaft is removed from a 1300 kg (2900 lb.) gear in
23 minutes. The gear outside diameter heats rapidly to
120° C (250° F). The generator maintains this temperature
to increase the heated mass of the gear, creating a heated
volume in the outer portion of the gear, pulling the bore
outward. Afterward, the gear bore was 35° C (95° F) and the
shaft was 25° C (77° F). No removal scratches occurred on
the shaft or gear bore.

UltraWind™ Large Bore Bearing

Installation and Removal
Heat a very large bearing cleanly and

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uniformly using the EcoPower induction
heater Gemini system. Here, the
EcoPower induction heaters heat an
entire 3.2 m bearing for installation in
42 minutes. By heating the inner races
and outer race simultaneously, the
process avoids bearing damage.
The EcoPower heater generators are
programmed to vary the power and
control the temperature differential to
less than 1° C temperature difference Bearings • Steel •
Power Transmission Systems •
between the races.
Precision Components • Gears •
Chain • Augers • Seals •
Lubrication • Industrial Services •


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