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Case Against Nigel Lewin

©2019 Dr Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam

Nigel Lewin has been assaulting me with injections against my will since 2012. During that time he
has gone overseas several times and I have been locked up at the PA Hospital several times too. In
2018 he took long service leave and went overseas again, and his place as case manager and injector
was taken by Raghavan Raman, who was furious that I recorded his visit to my home and office and
posted it on my YouTube site. I have also recorded and posted several of my interviews (and assaults)
by Nigel Lewin. Lewin is now again my case manager and is opposed to my release from an illegal
“treatment authority” (TA), the new term for what used to be called an ‘involuntary treatment order”

HUB Legal Department

I rang Nigel Lewin on 18 December 2018 and told him I wanted to discuss my case with him over the
phone and record the conversation. He did not want me to record it so I have not posted the
conversation on YouTube but have retained it for my case against him, the Princess Alexandra (PA)
Hospital and the Metro South Hospital and Health Service (MSHHS).

This is a transcript of the conversation:

RSA: “I wanted to discuss my case in my territory rather than yours”

NL: OK. Carry on, Sir.

RSA: I wanted to discuss my last visit with Tarun Sehgal…

NL: Yes.

RSA:…and what you said at the time.

NL: Yes.

RSA: You said basically that the drug was stopped and that I had a relapse.

NL: Um.

RSA: Isn’t that what you said?

NL: Um…I said that there was a time when you were not smoking cannabis and at that time we
reduced your medication down to 25 milligrams of paliperidone and then as far as I can recall we
ceased the depot medication and you at a time when you were not smoking cannabis and um there
was not a lot of change but then, if my memory serves me well, you started smoking cannabis again
and then there was a change in your mental state.

RSA: A change in my mental state?

NL: Yes, which I think, I’m not quite sure about the timeline but I think they led to possibly a hospital
admission or conflict with your neighbours and a whole variety of different things. That was when
you were being, that was when you were under the care of Dr Justin O’Brien.

RSA: OK. That’s…

NL: And we were going out to see him together at McGregor…at the McGregor Clinic.

RSA: I only saw Justin O’Brien at the McGregor Clinic once or twice. I saw Falih Al-Sudani once or
twice and Justin O’Brien came around to my house.

NL: Yeah, I don’t think I was party to that, no.

RSA: Well Justin O’Brien came around to my house and he also came around to my house with
Ayodhya Malalagama…

NL: I don’t know

RSA:…in 2015
HUB Legal Department

NL: Right. I think I must have been on leave at the time.

RSA: Right. Well, I wanted to fill you in on the history as it actually occurred.

NL: Uhmm.

RSA: Giving you an accurate timeline

NL: Okay.

RSA: In 2015 in June you came around to my house with Dr Schilling.

NL: Yep.

RSA: Do you remember that?

NL: I do remember, yeah.

RSA: Was her first name Jill or was it Kelly?

NL: Kelly, I think.

RSA: OK. Kelly Schilling said that in her opinion I was eccentric and not psychotic and that the ITO
could not be justified, so she took me off the ITO.

NL: Yep.

RSA: Do you recall that?

NL: Yes, I remember that there have been times when you’ve been taken off it.

RSA: There have not been many times when I’ve been off it; almost all the time I’ve been on an ITO.

NL: Well I remember going with you once to the MHRT and they took you off it.

RSA: I have been taken off it once or twice by the MHRT and I have been taken off it by the PA
Hospital psychiatrists.

NL: Yeah.

RSA: And Kelly Schilling came around to my house and took me off the ITO.

NL: That’s very good.

RSA: Well, as soon as my father found out that I’d been taken off the ITO he got my mother to ring
up the hospital and claim that I was again saying that my father was involved with the Tamil Tigers.

NL: Mm.

RSA: These are in the notes.

NL: Have you got these notes?

HUB Legal Department

RSA: Yes, I do. And the PA Hospital advised them that because I had been taken off the ITO the only
way that they could force an assessment on me was if they took out a JEO or Justice’s Examination

NL: That’s right. Probably. Yup, that would be true.

RSA: That’s what the hospital advised my mother, so my father drove my mother to the Holland Park
Magistrate’s Court and got her to fill out the necessary forms, even though she didn’t know what a
Justice’s Examination Order was and she didn’t realise that I would be taken by police to the PA
Hospital. Now what happened when I got to the PA Hospital is that nobody did an assessment on me
and I was immediately locked up again.

NL: I don’t think that…

RSA: However…

NL: I find that difficult to believe – that nobody assessed you.

RSA: Well, the assessment was cursory

NL: Oh yeah, but…

RSA: It was done by Jenny Chen in Casualty. She admits everybody. There has never been a single
occasion in the last 10 years, Nigel, when I have been taken to the PA Hospital and not admitted.

NL: Yeah, well that may well be the case, yeah.

RSA: Now what happened is that the PA Hospital then said, when they discussed it with me, that I
was not showing any new signs of mental illness, in that I had always been saying that my father was
involved with the Tamil Tigers. So I was allowed to leave the hospital.

NL: How long afterwards?

RSA: I was only locked up for a week.

NL: Hmm.

RSA: This is shortly after I had been taken off the ITO, but they restarted the injections and put me
back on an ITO.

NL: That would be true, yup.


Now it was on the basis of a false claim by my mother and father following which my hostile next-
door neighbour Jeff Miller was in communication with my father and also with the Brisbane City
Council. He spoke to a man called Col Griffiths who is the father of Steve Griffiths the councillor and
Col Griffiths told him to keep a record of my behaviour. So he compiled, for the next month, a diary
of my comings and goings, when I ran my water, when I played music etc. Where my car was parked

HUB Legal Department

NL: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

RSA: And he gave this to the police.

NL: Right.

RSA: Now the police, on the basis of a letter that I wrote to the police prosecutors, dropped the case.
They dropped the charges.

NL: Yup.

RSA: However, mud sticks and the PA Hospital has kept on repeating this and Ghazala Watt repeated
it to the Mental Health Review Tribunal that “concerned citizens” have taken out multiple JEOs
against me…

NL: Yup.

RSA:…as evidence of my ‘mental illness’. Now thay were not concerned citizens and there were not
multiple JEOs – there was one JEO and one EEO. My father has also taken out a DVO [domestic
violence order] against me, maliciously, and threatened to take out an AVO [apprehended violence
order, though I have never been violent to him or anyone else]

NL: Sure. Right.

RSA: I wanted to correct the facts of how I got put back on the involuntary treatment order, or as
they now call it, a ‘treatment authority’.

NL: Sure.

RSA: Now under the new Mental Health Act they are paying lip-service to more patient-centred

NL: That’s the theory. That’s right.

RSA:…and I have a right to make active decisions regarding the treatment that I am subjected to.

NL: True.

RSA: And I am entitled to respect for my views, Nigel.

NL: Er, yup.

RSA: Especially because I am a medical doctor and graduated from the University of Queensland 35
years ago.

NL: Sure, and I do respect your views.

RSA: No, but I haven’t been shown respect by the psychiatrists, Nigel, except for Kelly Schilling.

NL: Oh, because she was the only one who agreed with you, you mean?

HUB Legal Department

RSA: Of course, Nigel. It is patently obvious to the 9000 contacts that I have on Linkedin and my 3500
Facebook friends that I am not mentally ill.

NL: But they’re not clinically able to make a diagnosis.

RSA: Many of them are psychologists and psychiatrists, my Linkedin contacts.

NL: Sure, but they’re not sitting in front of you making a…

RSA: You don’t have to sit on front of a person, Nigel. You can make assessments of a person’s
mental state by a phone interview or repeated phone conversations, by reading what that person
writes, by observing their behaviour over a period of time by what they have published.

NL: I don’t necessarily think that…

RSA: Of course!

NL: I don’t think that what people publish is necessarily…

RSA: Nigel.

NL: Hang on! Let me finish…relevant to a person’s mental state, though.

RSA: Of course it does.

NL: Well.

RSA: It requires a cogent mental state to publish anything.

NL: Well it depends on what you’re publishing, though.

RSA: Yes, exactly. So why don’t you read what I’ve published and see whether it seems crazy? I have
been publishing things for the last 10 years.

NL: Yeah, I know.

RSA: Right. And the people who accepted my contact requests and friendship requests on Facebook
have full access to reading what I have posted on Facebook in the past.

NL: Yeah, sure. I’m sure there is good critique about what you write. I’m sure that’s fine. Yes.

RSA: I have a lot of support for what I write, Nigel. I don’t get much critique at all.

NL: Well critique’s always good, I think.

RSA: I have recently been posting my work on music neuroscience.

NL: Right.

RSA: And this morning I got a comment that it was “genius” by a psychologist in France.

NL: Well that’s great if they had that opinion of you. That’s really good.

HUB Legal Department

RSA: Well it was very flattering and I was very pleased to be called a genius, but I just want my work
to be respected by my medical colleagues, Nigel.

NL: Yeah.

RSA: I expect them to either read my work or leave me alone. I have been subjected to incessant
harassment by the PA Hospital for years, and there is nothing more damaging than for people to say
that you are mentally ill.

NL: Well it’s horrible. Horrible label to have, isn’t it? Yeah.

RSA: It’s a horrible label to have and I want the PA Hospital to leave me alone, Nigel. That’s a
reasonable request. I’m not intending to take this to the courts, I just want to be left alone to get on
with my work. I have a lot of support for it from all over the world.

NL: Sure.

RSA: Right. The injections that they are subjecting me to were proved effective on the PANSS scores,
and the PANSS alone – the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale. You admitted that I would not
rate highly on a PANSS score and never have.

NL: That’s right, you don’t.

RSA: Right. So the injections are not justified. I’m prepared to take the risk of just stopping the
injections abruptly. However, I am under the constant threat of being locked up again over
Christmas if I refuse them.

NL: That’s probably true, yeah, because you are on a Treatment Authority, and the Treatment
Authority states that you saw Dr Sehgal and you have to have an injection of 75 milligrams of
paliperidone and you have to engage with a case manager and you have to attend a doctor’s review.
That’s what it says.

RSA: Well today you could say I’m engaging with the case manager.

NL: That’s true. But you haven’t had the injection. [laughs]

RSA: I’m engaging with the case manager. I am going to come in for the injection but I am voicing my
strongest objections to how I’m being treated by the PA Hospital, Nigel.

NL: Yeah. Well we worked with you last time and we reduced the medication.

RSA: No you didn’t ‘work with me’. You slowly weaned the injection that should never have been
given to me in the first place and you haven’t acknowledged the wrong that I have suffered at the
hands of the PA Hospital when they locked me up for months for saying that my father was a
supporter of the Tamil Tigers.

NL: Well I’ve never disagreed with you about your father.

RSA: Yes you have, Nigel. You have disagreed. I had to prove it to you.

NL: I’ve never disagreed with you about your father...I’ve got another call…one moment.
HUB Legal Department

NL: Sorry, Romesh.

RSA: That’s OK, Nigel. The important thing that I wanted to impress on you is that when I stopped
smoking cannabis and restarted smoking cannabis…

NL: Yeah.

RSA: …there wasn’t some sort of dramatic change in my behaviour.

NL: Um, okay. Well we might agree to differ on that.

RSA: Well, the point is that cannabis doesn’t make people irritable. You have accused me of
becoming irritable. I was irritated because my father was flying to Canada to rouse support for the
Tamil Tigers. Once my father had finished doing that and I took action against him, which was to
alert the authorities about it, I left the matter alone and got on with the other more interesting work
that I am doing on music and the brain.

NL: Sure.

RSA: My neighbour Jeff Miller was angry that I was running an irrigation project and breeding frogs…

NL: And flooding his garden at the same time.

RSA: I didn’t flood his garden. A little trickle of water went into his garden in 2013, Nigel.

NL: Well he’s rung us subsequently. He’s rung us since then on a number of different occasions, but
not recently, I must admit. Regarding that there’s been nothing. I agree with you, things have been
going quite well recently.

RSA: Nigel, Jeff Miller’s opinion cannot be trusted. The man hates me. He doesn’t like Black people.

NL: Well I don’t know his racial views, I don’t.

RSA: Well I do. I’ve lived next door to him for 10 years.

NL: Yeah I know, I know, I know. But look I don’t think that there’s really much I can do. We’ve
reduced the medication from 100 to 75. I suspect that Dr Sehgal will consider a further reduction in
the future, but I’m unable to make any decisions around that, that’s the psychiatrist, the doctor’s
viewpoint. I merely administer the depot.

RSA: No, Nigel. You ventured your opinion and your opinion was in support of what he said and as I
said you implied that they decreased the drug, I started smoking cannabis and had a relapse. And I’m
saying I didn’t have a relapse because there is no illness to relapse. If I start talking now about my
father’s involvement with the Tamil Tigers they’ll say that I’m preoccupied by my father again and
having a “relapse”.

NL: Well I wouldn’t think that.

HUB Legal Department

RSA: You might not, but lots of people would.

NL: You can talk to Sri Lankans about you father being part of the Tamil Tigers, I don’t think that’s a
sign of mental health, if you like, or mental deterioration. I don’t think that at all.

RSA: Well if I started running my taps and breeding frogs again you would. Jeff Miller would ring up
the hospital again. But I haven’t done that for three years.

NL: Yeah, I know. The problem is when you go to the Mental Health Review Tribunal and you tell
them still that you’re smoking dope and that in your opinion you don’t have a mental health issue,
and if you came off the injection you wouldn’t take any other form of medication, they’ll keep you
on that medication, won’t they?

RSA: Yes, I know. The reason for that is that they equate refusal to accept an illness label as ‘lack of
insight’. It’s a brainwashing that the psychiatry profession has done to the entire community, let
alone the people who sit on the mental health review tribunals.

NL: Sure.

RSA: How often do they say that the diagnosis is not justified?

NL: Not very often.

RSA: Yes, that’s right. That’s why I don’t bother appealing to the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

NL: They have taken you off it in the past.

RSA: Once out of 10 times.

NL: Yeah, well, a 10 percent chance is worth attending and putting forward your point of view I think.

RSA: The success rate statistics are 5 percent and they are extremely traumatic.

NL: Mm.

RSA: They are extremely traumatic – to have people tell lies about me and have them believed.

NL: Mm.

RSA: No, I’m going public with the information, Nigel. I’m going public with the information as much
as possible and trying to win in the court of public opinion. [laugh]

NL: Yeah. I don’t know that that would help you at the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

RSA: I’m not even appealing to the Mental Health Review Tribunal. I’m just seeing how far the PA
Hospital will go to force treatment on a person who isn’t mentally ill, because it says a lot about the
ethics of the PA Hospital. And if I took it to court, I can’t sue for damages for events that happened
more than three years ago, according to the Statute of Limitations.

NL: No, you can’t.

RSA: If I sued them in court and the PA won, I could be forced to pay their costs.
HUB Legal Department

NL: That’s right.

RSA: So I’m not going to take the matter to court.

NL: Well I’ve been looking after you for the past three years, so I’d be in the firing line, wouldn’t I?

RSA: Well I think I have a strong case against you, Nigel. I have told you thatbefore and I told you I
was issuing you with a Statement of Claim, but I’m not. But what I am doing is trying to discuss this
reasonably with the PA Hospital doctors and get them to leave me alone.

NL: Well you know I think, honestly I think that Dr Sehgal was working with you and reducing it. You
hadn’t had a lot of luck with anyone else reducing it.

RSA: Dr Sehgal is a big improvement on Mark Taylor. Mark Taylor said that I was mad to believe that
AIDS is man-made, back in 2001.

NL: Yup.

RSA: And he locked me up at the Alfred Hospital for saying AIDS was man-made.

NL: Mm.

RSA: I haven’t raised the matter of AIDS with Dr Sehgal, but I’m relieved that he decreased the dose
to 75 and said that he didn’t think I showed signs of mental illness, but he’s afraid that if you stop
the injections I will become ill, in his words, again.

NL: Mm.

RSA: Now what I’m establishing is that I have not been ill in the first place and I can prove it by
showing my Facebook postings, Scribd postings, YouTube postings and Linkedin postings over the
past five years.

NL: Mm. Yup. I mean, I don’t know that postings on Facebook are necessarily admissible in court as a
sign of anything really.

RSA: As I said, I’m not taking it to court. And it is admissible in court, you’re quite wrong. Anything
that is published and even diaries, are admissible as court evidence.

NL: Mm

RSA: Certainly anything that is published on social media is admissible as court evidence, and what I
can establish is that I have been rational for the last five years and there is not a single posting in the
last five years that is, by reasonable judgement, irrational.

NL: Mm, okay. Well all I can say is ‘are you coming to the clinic to receive your depot?’

RSA: Yes.

NL: You are. So when will you be doing this?

RSA: I’m going to do it right now.

HUB Legal Department

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